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INSIDE: What is the best trampoline for adults? Everything you need to know. 

Searching for the best trampoline for adults exercise, or playing with the kids? 

Or looking for a trampoline adults can use for basketball games, or other games with balls? 

You are in the right place. 

We’ll give you the down low on the best trampoline brands for adults, the best trampoline size for adults (hint: the bigger the better) and how to get the MOST out of trampoline jumping for adults. 

Did you know that trampoline fitness for adults is becoming more popular by the day! 

We’ve listed a whole bunch of other trampoline benefits for adults too. 

Find details below. 

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, we may receive a small commission at NO extra cost to you.

image - adults jumping on the trampoline

THE INSIDE SCOOP: The Best Trampoline for Adults

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in US dollars, unless otherwise stated. Trampoline play may have risks involved and ideas are shared for educational purposes only. The writer does not assume any responsibility and shall not be held liable for any complications. Play at your own risk.

Start here.

Are trampolines safe for adults?

They are. 

Read our guide to the best trampoline brands for adults (and kids) here. 

It lists some of the best trampoline companies making safe, quality trampolines with all kinds of new innovations and technology. 

It profiles the best trampoline companies from all over the world. 

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vuly trampoline looking in jack pic 800


No.1: VULY Ultra Trampoline

The best home trampoline for adults that doesn’t take up much room in the backyard is definitely the VULY Ultra trampoline. 

This is the one we have at home, and it’s the best size trampoline at 1o ft for one person, or small kids.

(Go bigger if you have multiple teens or tweens at home)

Read our review here

Strong enough to handle an adult on the trampoline with kids.

But also big enough for trampoline exercise, including jogging around the perimeter. 

The best thing about this trampoline is the 5 year warranty on the mat, and the 10 years warranty on the poles and frame.  It’s the best trampoline for the money you pay upfront. 

And it comes with a trampoline cover to keep off the sun so you can bounce at any time of the day.

And you can buy a trampoline water sprinkler set to go with it, for fun in the sun. 

We totally rate this Australian trampoline brand – they are one of the most innovative trampoline makers out there!

There’s a reason it’s a  best reviewed trampoline. 

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image - jumpking trampoline 7 x 10 ft rectangular

No.2: JumpKing Rectangular Trampoline

JumpKing is the world’s biggest trampoline company, and one of the only trampoline companies making rectangular and square trampolines.

The JumpKing 7 x 10 foot rectangle trampoline is the second best choice if you are looking for a small trampoline for backyard play.

The bouncy trampoline mat is made from 100% polypropylene for extra bounce.

Making it the best bounce trampoline for small gardens. 

This rectangle trampoline with enclosure has safety pads for the trampoline springs that are made from environmentally friendly material too, so that’s another plus. 

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image - happy trampoline galactic xtreme gymnastics


No.1: Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Commercial Grade trampoline

THIS is the best large size trampoline for adults and kids to use.

If you are serious about trampoline play, regularly use the trampoline for multiple uses, and you have the space in your yard, then THIS is the ultimate trampoline to buy.

This trampoline has the longest springs.

33% longer than anyone else’s trampoline springs, and the springs are what bring the bounce. 

This giant rectangle trampoline also measures 13 ft by 23 ft!

It’s big enough to do all the trampoline tricks and trampoline flips, including

  • how to do tumbling on a trampoline
  • how to a cartwheel on a trampoline
  • how to do back flips on a trampoline

image - straight jump

Looking for beginner trampoline tricks?

Read our guide – it’s THE comprehensive trampoline tricks list with videos and visual guides too. 

You’ll find tutorials on: 

  • how to jump safely on a trampoline
  • how to do straight jumps
  • how to do tuck jumps
  • how to make basic shapes on a trampoline including a toe touch, a pike jump, and a straddle jump with legs straight
  • how to do half twists on a trampoline
  • how to do a full twist on a trampoline

This trampoline can also be included in our best trampoline for heavy adults list (see below – there are two more large trampolines to choose from in that section too). 
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image - adult woman jumping on a trampoline inside the enclosure


A fitness trampoline for adults is a good idea, as exercising on the trampoline is one of the quickest, and most fun ways to get fit and fabulous! 

