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INSIDE: Ultimate Guide to Awesome Tokyo Stationery Store marketplaces in Japan. 

I cannot leave Japan without my suitcase filled to the brim with cute Japanese stationery (and Japanese craft supplies) from Japanese Stationery Shops.

Here’s a guide of good Japanese stationery things to look for.

  • Japanese pencils
  • Japanese pens
  • Japanese markers
  • Deco tape
  • Washi tape
  • Origimi paper
  • Japanese notepads
  • Japanese letter writing sets
  • Japanese stickers
  • Japanese phone accessories
  • Japanese office supplies including Japanese folders, random but must-have staplers in the shape of a love heart or a hippo or whale (the best office talking piece ever)
  • Cute Japanese school supplies
  • Zakka stationery
  • Kawaii stationery with all the adorable Japanese characters including  Rilakkuma,  Anpanman, Hello Kitty, and more
  • Disney stationery and gifts featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Disney princesses and Toy Story
  • Japanese gift cards and Japanese birthday cards – their beauty will ASTOUND you!

Take a look at our comprehensive guide of where to buy stationery in Japan below. 

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, we may receive a small commission at NO extra cost to you.

japanese stationery shop loft- no stationery no life sign


Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in yen, unless otherwise stated

First up, these are the best Japanese stationery products, stationery materials and brands to look out for, and buy in Tokyo when you visit the stationery shops in Japan listed below.

Put these on your shopping list of things to take home from Japan!

If you can, buy more than one pack of anything you fall in love with. It’s always a good idea to have backups of Japanese stationery you adore!  

Hot tip: Head to Harajuku to find cute stationery stores in Japan along Takeshita St itself, and in the shopping malls  with entrances on the street.

There’s tonnes of Tokyo pens, cute stationery, adorable stickers & erasers that kids love! 

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copic markers japan

No.1: Copic Markers

Copic markers are refillable, alcohol based markers originally made for professional manga graphics creators.

They blend beautifully when you draw and make everyone’s work look good.

The colours are spectacular. 

Made famous by Youtube artists including:

  • Tino Copic
  • DrawWithJazza
  • drawholic
  • Baylee Jae
  • Sophie Chan and
  • Kirakiradoodles.

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zebra midliner pens in japan pic

No.2: Best Japanese Pens, Pencils & Japanese markers

  • MONO graph mechanical pencil series
  • Sailor’s Fountain Pen
  • Fude Touch Sign pens (rainbow colours)
  • Funwari Fude Color 80 pens
  • Ohto Fude Ball pens
  • Kuretake brushables
  • Kuretake Calligraphy pens
  • Petit Gel pens
  • Zebra midliner pens in the rainbow set of 5 (there’s more than one set)

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loft washi tape pic

No.3: MT Washi Tape

Look for MT Washi tape (paper tape) in all the designs!

Who can resist this magical paper tape? 

midori travellers notebook

No.4: Bullet Journals & Midori Notebooks

If you love to doodle, then pick up Bullet journals to write in using your new Zebra pens!

Midori traveller’s notebooks are another top popular stationery in Japan. 

Find Midori notebooks in most of the Tokyo stationery stores listed below. 

frixion stamps in japan pic

No.5: Japanese Seals and planner stamps

Super cute Frixion planner stamps for your bullet journal and wall calendar and diary.

Check out the limited edition versions – you might find:

  • Peanuts characters, or
  • seasonal stamps for winter or Christmas or Sakura Japanese Cherry Blossoms. 

These tiny Japanese stamps make great gifts from Japan for kids at around 100 yen each.

gloo stick

No.6: Japanese Glue

Kokuyo’s GLOO-Stick (Firm Adhesive) is a revelation – it’s square shaped so you can reach the corners!

tokyu hands colour paint pens 800


Check out this complete list of Tokyo Stationery shops for avid artists and lovers of Japanese stationery. 

Want to see them all in one go?

Grab some friends and book a full day customizable tour with private driver in Japan. 

tokyu hands logo 800

No.1: TOKYU HANDS Japanese Stationery Store

The only way to start a list of best Japanese stationery stores in Japan is with Tokyu Hands. 

Tokyu Hands Department stores have one whole floor dedicated to Japanese stationery, Japanese pens and Japanese markers, and the prices are as good as you’ll get anywhere.

If you are looking for other things to buy in Tokyo similar to stationery, such as Japanese craft supplies and Japanese art supplies, this is the place.

Plan to spend at least half a day in Tokyu Hands if you like shopping.

The best stationery shop in Tokyo is also FULL of quirky Japanese products for the kitchen, bathroom, storage, bedroom, and more. 

