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INSIDE: The Ultimate List of the Best Japanese Kitchenware Shops in Tokyo. 

Take a look inside any traditional Japanese kitchen and you’ll find a standard range of:

  • Japanese kitchen tools
  • Japanese kitchen appliances
  • Japanese bowls and Japanese dishes
  • Japanese dinnerware sets
  • Japanese cups
  • dishes to serve traditional konpeito confectionary and the best candies from Japan
  • miscellaneous Japanese Kitchenware.

But there are particular tools in a Japanese kitchen that you won’t find in any kitchen anywhere else in the world.

Read this guide below to find what they are, and where to buy them!

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japanese meal by ivva

Image credit: Ivva via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

A Peek inside a Traditional Japanese Kitchen

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A typical modern Japanese kitchen includes the following Japanese appliances, tools and Japanese Kitchenware:

  • gas or induction stove with a grill for cooking fish
  • kettle
  • toaster oven
  • microwave oven
  • portable vacuum flasks for hot (ocha) and cold tea (mugicha)
  • suribachi and surikogi, grinding mortar and pestle
  • usu and kine, large mortar and pestle for pounding rice for mochi (sticky rice)
  • Japanese steamers (mushiki and seiro)

nabe with chicken and tofu by yu morita

Image credit: Yu Morita via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Nabe Pans & Gas Burners 

  • portable gas burners for ‘nabe’ (eg sukiyaki, shabu shabu, oden dishes)
  • the agemono nabe deep frying pot
  • the tetsunabe cast iron pot used for sukiyaki
  • the donabe for shabu shabu
  • sturdy cast iron skillet pan for frying katsu pork or chicken in panko bread crumbs
  • a Japanese pan for making tonkatsu, teriyaki chicken etc

Pots and Pans

Sushi making tools 

japanese tableware chopsticks by good night might

Image credit: Good night might via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Japanese tableware

  • Japanese tableware – serving dishes, serving trays, serving platters
  • Chopsticks and chopstick rests
  • LOTS of small Japanese dishware for dipping sauces, soy sauce, pickles, small servings of salmon or fish
  • rice bowls for ‘gohan’ or ‘donburi’ dishes
  • ramen bowls and soup bowls

Japanese chef knives

  • Set of quality Japanese kitchen knives for different purposes (see below) 

Rice cookers 

  • Japanese kitchen appliances in the home must include an electric rice cooker.

Did you know over 95% of Japanese homes have a rice cooker?

It’s essential!

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sukiyaki pan by whity

Image credit: Whity via Flickr CC BY-2.0


We’ve hunted high and low to come up with a list of the best Japanese kitchenware shops in Tokyo.

These are the places that sell the traditional Japanese kitchenware and modern Japanese kitchenware utensils and tools including the sukiyaki hot pot pans, and others listed above. 

Find the best shops below. 

kappabashi chefs head by shadowgate

Image credit: Shadowgate via Flickr CC BY- 2.0


The best place to buy Japanese kitchen wares, Japanese knives, and fake plastic Japanese food like you see in the front of Japanese restaurants is in the Kappabashi dori area or ‘Kitchen street’ between Ueno and Asakusa.

You won’t find better prices anywhere.

Here’s some of our favourite shops in the area.


No.1: Hashitou Cutlery Store

Visit Hashitou cutlery store on Kappabashi dori Kitchen street for traditional handmade chopsticks and miscellaneous Japanese kitchen goods.

Hashitou will amaze you.

PIN best japanese kitchenware shops

No.2: Okashinomori Tokyo

Across the road from Hashitou is a kitchen supply store with everything you could ever need to make traditional and home style Japanese food.

They stock:

  • baking supplies
  • colanders
  • rice cookers
  • cake making equipment
  • pots and pans, and
  • the cute little frypans you use to make tamago egg omelettes.

No.3: Kakesu Zakkaten Tokyo

This adorable shop sells teapots, teacups, and Japanese ceramic bowls that are ‘made in Japan’.

It’s a treasure trove of gorgeous things for the home and kitchen.

Roam the Gnome loves Kakesu Zakkaten because, um, rainbows!

THIS is the spot to buy modern Japanese kitchenware. 

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Kakesu Zakkaten Japanese Kitchen Store

Address:3-24-2 Nishi Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Kappabashi maeda cat chopstick rests via fb

Image credit: Kappabashi Maeda via Facebook

No.4: Kappabashi Maeda Tokyo

Check it out for commercial tableware and a giant range of Japanese kitchen knives.

