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INSIDE: The Complete Bali Travel Guide for Families.

Roam the Gnome’s Bali Travel Guide for Bali Shopping and Fun Attractions for kids in Bali will be published in late 2020.

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Ultimate Bali Travel Guide Book for Kids & Families

Our guide to Bali has the BEST of fun BALI things to do for families including:

  • where to stay in Bali with family
  • the best Bali resorts for kids
  • the best Bali kids clubs
  • the best areas in Bali to stay with family
  • where to eat in Bali with kids
  • a guide to Bali supermarkets
  • a guide to Balinese shopping malls and department stores
  • the best Bali boutiques for adults and kids
  • awesome Bali beach clubs
  • everything you need to know about fun places to visit with kids in Bali
  • super fun activities for kids in Bali
  • insider guides to the best Bali theme parks and animal parks in Bali
  • cool Bali parks to stop by
  • the best Bali temples to visit with kids
  • Bali craft workshops
  • Bali jewellery shops
  • awesome Bali playgrounds for kids
  • the best Bali shopping for chefs and cooks
  • our favourite handmade and craft stores in Bali for Balinese gifts and souvenirs

Plus, the best souvenirs to buy from Bali!

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The BEST Bali Travel Guide. COMING SOON. 

It’s not far away now!