Here’s our two faves.

Hot tip: Keep reading for a whole bunch of tips for trampoline exercise and fitness down below. 

image - upper bounce round trampolines

No.1: Upper Bounce Trampolines 

The best trampoline for adults exercise is an Upper Bounce trampoline if exercise is your main goal.

Upper Bounce is said to be the bounciest trampoline on the market too, which is the perfect scenario if you are doing a workout on a trampoline to prevent or lessen the chance of injury. 

These Upper Bounce round trampolines have features including:

  • a thick safety pad to cover the springs
  • an enclosure safety net
  • a premium jumping mat
  • pole foam sleeves and pole caps, and
  • are made with a ASTM standardized solid steel frame made from galvanized steel

You can buy these round Upper Bounce trampolines in three sizes:

  • 10 ft round
  • 14 ft round
  • 15 foot round trampoline

image - skywalker round trampolines

No.2: Skywalker Trampolines

The 10ft round Skywalker trampoline one of the best budget trampolines on the market too.

This is the best adult trampoline for those who want no frills, but super bounce!

You can also buy the same trampoline in bigger sizes:

image- man on trampoline


Looking for the best trampoline for heavy adults?

(You’re not the only one. It’s not uncommon for people to search google for the term  ‘trampoline for fat adults’ ) 

Take a look at our two top picks of trampolines that hold the most weight. 

image - upper bounce 10 ft x 17ft trampoline

No.1: Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline 

This 10ft x 17ft  large Upper Bounce trampoline can support up to a 500 pound weight limit

In fact, all the sizes can:

  • 9 ft x 15 ft rectangular Upper Bounce trampoline
  • 8ft x 14ft rectangular trampoline

Made with a high quality ASTM standardized solid steel frame, and rust and corrosion-resistant materials, you can be sure that this is one trampoline that won’t let you down.

It can also be left out in all weather, without compromising its’ structural integrity which is reassuring also. 

This extra large trampoline comes complete with:

  • trampoline springs, and trampoline safety pad
  • polypropylene trampoline jumping mat
  • pole foam sleeves and pole caps
  • safety enclosure net, enclosure poles and legs

This is the best trampoline for teenagers who love to jump in groups as it’s the best trampoline shape for basketball and soccer. 

It’s also the ideal gymnastics trampoline and the perfect athletes trampoline for peak training too. 

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image - acon air sport 16ft trampoline

No.2: ACON Air 16 Sport Trampoline

The ACON Air 16 Sport trampoline has NO single user weight limit!

It’s one of the only trampolines that hold 600 pounds jumper weight limit.

These heavy-duty trampolines for adults, designed in Finland and first launched in 2003 after 10 years developing the prototype, also have the approval of the Finnish Gymnastics Federation.

All in all, these are the best quality trampoline on the market. 

You can use this large ACON trampoline year round, as it’s made to withstand the elements, unless you live in a snowy clime where regular snow dumps might compromise the mat.

This ACON air sport trampoline is also one of the most stylish trampolines on the market.

Sleek, simple but fabulous and one we’d be happy to put in our backyard for our trampoline exercise quest. 

FAQ: Can two adults jump on trampoline?

On this one, they can!

It’s also the best trampoline to buy for large families with lots of kids for the same reasons – their maximum weight capacity is awesome.

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image - rebounder trampoline exercise


Looking for a mini trampoline with handle for adults exercise time?

Wondering what is the best rebounder trampoline to buy?

Or, is there a difference between a rebounder and a mini trampoline?

(There is. A rebounder exercise trampoline is typically slightly smaller than a mini trampoline for children play)

When you are buying a mini rebounder trampoline, you can buy one with or without a handle.

We’ve listed both.

image - fitpulse rebounder trampoline

No.1: Mini indoor trampoline for adults 

The FitPulse Mini trampoline for adults is our pick of rebounder trampolines for indoors.

It folds up into half so you can move this one out of sight.

But it’s quick and easy to pull out and start your fitness routine when the time calls. 