They stock:

  • rice bowls
  • noodle bowls for soba and udon
  • serving plates
  • a variety of Japanese dish set for grilled foods such as yakitori
  • large platters
  • lacquerware for miso soup
  • obentoo sets
  • black and white tableware
  • chopsticks and chopstick rests
  • clay pots
  • pickle pots
  • Japanese teaware, and
  • matcha bowls and whisks for green tea ceremony.  

The must have Japanese kitchenware is the blue and white pottery patterned dishes. 

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Kappabashi Maeda shop

Address: 1 Chome-10-10 Matsugaya, Taito City, Tokyo 111-0036, Japan  (Click here for a map)
Opening hours: 

  • Weekdays and Saturday 10:00 am to 16:00pm
  • Closed on Sundays

ito kei pound cake tin

Image credit: Ito Kei 

No.5: Itokei Tokyo

This dessert and dining package shop near Kappabashi Maeda stocks:

  • cooking utensils
  • dishes
  • Japanese kitchen equipment
  • confectionery supplies, and
  • everything else for dessert making and dining.

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Itokei Kappabashi

Address:1-5-13 Nishi Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo (Kappabashi dori street)
Opening hours: 

  • Weekdays and Saturday 11:00 am to 16:30pm
  • Closed on Sundays

URL: Itokei

No.6: Takaso speciality store

Find tonnes of Japanese dishes and ceramic rice bowls, staring at you as you walk by.

Takaso speciality store is the place for budget shopping in Japan for foodies.

No.7: Dr Goods

Dr Goods kitchen supply shop is worth a look to see Japanese kitchen stuff.

This shop sells kitchen tools for cooking and confectionery making.

It’s diagonally opposite Itokei as you head towards the crossing.

No.8: Niimi (with the Giant Chef Head on top of the building)

Niimi in Kappabashi is a good all round shop so be sure to check it out.

There’s Japanese pots, pans, knives, chopsticks, cutlery and more to round out your Japanese kitchen set up. 

plastic sample food in japan by sodai gomi

Image credit: Sodai Gomi via Flickr CC BY- 2.0

Maizuru Sample Food Displays in Japan

Japanese food sample shops can be found in Asakusa’s Kappabashi tool town too.

The best of the plastic sample food shops is Maizuru.

Take a look at the plastic ice cream, crepes, dinner sets, Japanese curry, gyudon bowls, toast, sukiyaki and shabu shabu vegetable platters, sushi and dessert.

These plastic sample foods don’t come cheap, but you can buy mini keyrings on a budget. 

Map of Kappabashi Kitchen Street Tokyo

Here’s a map of Kappabashi Dogu-gai (Kitchenware Street) above to help you find it.



Here’s a list of four must-buy Japanese kitchen tools to take home.

No.1: Japanese Kitchen Utensils

Hangiri Sushi Bowl, Shamoji sushi paddle, and Uchiwa rice fan

This is our favourite combination Japanese kitchen tool:

  • a sushi bowl called a hangiri
  • a shamoji rice paddle to match, and
  • an uchiwa fan.

Rice is cooled in this wide bowl using the uchiwa fan in a sweeping motion.

A concoction of rice vinegar, sugar and salt is added to create that slightly sweet taste of real sushi rice, stirred through by the sushi paddle.

A real ‘hangiri’ (also called a “Sushi-oke” or “Handai”) is made in Japan from cypress or cedar, and bound by genuine copper bands. Watch out for imitations.

Here’s a guide on how to season your hangiri for long term use, plus a step by step procedure on using the hangiri properly to make authentic sushi rice.

No.2: Japanese Kitchen Scissors

Japanese kitchen scissors are functional kitchen scissors for cooking.

Look for scissors hand forged in Japan.

The real thing has a beautifully designed handle, a style reminiscent of 100 years old, but they are easy to use, strong and functional for all needs.

Where to buy Japanese kitchen tools in Tokyo?

The Nihonbashi Kiya store (the Kiya Cutlery shop) in Nihombashi sells cutting tools including Japanese scissors, as well as Japanese kitchen supplies such as:

  • sushi maki bamboo rolling mats
  • hangiri and rice paddles
  • “Uchiwa” fans to help cool the rice
  • Japanese cypress cutting boards
  • Kokura fabric aprons, and
  • bags.

They also sell Japanese kitchen cutlery and utensils to last the distance.

They have a branch in both Nihombashi and Tamagawa.

Best Japanese Kitchenware Brands


Hasegawa is famous for stylish kitchenware tools such as:

  • spatulas
  • rice paddles
  • sushi rice bowls
  • cutting boards
  • whisks and
  • mats. 

Sori Yanagi kettle pic

Sori Yanagi

The range of stainless steel Japanese utensils by industrial designer Sori Yanagi are beautiful to look at, and to touch. 

