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INSIDE: The secret Bali Laundry smell? Is it Kispray or not? 

What is that “Bali” smell that wafts its way up into your nostrils when you open up a parcel of clean clothing?

That divine fragrance that you just can’t get enough of?

That scent you want to capture and take home?

The one that is almost good enough to eat?

That Bali smell is the number one reason we have our clothes laundered in Bali.

Learn the secrets below!


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PIN 2 kispray take a look

Find that Bali Laundry Smell 

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What do they use in Bali to make the clothes smell so good?

The sweet aroma is so enchanting that everyone wants to know what it is.

Some people swear on their life that the scent you smell is the Kispray ironing aid.

What is Kispray used for? 

Kispray is a Balinese laundry product used to smoothe, soften and freshen your clothes, like a “Wrinkle Relaxer”!

Could it be?

Let’s find out. 

bali bintang supermarket kispray on shelves pic

KISPRAY ingredients

Kispray is a laundry spray used as an ironing aid. 

One of the main Kispray ingredients is an antiseptic called alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride. It’s added to help kill germs on fabrics and clothing. 

Kispray Pink? or Kispray Gold? 

Kispray comes in four lasting fragrance scents:

  • Amoris (powdery floral scent)
  • Bluis (a springtime refreshing scent)
  • Violet (a sweet floral scent)
  • Segeris (which smells like jasmine)
  • plus, the super-fancy Kispray Gold.

You can buy Kispray fabric conditioner in a spray bottle for about one dollar AUD.

Or stock up on Kispray sachet packs you can pop in your suitcase to keep you in supply for months to come.

(Just add water).

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rapika sweet pink

Kispray vs Rapika

For those addicted to the fresh Bali smell, there’s also other Bali laundry products you can try too.

Some Bali regulars swear the smell is not Kispray at all, and say it’s either the Rapika ironing spray in the pink bottle with the fragrance ‘Sweet Pink’.

Rapika is an alternative to Kispray that can be used as a deodoriser on soft furnishings such as:

  • lounge suites
  • bedding
  • clothing
  • curtains, and
  • as a room spray if you are so inclined.

molto floral bliss

Bali Washing Powder and Fabric Softener for Laundry in Bali

Yet others claim the Bali laundry smell is because they use the Molto Trika blue fabric softener in Floral Bliss.

This ironing aid is very popular in Bali laundries in Kuta and Legian. 

The Molto Trika Pink fabric softener smells similar too.

If you do use Molto, add a small amount of this fabric softener to the final soak of your washing cycle.

You can also try the:

  • Molto all-in-one pink washing liquid or
  • the Molto blue washing liquid too. 

Molto is available in single use sachets or 300ml soft packs.  

Hot tip:

  • Pelembut means “softener” in Indonesian. 
  • Washing powder is “deterjen” or “sabun serbuk”

kispray in mop bucket pic

Image credit: via PxHere

How to use Kispray Laundry Liquid

There’s plenty of uses for Kispray.

How to use Kispray sachet liquid: 

  • spray a watered down version onto furniture, carpets, and curtains to bring the scent into your home everyday
  • spray onto a cloth and wipe down the seats, upholstery, and interior of your car
  • use a small amount in your floor mopping water – use clean towels to dry your floor to prevent slips
  • empty a sachet into the softener container inside your washing machine for an extra smelly boost of Kispray scent
  • you can also spray a diluted solution of it on the washing just after you hang it on the line, and let it fragrance set in.

bottles of kispray pics

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Where to buy Kispray in Bali?

All of the big Bali supermarkets stock Kispray Laundry products. 

Buy both Kispray, Molto and Rapika products at:

where to buy kispray in australia

Where to Buy Kispray Online?

Run out of Kispray or Molto?

Need to stock up and want to know can you buy Kispray in Australia?

Yes, from one of these three places below. 

No.1: Bali Fresh Kispray Australia

Visit Bali Fresh.  

Jaz, who is originally from Bali, but who now studies and lives in Sydney, will be more than happy to help you.

Coles supermarkets now stock Molto but it’s around $12 AUD a bottle, compared to around $4.50 AUD in Bali. 

kispray kreative logo

No.2: Kispray Kreative

You can also buy direct from Fiona who sells ALL the favourite Bali products from her shop, Kispray Kreative.

She stocks: 

  • Bali laundry products
  • Bali haircare products including Ellips hair oil
  • Bokashi oil
  • Autan insect repellent
  • Bali incense
  • Bali skincare

NO.3: Where to buy Kispray in Australia?

Some of the larger Coles supermarkets and speciality IGA supermarkets stock Kispray & Molto from time to time.

Keep an eye out!

I love bali 800

The verdict on Kispray Bali ?

I think the jury is out on this one.

That means it’s up to you to buy a few of these ironing aid products (they are cheap – less than a few dollars each) and see which one takes YOU back to lovely Bali, the Island of the Gods.

best bali laundry - nikkis spa and laundry

Image credit: Nikki Laundry via Facebook

Hot Tip: A Final Wash at the Best Bali Laundry 

Here’s a hot tip for family travel in Bali.

Find laundry services in Bali and organise a last wash and dry. 

Laundering all the clothes one last time before leaving Bali is the key to making that relaxed holiday feeling last longer.

It’s a thrill to simply unpack your suitcases and put the clean clothes away in their rightful place. 

Having no huge laundry pile to battle when you get home is the ultimate bonus after a trip to Bali. 

Nikki Spa and Laundry

Nikki Spa & Laundry  will collect your clothes and return them to your hotel all neatly washed and folded.

Nikki comes highly recommended. 

Current prices for laundry in Bali here depends on your location: 

  • Legian 25000 per kilo. Minimum 2.5kg
  • Kuta is 30000 per kilo. Minimum 3kg
  • Seminyak is 30000 per kilo. Minimum 4kg

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family laundry in seminyak pic

Image credit: Family Laundry in Seminyak

More Laundries in Bali

Also try these laundries in Bali. 

  • Family Laundry Seminyak on Jl. Drupadi.  What’s App +62 89 685 569 840 
  • King Laundry 
  • Laundry Bali in Nusa Dua
  • Bali Laundry (Aryas laundry)

Cost is per kilo. 

(Approximately $10-15 AUD for 5 kilos, or around $1.50 to $2.50 per kilo, depending on where you go and the travel distance from your location. )

Ask for line dry if you don’t want your clothes to go into the dryer and risk shrinking. 

Toadstool Review: Kispray Australia

Best to buy a bulk lot when you are in Bali and bring it home! 

bali kispray REVIEW

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Sunday 16th of October 2022

Ok so hear me out on this, I just bought some Satya "Attract Money" incense cones from a local hippy store, they smell EXACTLY like fresh bali laundry. You need to try them

Amber Greene

Wednesday 11th of January 2023

I love that Jesse!


Saturday 2nd of March 2019

Been on the hunt for years. Thanks for sharing. Where is this accessible in the USA? Or a supplier that ships to the USA?


Tuesday 19th of March 2019

Hi Lauren. Glad to help! I'm not sure if there's any supplier in the US. I'd try the Aussie girl. She might be happy to ship?


Saturday 9th of February 2019

A friend of mine told me that the word KIS in Arabic means vagina. This won’t be popular in Arab counties. ????????‍♀️


Friday 1st of March 2019

OMG> It sure won't! ha ha!


Wednesday 17th of October 2018

Thank you! My husband and I visited Bali on holiday and we were wondering what that smell on all the linens were! This is so helpful!


Wednesday 17th of October 2018

HI Stephanie! Thanks for letting me know. It was a question of ours years ago too!!! :) Amber

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