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INSIDE: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Disney Souvenirs for young and old. 

DISNEY PARKS SHOPPING is our kind of shopping.

When we travel with kids, shopping is usually the last thing on our itinerary, as we’d rather spend our money on events, activities, attractions, and fun food.

(We also bypass many a shop to avoid that horrific meltdown tantrum when we say no to something they want to buy.) 

On the flip side, when we plan a Disney vacation, shopping at the Disney Parks is our number one task!

If you are setting out on a Disneyland or Disney World vacation, and want to plan ahead, you’ll love this collection of Walt Disney souvenir ideas. 

It’s filled with ideas of Disney memorabilia, Disney collectibles, cute Disney merchandise and stationery, and the BEST souvenirs to bring back from:

  • Disneyland CALIFORNIA
  • Disney World ORLANDO
  •  Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySEA, AND
  • Disneyland PARIS!

Take a look below for all the details. 

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, we may receive a small commission at NO extra cost to you.  Travis Wise (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr. 

minnie ears at disneyland

The Complete List of Best Disney Souvenirs & Gifts for Family and Friends

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venues for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in US dollars, unless otherwise stated

We’ve organised the list of Disney souvenirs by category.

Click the headings in the contents box to go straight to a particular topic, or scroll the list from top to bottom. 

If you are planning on bringing Disney souvenirs home from America, start here to make your Disney souvenirs treasure hunt list. 

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PIN 1 - best disney souvenirs minnie dolls 800 pic


No.1: Must Have Disney Souvenirs: Disney Mickey Mouse Ears

Top of your Disney Parks merchandise should be Mickey Ears!

Some people love a Mouseketeer Disney Ears Hat – and these can be personalised with your own name!

But I prefer the classic Disney Minnie Ears Polka Dot Bow headbands.

Visit any Disney park to find an exclusive range of Disney Ears you can’t find anywhere else, as well as the most popular Disney hats.

(We don’t bother bringing our best hats for Disney World – we make plans to buy one in Main Street upon arrival) 

Look out for:

  • Limited edition Mickey and Minnie Mouse Americana Ear Headbands
  • Minnie Mouse Briar Rose Gold Ear Headbands
  • Lollipop Ear Headbands
  • Minnie Mouse Sequin Ear headbands
  • Epcot themed Ear Headbands

There’s even a Minnie Mouse Donut Ear Headband!


disney starbucks mugs 800

Image credit: Mo1229 (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

No.2: Disney Souvenir Cups, Drink Bottles & Mugs

Disney souvenir cups, Disney drink bottles and Disney mugs are wonderful souvenirs from Disney that you can use in your everyday life at home to keep the Disney magic alive!

If you can find them, the Starbucks Disney “You are Here” mugs are a top notch collectors item. Probably one mug you won’t actually drink from!

Some of the You are Here Starbucks mugs are dedicated to different lands in Disneyland, such as:

  • the Starbucks You are Here Disneyland Adventureland (with imagery of the Jungle cruise, and the singing parrots from the Enchanted tiki room), and
  • the futuristic Starbucks You are Here Disneyland Tomorrowland.

There’s also a:

  • Magic Kingdom You are Here mug,
  • an Epcot You are Here mug
  • Starbucks You are Here Animal Kingdom mug
  • Starbucks You are Here Hollywood Studios mug 
  • Starbucks You are Here Walt Disney Park in Paris mug, and a
  • Starbucks You are Here California Adventure Park mug

There’s a Disneyland Paris You are Here mug too.

We think these are top of the list of best things to buy at Disney World for adults who love their morning coffee!

And also one of the best Disney souvenirs for coworkers who love the mouse as much as you do. 

BUY NOW ON AMAZON: Set of Four Starbucks You Are Here mugs for Disney World (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom.)

image - mary blair socks

NEW! Artist Mary Blair Merchandise

Do you adore the illustrative design of the adorable “it’s a small world” ride attraction?

This famous Disney attraction was designed by artist Mary Blair, an animator much loved by Walt Disney himself.

Check out the Golden Book here.

You can now buy these Mary Blair gifts:

Hot tip: Purchase The Art and Flair of Mary Blair by John Canemaker book to learn all about her.

best disney souvenirs- autograph books

Image credit: Dave & Margie Hill ( CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

No.3: Official Disney Mickey Mouse and Friends Autograph Books

You need something to capture all those Disney signatures from your favourite characters at Meet and Greets, and an official Disney Mickey Mouse autograph book is just the thing.

The character signatures are something special to treasure forever.

If you are wondering what to buy at Disney World for the grandkids to stoke their passion for all things Mouse, this is a good start. 

But you know, they are also good disney gifts for grandparents who have rediscovered their love of Disney! 