THE INSIDE SCOOP:  Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro Store

Address: 1-28-10 Higashi Ikebukuro Toshima-ku Tokyo 170-0013
Telephone: 03 3980 6111
Tokyu Hands Store Hours: 10am to 9pm daily.
Access:Nearest station- 7 minutes on foot from East Exit of Ikebukuro Station
URL:A sneak peek into Tokyu Hands

cute things to buy in tokyo at Loft Shibuya

No.2: LOFT Japan Stationery Store

LOFT in Shibuya Tokyo is our favourite Japanese stationery store and gift shop.

DON’T MISS IT if you like:

  • handcrafted stationery
  • post it notes in all sizes, shapes and designs
  • mind blowing cards (with moving pieces)
  • pens and pencils galore
  • washi tape
  • so much more!

Click the link in the URL tab below to take a peek at our comprehensive guide to all the Japanese stationery you can buy in Loft.

THE INSIDE SCOOP: LOFT Japanese stationery store

Address: Loft Shibuya can be located at 21-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0042
Access:The Shibuya branch of LOFT is near to the main Shibuya Crossing at JR Shibuya Station.  Click here for details
Opening hours: 10am to 9pm daily
URL:Take a sneak peek inside


No.3: SEKAIDO Stationery store

Sekaido stationery store is the ultimate Japanese stationery and art supplies store in one.

First Floor 

  • stationery
  • office supplies, and
  • Japanese fountain pens.

Second Floor 

  • Japanese paper
  • drafting utensils 
  • design products
  • comics and manga art supplies
  • animation goods
  • model materials, and
  • related books

Third Floor

  • Western painting materials
  • Japanese painting supplies
  • Japanese woodblock printing supplies
  • Modelling materials for hand cut stamping and miniature clay making
  • Easels, and
  • Japanese calligraphy supplies

Fourth Floor

  • Framing
  • plus you can buy Japanese prints and Japanese artworks

Fifth Floor

  • oil painting supplies

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Sekaido Shinjuku main store

Address:3-1-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022, Tokyo 3-1-1 World hall building 1F-5F. Look for the Mona Lisa flags out front.

  • 1 minute walk from Marunouchi Line – Shinjuku Line “Shinjuku 3-chome Station” Exit C-4
  • 7 minutes walk from JR / Odakyu Line / Keioh Line “Shinjuku Station”

Opening hours: 9:30-21:00 (except New Year)
URL:Click here

fun things to buy in tokyo at itoya ginza

No.4: ITOYA Ginza Stationery Store

Itoya stationery shop in Tokyo is famous for its’ giant red paperclip outside the shop, and motto, Art. Office. School. Life.

Itoya’s designers are influenced by the very Japanese mottos:

  • use and cherish things to one’s liking for as long as possible
  • cherish things of good taste for a long time
  • to use with care for a long time, make no purchases with compromise

Most importantly, the creators ask, “does it meet the quality of Good Design?”

G Itoya and K Itoya

The flagship store in Ginza is two buildings (G. Itoya and K. Itoya) with a total of 18 floors! 

(Check the floor guide here)

They have themed event spaces, a juice bar, an indoor vegetable factory, and a cafe restaurant CAFE Stylo.

They sell stationery for everyday use including:

  • Itoya pens
  • Itoya notebook
  • special writing instruments
  • greeting cards, and
  • letter writing sets.

Itoya is also home to Japanese art supplies for every kind of artist.

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Itoya Stationery Store in Ginza

Address:  2-7-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 7 104-0061

  • Tokyo Metro Ginza Station – turn right walk 3 minutes out to Ginza Chuo-dori from the A12 exit (about 300M)
  • Ginza chome station – Shinbashi direction from Exit 9 1 minute walk towards (about 100M)

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 10:00 to 20:00. Sunday / Holiday 10:00 to 19:00
URL:Click here to find your closest store

bumpodo pic

No.5: BUMPODO Stationery Shop in Tokyo

Bumpodo in Kanda is a Japanese art store and stationery shop with an art school attached.

Home of six floors of excitement for artists in Japan, you can purchase art supplies, printing supplies, oils, watercolour paints, and more.


  • stationery
  • Japanese paper supplies
  • design and manga comics, and
  • manga art supplies.

1st Floor

  • Bunshodo original oil paint (They released the first professional paint in Japan in 1929) 
  • zakka goods

2nd Floor

  • printing materials
  • copperplate supplies
  • woodblock printing supplies
  • lithograph supplies
  • silk screen products
  • printing paper
  • supplies for hand cut stamping (eraser printing supplies)

4th Floor 

  • 4th floor is an exhibition space for Japanese artists. 

