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INSIDE: Everything you need to know about art, craft and more fun things to do on a trampoline. 

Looking for some unique ideas of fun things to do on a trampoline? 

You are in the RIGHT place.

Take a look at our list of 23 creative and fun trampoline activities.

We bet there’s some you’ve never thought of, and others that would NEVER have crossed your mind before.

But you’ll be glad they have now.

Take a look below for all the best trampoline things to do below. 

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image - trampoline ball pit


Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in US dollars, unless otherwise stated. Play these trampoline games at your own risk and consider the risks before you commence. Check with your local health practitioner if necessary.  All care but no responsibility taken.

No.1: Make a DIY Trampoline Ball Pit

WHO can resist a trampoline filled with trampoline ball pit balls?

Definitely not kids.

The teens would love it.

And there’s plenty of adults who’d jump in too!

All you need to do is buy a pack or two of 400 ball pit balls in all the rainbow colors online. 

You can also buy mermaid colored plastic balls in teal, blue and white for a much more stylish adventure! 

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image - crayola chalk colors

No.2: Explore Trampoline Chalk Art

Wondering how to draw with chalk on a trampoline?

It’s easy, and relatively clean!  

Drawing on the trampoline with sidewalk chalk can keep the kids busy FOR HOURS.

Best chalk to use for sidewalk art

Our hot tip is to buy vibrant chalk, not the cheap stuff.


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image - chalk mandala

Best Chalk drawing ideas for the trampoline

No.1: Best Sidewalk Chalk ideas for trampoline drawing

Want to draw some interactive sidewalk chalk ideas?

Think “selfie” and draw fun accessories, then lay down on the trampoline mat to take a selfie with these as a background.

Draw crowns, Santa hats, cowboy hats, bunches of flowers, draw a bunch of balloons  – whatever you can think of!

No.2: Chalk obstacle course

Make a chalk obstacle course and draw a whole bunch of action steps you need to do – touch your toes, jump, star jumps, twirl, wave your hands, cross the bridge, walk the plank etc

No.3: Draw a chalk mandala

Have you heard of these sidewalk chalk techniques?

Make a sidewalk mandala inspired by Diwali rangoli 

How do you make a mandala with chalk? 

It’s easy.

Have a look at this video for tips. 

No.4: Sidewalk chalk alphabets

Draw the alphabet in your favorite font style – fancy handwriting, block letters, bubble letters

image - chalkboard rainbow drawing

No.5: Sidewalk chalk rainbow

Draw a rainbow with all the colors

No.6: Games to play with sidewalk chalk

Here’s a few chalk projects to try. 

  • Draw hop scotch or play leapfrog
  • Draw Dorothy’s yellow brick road or a windy pathway through the forest like one you’d visit with little Red Riding Hood
  • Draw your meal on a big circular plate (draw a big circle on the trampoline surface as the plate, then fill it with your pics)
  • Host a sidewalk chalk competition
  • Create a sidewalk chalk festival with prizes for the most inventive styles 
  • Draw speech bubbles and write some funny or heartfelt quotes, or draw pictures of thoughts
  • Play Jumping Jacks inside a circle on the trampoline

No.7: Draw Disney characters in chalk 

Draw the Disney castle.

Or the it’s a small world ride a’ la Mary Blair style

Or draw Cinderella’s carriage in chalk (search google images for inspiration) 

Liquid Chalk pens 

Hot tip: If you have a really old trampoline that won’t be around much longer, let the kids draw on the trampoline with chalk pens. 

This is just like drawing on the trampoline with chalk, but better, as it’s more permanent! 

image - tic tac toe template


No.3: Set up a Tic Tac Toe Trampoline Activity

How to play tic tac toe on the trampoline?

Exactly the same as you do on paper.

But you’ll need two sticks of chalk instead of a pen or pencil.

Read and follow the instructions on how to play tic tac toe by Wikihow

Let one player start.

The first person to get three of their X’s or O’s in a row is the winner. 

(Use this diagram of the noughts and crosses template.)

No.4: How to Play Lines and Boxes Game on a Trampoline

Play the old favorite Dots and Boxes in life size on the trampoline.

All you need is a couple of sticks of chalk, in two different colors.

Read and follow the instructions on how to play dots and boxes on Wikihow (with pictures).

image - trampoline painting using poster paints


No.5: Do Trampoline Painting Activities

Almost anything you can do on a table or in a classroom, you can do on a trampoline in the backyard in the open air.

Art on a trampoline is way more fun!

All you need is:

  • some old newspapers
  • washable poster paint
  • brushes
  • an old egg carton
  • pegs, and
  • sheets of paper.

Pour a small amount of each color into separate cups of an egg carton. 

Kids can lay down on the trampoline while painting patterns, shapes or creatures on their paper. 

When they are done, they can peg their artworks to the trampoline net to make an instant art gallery. 

things to do on singapore airlines with kids 800


No.6: Try Goggle eyes craft

Give the kids:

  • some old homewares, children’s or women’s magazines, and
  • a pack of stick on googly eyes.

Show them how to peel and stick goggly eyes onto faces of people or animals in the magazines. 