Grab these pre Disney trip gift ideas below. 


best disney souvenirs- stitch signing autograph book

Image credit: JeffChristiansen ( CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

Hot tip: How to collect Disney Signatures

Or you could kindly ask each character to autograph one of these unique Disney souvenirs ideas: 

Cotton Material: 

  • a plain coloured 15cm by 15cm piece of material, and sew it up into a quilt  (red and white pieces would be cute!)  (Hot tip: put it into a small embroidery hoop to make it easy for the characters to sign)
  • a banner, or on a decorative bunting banner – one character per piece of bunting flag
  • one 40 cm by 40cm piece of fabric and make it into a cushion
  • a plain pillowcase
  • a calico tote bag

Paper or Cardboard:

  • a matt board to go around a framed photograph
  • a souvenir copy of a Disneyland or Disneyworld MAP
  • a park map brochure
  • a Disney birthday card
  • a silhouette of Walt Disney and Mickey – characters need to sign with a white marker
  • a book with printed photos or pictures, or your own hand-illustrated drawings of each character, so they can sign their own pic

Fashion item: 

  • a special hat or cap


  • a Starbucks plastic tumbler
  • a DisneyParks tumbler
  • a white china dinner plate

Sports equipment: 

  • a baseball or soccer ball

Hot tip: Be safe and use the real deal when collecting souvenir autographs from Disney characters.

These  Staedtler Lumocolor Permanent markers in a set of 8 rainbow colors won’t wash out or fade. 

best disney souvenirs - alex and ani bracelets pic

Image credit: Sam Howitz ( CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

No.4: Disney Alex and Ani Bangles

The best things to buy at Disneyland for girls or women who love charms are these Alex & Ani charm bracelets. 

Alex and Ani bracelets are made especially for Disney and come in either a silver or gold finish.

The sliding mechanism on the bracelet means anyone can wear one to fit!

These Disney bracelets come with individual charms – one feature charm, and a few tiny tags too.

One is never enough.

Fill your arm full of these unique Disney gifts!

Prices start from $39.95 USD.

pandora x disney pumpkin carriage charm pic

Image credit: Disney x Pandora

No.5: Disney Pandora Charms

Collect all the Disney Pandora charms including:

Once you start looking, it’s impossible to stop.

The Pandora Disney charms are divine – perfect Disney anniversary gifts – and what a fabulous collectible too, giving you a new excuse to shop for a new Disney Pandora charm every birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Disney vacation, first day of the month…

Visiting WDW?

Pick up the exclusive Cinderella Castle Charm by Pandora Jewellery while you are there!

Hot tip: These are awesome Disney gifts for teachers who love Mickey! 

mickey mouse stud earrings disney

No.6: Best Disney Jewellery

You won’t be able to resist the cutest Disney hoop earrings with Mickey Mouse charms attached.

My favourites are the Mickey Mouse stud earrings.

Or the red and black enamel Mickey Minnie earrings created to celebrate Mickey’s 90th anniversary.

Or a classic Mickey Mouse adults watch on a leather strap.

If your inner child is alive and well, a piece or two of Disney Jewellery is the perfect gift.

Looking for Disney engagement gifts? 

Check out the range of Jewelili Enchanted Disney Fine jewelry! 

They sell Disney rings, Disney earrings, Disney pendants, and Disney cufflinks. 

They are some of the most expensive souvenirs but if you can, why not? 

Disney World Carved rings

Head to Disney Springs to find a Disney Springs carver at the Initial Rings Cart. 

This is the spot to have a Disney artist carve you a personalized Disney inspired metal ring in a Disney font!

You may also find Epcot custom rings. 

Ring carvers Epcot style are likely to be found in Mexico at Epcot. 

If you are looking for cool Disney Florida merchandise, this is it. 

disney magic bands pic

No.7: Disney MagicBands in different styles

First thing on the list of what to buy in Disney World if you are staying as Disney World Resort Guests is an upgrade to your Disney Magic Bands. 

These are the best souvenirs from Disney World if you plan to return, as you can use them again and again. 

Disney bands for entry come in so many different themes including classic Disney Characters:

  • MICKEY MOUSE & Minnie Mouse (various styles including Fantasia)
  • Daisy Duck
  • Donald Duck

Plus, cute Rainbow bands.

That’s why they are popular souvenirs for all ages. 

Modern Disney Characters Magic Bands 

  • Frozen – Elsa
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Nemo & Dory
  • The Nightmare before Chrsitmas
  • Aladdin and the Genie
  • Moana
  • Lilo and Stitch
  • Toy Story characters – Woody, Buzz, Slinky Dog
  • Beauty and the Beast – Gaston, Belle

Movie Themes, Star Wars & Marvel Magic Bands

  • Marvel – Captain America
  • Guardians of the Galaxy – Groot
  • Star Wars – R2D2, Darth Vader
  • The Pirates of the Caribbean

disney buttons

No.8: Best Disney Buttons

Looking to start a collection?

