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INSIDE: Everything you need to know about the Matahari Bali Department Store in Kuta Square.  

$10 bucks for a hat and $8 for a kids tie-dye t-shirt.

$12 bucks for a pair of knock-off sunglasses.

$10 (Australian dollar equivalent) for a top-of-the-range Captain America Fidget Spinner.


Or maybe not….

Turns out, I paid quite a bit more than the ultra-super-savvy shoppers around me.

Regular visitors to Bali know better.

Note to self: Should have paid no more than $5 AUD for the hat.

Don’t let it happen to you.

Visit Matahari Bali Department Store first to get a gauge on what you SHOULD be paying. 

Take a sneak peek below to see what you can buy at Matahari Kuta Square Bali, & why we think you should visit! 


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Ultimate Guide to Matahari Bali Kuta Shopping Centre

Cheat’s Guide to Cheap Kuta Shopping? Visit Matahari first!

Have you ever done that? Paid more than the going price at a Bali market because you didn’t know any better.

It’s the reason I like ‘fixed price’ shops in Bali, even though you pay slightly more.

I HATE being ripped off, but equally I don’t want to feel guilty that I’m taking advantage of someone else either.

One of the tricks I’ve learned with years of travelling with kids to exotic lands where bargaining and haggling over goods is the norm, is to find similar goods in an established shop or storefront with price tag stickers, and COMPARE prices.

In Bali, my first stop to get a bit of insider knowledge before I start shopping is to visit the Matahari Department Store in Kuta.

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matahari sarongs pic

Image credit: Tomasz Baranowski via Flickr CC BY 2.0

Tips for Shopping at Matahari Kuta Square Bali

The best way to find a fair price when shopping in Bali is to find a shop with fixed prices, like Matahari Department store Bali. 

Matahari ticket prices help me to get a good idea of what the upper end of the going price might be.

This price tag is also a good measuring stick and I never go over it when haggling in the markets.

Most of the time, the going price on the street is way under what’s on the Matahari price tag, so I try to find a middle ground where we’ll both be happy.

It’s not always about me getting the best price.

I’d rather pay what I think is a FAIR price.

A fair price compared to what I’d buy at home, even if that means I pay more than what the street vendor expects or will bargain down to as THEIR absolute bottom price.

Approaching shopping this way is a win win for everyone. 

matahari bali silver buddha pic by jasonparis

Image credit: JasonParis via Flickr CC BY 2.0

Peaceful Shopping at Matahari Department Store Bali. 

Matahari Department Store is also the place I go for a bit of peaceful low-key shopping.

When I can’t face another moment of the Kuta shopping haggle, or the hustle and bustle of on street shopping. 

Plus, they have the best range of everyday shoes and upmarket shoes around, AND there always seems to be some kind of special sale on shoes happening!

There are three Matahari Department Stores in Bali.

The Kuta shopping centre in Kuta Square is our go-to.

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image - clothes shopping at matahari bali

Image credit: 林思葵

What to Buy at Matahari Kuta Bali? 

Here’s a list of some of the things you can find in the air-conditioned comfort of Matahari Bali shopping mall.

image - matahari-in-kuta-shoe-shopping-sale

Photo by Adam Xin via Trip Advisor

No.1: Matahari Shoes (The Best Shoe Shopping in Bali)

The range of shoes in Matahari Department Store is fabulous.

Find slip on sandals, sports shoes, kids footwear, and fancy shoes including high heels.

Last trip, I bought a pair of shoes similar to Sketchers and now I walk on marshmallows.

They are the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn in my entire life.

image - balinese-clothing-for-women

Photo by Don Green via Google Maps

No.2: Clothes shopping at Matahari Shopping Centre 

Find three floors filled with: 

  • bargain priced clothing including dresses, shorts and swimwear (and somewhere respectable to try it on)
  • hundreds of t-shirt styles 
  • long flowing skirts
  • Balinese scarves and traditional clothing
  • batik clothing 
  • lightweight men’s clothing (white shirts and sarong)
  • ties, leather wallets, belts
  • Levi jeans and denim clothes
  • Polo shirts at competitive prices
  • sarongs

ellips hair vitamin for sale at matahari pic

No.3: Beauty & Cosmetics Shopping in Bali at Matahari Shop

It’s all there. 

  • beauty goods including perfume, deodorants, shavers, shampoo and conditioner
  • first aid goods and insect repellent
  • all the popular make up brands
  • Ellips haircare

image - matahari-Bali-homewares

Image credit: PARIS522  via Tripadvisor

No.4: Matahari home decor 

There’s not just typical Balinese island style homewares here.

You’ll find glamorous and elegant homewares from around the globe, plus a huge range of fabulous cushions and ornaments.  

  • Traditional Balinese homewares and decorative ornaments 
  • Christmas decorations
  • Matahari baskets, rattan baskets, woven bags
  • home decor and ornaments from around the world
  • pillows
  • Buddha heads
  • photo frames

image - balinese-ornament-shopping at matahari

Image credit: Don Green

No.5: Souvenir shopping in Bali

There’s bulk souvenirs to choose from, with fixed prices so you can avoid the hassle. 