Use the Fitpulse rebounder trampoline to supercharge your exercise routine for both weight loss and building lean muscle. 

It’s safe, stable, and with 31 springs for extra bounce! 

image - stamina fitness trampoline with bar for adults

No.2: Stamina Fitness Trampoline with Bar for adults

This is our pick of the best trampoline with handlebar for adults.

This small trampoline with bar for adults is oval shaped, and comes with resistance tubes for upper body strength training too. 

The oval shape gives you more room to move, and that’s very very helpful for indoor trampoline exercise, especially if you are a little bit prone to clumsiness. 

Plus, it’s stylish so you won’t be annoyed when it sits in the corner of your lounge and reminds you of your fitness quest each day!

There’s no escaping it!

image - stamina folding trampoline

No.3: Stamina Folding Trampoline

The best folding trampoline for adults is the Stamina 36 inch folding trampoline.

This is the best mini trampoline for indoors as you can move it out of the way when you are done. 

It’s simple and easy on the budget too. 

So a good indoor rebounder trampoline for starters.  

image - island hopper water trampoline


No.1: Island Hopper Trampoline by Aqua Sports

If you are looking for a bounce and splash pad trampoline to put on the water, this one by Aqua Sports is the one to buy.

It’s a springless trampoline, made with nylon webbing in the centre of an inflatable ring.

It has a ladder to climb up from the water, and 8 swimming assist handles too. 

This is next level trampoline fun!

Be sure to keep the life jackets handy. 

No.2: Inflatable Water Trampoline

Don’t believe that trampoline fun should be confined to the backyard.

You can also take this inflatable trampoline to the lake or river too. 

This water sport is a fabulous trampoline activity for the whole family. 

image - best trampoline tricks duo


No.1: The Best Trampoline Exercise for Adults? 

Health benefits of trampoline exercises for adults 

Is jumping on a trampoline a workout?

The benefits of jumping on a trampoline consistently may include developing: 

  • stamina
  • strength
  • toning up the muscles, and
  • tightening some of that loose skin

Here’s some more of the best trampoline exercises for adults

image - backdrop on the trampoline

No.2: Do trampoline workouts really work? 

They sure do. 

Without doubt.

But build your trampoline stamina slowly.

Start with 5 minutes, then 10 minutes a day. 

How long should you exercise on a trampoline?

If you can do more than 15-20 minutes of trampoline exercise at a time, you will be in the top 1% of fit people.

Exercising on a trampoline is hard work – similar to HIIT in intensity.

What is 10 minutes on a trampoline equivalent to?

The NASA study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology from 1980 confirms that 10 minutes on a trampoline is equivalent to approximately 30 minutes of jogging.

It’s way more fun too. 

No.3: Three Best Trampoline Workouts for Adults – Easy

Bring your own music beatbox and mash all these outdoor trampoline fitness moves together. 

No.1: Jump to Focus Trampoline Workout (above)

No.2: Trampoline Exercises – Tuck Jump

No.3: Trampoline Exercises – Pike Jump

Add these fun exercises for the trampoline: 

  • running on the spot
  • running around the outside of the mat
  • star jumps, twists
  • jumping jacks
  • yoga lunges and planks
  • yoga triangle pose – trikonasana
  • Bikram yoga series moves 
  • squats and burpees
  • side to side jumping (like cross country skiing)
  • forward and back scissor jumping 
  • crunches, sit ups
  • kickboxing and punching the air while jumping

image - circus arts byron bay entrance

No.4: Where to find trampoline classes for adults?

Search your local areas to find adult trampolining classes at Trampoline club places such as:

  • Gymnastics classes to do Acrobatics and acro tumbling 
  • Trampoline academy schools
  • Trapeze schools 
  • Circus schools
  • Commercial trampoline fitness venues

Trampoline parks are another option for trampoline training. 


image- DIY trampoline park copy bounce park 800


Want to visit some trampoline parks for adults?

But can’t? 

Take a leaf out of their book and add these things to your trampoline enclosure to make your own.  

image - trampoline dancing

Looking for MORE Fun Trampoline Activities?

Click the blue link below for more activities for kids and adults

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