Why not gather Disney Buttons – there’s one for every occasion, theme, or outing!

There’s also buttons to celebrate getting married, getting engaged, family reunions, happy anniversaries, happily ever after, and a magical triumph of your own choosing!

These new Disney buttons are cute:

  • I’m here for EARS!
  • I’m here for CHURROS
  • Looking for More Thing-a-ma-bobs! (Ariel Little Mermaid)
  • I’m here for all the ROSE GOLD
  • I’m here for the RIDES
  • I’m here for AUTOGRAPHS
  • Meet me at the People Mover

This has become one of our favorite Disney things to do. 

No.9: Best Disney Pins

Disney Pins are a whole next level of collecting. Disney Pin collectors are die-hard, and they are on a mission to get them all.

Join in the fun of pin trading with experienced Disney pin collectors, or swap a double of a pin with a cast member.

It’s fun to buy a Disney keepsakes pin lanyard, so you have somewhere to put all the Disney pins. The bonus is you can wear the lanyard on your next Disney day out.

Word of caution: Buy AUTHENTIC Disney pins at the parks, or from a reputable source as cast members can only trade authentic pins.

tokyo disney little mermaid shirt pic

No.10: Best Disney Clothing for Kids & Adults

Look for unique Disney apparel at Disneyland.

The Walt Disney World apparel range is solid too.

You’ll find all kinds of Disney clothing and accessories including:

  • t shirts, coats and jackets
  • activewear
  • Disney dresses and skirts
  • Disney sleepwear and socks.

Even Mickey Mouse Ray-Bans!

There’s DRESS UP CLOTHES for kids and adults, and Disney baby clothes too.

Walt Disney World clothing

Clothes and hats are the best things to buy in Disney World for non-believers who are yet to realise their passion for Disney parks. Help them along gently by gifting them something cute to wear!

  • Walt Disney World tshirts
  • Walt Disney World sweatshirts
  • Walt Disney hoodies and jerseys
  • Magic Kingdom baseball caps
  • Toy Story land baseball cap

Click here for a list of current Walt Disney World clothing in stock at the parks.

image - made by disney logo

Made at Disney

Hot tip: Head to Disney Design a Tee Disney Springs at the Marketplace at Disney Springs.

This is the spot for personalized Disney merchandise. 

MADE at Disney sells:

  • customized apparel
  • t-shirts
  • customized Disney phone cases and Magic Bands
  • personalized Disney commemorative bricks
  • customized magnets
  • seasonal and celebratory items 

Disneyland Clothing

  • Jungle Cruise or Space Mountain windbreaker
  • Main Street USA t-shirt
  • Fantasyland King of the Castle shirts for men
  • Space Mountain attraction t-shirt

Click here for a list of current Disneyland clothing in stock so you can make your wish list!

Disney clothes make the best Disney birthday gifts. 

best disney souvenirs - shoes

Image credit: Public Domain 

Fan of Disney Fashion?

Love Disney fashion?

Follow the Disney fashionista blog for updates on current releases.

Hot tip: If you haven’t heard of Dapper Day, look it up. THIS is the best kind of Disney fashion event.

best disney souvenirs - mickey and minnie

Image credit: Harshlight (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

No.11: Best Disney Homewares & Disney Snacks

Some of the best Disney gifts for adults can be found in Disney homewares & accessories shops in the parks.

Why not buy adult Disney gifts such as:

  • Disney lunchboxes
  • Disney snow globes
  • Disney photo frames
  • Disney pet bowls

Disney Home Decor for Adults

The most unique Disney gifts for adults who are reminsicing about their love of Disney growing up will love Disney Wall Art. 

How about “The Enchanted Tiki Room” wall sign or a Frontierland Wall sign for a little childhood nostalgia brought back to life?

A Disney World sign is proof of your passion for Disney parks. 

See below for more exclusive homewares you can find at both Disneyland and Disney World.

image - disney world emporium by michael gray flickr

Image credit:Michael Gray via Flickr CC BY SA 2.0

Disney World Homewares

The best Disney World gift shop is The Emporium.


  • Walt Disney World refrigerator magnets
  • Walt Disney World tote bags
  • WDW Cinderella Castle towels

Click here to take a sneak peek at exclusive Walt Disney World Home goods.

Disneyland Homewares

Click here for unique Disneyland homewares.

image - mickey mouse roller suitcase

Disney Travel goods

Or find something for travel. 

