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INSIDE: Everything you need to know about the best games to play on the trampoline by yourself 

Introverts unite! 

If you are looking for a list of fun things to do on a trampoline by yourself, this is the right place.

You’ll find: 

  • super fun things to do on the trampoline alone  
  • trampoline tricks 
  • trampoline chalk art ideas and tips on how to draw with chalk
  • unique trampoline activities

We’ve got them all. 

Check out all these amazing backyard trampoline ideas below!

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image - trampoline jumping by jasper-garratt

Image credit: Jasper Garratt via Unsplash


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First up, what is the best trampoline on the market for one?

Definitely check out VULY trampolines.

Have a look at their trampoline comparison chart to see the differences between the VULY Ultra and Flare in particular, especially if you are keen on trampoline games to play by yourself, and are looking for a quality trampoline to use. 

They also have awesome trampoline accessories available including a SKATE DECK to practice all your new tricks! 

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image - trampoline tricks bottoms up


Wondering what to do on a trampoline alone? 

Here’s a few ideas of what to do on a trampoline by yourself.

Having a go-to list of the best trampoline games for 1 mean you’ll never have to feel sad to be alone again!

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No.1: Trampoline Dancing 

Make up your own trampoline dance routines.

Be inspired by these fad dances – these are dance crazes that never get old. 

Best Movie Dance Sequences

Here’s one more of the best trampoline challenges for one person.

Dance by yourself on a trampoline. 

You can check out the best movie dance sequences for inspo too. 

  • Saturday night fever
  • Time Warp
  • Jolly Holiday from Mary Poppins
  • Singing in the Rain
  • Footloose
  • I’ve had the time of my life from Dirty Dancing
  • Enchanted dance scene with Amy Adams
  • 500 days of summer dance scene
  • We’re all in this together from High School Musical
  • 13 Going on 30 Thriller dance 
  • Step Up
  • West Side Story
  • What a Feeling in Flashdance
  • Prove me wrong in White Knights 

A new edition to the list – In The Heights! 

Blow up a few balloons to add to the fun aesthetic and you won’t want to stop!

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image - trampoline skipping PM istock

No.2: Trampoline Skipping

Jump rope on trampoline is a next level challenge. 

Practice skipping with a single rope and see how many jumps you can get in before you miss one or fall in a heap. (Skipping is great trampoline cardio)

Once you start to build stamina, add a few cool skipping tricks to your repertoire too. 

Before you know it, you’ll be doing extreme skipping! 

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image - trampoline jogging

No.3: Trampoline jogging

Jog around the edge of the trampoline mat. 

Or make up a jogging trampoline workout. 

Or find a trampoline HIIT workout to inspire you. 

Add a few trampoline exercises for core strength.

Jogging on a trampoline is one of the quickest ways to increase your fitness levels too. 

Try it.

Bet it will only take a few seconds to know the answer to ” is jogging on a trampoline good exercise? ” 

(See below for more fun trampoline exercises too.)

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image - inflatable beach ball on the trampoline

No.4: Awesome trampoline games with balls for one

Here are some fun games to play on a trampoline with a ball.  

  • Grab an inflatable beach ball and challenge yourself to keep it in the air as long as possible while you bounce
  • Shoot basketball hoops into a trampoline basketball hoop – you’ll need a universal basketball hoop for this trampoline basketball sport.
  • Target practice with a ball – draw some targets on the trampoline net with chalk and start jumping to level up the challenge
  • Make up a Trampoline ball game – bounce two balls at one time, or blow up water balloons for trampoline fun
  • Try solo trampoline twister or fill your enclosure with plastic balls to make a DIY ball pit for one.

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No.5: Set up a Ninja obstacle course for yourself

Follow the leader and check out American Ninja Warrior to grab a few trampoline obstacle course ideas. 


image - trampoline straddle trick


No.6: Trampoline exercises 

Is trampoline good exercise?

Is jumping on a trampoline good exercise? 

This one player game sure is, and will definitely make you breathless! 

The best trampoline workout is trampoline hopscotch.

Draw a hopscotch pattern on the trampoline mat with a piece of chalk, and then hop or jump your way to the end and back.

Repeat for 6o seconds.

THIS bouncing trampoline cardio turns it up a notch. 

Health benefits of trampoline exercises for adults 

The benefits of jumping on a trampoline consistently may include developing: 

  • stamina
  • strength
  • toning up the muscles, and
  • tightening some of that loose skin

Trampoline weight loss is definitely a possibility, especially if you eat healthy food and reduce your intake of those sneaky late night snacks. 

How many calories do you burn jumping on a trampoline?

That depends on how long you stick it out. 

If you can keep moving for at least 20 minutes at a time, the calories burned jumping on trampoline will be enough to make a difference. 

80’s trampoline workout inspiration! 

Of course, if you want to make it really fun, challenge yourself to master this 1980’s aerobics trampoline rebounder class.

Or search for trampoline fitness classes locally to add some moves to your range of exercises. 

image - trampoline tricks for one person by martin-magnemyr

Image credit: Martin Magnemyr via Unsplash

No.7: Best Trampoline Tricks for one person

Here’s a guide to the 16 best trampoline tricks.

It includes: 

  • how to jump on a trampoline
  • how to do a tuck jump trampoline trick
  • how to do tumbling on a trampoline, cartwheels and seat drops
  • how to do a front drop, back drop, and hands and knees drop on a tramp
  • how to do a front flip, backflip, a full and a gainer
  • how to do hand springs on a trampoline

Trampoline flipping games are one way to build strength and flexibility in your body, but more than that, they are the best way to take hold of your inner child again!

(And are fun for real life children too)

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image - trampoline fort cubby

MORE Fun Things to do on a Trampoline alone

Here’s two more good Games to play on the trampoline by yourself. 

No.8: Make a Trampoline Fort Cubby

Young kids love to build a trampoline cubby.

And what adult couldn’t do with a bit of blanket fort time too?

Grab your favorite book or your laptop for a session of Netflix. 

Go on!  

It’s time. 

image - chalk mandala

No.9: Chalk Art on the Trampoline

Be inspired by chalk art ideas on the internet and use your trampoline mat as your canvas. 

Buy some Crayola chalk (the colors in the 48 pack of washable sidewalk chalk are fantastic) or pick up a set of Mercurius Blackboard Pastel chalk 

We wouldn’t use anything else. 

Sacred Geometry mandalas, abstract art patterns and bright circle patterns are a good place to start. 

You can’t go wrong with a rainbow either! 

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image - trampoline net enclosure

Looking for MORE Trampoline Activities?

Click the blue links below for more activities for kids and adults

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