You can also let them create “rock creatures” or “rock people”.

Give them:

  • clean rocks or pebbles
  • some moving eyes
  • a glue stick, and
  • a black texta or nikko pen

image - trampoline playdough activity

No.7: Play Playdough on the Trampoline

Where is the best place to play with playdough?

The trampoline of course!

Give them a tub with some playdough tools, and this is one time you’ll love playdough with kids. 

There’s no mess inside house, and when the kids are done playing, you can simply sweep it off. 

Best playdough ideas for early years

If you ask them to write their name in playdough or shape the numbers or make a rainbow with the colors in a row, it counts as homeschooling too!  

image - matchbox cars on the trampoline


No.8: Encourage Trampoline Play with Loose Parts

Who says kids can only play with loose parts indoors?

A trampoline is another top spot to play with loose parts, especially if the trampoline has a net to contain all the pieces, bits and bobs.

Why not give the kids a bucket of these things and see what they do with them?

  • ‘Jenga’ style wooden blocks (try Walmart, Kmart or similar)
  • Matchbox cars
  • Wooden blocks of all shapes and sizes
  • Plastic dinosaurs or farm animals 
  • Wooden bowls
  • Wooden curtain rings
  • Baking trays
  • Miniature cooking pots and pans
  • Woollen pom poms (all sizes)
  • Clothes pegs (modern and dolly pegs)
  • Wine bottle corks
  • Plain colored cotton or silk cloths – 1 metre squares, and smaller loose pieces (for dress ups)

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image - nature play loose parts mandala

No.9: Play on the Trampoline with Nature Play Loose Parts

Here’s another of the cool trampoline ideas. 

Gather up a rattan basket full of nature play loose parts:

  • fallen leaves, petals, dried leaves 
  • sticks – small twigs, larger sticks, Y shaped sticks
  • rocks, stones, polished stones, sea glass
  • small logs and branches
  • timber rounds, branch blocks 
  • short lengths of rope or natural string (and a pair of child safe scissors) 
  • shells, fossils
  • miniature handmade clay bricks 
  • sand, small pebbles, ochre sand 
  • pieces of bark, charcoal, clay, chalk
  • tufts of natural sheep’s wool 
  • fairy wool (naturally dyed sheeps wool) 

Encourage the children to make shapes, mandalas, and loose part pictures with these materials.

You can give the children a small square piece of wool felt or a large pine board on which to lay out their designs if they want to keep their creations temporarily.  

Hot tip: You can always set a challenge for little ones to start by playing Simon Says and giving them a direct task

image - tin pail for painting the trampoline


No.10: Try Trampoline Water Painting

Give the kids a small tin bucket with a handle, filled with water.

Hand them a fluffy brush.

Ask them to paint the trampoline.

Kids LOVE this activity, watching the water make patterns on the trampoline mat like invisible ink that disappears soon after.

image- foam party on the trampoline

No.11: Build a Trampoline Foam Pit

Many  years ago, a local fire truck came to visit our local kindergarten and filled the outdoor garden with a non-toxic bubbly foam so tall that the children couldn’t see over the top.

The kids spent a happy hour padding their way through the bubbles, making a maze of tunnels and channels, stomping the bubbles to find their way through. 

Imagine doing a similar thing on a trampoline inside the net enclosure? 

You can!

All you need is a FOAM MACHINE!

Check out this one – FOAMO by Little Tikes

It only takes 10 minutes to set up, and comes complete with:

  • the non-toxic foam solution (hypoallergenic) 
  • the blower and hose
  • the water pump,
  • a stand and
  • a storage bucket

All you need to do is add water, and the kids (and the adults!) 

No.12: Turn on the Best Trampoline Sprinkler

Add this trampoline sprinkler to the TOP of your trampoline net and you have an instant water park at home!

(It’s an alternative to putting a normal garden hose sprinkler under the trampoline and way more fun)

If it’s a hot day, you won’t see the kids for hours.

Give them a few ideas for trampoline water games and it’s likely they’ll be outside till the sun goes down. 

Hot tip: Read this guide to the best trampoline accessories 


No.13: Enjoy Trampoline Water Play with Reusable water bombs

Kids love water balloons but they aren’t much good for the environment.

Try these reusable water balloons instead. 

There’s 51 colorful water balls in this pack by Thrill Zoo.

Made from quality water absorbent cotton material, they are soft too, so don’t sting when they hit their target. 

Max Liquidator Water Pistols

Of course, if you want a full on water war, then you need water guns too. 

These pump-and-go water blasters are our go-to.

(grab a six pack here)

All you need is a tub of water so you can draw the water into these squirt guns to refill them. 

Our water pistol collection also includes quite a few NERF super soakers.

These are a good size for toddlers and preschoolers too. 

best tricks on a trampoline


Organising a trampoline themed birthday party? 

Trampoline parties for kids are great fun, especially if you love your VULY trampoline like we do. 