  • Mickey Mouse leather luggage tag, or a Mickey Mouse duffel bag
  • Disney Parks rolling luggage
  • Disney Phone Cases
  • Disney Backpacks

Add these to your list of possible Disney gifts for mom.

image - Trio-Gift-Set-Disney-Parks-and-Resorts

Best Disney Food Gifts?

Don’t leave without a gift pack of signature Disney Parks & Resorts coffee!

Did you know that Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co. is the official Specialty Coffee of Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and Disney Vacation Club? 

It’s arguably one of the most appreciated and best Disney gifts for men (and women!)

Or these:

Hot tip: Preorder a copy of Delicious Disney: Walt Disney World: recipes & stories from The Most Magical Place on Earth.  

It’s due out in time for the 50th Anniversary Celebrations! 

best disney souvenirs - glue pens pic

Image credit 640: Ariel Grimm ( CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

No.12: Best Disney Stationery & Paper Goods

Buy Disneyland products for your home office.

Disney office supplies and Disney desk accessories make the day just that little bit more joyful! 

Why not share your love of Disney office decor with your coworkers?

Take some of these Mickey Mouse desk accessories and Disney office goodies, and spread the Disney cheer among your friends and colleagues!

  • Disney Calendars and Disney planners
  • Walt Disney World Mickey Mouse Memo Holder
  • Walt Disney World personalised pens
  • It’s a Small World notebooks
  • Disney journals and binders and clipboards
  • Disney Sticky notes
  • Disney Sticker books
  • Disney Glitter Glue!

mickey mouse flatware set pic

No.13: Best Disney Kitchenware

More Disney adult gifts and Disney theme park merchandise for cooks, chefs, and anyone who loves to show their love through food. 

Showcase your passion for Disney with Disney kitchen tools and accessories.

  • Mickey Mouse pasta spoon set, or ladle and spoon set
  • Mickey Mouse serving bowls
  • Le Creuset Mickey Mouse dutch oven – this is one pot you won’t want to hide out of sight!
  • Cinderella and Prince Charming glass flutes set
  • Disney teatowels
  • Mickey Mouse ice molds
  • Mickey and Minnie salt and pepper shakers
  • Disney Alice in Wonderland by Mary Blair Tiered Serving Tray  (do not pass go!) 
  • Mickey Mouse Apron and chef’s hat
  • Disney themed Cookie jars
  • Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker – another gadget to keep ON the counter!
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse bottle stoppers

The number one Disney kitchen souvenir is the Gourmet Mickey Mouse flatware set (cutlery set).

Put this Disney tableware on your Christmas list.

Everyone needs to eat dinner with Disney cutlery!

Hot tip: A set of Disney tableware could be one of the best Disney graduation gifts ever – it’s the gift that keeps on giving for life!

best disney souvenirs - cinderella ornament figurine pic

Image credit: David Goehring ( CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

No.14: Best Disney Collectibles, Disney Ornaments & Figurines

If you love ornaments, add to your Disney ornament showcase with:

  • a Pinocchio & Figaro figurine
  • the elegant Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Sculpture in a glass dome
  • a Disney princess figurine, or
  • Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney Laser Cube ornaments.

This is the best Disney merch for super fans! 

But also, the ULTIMATE Disney mothers day gifts.

You will never beat it! 

Personalized Commemorative Legacy Paver

You can also purchase a personalized Commemorative Legacy Paver.

These vintage Disney World souvenirs are inspired by the original bricks that were laid on the entry walkway into Magic Kingdom Park. 

These 8” x 8” clay plaques come in 6 different designs: 

  • Mickey Mouse
  • Walt Disney World
  • Wedding/Anniversary
  • Walk Around the World
  • Annual Passholder
  • Disney Vacation Club

This is top of our list of personalized Disney gifts. 

best disney souvenirs from disneyland pic

Image credit: Jason Howie ( CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

No.15: The Partners Statue at Disney World

Top of my Disney souvenir shopping wish list? 

The “Partners” Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue.

A miniature statuette replica of the ”Partners” statue on display in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park, and Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom Park.

This tops the list of the best Disney Wedding gifts for Disney fans. 

walt disney world castle toy pic

Big spender?

Why not pick up a Limited Edition Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle?

This limited edition Cinderella Castle by Arribas Brothers made from hand-enameled metal is set with 28,255 Swarovski® crystals.

At $37,500 USD, it’s a steal!

best disney souvenirs - balloons

Image credit: Harshlight ( CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

No.16: Fun Disney Balloons

One of the iconic sights on Main Street Disney World and Disneyland is the Disney cast members holding a big bunch of helium balloons.

A Disney Balloon is hard to resist.

The classic Disney balloon is a clear bubble with a Mickey shaped balloon inside. These start from $12 USD.