Add to your collection with stainless steel Japanese cookware, mixing bowls, cutlery, tongs, ladles, drink stirrers, serving platters, strainers and colanders, cake servers, mini frying pans, serving spoons and ice cream spoons. 

They also have a range of retro style stainless steel induction kettles that would not look out of place in a kitchen from 100 years ago. 

nousaku tinware bowl


Nousaku tinware is the stuff of DREAMS! 

Once you’ve seen the gorgeous kitchenware from Nousaku, it’s difficult to buy anything  else.

The handcrafted tinware has been shaped into:

  • cutlery rests and stylish chopstick rests
  • cold sake wine decanters and cups
  • tumblers and glasses for drinking
  • platters and plates for serving


Yamada woks are handmade, one by one. 

Their frying pans, and woks come in all different thicknesses and sizes, with either single handle or double handle. 

They also sell a range of Yamada Iron wok ladles and spatulas to use in conjunction. 

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knives in kappabashi street by rachelH

Image credit: RachelH via Flickr CC BY- 2.0



Every Japanese kitchen has a Japanese kitchen knife set.

There are many different Japanese kitchen knife types. Let’s take a look.

You can read an indepth guide to Japanese knives here but in short:

  • Gyuto – this is the main chef’s knife tourists buy for a souvenir to take home for their kitchens
  • Santoku – the most popular household knife in a Japanese home for vegetables and fish
  • Nagiri (Nakiri) vegetable knife
  • Yanagiba – the most popular knife for cutting fish (also known as shobu-bocho, sashimi knife)
  • Usaba knife – used for vegetables
  • Mukimono knife – used for cutting vegetables into decorative shapes
  • Noodle cutter knives

Many Japanese people are proud owners of handmade Japanese kitchen knives. 

You can be too, by shopping at one of the Japanese knife stores listed below.

seki magoroku knife with wooden handle pic

Two Famous Japanese Knife Brands

No.1: Seki Magoruku

This Japanese knife is a work of art, as well as being famous for their sharpness and toughness. 

If beauty in the kitchen is as important as function, their range of knives with the wooden handles will be a godsend. 

Seki Magoruku knives are used by daily cooks in their homes, and by professional chefs too. 

No.2: Tojiro 

This is one of the most well known knife makers based in Niigata Japan, and around the world. Their knives are used by home cooks and in professional kitchens.

Look out for their knife range with colored handles, their Tojiro bread knife, and their Tojiro canvas knife roll bag to carry them in. 

Their most popular Japanese knives are Honesuki knives, gyuto knives, Nakiri knives and Sujihiki knives.

They also sell a pair of Tojiro Inox stainless steel kitchen scissors. 

kamata hakensha shop in tokyo pic by suwannee payne

Image credit: Suwannee Payne 

Where to buy Japanese Knives in Tokyo?

No.1: Kamata Kappabashi Knife Shop

The Japanese knife store Kamata Hakensha Kappabashi sells handicrafted masterpieces by artisan techniques using traditional Japanese methods, as well as knives made with the most up to date knife cutting technology. 

Kamata Hakensha knife shop was founded in 1923 in Asakusa, Tokyo.

Take a look at some of their Japanese knives for sale. 

Kakeken also holds a knife sharpening classroom on the first and third Tuesday of every month.

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Kamata Hakensha Tokyo

Address:Japanese knife store KAMATA Hakensha at 2 Chome-12-6 Matsugaya, Taito City, Tokyo 111-0036, Japan
Access:8-minute walk from Asakusa Station and an 8 minute walk from Tawaramachi Station too. Click here for a map. 
Opening hours: Open daily, 10: 00-18: 00.

japanese knives by jaap driest

Image credit: Jaap Driest via Flickr CC BY- 1.0

No.2: Tsukiji Masamoto Japanese Knife Store in Tokyo 

This Japanese knife store in Tokyo  manufactures Japanese knives and Western knives using the highest grade steel materials.

Well known by Japanese-style cooks, both in professional kitchens and in every Japanese home,  knives made by Tsukiji Masamoto are highly rated for their sharpness. 

There is no distinction between professional and general household use.

Take a look at the types of Japanese knives they craft at Tsukiji Masamoto on the link below. (Look in the menu for ‘about care’ and ‘about repair’) 

They even provide a step by step guide on using a Japanese knife, and how NOT to use it too, so you don’t end up with a sharp knife injury.

The price for a knife is higher here, but that is because their products are made by hand from raw materials, then hardened, and finished by their craftsmen.

