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INSIDE: Everything you need to know about Nekobukuro Cat Cafe Tokyo at Tokyu Hands. 

Nekobukuro Cat Cafe is a “cat’s house” – a place to visit and spend time with cats.

Of all the animal cafes in Japan and Tokyo we’ve been to, and visited, this is one of our favourites.

Because this TOKYO CAT CAFE in Ikebukuro has NO time limit on your stay!

There’s 15 or so cats of different breeds in the Neko Cafe Cat House at any one time, out of a total of about 30 cats who call Nekobukuro Cool Cat Cafe home at Tokyu Hands Department Store 

Take a peek inside below. 

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Nekebukuro Cat Cafe ikebukuro

The Neko Cat Cafe House

The Neko Cat Cafe House is styled inside to resemble a train station.

There are boxes and shelves on the walls, and cat furniture abounds.

You’ll definitely spot a napping cat or two.

The adorable cats at this Tokyo cat cafe are free to roam and jump and sit on visitor laps for a pat! 

These Japanese cats are well cared for, and are rotated on the hour so that none of the cats become distressed or grumpy with all the attention.

Best Nekobukuro Cat Cafe!  

We heard that Nekobukuro Cat Cafe in Ikebukuro attracts over 400 visitors each weekend.


This Ikebukuro Cat Café is less busy on weekdays, with most visitors being office workers, or Tokyu Hands shoppers who come to say hi to these feline friends.

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tokyo cat cafe ikebukuro follow the signs

What is a Cat Cafe?

Why do the Japanese love cats, and cat cafes?

Most Japanese people visit a cat cafe in Tokyo when they are unable to keep cats themselves because of pet restrictions in their apartment building, or time constraints in their life such as a busy work lifestyle.

Visiting a Tokyo cat cafe gives them the opportunity to spend time with, and cuddle and pat their favourite animal without the hassle of ownership.

Visitors to Japan and tourists come for the experience.

There is an entry fee and cover charge at the door to this Japanese cat cafe, however there’s no time limit on your stay once you’ve paid.

You don’t pay for one hour, as you do at many other cat cafés.

Nekebukuro Cat Cafe ikebukuro

Tokyo Cat CAFE?

A little heads up.

This Tokyo cat cafe in Ikebukuro is more of a petting zoo for cats, as there is no eating food or drinking here.

We preferred this experience to some of the other cat cafes in Tokyo, as there was no stress.

You aren’t pushed to drink up quickly and leave before the hour is up, nor do you risk paying more if you haven’t had enough cuddles in the time allowed.

But if you want to enjoy cats AND coffee in Tokyo, you’ll have to go elsewhere.

Nekobukuro Tokyo cat cafe ikebukuro

Nekobukuro Cool Cat Cafe Ikebukuro

Nekobukuro is a combination of the words Japanese word for cat ‘neko’, and ‘Ikebukuro’, the location of Tokyu Hands department store.

Our hot tip for Nekobukuro?

If you are visiting this Cat Cafe in Japan to play and see cats with your family, or kids, ask for a discount.

image - tokyo cat cafe nekobukuro

Follow the Cat Paw Prints to the Japanese Cat Cafe Tokyo

This animal cafe is located on the eighth floor of Tokyu Hands in Ikebukuro.

Catch the lift up to the 7th floor, and follow the cat paw prints up the last lot of stairs when you exit the lift.

tokyo cat cafe ikebukuro wall display

Staircase Gallery

As you walk up, you’ll see framed photographs of the cats currently residing at the Cat Cafe Ikebukuro lining the wall of the upper staircase.

tokyo cat cafe ikebukuro shop aisles

Whats it like to go to a Cat Cafe in Japan?

If you are wondering what are 10 things I should do in Tokyo, we recommend adding a cat cafe to the list.

You will pay upon entry to a friendly Japanese person (usually a woman) who will then lead you inside a room full of cats.

You’ll be shown where to sit, and given a few simple instructions on what to do.

The main one if you are visiting a cat cafe with kids is to make sure the kids don’t chase the cats.

Most cat cafes ask you to sit quietly, and to let the cats come to you.

Some cat cafes will let you pick the cats up and hold them.

Others ask you to pat or stroke the cats only.

Tokyo Souvenirs for your Feline Friend at the Cat Cafe Tokyo!

When you’ve finished hanging out with the cats in the kitty cafe, you can head back out into the Pet Supplies store and buy Tokyo souvenirs for your own cat.

I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this yet.

image - tokyo cat cafe nekobukuro prams

Ikebukuro Cat Shop

It’s a shop filled with everything a cat could possibly need, plus a few supplies for dogs, birds and other pets too.

(But mostly cats!)

 There are lots of:

  • cat toys
  • cat bedding
  • carry baskets
  • soft cuddly dolls for cats
  • cat prams
  • dress up costumes for cats!

tokyo cat cafe ikebukuro themed costumes

If you visit in lead up to Halloween, you’ll see an even bigger range of dress ups including:

  • whole outfits
  • headbands
  • necklaces
  • hats, and
  • suits.

It’s super cute, if not a little creepy!

It’s fun to look around and see what else the Japanese cat lovers get up to!

tokyo cat cafe ikebukuro entry fees

THE INSIDE SCOOP: The Best Cat Cafe Tokyo is Nekobukuro

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in yen, unless otherwise stated

Address: Japan Cat Cafe, Tokyu Hands Department Store, 1-28-10 Higashi Ikebukuro Toshima-ku Tokyo 170-0013
Telephone: 03 3980 6111 (Tokyu Hands)
Website: Tokyu Hands Website
Opening Hours: 

  • 11am to 8pm daily with rest breaks (closed to the public) throughout the day for the cats.
  • 8th Floor.

Entry fees: Entry is ¥600 yen for adults and ¥400 yen for children over 2.

How to get to Nekobukuro Cat Cafe

The nearest station to the Cat Cafe Ikebukuro at Tokyu Hands – 7 minutes on foot from East Exit of Ikebukuro Station

Map of Nekobukuro Cat Cafe in Tokyo

Toadstool Rating by the Kids – The Cat Cafe Japan

Kids will love this cat cafe in Tokyo.

If you are in Sunshine City Shopping Mall for the day, don’t miss Tokyu Hands Department Store, and a visit to the Nekobukuro Kitty Cafe.

ikebukuro cat cafe REVIEW

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