Buying a Disney balloon is one of those once-in-a-lifetime purchases, but you’ve got to do it at least once!

Hold on tight to these Disney gifts for kids. 

Don’t let your Disney balloon escape into the environment.

That wouldn’t be much fun for anyone. 

best disney souvenirs - minnie dolls

Image credit: Chuck Waters 83 ( CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

No.17: Best Disney Soft Toys

Disney plush toys are the best Disney Souvenirs for toddlers, but also Disney moms gifts! 

The only challenge is deciding how many you can carry.

Hot tip: If you are travelling on a budget, stay away from Winnie the Pooh. I have five.

He’s impossible to resist!

The one other Disney toy you need is Mr Potato Head.

Because that nostalgic toy is never ending fun!

best disney souvenirs - silhouette shop

Image credit: Loren Javier ( CC BY ND 2.0) via Flickr

No.18: Handcut Disney Silhouette Portrait

A Disney World Silhouette is the number one souvenir to buy from Disneyland.

You can find the Disneyland Silhouette Studio on Main Street USA.

Watch as a Disney artist cuts a personalised silhouette of you in 60 seconds!

You can also find these at the Disney Silhouette Portraits Cart in the marketplace at Disney Springs.

Look for the shop selling Disney Silhouettes on the Main Street of Disney World too.

It’s worth asking at Guest Relations for recommendations of who is the best Disney World silhouette artist.

A Magic Kingdom silhouette is something you’ll keep forever. 

best disney souvenirs - funko pop figures pic

Image credit: Loren Javier ( CC BY ND 2.0) via Flickr

No.19: Disney Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures

Fanatical Disney Fans adore Disney Funko dolls.

Why not collect a:

  • Jessie Pop! Vinyl figure from Toy Story
  •  a Scar or Rafiki Pop Vinyl toy from the Lion King,
  • or the Splash Mountain 30th anniversary set of Disney Funko Pop! Toys featuring the characters from the ride.

The Alice at the Mad Tea Party POP Vinyl figure has Alice sitting in the cup and saucer ride!

These are fun Disney gifts for Christmas for the teens in your life.

disney tsum tsum puzzle pic

Image credit: Serious puzzles

No.20: Disney Tsum Tsums

Looking for a pocket souvenir that won’t break the bank?

Pick up any of the Disney Tsum Tsums characters. 

These Disney themed gifts only cost a few dollars each.

Chip and Dale are endearing.

But all Disney Tsum Tsum toys are seriously adorable, and the perfect Disney gifts for babies as they are just the right size. 

best disney souvenirs three little pigs animation cells pic

Image credit: Punk Toad ( CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

No.21: Unusual Disney Souvenirs – Disney Art Cells

Visit Disneyana on Main Street Disneyland to pick up a one of a kind piece of Disney art, including art cells you can frame.

These are top Disney souvenirs for artists, or anyone inspired by Disney animators in their own personal career.

Or anyone who wants to purchase unique Disney room decor. 

In fact, these are the best Disney souvenirs for adults who adore this magical place, a gift that increases in value over time, so a worthy investment too. 

Animal Gallery at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is another place to buy Disney art cells.

Try WonderGround Gallery at Downtown Disney District shops near Disneyland for more Disney decor.

disney caricatures pic

All Star Movies foyer on our last Disney World trip. 

No.22: Fun Disney Caricatures Souvenir 

Another fun souvenir is a Disney caricature drawn by one of the Disney artists.

These are number one of the Disney resorts gifts you can buy. 

These cool Disney souvenirs can be framed and hung on the wall in the kid’s bedrooms for years to come, a happy memory for all to see. 

This is one of the best Disney World gifts for the whole family. 

These make fun Disney wedding gifts for loved ones too. 

Look out for Disney caricature artists in Disney World hotel foyers, and at Disney Springs.

tokyo disney girls matching shirts bags pic

No.23: Best Disney Vacation shirts

Wearing matchy-matchy t-shirts is a cool thing to do at Disney parks.

You can either buy Disney t-shirts for the whole family before you go, or pick them up at the parks when you arrive.

Or take it next level and have one handmade for your family team.

tokyo disney sea world globe pic

Handmade Personalised Disney T-shirts

Our last trip to Tokyo Disney, my friend Amelia from Sunny Daisy Tie Dye created these unique tie-dyed Mickey tees for us!

best disney souvenirs - disney tree ornaments at Epcot center

Image credit: Sam Howitz ( CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

No.24: Disney Christmas Ornaments for the holidays

We’re making it our mission to replace all of our Christmas ornaments with Disney ornaments, one at a time.

We collect new Disney holiday ornaments every visit, and can’t wait to see what we find at Paris Disneyland this year.

