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INSIDE: Everything you need to know about the best DIY trampoline tent ideas to make or buy

Looking for tips on how to make a DIY Trampoline Tent for fun trampoline sleepovers?

Or perhaps buy a homemade trampoline tent for backyard camping?

Or  maybe you are looking for ways to make a trampoline shade cover or trampoline canopy to keep the sun and rain off the kids when they jump?

Whatever your need, we can help.

We have all the tips on how to make a DIY trampoline shade cover or DIY trampoline tent top, plus a link to our story on the best trampoline tents to buy. 

Take a look below. 

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image - little dynamo parachute spiral design


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No.1: Trampoline Play Parachute Kids Game

One of the quickest, cheapest ways to make a trampoline tent DIY at home if you already have a trampoline with a trampoline net and side wall poles to attach it to, is to repurpose a play parachute used for kid’s team building games.

They are also called gymnastics parachute, or toy parachute for group games. 

You can use the handles on the kids parachute as the handles to tie it to the trampoline frame to make an instant tent cover for trampoline. 

Not only are these rainbow parachutes a budget way to cover the top of the trampoline, their brightly colored material is so much more kid-friendly than a dark or black colored trampoline top, and way more fun too! 

Especially if you plan on playing lots of trampoline games with kids. 

image - parachute play with kids on the trampoline

Where to buy parachute games?

Try this one.   

Or this parachute for kids

Both are 12 ft in diameter, so good for smaller trampolines. 

If you prefer something a little more stylish than the regular primary colored rainbow parachute by Little Dynamo, try this spiral parachute design

image - mekkapro ultra large mosquito net

No.2:  Large Mosquito Net Trampoline Cover

Another great DIY tent for trampoline option is to buy a ultra large mosquito net with an opening you can put over the net door. 

This one by Mekkapro is almost 14ft in diameter, plus it comes with a free hanging kit.

That includes:

  • hooks/screws/plugs
  • extra string
  • carry pouch

This king size mosquito net is big enough to fit over a supreme king bed indoors, so it’s pretty likely it will fit your tramp too.

(People also use this mossie net to protect their fruit trees from all the creatures that love to eat the fruit before they can!)

Bonus: Use it on the patio or deck or in the garden to hang over the hammock too. 

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image - red and white circus tent

No.3: Carnival Fabric Tent cover  

Wondering how to make trampoline tent covers? 

Why not customize your trampoline tent cover by making a teepee using red and white fabric, a la circus sideshow alley & carnival fair. 

Wide swaths of red and white striped material is an instant way to suggest fun on this circus trampoline tent roof! 

Be sure to purchase some thick red ribbon as a curtain tie, so you can create an opening to get inside this circus enclosure cover.

image - boho tent style pm istock

No.4: Boho Party Tent with lace tablecloths

You could also do variations on this theme for a trampoline tent sleepover by:

  • changing out the colors of the fabric you choose, or
  • by creating more of a teepee or yurt shape over the trampoline tent poles by shaping the fabric from the middle point in a diagonal, or
  • making a giant circular frame out of narrow plumbing pipe or hose, and hanging meters and meters of sheer white fabric or sheer fabric curtains with tabs, down over the frame in a round 

To make luxe boho party tent style, use lengths of cream, white and beige fabric.

You might try repurposing some old rectangular lace tablecloths, lace runners, linen tablecloths, or crochet lace tablecloths you find in grandma’s cupboard.

Then add these things under or around your trampoline roof cover: 

  • fresh flowers
  • pastel balloons
  • feathers
  • artificial or real vines 
  • cane baskets 
  • tealight candles or twinkly lights 
  • felt ball bunting
  • cosy blankets 

A beautiful boho table setting inside the tent might include:

  • lace placemats
  • dried flower arrangements
  • lots of comfy macrame cushions
  • shaggy rugs
  • Moroccan poofs

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image - red and yellow big top canopy

No.5: Big Top Canopy Tent with Circus Fabric

Or you could purchase a whole bunch of long 4m lengths of narrow yellow, red and blue nylon tulle (or a mix of your faves), and let these fabric lengths stream down from one central point up top, over the frame and hang loose in the air on a still day.

Or tied to the round frame of the trampoline mat on a windy one.

Then you’ll have the perfect trampoline circus enclosure. 

Carnival Circus party decorations

If you do decide on a traditional carnival theme for a trampoline party, you might like these additions:

Repurpose the nylon fabric when you are done by draping it under your patio in waves to create a pretty place to relax. 

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image - shade cloth cover for trampoline

No.6: Shadehouse cloth trampoline cover

Option 1: Sun Shade Sails

Another budget way to make a home made trampoline cover is to repurpose a commercial sun shade sail. 

A sunshade sail is usually either a rectangle or triangle shape, so you may need to be a little creative, and layer them up to cover the whole area.

If you have the trampoline positioned near a building, you can also affix one end to here to give you height. 

Option 2: Shade Cloth trampoline cover

Or you can make one yourself. 

The best way how to make a trampoline shade cover is to measure the diameter of your trampoline and buy enough shade cover material to go at least 2 inches beyond the edges of the tent, so you can create a lip. 

Use cable ties, or heavy duty string and thread these through the edges of the shade cloth, then attach this to the trampoline tent poles and frame.  

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image - alvantor screen house room gazebo

No.7:  Alvantor Screen House Room

If none of these DIY covers for trampolines suit, or you’d rather know where to buy a trampoline tent, you can always look at buying the Alvantor Screen House Room outdoor canopy.

This instant pop up round canopy tent cover comes in three sizes to suit trampolines with windows and a zippered privacy entrance:

  • 10 ft
  • 12 ft
  • 15 ft

This trampoline tent cover opens automatically, and has its own fiberglass rib structure so it’s also a top alternative tent for trampolines without shade covers. 

This tent has all day UPF 50+ UV sun protection but isn’t waterproof or rainproof, so you may need a tarp over the top if you plan to camp out and the weather looks a bit iffy. 

This outdoor camping tent comes with sandbags and guide ropes you can use to tie it down and secure it. 

This quality tent model enclosure suits round trampolines but probably not rectangular trampolines. 


image - alvantor bubble tent

Or, The Alvantor Bubble Tent

Did you know there’s also a trampoline BUBBLE TENT too?

Imagine a big bubble like a life size snow globe sitting on top of your trampoline?

A LIFE SIZE winter snow globe bubble must be the coolest thing ever! 

Alvantor Big Bubble Gazebo is made from 10 panels of transparent PVC so it’s super warm.

There’s also a waterproof attachment top cover you can purchase separately if you need to. 

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vuly trampoline no ladder pic

No.8: VULY Trampoline Tent Review

If you want an option to purchase a trampoline tent cover instead of making one, you can buy VULY trampolines with a tent cover.

The VULY trampoline tent cover is not waterproof but keeps off the harsh sun, and the elements.

Together with the safety net enclosure, it makes do as a trampoline tent.

But you can always screen off the tent by pegging sheets, cloths or likewise to the outside walls.

VULY also sell trampoline accessories such as a speaker, and light for trampoline fun too. 

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image - club house trampoline tent

No.9: More of the Best Trampoline Tent Cover options to buy

Hot tip: Read our guide to more of the best tents for trampoline sleepovers here. 

image - trampoline games for two players

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