6th Floor

Head to the 6th floor to find:

  • oil paints
  • watercolours
  • drawing paper
  • poster frames and
  • photo frames.

Plus if you speak Japanese, or have access to a translator, they have 73 courses and workshops for adults and kids.

Bunshodo Gallery Cafe at Bumpodo 3F 

For busy shoppers, the 3rd Floor  is home to the Bunshodo Gallery Cafe.

Stop by to taste delicious Japanese cakes and coffee.


Address:1-2 1-1 Kanda-Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0051

  • Jinbocho Subway Station – about 3 to 5 minutes on foot from Toei Mita Line, Shinjuku Line Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line A7 / A5 ExitJR
  • Ochanomizu Station – about 7 minutes on foot from Ochanomizubashi Exit
  • Subway Shin-Ochanomizu Station – about 7 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Exit B5

Opening hours: 10:00 to 19:30  NB: Bunshodo Kanda Main Store, 6th floor gallery closes at 18:30
URL:Click here

Hot tip: Take a look at the Bumpodo English pamphlet


No.6: LAPIS Art Supplies

Lapis is a specialty store handling art supplies and stationery in Roppongi.

It’s a bit off the beaten track for most visitors to Japan, but worth a look.

They stock:

  • Color pencils, crayons, markers
  • watercolors, oil paintings, pastels, acrylics, poster colors,
  • Sketchbook, canvas, illustration board
  • Airbrush, drafting pens, templates
  • general notebook, system notebook, clear file, books and post cards
  • Wrapping supplies, and greeting cards

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Lapis Stationery Store in Tokyo

Address:6-2-31 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo – Roppongi Hills North Tower 1st floor
Opening hours: 

  • Weekdays 10:00 am-9:00 pm. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 10:00 am-7:00 pm.
  • Closed January 1-January 3

URL:Click here


No.7: HACHIMAKURA Stationery 

This antique stationery shop, Hachimakura in Koenji in Japan, is a quaint excursion back in time.

You can find:

  • antique paper, used paper, old books
  • stamps
  • old picture postcards
  • envelopes
  • stickers
  • notebooks
  • antique chromos
  • vintage maps
  • imported stamps
  • stationery
  • vintage objects

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Hachimakura Tokyo

Address:Kodenami 3-59-4 Suginami-ku, Tokyo 166-0003
AccessMap Located near the Koenji south exit, close to the “Sensei Temple”.
Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 13:00 to 20:00 (until 19:00 on Sundays and holidays)
URL:Click here

awesome things to buy in tokyo at takeo paper store

No.8: TAKEO Paper Shop

Takeo paper store is your one-stop shop for paper supplies in Tokyo.

Stop by the first floor to see, touch (and buy) all the paper products.

Who knew paper came in so many colours, textures, sizes, and types?

The 2nd floor is a gallery and event space to see the paper in use.

They also have a shop on the 2F – “Beidou Shop”

Credit Cards are accepted if you spend more than 3000 yen.


Address:3-8-3 Kanda-cho, Chiyoda-ku , Tokyo 101-0054

  • Jinbocho Station (Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Toei Mita Line, Toei Shinjuku Line) Exit A9 8 minutes
  • Takebashi Station (Tokyo Metro Tozai Line) 3b Walk 5 minutes KKR
  • Shin Ochanomizu Station (Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line), Ogawacho Station (Toei Shinjuku Line) Exit B7 8 minutes on foot

Ochanomizu Station (JR Chuo Line, Sobu Line) Ochanomizubashi 15 minutes on foot
Opening hours:  10am – 7pm daily
URL:Find all their shops here 

tools japan logo pic

No.9: TOOLS art supply shop in Tokyo

Tools is an Japanese art supplies shop that supports students of the art university (as well as the everyday artist!)

The Ochanomizu Art Academy and the Ochanomizu Art College are located just opposite the Ochanomizu Store.

Tools Ochanomizu is an official Copic shop, selling a giant selection of the awesome Copic Markers.

Therefore, it’s a renowned place for manga illustrators to buy their manga art supplies.

Tools’ main service is to be the Copic pen doctor!

The “Copic Clinic” is the place to buy Copic ink refills and Nib (pen point) replacements.

  • Ink refilling is standard at 100 yen per pen (excluding tax).
  • Nib exchange up to 50-210 yen (excluding tax).

They sell tonnes of washi tape, liquitex products, and a bulk load of paper too.

Everyone loves stationery shopping at Tools!

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Tools Kawaii stationery store

Address: 2-1-30 Kanda Surugadai Chiyoda-ku 101-0062
Opening hours:  Weekdays from 9:30 to 19:00. Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 to 18:30
URL:Find the shop list here 

(There is one in Shinjuku is on the 6th floor of Lumine Est, the east exit of Shinjuku Station, the busiest terminal station in Japan. )

billboard tokyo pic

No.10: BILLBOARD Tokyo

Billboard is a very cool, hip and retro shop featuring post and greeting cards from around the world.