They are the ideal Disney gifts for her, for him and for all family members too, to share the love.

If you are in Florida, visit Disney’s Days of Christmas at Disney Springs to collect your new ornament for this year’s tree. 

This Disney Shop in the Disney Springs marketplace is the place to celebrate Christmas all year long, and is home to some of the best gifts from Disney World for lovers of Christmas! 

Find ornaments, stockings, Disney-themed holiday décor and more.

Hot tip: Check out this round up of the most beautiful Disneyland Paris Christmas ornaments – they are some of the most gorgeous Christmas gifts around!

best disney souvenirs - disney popcorn buckets

Image credit: Jonathon Lin ( CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

No.25: Best Disney Popcorn Buckets

Here’s a Disney souvenir for mad Disney foodies.

The best bit is you get to fill it with flavored popcorn and eat from it as you explore the parks!

And you can refill it as many times as you want for just a few dollars.

Disney popcorn buckets come in all shapes and sizes.

Look out for:

  • Duffy popcorn buckets
  • Star Wars Galaxy Edge popcorn buckets
  • Disney Holiday popcorn buckets in Christmas themes
  • Dumbo popcorn buckets
  • Disney Cinderella Carridge popcorn bucket
  • Toy Story popcorn buckets
  • Winnie the Pooh popcorn buckets
  • Minnie Mouse popcorn buckets
  • Mickey Mouse popcorn buckets

Popcorn buckets at Disneyland start from around $17. Refills from $2.

Hot tip: This is the best Disney decor for adults who never grew up! 

RELATED: Ultimate Guide to Tokyo DisneySea Popcorn Flavors & Buckets to buy!

best disney souvenirs - disney pressed pennies pic

Image credit: Quester Mark  ( CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

No.26: Budget Disney souvenirs

Wondering what souvenirs to buy at Disneyland or what souvenirs to buy at Disney World for school friends and local friends from the neighbourhood?

How about:

  • Disney souvenir coins (also called Disney pressed pennies – find a pressed pennies Disney World map here)
  • Disney souvenir fridge magnets
  • Disney iron on patches, or badges
  • Disney trading pins
  • Disney pens and pencils, or stationery kits

There’s plenty of Disney gifts under 10 dollars if you look hard enough. 

best disney souvenirs - disney maps

Image credit: Jason Pratt ( CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

No.27: Free Souvenirs from Disney

Did you know you can collect FREE DISNEY SOUVENIRS too?

No.1: Disney Trading Cards

  • Collect “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom” cards from the fire station in Town Square at Magic Kingdom.
  • Want to join in the Interactive Scavenger Hunt at Disney World in person? Click here for details. 

No.2: Disney Transportation Cards

  • Kindly ask your Magic Kingdom ferryboat driver, ship’s captain, resort bus driver, monorail driver, or train conductor for one of the collectible Transportation Cards and start collecting. 
  • Each card features a different Disney character. Plus, there’s fun Disney facts and trivia on the cards too.
  • There’s 27 Walt Disney World transportation cards to collect including Watercraft, Monorail and Buses.

No.3: Disney Parks Maps

  • Pick up an extra brand new copy of a park map when you visit, and put it somewhere safe (we carry a clear pocket wallet for these kinds of treasures and tickets we want to keep).
  • Frame these Disney freebies when you return home.

No.4: Photos of the Hidden Mickeys you find!

Here’s another challenge.

Instead of buying Disney souvenirs, why not look for Hidden Mickeys around the parks, and frame all the pictures of the photos you take?

These are the best freebies Disney World has to offer. 

aulani button by loren javier

Image credit:  Loren Javier( CC BY ND 2.0) via Flickr

No.5: Complimentary Celebratory Button Badges.

I remember our first visit to Walt Disney World and how thrilled with were with our collectible pins:

  • one for Ned’s birthday
  • one for first time visitors, and
  • another for staying at Walt Disney World.

Tell a Cast Member about your special trip or event, and they may gift you a Disney button badge to acknowledge it!

New Disney buttons may also released every time there’s a:

  • special event
  • new parade
  • change of season
  • festival, or
  • birthday anniversary of a park or ride.

best disney souvenirs - disneyland emporium california main street usa pic
Image credit: Ken Lund ( CC Sharelike BY 2.0) via Flickr


Looking for awesome Disney Park merchandise and the best Walt Disney souvenirs?

Shop the Emporium Disney World shop for the best Magic Kingdom souvenirs.

This Walt Disney World clothing store is No.1 of the stores in Disney World for us. 

They have the largest range of best Disney World merchandise including:

  • Disney apparel
  • plush toys
  • pins
  • candy, and more.

If you can only wrangle the kids into one of the Magic Kingdom stores, this is the one you should go to as it has the biggest range of Disney world items for sale – there’s Disney World merch for everyone. 