  • painted glassware
  • wall decorations 
  • Bali luggage tags
  • Balinese dolls and ornamental figurines for display 
  • handcrafted goods and dreamcatchers
  • leather handbags and luggage
  • locally handmade soaps and body lotions
  • Balinese chocolates and lollies
  • a selection of Bali’s favourite grocery items including sauces and noodles
  • laundry goods including everyone’s favorite kispray ironing aid
  • coffee including Bali’s own Kopi Luwak coffee, and teas
  • Balinese frangipani flowers – hair ties, soaps, ornaments
  • silver jewellery
  • watches

The entire bottom floor is full of traditional Balinese souvenirs at set prices, so you can take your time, fill up a basket in peace without haggling, and stay on budget. 

bali pod chocolate for sale at matahari supermarket kuta pic

No.6: Matahari Supermarket shopping in Bali

There is also a supermarket attached selling grocery items, fresh produce, quick meals and alcohol at fair prices. 

Do not leave without at least one bag of Cacao Cashews made by East Bali Cashews.

(Warning: One bag may not be enough)

Pod chocolate is another popular souvenir from Bali. 

bali soap pic

Roam the Gnome’s “Ultimate Bali Shopping Prices Comparison Guide”.

This Bali Shopping Price Guide is arguably one of the best resources on our website.

It’s been updated for 2020, and includes new information on:

  • the best Balinese homewares stores 
  • hair and makeup brands to buy in Bali
  • skincare to buy in Bali
  • where to find the best massages in Bali
  • where to find the best spa treatments in Bali
  • more of the best places to shop in Bali

Check it out here.

carrefour bali photo


No.1: Carrefour Brochure

We also check the Carrefour supermarket’s fortnightly junkmail brochure to see Bali shopping prices when things are on special.

This brochure is another good guide on what to pay for things in Bali supermarkets and convenience stores in general.

bali shopping price guide -price of ellips haircare pic

Cheap Shopping in Bali? Try these Markets in Bali

Ready to brave the Kuta markets with a general idea of what things cost in Bali? 

Do remember that Kuta market shopping is way more expensive than shopping in:

  • the market at Ubud
  • the Sukawati markets
  • the Pasar Kereneng night market, or
  • along the shopping street at Tegalalang on the way to the rice terraces.

These markets listed above also have different things for sale than what you’ll find in Kuta.

If you spot something you can’t live without, buy it. 

So if you see cute woven plastic shopping baskets for the equivalent of $4 each, and fall in love with them, buy up big.

Buy 10 even if you only need five for gifts.

Friends and family will love these woven shopping bags too.

They will be the hot item, and no matter how hard you look, it’s Murphy’s Law that you’ll never see the same ones anywhere on the island again.

Note to self – take my own advice.

image - frockk-seminyak-sale

Image credit: Frockk Bali

More of the Best Places to Shop for Dresses in Bali

Clothes shopping in Seminyak or Canggu boutiques will cost you about the same as shopping in boutiques at home.

From $70 to $100 plus AUD for a dress, shirt and pants, or outfit.

If you are hunting for bargains in Bali, skip the boutiques.

But if you’ve the time and the money to browse for one-off pieces, these stores are definitely worth a look.

Our favourite is Frockk in Seminyak or Ubud, and if you are lucky, they may be having a sale during your visit. 

Check out this list of the best boutiques in Seminyak for starters.

Keep an eye out for our Bali shopping guide.

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It’s coming soon!

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image - matahari logo

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Matahari Locations in Bali

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in AUD dollars, unless otherwise stated

Phone Number: +62 21 1500 838 (Customer service Monday to Friday, 9am – 3pm)
Email: [email protected]
Website: Click here

Here are the addresses of the three Matahari Department Stores in Bali. The Kuta one is in a convenient location in the middle of Kuta Square.

You can’t miss it.

No.1: Matahari Shopping Centre Kuta

In the centre of Kuta Square, Jl. Raya Kuta No.5, Kuta

(Close to Kuta Art Market, and Bali Hard Rock Hotel in Kuta Square)

No.2: Matahari Denpasar

Mal Bali Galleria, Jl. Ngurah Rai by Pass, Denpasar

No.3: Matahari Shopping Mall

Lippo Mall Kuta.  Level 2, Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta

Matahari Opening Hours

What time does Matahari Bali open? 

Approximately 10am in the morning, and stays open until late evening (9 or 10pm)

Entry Fees


Photo- Kura Kura Bus Bali bus with driver

How to get to Matahari Department Store in Kuta

Where is Matahari in Bali? Matahari is next to McDonalds and close to Burger King. 

By Bus: The Kura Kura Bus Line 3 bus visits Kuta. Matahari Department Store is in Kuta Square. Disembark at Hard Rock Cafe.

By Taxi/Uber: Travel via Bluebird Taxi from all locations to Kuta Square.

Matahari Kuta Map

Toadstool Rating – Kuta Matahari

Shopping in air-conditioned comfort in Bali without the pressure of spruikers in your way?

That’s why we LOVE shopping in Matahari. 

matahari bali review

Looking for MORE Shopping Malls in Bali?

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Hi! We are planning a trip and are pretty sure we will need an extra suitcase once we start buying things. Where can you get reasonably priced decent quality suitcases? What are the prices I should expect to pay?

Amber Greene

Saturday 16th of October 2021

Matahari is the place to buy a decent suitcase for a reasonable cost. Your other bet is to try Centro in the mall, or Carrefours on Sunset Road.


Tuesday 2nd of October 2018

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