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Tsukiji Masamoto Japanese Knife Store Tokyo 

Address:4-9-9 Tsukiji, Chuo-city, Yubinbango, Tokyo 104-0045  (near Tsujiki fish market)
Opening hours:  6:00am to 3:00pm Monday to Saturday. Closed Sundays, public holidays, and market holidays
URL: Click here


No.3: Nehoni Cutlery

Nehoni cutlery sell the highest grade high carbon steel knives.

They also custom make knives for your budget.

Nehoni cutlery displays a variety of kitchen knives from the highest peak kitchen knives, to the easy-to-use everyday kitchen knives in the Tsukiji store. They are happy for visitors to drop in when you visit Tsukiji.


Address:4 Chome−10−5 Tsujiki, Chuo City, Tokyo, 〒104-0045. Kaneshin Building 1F Store.

  • 3-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line “Tsukiji Station” Exit 1 and 2
  • 3-minute walk from Toei Subway Oedo Line “Tsukiji Market Station” Exit A1

Opening hours:  9:00 am-3:00 pm. Closed Sundays and Public Holidays.

muji kitchenware


No.1: MUJI Japan

My favourite shop for unadorned Japanese tableware is MUJI.

I’m a fan of Japanese white tableware, combined with simple timber trays and accessories. That wholesome look and simple styling appeals to my inner minimalist.

Plus, you can replace all your tired kitchen plates, bowls, and cups with MUJI tableware for less than a day’s pay. It’s super affordable.

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kappabashi ceramic dishes by carrie

Image credit: Carrie via Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

No.2: Kappabashi Street

Kappabashi Street is another good spot to visit if you want to buy Japanese tableware in bulk.

The selection of ceramic tableware, big and small, is unparalleled.

ameya yokocho by dick thomas johnson

Image credit: Dick Thomas Johnson via Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

No.3: Tokyo Shopping Streets

Try any of these Tokyo shopping streets for affordable Japanese tableware (authentic Japanese plates, ceramic cups, bowls) and Japanese cooking utensils:

  • Ameya-Yokocho shopping street in Ueno (pictured above)
  • Nakamise shopping street in Asakusa
  • Yanaka Ginza shopping street

Japanese souvenirs-ceramics 800

No.4: Where to find Unique Japanese Tableware

You can also visit these shops selling hand-picked Japanese tableware.

  • Utsuwa Kaede – 3-5-5 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Urikiri-Ya   Iwama Building 4-7-2 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Oriental Bazaar in Harajuku near Kiddyland is another place selling unique Japanese tableware, and traditional Japanese lacquerware, along with authentic popular Japanese souvenirs. 

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japanese daruma doll bento box


Japanese kitchen ware is not only useful.

It can be super cute too!

We’ve gathered a list of the best places to buy ‘zakka’ kitchenware in Tokyo such as:

  • super cute aprons
  • Japanese tea towels
  • bento boxes
  • bento accessories
  • pickle dishes
  • small ceramic platters
  • white tableware, and more.

No.1: Kotobuki products

Look out for the Kotobuki brand in particular.

Their products are well priced, and well made.

Their Japanese bento boxes come in super cute styles including:

  • Sumo wrestler
  • Ninja
  • Daruma doll
  • Samurai
  • Baseball player
  • Japanese Maiko (Geisha)
  • Sushi chef
  • Lucky Cat, and
  • Kokeshi Hime Princess.

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JAPANESE baking cookie cutters by steven l johnson

Image credit: Steven L Johnson via Flickr CC BY- 1.0


Looking for a one-stop shop for all your Japanese baking supplies and Japanese cooking tools including:

  • cake pans and cake trays
  • cookie cutters
  • confectionary and baking tools
  • oil, seasoning and spices
  • boxes and wrapping
  • cake toppings and cake decorations
  • DIY candy making tool sets
  • cake stands
  • cake decorating colors and flavors
  • bread making supplies
  • pizza trays, oven sheets
  • oven gloves and mittens
  • recipe books
  • kitchen appliances and cookware including shaved ice makers, ice cream makers, sandwich makers, noodle machines
  • taiyaki molds
  • frying pans and pots
  • kitchen knives
  • plus all the consumables including Japanese flour, cooking chocolate, sugar and syrup, agar gelatin,  yeast.

The best Japanese supply shops for baking supplies in Tokyo is Tomiz Cuoca baking supplies store.

tomiz baking store japanese kitchenware shop

No.1: Tomiz Baking supply store.  (Also called Cucoa Shop Baking Market)

The Cucoa and Tomiz baking supplies stores have stores in:

  • Yurakucho
  • Nihonbashi
  • Shinjuku
  • Ikebukuro
  • Shibuya
  • Ebisu
  • Tamagawa
  • Asakusa
  • at Tokyo Sky Tree, and more. 