Disney Test Track Merchandise

Stop by Test Track SIMporium to buy a bunch of Test Track merchandise:

  • Test Track pins
  • toy cars
  • pit crew caps

This Walt Disney World gift shop is unexpectedly good. 

Wondering what to get your boyfriend from Disney world? 

No need to look for any more Disney world ideas. 

Take him straight to Disney World Star Wars: Galaxy Edge droid depot and assemble a Custom Astromech Droid Unit. 

Things you can only buy at Disney World?

Click here to see all the EXCLUSIVE Disney World souvenirs 2021 that are currently available.

Our hot tip is to ask in-store at Magic Kingdom shops for help to find their exclusive Disney World souvenirs and WDW park merchandise.

Or head to Guest relations for their tips! 

Look out for these WDW gifts and Disney World budget souvenirs too:

  • Walt Disney World balloons
  • Walt Disney World souvenir cups
  • Walt Disney World Mickey Ears

best disney souvenirs - tsum tsum socks pic

Image credit: Nelo Hotsumal ( CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

Frequently Asked Questions about Disney World shopping

Best place to buy Mickey ears at Disney World Magic Kingdom?

The Emporium at Magic Kingdom is a good start.

Fantasy Faire, Curtain Call Collectibles, Mickey’s Star Traders, Big Top Souvenirs, the Briar Patch, and The Chapeau also stock Mickey ears.

You can also look out for the portable carts for Mickey and Minnie ears too.

If you are in Florida, pop into the Four Seasons Orlando at Walt Disney World and you can purchase the Disney exclusive Missoni designed Minnie Mouse ears! 

How much do Mickey ears cost at Disney World?

Mickey Ears for Kids ears start from $13.

A plain pair of Mickey ears starts from $10.

Adults Mickey ears start from $27.

A fancy, limited edition pair of Mouse Ears can sell for upwards of $80!

Personalizable Mickey Mouseketeer Ear Hats start from $17.99 for both adults and kids.

A Mickey Mouseketeer Hat for baby starts from $17.99.

These Disney World accessories are a must buy, so save up! 

minnie ears at disneyland

How much are Minnie ears at Disney World?

Same as above.

Look out for the sales at Walmart, Target and the The Disney Character Warehouse outlet shops in Orlando, Florida to find markdown ears.

(You’ll also find other discount Disney souvenirs like backpacks, t shirts, clothing, and Disney toys and Disney craft packs to keep kids entertained in the hotel room.)

Did you know you can buy Mouseketeer Ear Baseball caps for adults and kids too?

(These are cool things to buy at Disney World as you can hang them on your wall as a memento of your vacation afterwards!)

What are some cheap Disney World souvenirs to buy?

The best cheap Disney souvenirs include:

  • Disney World socks
  • Pressed pennies
  • Small Disney world toys and candy
  • Disney World stationery, and
  • Disney World confectionery 

But remember, prices at Disney are relative.

What you pay for a pair of socks or a Disney lollipop here is way more than you’d ever pay at Walmart or a discount store.

These cheap Disney gifts will still be very much appreciated by true fans. 

But there’s not really any such thing as cheap Disney merchandise in the parks! 

epcot souvenirs pic


Wondering “What should I buy at the Epcot gift shop?”

When people ask us what are the best Epcot souvenirs, these are our suggestions:

  • Visit the Art of Disney for unique collectibles and artwork.
  • Pin Central is home to a huge selection of exclusive Disney pins.
  • Frozen fans should visit the Wandering Reindeer split-log shop in the countryside of the Norway Pavilion to find kids dress up costumes, and Frozen dolls and accessories galore!

Why not visit each of the Epcot countries to see what you find in their gift shops, and buy a signature Disney souvenir such as:

  • one piece of candy
  • one pair of earrings
  • a mug, or
  • a drink bottle from each one?

Then you’ll have some very unique Epcot merchandise for home. 


Image credit: CrispyCream27


Best Star Wars Souvenirs at Disney World

Star Wars fan?

You need these cool Disney gifts. 

Head to Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities to buy  jewelry, ancient tools, rare kyber crystals, statue, and world famous lightsabers. I’ve heard these goodies comes from many different planets and eras!

There’s also the new Droid Depot to scour, and the Toydarian Toymaker is the spot for:

  • Princess Leia dolls
  • Star Wars soft toys
  • Wookie dolls
  • Darth Vader cuff links
  • Star Wars ornaments (CP30 and R2D2)
  • classic games like chance cubes and sabacc, and
  • themed trinkets

Die Hard Star Wars Fans MUST visit SAVI’s WORKSHOP to make their own Handbuilt Lightsabers! 

