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INSIDE: Everything you need to know about buying the best trampoline with tent 

Looking for a trampoline with tent attachment?

It’s not easy to find one.

What you will find is a trampoline with a cover.

But other than that, the best bet is to purchase one separately.

Find out all the details of the best trampoline companies with trampoline tent accessories below. 

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vuly ultra trampoline tent pic


Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in US dollars, unless otherwise stated. Trampoline play may have risks involved and ideas are shared for educational purposes only. The writer does not assume any responsibility and shall not be held liable for any complications. Play at your own risk.

Check out the following list of trampoline tents to buy.

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vuly trampoline no ladder pic


No.1: Vuly Trampoline Tent for Backyard Camping & Play

VULY trampolines sell a trampoline tent top that joins up with the trampoline enclosure net to make a tent like environment, good enough to keep the mosquitos out. 

This is the best trampoline with tent already included on the market for all your trampoline tricks and games. 

The VULY tent cover can also be purchased separately, as shown above.

(Read our VULY Ultra trampoline review here)

Or you can make your own VULY trampoline tents by adding a mosquito net over the top of the trampoline cover roof. 

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image - club house trampoline cover

No.2: Trampoline Clubhouse Tent 

The Clubhouse Trampoline Tent is a real tent cover for trampoline sleepovers and cubby house play!

It lets you transform your trampoline into a free standing play space outdoors. 

Kids can bring all their toys, without worrying about a change in the weather.

Plus, it keeps them out of the hot sun too. 

The Club House trampoline tent is made from water resistant material.

The Trampoline club house tent features:

  • a zippered entrance that also has ties to keep the entrance way open when you don’t want it closed
  • three windows with flyscreen 
  • weather resistant walls 

Find this Propel Trampoline tent in four sizes:

  • 7ft trampoline tent
  • 12ft trampoline tent
  • 14ft trampoline tent
  • 15ft trampoline tent 

They also have a Propel trampoline shade cover in 12 foot, 14 foot, and 15 foot sizes.   

This covers only the top of the trampoline.

The sides of the cover overlap the trampoline enclosure so it’s still contained but see-through, unlike the tent itself. 

Sadly, it only fits Propel trampolines and Kinetic 15-foot trampoline model with 6 enclosure poles.

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image - jumptastic trampoline cover

No.3: Jumptastic Trampoline Tent

This JumpTastic trampoline canopy fits all 14ft trampolines.

It’s made of oxford material coated with a special sunscreen to stop it deteriorating in the weather or under the hot sun.

This tent for the trampoline has:

  • a skylight
  • three windows on each of the sides
  • a tent like opening at the front, with a zipper to close it up

It doesn’t include the tent poles. 

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image - acon trampoline tent

No.4: ACON trampoline tent 

Yes, you can buy ACON trampoline tents for all standard size trampolines with a diameter of:

  • 3.7 meter trampolines
  • 4.0 meter trampolines, and
  • 4.3 meter trampolines 

They are easy to put up, sit on the trampoline mat and are secured with tabs to the edge of the tent.

The package comes with:

  • the tent
  • poles
  • brackets
  • tent store bag

NB: The trampoline enclosure net needs to be removed before you can set this up. 

Check them out here.

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No.5: Trampoline Tent Amazon

This Amazon trampoline tent awning by Golden Mango is another option.

This trampoline canopy protects jumpers from the elements including the rain and the hot sun, and dust too.  

It comes in these sizes:

  • 6ft tempoline canopy
  • 8ft trampoline canopy
  • 10ft trampoline canopy
  • 12ft trampoline canopy
  • 14ft trampoline canopy
  • 15 foot trampoline canopy
  • 16ft trampoline canopy

image - jumpking circus trampoline tent cover

No.6: Jumpking Trampoline tent

Jumpking sells a range of tent top covers including fun trampoline tents in these styles:

No.1: Jumpking Circus Tent

The Circus Tent canopy is purple and blue, with orange and gold fluttering flags around the upper trampoline rim.

The carnival vibe is real.

The trampoline cover is sold separately, and comes in:

  • 8ft, 12ft, 14ft round trampoline size
  • a 7ft x 10ft and 14ft x 17ft oval circus tent canopy, and 
  • a 6ft x 9ft rectangular trampoline tent circus canopy 

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image - jumpking butterfly tent

No.2: Jumpking Butterfly Canopy Tent

There’s also a purple butterfly canopy tent for the trampoline too.

The Jumpking Butterfly tent one comes in:

  • 9ft x 13ft oval trampoline shape
  • 14ft round trampolines 
  • 7ft and 10ft oval shaped

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image - jumpking oval star canopy tent

No.3: Blue Star Trampoline Tent Canopy

The Jumpking oval star canopy tent is the cutest of them all!

This quality tent is 9ft by 13ft oval shaped. 

No.4: Striped trampoline tent top

There’s also a striped version to fit:

  • 14ft by 17ft oval trampoline
  • 8ft by 11.5ft oval trampoline
  • 9ft x 13ft trampoline tent oval shaped

No.5: Rocket Trampoline Tent

Unfortunately the trampoline tent rocket is no longer available to fit a trampoline frame. 

NB: All these covers only fit Jumpking trampolines. 

Hot tip: Be sure to take them off at night, as they aren’t designed for permanent use. 

Rain and strong winds will damage them. 

image - bazoongi tree house tent

No.7: Bazoongi Tree House Trampoline Tent

This Bazoongi trampoline tent is designed to be used with the Bazoongi jump pod 7.5 ft trampoline. 

It’s made from polyester material, with a frame made of fiberglass poles.

If you have one of these trampolines, then the Bazoongi treehouse trampoline tent will be a big hit with the kids because of it’s wilderness camping design. 
image - 8ft princess trampoline canopy

No.8: Princess trampoline tent

Oz Trampolines did sell a Princess tent cover in pink and purple.

Sadly, it’s been discontinued. 

image - oz trampolines shade sail roof

No.9: Best Trampoline Shade sails 

You can buy a shade sail roof for your trampoline for all the sizes at Oz Trampolines.

A trampoline roof cover like this is quite a stylish option. 

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image - plum play trampoline cover

No.10: Plum Trampoline Tent covers 

You can purchase a trampoline cover for Plum trampolines.

The cover fits over the safety pad and jumping mat, helping them to weather all the weather, and make them last.

Plum trampoline covers come in:

  • 10 foot trampoline tent
  • 12 foot trampoline tent
  • 14 foot trampoline tent

No.11: Skywalker Trampoline Tent

Sadly, as at the time of publication, Skywalker no longer sells a rectangle tent canopy cover. 

image - trampoline backflip

MORE Trampolines with Tent Covers?

Unfortunately, these companies no longer offer a trampoline cover option. 

  • Telstar
  • Asda UK

image- games to play on the trampoline with 3 people

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