Cool Japanese stationery and small handicraft accessories are also available.

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Billboard shop in Tokyo

Address:Yubinbango 180-0004 Musashino-shi, Tokyo Kichijojihon-cho 2-33-11
Opening hours: Open: Weekday 10:30am to 8:00pm. Sat. Sun. Festival Day 10:30 am to 8: 00 pm Closed every Tuesday
URL:Click here

shinimono gurui logo


(literal translation- The Wicked Seal shop)

My favourite stationery shop, Shinimono gurui Stamp Shop is located at Yanaka Ginza Shoten-gai (Yanaka Ginza shopping street) where you can purchase traditional ‘hanko’ personalised seals with your name in Japanese on it.

They also sell adorable stamp seals with cute Japanese illustrations of cats, birds, faces and more.

Be prepared to be mesmerised!

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Shinimono Gurui Tokyo

Address:3-11-15 Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0001
Access:Follow directions to Yanaka Ginza
Opening hours: Weekdays 12: 00-17: 00 (Tuesday closed)  Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
URL:Online shop

ginza gekkoso logo pic


Ginza Gekkosou Art Supplies Store is a true artist’s shop, founded in 1917, supplying artist’s with:

  • handcrafted painting brushes
  • drawing tool boxes
  • pen holders
  • leather pencil covers and
  • erasers. 

Their own products are made by hand, and feature a Japanese horn instrument as proof.

Founder Hashimoto Hyakka discovered the blue and cobalt blue techniques of the world standard color Ruri, and gave birth to the first domestically produced paint in 1940.

Later, he invented a new color cobalt violet pink (Gekkoso Pink) that won 1st prize in the World Painting Color Award in 1971.

1st floor

On the first floor there is a space for:

  • art materials
  • sketchbooks, and
  • palette knives


In the basement, there is:

  • a small gallery for stationery
  • letter writing paper
  • art, and

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Ginza Gekkosou Shop in Tokyo

Address:8-7-2 Eiju Building 1F・B1F, Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0061
Open: 11am to 7pm. Closed Wednesday.
Access:Near Konparu street and Hanatsubaki street
URL:Click here

hapins logo

No.13: HAPINS Store

Hapins stocks super cute:

  • stationery sets
  • stickers
  • notebooks
  • paper files
  • clip sets
  • card cases
  • masking tape
  • paper bags
  • iphone covers, and
  • glasses cases.

They have 170 stores nationwide.


URL:Find a store in Tokyo and Japan here. 

(NB: Website is in Japanese. Copy and paste address into Google maps to find your closest Hapins store)



No.1: Kakimori Stationery Shop

Kakimori Tokyo is the place to purchase a custom made notebook where you choose your binder, notepaper, cover design.

Open 11am to 7pm daily.

Find Kakimori in Kuramae Tokyo here.

inkstand by kakimori 800

No.2: Inkstand by Kakimori

Their sister shop, Inkstand is the place in Japan to purchase your very own fountain pen ink colour, specially designed just for you and your personality and mood as they believe everyone should have a colour that truly represents them!

With their help, you mix and match each drop to make that one-of-a-kind ink.

Find Inkstand here

Kuramae, the home of these two stores, is an artist’s dream town.

Take your time to wander the streets to find many artisans at work, and buy their hand-crafted products.

MORE of Where to buy Japanese Stationery in Tokyo!

muji in shibuya tokyo

MUJI Stationery Shop Tokyo

Muji in Tokyo has simple wholesome stationery for the minimalist who loves simple design and natural colours, products and materials.

The best MUJI stationery options for organisers who love simple but stylish design are:

  • notebooks
  • pencils
  • erasers
  • journals
  • staplers

The best MUJI shop in Tokyo is MUJI Shibuya. 

It’s five levels of MUJI products including  homewares, kitchenware, furniture, clothes, toys & has a Japanese grocery store on the ground floor. 

Be sure to check out LOFT stationery shop adjoining. 

japanese chocolate daiso entrance harajuku


Try 100 yen stores in Tokyo for cheap but very cute Japanese stationery.

This is the perfect place to shop on a budget for Japanese stationery gifts for kids as well as friends who love kawaii stationery.

Daiso in Harajuku Tokyo is a good place to start.

Take a sneak peek at Daiso stationery and products here.

PIN round up japanese stationery shops

Toadstool Rating: Best Stationery stores in Japan

best tokyo stationery store review review

Looking for more places to shop in Japan?

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