This is No.1 of the list of unique things to get at Disney World as you cannot buy them elsewhere! 

If you are searching the best Disney gifts for teenager, this may be it. 

More cool souvenirs from Hollywood Studios

Frozen devotees should visit the Frozen Fractal Gift shop to find MORE Frozen souvenirs you can’t find anywhere else.

Here’s something truly unique:

Buy Disney cel art and artistic sketches at the Stage 1 Company Store.

My favourite is “It’s a Wonderful Shop” on Grand Avenue to find:

  • fun Disney homewares, and
  • beautifully designed Disney collectibles.

disney hollywood studios toy story green army men pic 800

Best Toy Story souvenirs

Visit the Walt Disney World Store of Pixar to find a whole bunch of Toy Story themed toys and souvenirs near the new Toy Story land in Disney Hollywood Studios.

Look out for things featuring the Green Army dudes!

1 AK_ENTR_7243291017 800


What are the best Animal Kingdom souvenirs?

The Boneyard Cart is the place to pick up dinosaur themed gifts and souvenirs!

Colors of Mo’ara sells all the Avatar souvenirs.

Looking for a stuffed tiger or lion to remind you of your Animal Kingdom adventures?

Keep an eye on the portable shop carts.

They are FULL to the brim of wild animals soft toys. 

best disney gifts - embarcadero gift shop pic

Image credit: Loren Javier  via Flickr CC BY ND 2.0


Want to know what things to buy at Disneyland?

Look out for exclusive Disneyland souvenirs, seasonal Disneyland souvenirs, and Disneyland exclusive confectionery and snacks.

You will also find:

  • Disneyland themed t-shirts, and
  • a few Disneyland hats, ears, and accessories that you won’t find elsewhere.

Our tip: Ask the Disneyland guest services personnel in the stores.

They’ll help you find that one-off gift.

best disney gifts- little mermaid snow globes pic

Image credit: Loren Javier via Flickr CC BY ND 2.0

Cheap things to buy at Disneyland

Running out of cash?

Spend the last of your pocket money on these Disney treats: 

  • Disney snacks – popcorn, churros, Mickey ice cream snack
  • Disneyland pressed pennies
  • Disneyland notebooks
  • Disneyland pencils
  • Disneyland magnets
  • Disneyland chocolates
  • Disneyland refillable mugs
  • Disneyland postcards
  • Disneyland toast stamps

image - disneyland paris caps


Read all about the best Paris Disneyland souvenirs here

We’ve also got a guide to the best exclusive Disneyland Paris merchandise here

And a whole bunch of guides to the best shops in Disneyland Paris:

La Chaumiere is the home of Disney Princess gifts!

RELATED: Everything you need to know about visiting Disneyland Paris at Christmas! 

tokyo disneyland castle


Guide to the best Tokyo Disneyland merchandise (update coming soon). 

tokyo disneysea entrance pic 800


Read our guide to Tokyo Disneysea for kids.

It includes some fun Tokyo Disneysea merchandise you can buy. 

Hot tip: Be sure to take a sneak peek at the gorgeous Whale Shoppe and the Little Mermaid tshirts you can buy


Image credit: Pikist Sejow via Flickr CC BY 1.0


No.1: Disney+ Subscriptions

Hot tip: Don’t forget that a Disney+ Subscription is always a good idea!

This is the place to watch all the best Disney movies on Disney plus, Disney documentaries and behind the scenes Disney action.

When you’ve headed back home and are missing the magic, this is a good tonic. 

No.2: Disney Gift Cards

A Disney gift card is the ideal present for anyone who is saving up for the next trip.

You can use these to purchase:

If you are still stuck for Disney gift ideas (I doubt it, but) then a Disney gift card is your answer. 

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris walt disney statue

Looking for more Disney Tips and Tricks?

Click the links in blue below for more Disney tips.

Astra Viil

Tuesday 8th of February 2022

Dear parents!

Let the kids choose their favourite Disney Parks souvenirs!!! When the kids are very good, then they deserve more souvenirs. Every good behaviour kid should have 1-2 bags of Disney Parks souvenirs: plush toys, toys, mini figures, bubble blower, Mickey ears, t-shirts, jacket, drinking bottle, and some pins or magnets and etc. Please buy only those Disney Parks souvenirs, what the kids very want!!!! I know many Disney souvenirs are very expensive, but when the kids are very good all the times, then sometimes they deserve these things!!! Please be kind parents and make Your kids very happy with these Disney Parks souvenirs, what the kids have chosen and don’t say NO all the times, when the kids very deserves those Disney Parks souvenirs for good behaviour!!!

Respectfully, Astra Viil

Amber Greene

Saturday 2nd of April 2022

Hear hear!

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