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INSIDE: The Ultimate Round Up of Fun Trampoline Activities for the whole family

Looking for new, unique trampoline activities to do with kids and the entire family?

You are in luck.

Check out our mini-guides below to find a big list. 

They are FULL of inspiration for keeping kids and family members active, busy and moving.

Some of them will inspire you to fire up your creative spark too!

See below for all the details.

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, we may receive a small commission at NO extra cost to you.

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Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in US dollars, unless otherwise stated. Trampoline play may have risks involved and ideas are shared for educational purposes only. The writer does not assume any responsibility and shall not be held liable for any complications. Play at your own risk. 

44 Best Trampoline Games for Kids who need to burn energy!

Looking for ways to keep your kids entertained on the backyard trampoline?

Look no further than this: 

44 of the Best Trampoline Games for Kids

There’s all kinds of movement games, bubbles, ball activities, and things to challenge both body AND mind.

Plus trampoline games for two, three, four and more players.

(Some of these competitive trampoline games are heart starters!)

Free Trampoline tricks 101.

Pool noodle battles and beach ball games.

A special section on trampoline games for preschoolers and toddlers.

AND a big list of the best trampoline water games for all ages. 

Don’t miss it.

(And let us know of your ideas so we can boost it to 50 things to do on a trampoline. We’re not far off!)

image - trampoline dancing

Best Games to Play on the Trampoline By Yourself

This one is for the introverts among us.

A big list of the best things to do on a trampoline by yourself alone.

There’s some unique and unusual ideas including DANCE OFFS!

And one player games.

image - crayola chalk colors

23 Arty Farty Fun Things to DO on a Trampoline

If you and your kids are more arty than sporty, then our guide to the best creative things to do on a trampoline will be right up your alley.

There’s all kinds of special trampoline things to do including:

  • how to host a foam party on a trampoline
  • Disney inspired fun outside
  • trampoline ball pits and movie nights
  • nature play and loose parts play games inside the trampoline enclosure
  • trampoline party ideas and water balloons
  • using sidewalk chalk on the trampoline surface to make art


Kids love it. 

If you are asking what are fun things for children on a trampoline?, it’s definitely worth a look! 

image - trampoline games with balls

11 Crazy Fun Trampoline Games with Balls that you’ll love

Our guide to super fun trampoline games with balls is a popular read.

Inside you’ll find instructions for:

  • trampoline paddle ball
  • trampoline cup pong
  • trampoline volley ball
  • trampoline basketball
  • trampoline poison ball
  • trampoline soccer

And 5 more trampoline ball games too. 

image - best trampoline tricks duo

The Best Trampoline Tricks ever – all in one place! 

The ultimate guide to the best trampoline tricks is the only read you need.

We answer the questions:

  • What is the easiest trick to do on a trampoline?
  • What is the hardest flip to do?
  • What are flips called in gymnastics?

And show you all you need to know about how to do tuck jumps, tumbling, front flips, back flips, front drops, back drops and hand springs too.

All this, with pictorial guides and awesome videos from around the web to help you learn easy tricks on the trampoline too. 

trampoline sleepover ideas - jack birthday

The Essential and Best Trampoline Sleepover Guide 

The Ultimate Trampoline Sleepover Guide includes EVERYTHING you need to know about sleeping on a trampoline.


  • the trampoline essentials you’ll need for a comfy sleep, plus
  • the best trampoline snacks, and
  • best crafts and activities to do on a sleepover trampoline
  • how to decorate a trampoline for a sleepover party
  • cool trampoline ideas you won’t have thought of before

It’s a MONSTER guide and you won’t find a more comprehensive guide anywhere else. 

Take a peek via the link above. 

image - red and white circus tent

7 Ways to Make the Best Trampoline Tent for Sleepover Fun

You read right.

This one is full of ideas on how to make an DIY fort on the trampoline

AND decorate it with all the fun stuff!

Or theme it, like a circus or a fairytale. 

image - trampoline ball pit

Best VSCO Trampoline Sleepover ideas

Check out this guide to a VSCO girl sleepover on the trampoline 

It has all you need to know about setting up a sleepover party aesthetic that is totally instagrammable. 

Pretty in pink and all.

Check it out. 

Best Trampoline Activities Occupational Therapy 

Trampoline therapy is a fabulous support tool for children and adults needing extra support with their bodily function and movement.

Trampoline use in occupational therapy is a positive step in the right direction to help people after brain injury, illness or stroke as well as disabilities such as cerebral palsy. 

Trampoline exercises in occupational therapy can help:

  • posture
  • coordination
  • balance
  • left right brain integration
  • midline development
  • head and neck control
  • muscle tone
  • anxiety – regulated jumping in a rhythm can soothe the nervous system 
  • sensory stimulation and regulation
  • physical activity and stretching
  • develop use of the hands

Enquire at your local trampoline park to see if there are any accessible programs or trainers available to help. 

image - mum and daughter jumping on the trampoline


This is our trampoline buying guide that shows you the best trampolines on the market, the best time to buy a trampoline, the best place to buy a trampoline, the safest trampoline to buy, and the cheapest place to buy a trampoline. 

You’ll also find:

  • the best trampoline for kids
  • the best bounce trampoline (the bounciest trampoline is the ultimate!), and
  • the top trampolines for tricks.

vuly logo

The Best Trampoline Brands

The best trampoline on the market in our opinion is a VULY trampoline.

We’ve had ours for 18 months and it still looks like new, even under the harsh Australian sun.

And the trampoline mat has a 5 YEAR WARRANTY.

That’s unheard of.

But there’s other options that we’d consider too, especially if we wanted to change to a spring free trampoline, or were looking for a rectangular trampoline (they are harder and harder to find)

RELATED: Round Up of the Best Trampoline Brands 

vuly trampoline review with roam the gnome

Our Honest VULY Trampoline Review

Read our VULY Trampoline Review

These trampolines are one of the best trampolines for tricks and gymnastics and trampoline exercise for adults. 

But the best bit is the quality of the product. 

It’s like no other. 

image - trampoline games for toddlers

The Best Trampoline for Kids 2021

Looking for a guide to the best trampolines for kids.

Read our comparison guide above.

It lists the best trampolines for toddlers and preschoolers, and the best trampolines for teens too.

image- man on trampoline 

The Best Trampoline for Adults

Looking for a guide on the best trampolines for adults to buy? 

Read our comparison guide above.

It lists:

  • the best trampolines for heavy adults
  • the best small trampolines for adults
  • the best large trampolines for adults
  • the best mini rebounder trampolines for indoors

AND there’s a bonus section on the best trampoline exercise for adults too. 

vuly trampoline skate deck

The Best VULY Trampoline Accessories

Read this guide to the best VULY accessories for trampolines.

There’s basketball hoops, ladders, lights, and sound speakers to make your trampoline more fun! 

image - jumpking butterfly tent

Looking for MORE Fun Trampoline Activities?

Click the blue links below for more activities for kids and adults

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