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INSIDE: Everything you need to know about Sanrio Puroland Tokyo indoor theme park. 

If your kids (and you!) love Hello Kitty, you’ll adore Sanrio Puroland Tokyo! 

The Sanrio Puroland Tokyo Hello Kitty Theme Park, Japan is a poppy lipstick pink indoor playground featuring all the Japanese characters from childhood- Little Twin Stars, My Melody and the Hello Kitty herself.

It is, by far, the MOST beautiful indoor theme park we’ve ever seen! 

You might spot my favourite green frog KeroKeroKeroppi, Tuxedo Sam, and Pokopon too, and so many more.

Take a sneak peek inside below. 

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Sanrio Puroland tokyo - Visit for SUPER DOOPER FUN ideas for family-friendly travel and weekend adventures all over the world. Search by city. Rated by kids and our travelling gnome.
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Sanrio Puroland tokyo - games
Best Things to do at Tokyo Sanrio Puroland

At Sanrio Puroland Tokyo, kids can:

  • drive an eco-car
  • take a boat ride
  • watch a musical
  • see dance shows
  • ride a Twinkling Dream Star Cloud to see where the Little Twin Stars were born

There’s plenty of interactive elements and technology to keep everyone happy.

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Sanrio Puroland tokyo kitty-castle

More fun at Sanrio Puroland Tokyo

Kids can visit Lady Kitty house where they can see inside her bedroom and take a sneak peek at all her things at Sanrio Puroland Tokyo. 

Sanrio Puroland Tokyo hello kitty theme park tokyo

Sanrio Land Guide

There’s face painting, silhouette art, a games corner as only Japan can do.

You can have your portrait done in kawaii style, or try food from one of five different venues:

  • the Restaurant Yakata- an all you can eat buffet featuring a make your very own ramen corner
  • the Character Food Court in Sanrio Town
  • the Food machine restaurant (sounds kind of gross yet intriguing…)
  • the Cinnamon Dream Café, and
  • the Sweet Parlour.

Shop for your favourite Hello Kitty goods at Sanrio Land Tokyo!

 There’s a bunch of shops in Sanrio Puroland Tokyo too.

Fill your home with My Melody, Little Twin Stars, and Lady Kitty paraphernalia, sweets, and souvenirs to keep the Sanrio Puroland Tokyo magic alive a little bit longer.

Check out this Youtube Video of Sanrio Land Japan

 Oh slow my beating heart…  

I’m dying with the pop culture cuteness overload.

  • Hello Kitty shaped cakes!
  • Hiromi shaped curry!

Will it ever stop? 



Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in yen, unless otherwise stated

Address: 1-31 Ochiai, Tama, Tokyo 206-8588, Japan

Show a bit of Kawaii love by liking Sanrio Puroland Tokyo on Sanrio Puroland Tokyo’s Facebook page

Sanrio Puroland tickets

All day pass tickets. 

  • Weekdays: Adults 3,300 yen. Children 3-17 years 2,500 yen.
  • Holidays and weekends: Adults 3,900 yen.   Children 3-17 years 2,800 yen.
  • Children under 2 free.

Sanrio Puroland Opening hours

  • These vary depending on the season.
  • Check here for details

Sanrio puroland ticket price?

Visit the official website to collect your discount coupon. It’s only a few yen but when you are travelling with kids, something is better than nothing.

You can also buy discount Sanrio Puroland tickets for afternoon entry for admission from 2pm on weekends or 3pm on weekends and holidays.

This costs 2,200 yen for adults or 2,000 yen for children.

Klook Sanrio Puroland 

The cheapest way to buy a Sanrio Puroland ticket is through Klook. 

Check latest prices here. 

How to get to Sanrio Puroland Tokyo

By Train or Car: Here for Sanrio Puroland Tokyo directions.

Toadstool Rating: Japan Sanrio Land

tokyo sanrio puroland reviews

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