There’s 81 in total across Japan.

The Machida main store (Tomizawa Shoten Main Store) has a traditional warehouse feel and is a step back in time.

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Main Machida Store

Address:4-4-6 Hara Machida, Machida, Tokyo 194-0013
Access:A 3-minute walk from Machida Station.
Opening hours: 10am to 7pm daily.
URL:Find all the Tomiz shops in Tokyo and Japan here. 

majimaya japanese kitchenware shop

No.2: Majimaya (Mabuchiya Pastry Tool and Candy Tool Shop)

The Majimaya confectionery tools and gear shop (also called the Mabuchiya Pastry Tool Store) is a pastry tool shop in Tokyo Kappabashi, in Nishi Asakusa, one of the world’s leading cooking tool streets.

Majimaya Mabachi-ya is famous for their custom-made, hand-carved wooden molds made from cherry timber for Japanese tea ceremony sweets, featuring flowers.  These are made to order by a master Japanese craftsman.

They also sell:

  • silicon chocolate and dessert molds
  • confectionary molds for Japanese sweets made
  • pastry molds
  • omelette and pancake stamps /seals (super cute!)
  • square tart tins
  • Mount Fuji shaped pudding and cake tins
  • bread tins, round bread pans, and english muffin pans
  • Japanese bento boxes and bento accessories
  • Japanese knife sets and Japanese scissors
  • plus Japanese tea ceremony tableware and cups.


Address:2-5-4 Nishi Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0035, Japan
Access:Find the map here.

  • From Ginza Line Taharacho Station 5 minutes
  • From Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station 5 minutes
  • From Subway Ginza Line Asakusa Station 15 minutes
  • From Tobu Asakusa Line 15 minutes
  • Toei Asakusa Line Asakusa Station 15 minutes
  • From JR Ueno Station 20 minutes
  • From Kikuyabashi bus stop 5 minutes ・ Tokyo

Opening hours:  Weekdays 9:30 to 17:30; Sunday 10:00 to 17:00

toadstool kitchen brush tokyu hands 800


Find “Kawaii” kitchen supplies at these Japanese variety shops in Tokyo.

Look out for adorable kitchen tools like this toadstool shaped brush to oil the fry pan!


No.1: Tokyu Hands Department Store

Tokyu Hands Department Store in Ikebukuro has a whole floor devoted to Japanese kitchenware goods including these adorable sandwich presses (pictured above).

Make a beeline for anything with animal faces! 

loft aprons 800

No.2: Loft Store Tokyo

Another of our go-to stores in Tokyo, Loft in Japan is home to Japanese kitchen products including:

  • Japanese housecoat aprons
  • Japanese tea towels
  • utensils
  • Japanese kitchen gadgets with a design edge
  • Japanese chopsticks
  • chopstick rests, and
  • kitchen tools with a design edge.   

Plus they have the best range of Japanese bento boxes in Tokyo plus cute bento accessories.

Click here for a sneak peek.

Hot tip: LOFT also has a huge range of cute Japanese stationery. 

domo kun cups 800

No.3: Tokyo Character Street at Tokyo Station

Tokyo Character Street is a pocket of shops inside Tokyo Station selling all kinds of plush toys, and kitchen goods based on popular Japanese cartoon characters like:

  • Hello Kitty
  • Kerokeropi
  • Pokemon
  • Rilakkuma
  • Nameko and Rascal
  • Domo kun, and more.

It’s a top spot to find ALL the cute kitchenware and adorable bento boxes, mugs and cups, lunch bags, and cutlery sets for both kids and adults. 

And LOTS of cute food such as cookies and gift packs of candy.

No.4: Natural Kitchen 100 Yen Shop

Simple but cute kitchenware for 100 yen per piece.

No one will ever know!

daiso store pic

No.5: Daiso Kitchen Items

Another place to pick up Japanese kitchen goods on a budget is in the 100 yen stores in Japan such as DAISO.

DAISO kitchen items cost 100 yen a piece – it’s a quick and easy way to build up your collection of:

  • Japanese kitchenware
  • traditional Japanese crockery
  • classic bakeware, and
  • Japanese tableware.

You can also find a whole aisle dedicated to quirky and cute Japanese kitchen items such as:

  • animal-shaped washing up sponges
  • fairy doll wash up brushes
  • patterned dishwashing cloths
  • sushi mats and sushi molds
  • Japanese bento boxes & bento accessories,
  • and more.

Click here for a sneak peek.

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japanese furoshiki cloths for bento boxes

Looking for more ideas for shopping in Japan?

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