No.14: Choose the Best Trampoline Party ideas 

  • Fill your trampoline with birthday balloons and host a dance off.
  • Play charades on the trampoline
  • Host a neon disco on the trampoline
  • Host a silent disco on the trampoline
  • Dress up in 80’s outfits and dance to Girls Just Want to Have Fun! 
  • Do Chalk Art on the trampoline
  • Try any of the activities in this post
  • Have a movie night with the whole family

No.15: Make Trampoline Party invitations

Looking for free printable trampoline party invitations?

The best way to find one is to make your own birthday party invitations on Canva or PicMonkey.

You can choose the template, the stock photo, the font lettering and personalise the printable trampoline party invites as you choose.

There’s not a lot of options out there otherwise. 

image - trampoline birthday party bunting

No.16: Hang Trampoline Birthday Party Decorations

Decorate your trampoline with colorful streamers, or long rainbow bunting made from cotton cloth.

You can also add battery operated twinkle lights, felt pom pom strands, or helium balloons to the trampoline frame. 

Make cake toppers by printing out some silhouttes of kids jumping and popping them on a stick.

No.17: Make Trampoline Party favors

The best trampoline party favor ideas include:

  • skittles, smarties or M&M’s (just like trampoline ball pit balls!)
  • a pair of trampoline park socks with grip soles
  • a ticket to a trampoline park in the future
  • a personalised water bottle 
  • a packet of six reusable water balloons 
  • handmade trampoline cookies 
  • a party favor bucket of popcorn

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image - chocolate fondue dippers on the trampoline


No.18: Host a Trampoline Fondue Party

A chocolate fondue party will never get old.

Get your hands on this giant list of the best things to dip in a chocolate fountain or fondue

Prep your faves and put them in some small dishes on a tray.

Will it be banana bread, marshmallows, or pretzels?

Or will you try beef jerky in chocolate? 

Or something completely unique instead. 

(There’s lots of unusual things to dip in a fondue in the list) 

Heat up some delicious chocolate in a microwave-safe fondue maker, then carry the lot to the trampoline.

What are you waiting for?

Dig in! 

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image - tokyo disneyland popcorn flavors 800

No.19: Host a Trampoline Popcorn Party

Or throw a popcorn party!

Spread a huge rug on the trampoline and invite your friends in to try all the different types of popcorn you can buy these days.

(You could also use a rainbow parachute – one of the best trampoline toys.)

Be inspired by the many different flavors of popcorn at Disneyland 

Remember to offer delicious freshly popped popcorn with a sprinkle of salt and a dob of butter too.

Not much beats the original. 

You can also PLAY the popcorn game on a trampoline. 

Wondering how do you play popcorn on a trampoline?

Find all the details here.

image - teddy bears picnic

No.20: Bring all the Trampoline Teddy Bears Picnic Food Ideas

You can also invite all your teddy bear friends (and their owners) to a Trampoline Picnic for Teddy Bears. 

If you go down in the woods today
You’re sure of a big surprise
If you go down in the woods today
You’d better go in disguise!
For every bear that ever there was will gather there for certain
Because today’s the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic!

What should I bring to a teddy bear picnic?

Be sure to pack a picnic basket full of things teddy’s love to eat:
  • honey sandwiches 
  • scones, jam and fresh cream
  • tiny teddy cupcakes
  • teddy toast 
  • pikelets or pancakes with butter or nut butter
  • fruit salad or fruit skewers
  • Tiny Teddy biscuits
  • fruit punch and water of course! 

Teddy bears picnic activities on the trampoline

Try these:

  • Themed pass the parcel
  • Reading picture books
  • Play school
  • Do a simple craft activity 
  • Chat and giggle with your friends

image - trampoline game with balls at park

No.21: Play Trampoline Games with Balls

Looking for games on the trampoline with balls?

Read our guide on the best trampoline games with ball activities. 

You’ll find instructions for:

  • trampoline basketball
  • trampoline soccer
  • trampoline poison ball
  • handball trampoline game
  • trampoline paddle ball game

And so many more! 

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image - trampoline games with balls

Looking for more fun games to play on a trampoline with kids?

Read this guide to fun trampoline games for kids

It has everything on backyard trampoline ideas including:

  • the best trampoline games for 2 people
  • the best trampoline games for 3 people
  • the best trampoline games for 4 players or more
  • the best things to do on a trampoline alone, and
  • fun things to do on a trampoline when your bored

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trampoline sleepover ideas - jack birthday


No.22: Organise a Trampoline Sleepover Party

Planning a trampoline sleepover for kids?


It has EVERYTHING you need to know about fun things to do on a trampoline sleepover including:

  • trampoline sleepover essentials
  • best ways to build a trampoline sleepover tent or trampoline cubby
  • trampoline sleepover decoration ideas
  • the best things to do on a trampoline sleepover
  • fun sleepover games and activities including star gazing on trampoline sleepouts, and cloud hunting on trampolines too

Don’t miss it.

Click the link above for ALL the details.

(It’s huge!)

Hot tip: you can also find lots of trampoline decorating ideas here. 

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image - japanese milky candy pic

No.23: Eat the Best Trampoline Food & Trampoline Snacks

A trampoline campout needs good food and snacks.

How about: 

Check these guides too:

Looking for more fun things to do with kids at home? 

Click the blue links below for more activities for kids and adults

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