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INSIDE: Roam the Gnome’s Ultimate Guide to Carrefour Bali Shopping Mall. 

Looking for an air-conditioned supermarket shopping experience in Bali away from the hagglers and street markets?  

A Bali supermarket with all the must-buy Balinese hair care products at bargain prices? 

A Bali shop where you can purchase live turtles and pet fish for your tank? 

Maybe not the last one. 

But yes, the Carrefour supermarket in Bali is big, and it’s a jam-packed, with quirky surprises in every corner.

Take a look to see what’s inside. 


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PIN 1 Carrefour shopping centre registers PIC

Ultimate Guide to Carrefour Bali Sunset Road

The Carrefour Bali supermarket on Sunset Road in Kuta is a GIANT warehouse-style Balinese supermarket that you shouldn’t miss, even just for the experience of walking round and checking out all the things you can buy.

It’s up there in our list of the best supermarket adventures we’ve ever had in the world!

The Carrefour supermarket is part of a chain that boasts being the world’s second-largest retailer and the largest in Europe.

Hot Tip: Book a Bali Private Driver for the Day and visit all the best Bali shops! 

Carrefour Bali Supermarket and variety store pic of clothes racks

Carrefour Bali Shopping: Supermarket and Variety Store 

The Carrefour supermarket on Sunset Road is a combination of supermarket and variety store with all the food and things you’d find in a:

  • delicatessen
  • fruit and veggie shop
  • toy shop
  • hardware store
  • chemist
  • electronics store
  • fashion boutique
  • kitchen shop
  • stationery shop, and
  • hair and beauty salon.

Carrefour is at on the 3rd floor of the shopping mall at the very top of the building.

It’s popular with expats, tourists, wealthy families from Jakarta, and a gaggle of Indonesians who love to hang about in their favourite mall.

Carrefour Bali Supermarket entrance sign pic

Carrefour Bali Prices

If you are buying electronics or anything expensive, our tip is to shop around.

Make the trip to Denpasar as you might find it cheaper.

But Carrefour Bali wins for convenience, hands down.

It’s not the cheapest supermarket in Bali, BUT their range is phenomenal and the size of shop is monstrous.

Plus, Carrefour Bali stocks all the recognisable and trustworthy brands.

Because of this, Carrefour on Sunset Road trumps the smaller minimarts every time (listed below), both on price and range: 

  • Circle K
  • Alpha Mart
  • Indo maret, and
  • 7-Eleven 

Also, if you can’t find something specific here, we can almost guarantee you won’t find it anywhere in Bali.

Transmart Carrefour Bali Catalogue

The Carrefour Bali catalogue is a fab tool to gauge Bali shopping prices too. 

Hot tip: Check this fortnight’s Carrefour supermarket specials here before you go.

Hot tip: Visit on day one or two of your trip for a research trip/reconnaissance mission, then pop back in on your last day in town to pick up all your last minute purchases and souvenirs.

carrefour Bali Supermarket pots and pans pic

What do they sell at the Carrefour Bali Supermarket?

The question should be, what don’t they?

Here’s a big list of our favourite seven things they sell at Carrefour Supermarket.

Electronics and Sim Cards

Electronics to save the day, and homewares too

  • Phones and sim cards for local use
  • SD cards
  • Phone charging cords
  • Every kind of electrical appliance you can imagine

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Carrefour Bali Supermarket on sunset road - plastic containers pic

Shopping in Bali for Homewares & Essentials 


  • Pots, and pans
  • Frypans
  • A huge range of all kinds of plastic storage boxes


Carrefour also has homewares including: 

  • towels
  • decorative homewares
  • ornaments and figurines (great souvenirs from Bali)
  • bedding

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how to avoid mosquitos in bali - bali mozzie repellent brands pic

Mozzie repellent & Medicines 

Stock up on all the Bali mosquito repellents and artillery to keep the kids safe from mosquito bites.  

  • Mozzie Zappers
  • Mozzie spray
  • chemical-free Mozzie repellent creams
  • Mosquito patches
  • Balinese mosquito repellent lotions

There’s also a selection of health products and over the counter medicines that can help you when the dreaded Bali Belly hits.

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Carrefour Bali Supermarket ellips haircare pic

Bali Hair Care Magic

All the Balinese hair care products and Bali skin care too. 

  • Ellips hair care products in small and large sizes – the prices are unbeatable!
  • Shampoo, conditioners, soaps, moisturisers

Don’t bother packing shampoo and conditioner.

Buy it here. 

Carrefour Bali Supermarket drinks shelf pic

Balinese drinks 
Want to keep a stash of Balinese beers, or soft drinks, or water at your hotel?

Carrefour stocks: 

  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Bottled Water
  • Tea
  • The normal range of Indonesian drinks and milks

Pick drinks up in bulk here at an affordable price, and save your dollars for awesome Balinese experiences such as:

Carrefour Bali Supermarket- womens and mens traditional balinese clothing

Women’s and Men’s clothing 

  • A huge selection of well priced sarongs
  • Men’s clothing including t-shirts and shorts
  • Women’s clothing including light slip-on dresses, tops, pants and outfits 
  • Men’s shoes
  • Women’s shoes
  • Traditional Balinese clothing for men and women

Find cheap Bali laundry products here too, so you can recreate that magical Bali laundry smell at home!

Carrefour Bali Supermarket kids clothing range

Kids Clothing at Carrefour

  • Shoes for kids (helpful if you manage to accidentally go out without their shoes!)
  • Fashionable clothing for children 

Beach Towels & Beach Accessories 

  • Beach wear including swimming costumes/bathers
  • Beach towels
  • Goggles and snorkelling gear
  • Floaties, and inflatables for the pool

Carrefour Bali Supermarket souvenirs

Balinese Souvenirs for the whole family

There’s a whole section filled with Balinese souvenirs at fair prices. 

The best thing is you can grab a trolley and buy all the gifts in one place, at your own pace, without haggling or trying to avoid pushy salespeople. 

  • Souvenirs – soaps, body lotions, incense, candles (Check here first to compare prices before committing to buying anything on the street so you dont get ripped off)
  • Handbags
  • Woven baskets for picnics
  • Balinese artwork
  • Toys including a brand of Indonesian ‘lego’,
  • Decorative homewares including rattan dishes and baskets
  • Beer coasters and stubbie holders
  • Indonesian pantry fillers like rice, flavoured noodles, herbs and spices, curry pastes
  • Stationery and kitchen gadgets
  • Extra suitcases to carry home all your purchases

Carrefour Bali Supermarket toy aisle pic

Kids Toys at Carrefour Sunset Road

Visiting Bali with kids and want a bit of downtime?

It’s possible to purchase Indonesian-style versions of LEGO in Carrefour supermarket.

Plus, a whole range of kids toys including:

  • toys for water play
  • juggling balls
  • dolls
  • board games

It’s not a huge section but the kids will be happy to find it.  

Bali Supermarket snacks and chocolate at carrefour sunset road pic

Snack food and supplies to take home from the Carrefour supermarket aisles

  • Balinese chocolate and Indonesian lollies for kids
  • Kopi Luwak coffee
  • East Bali cashew variety packs including our favourite snack ever – the Cacao cashew nuts or the Cacao popcorn.

Buy as many bags as you can carry home.

Carrefour Bali Supermarket noodle and rice aisle pic

Supermarket snacks

  • Breakfast cereal, bread for toast, spreads
  • Dried fruit and nuts
  • Packets of Dried flavored noodles
  • Cup of noodles

Carrefour Bali Supermarket fresh fruits and vegetables aisle pic

Ready to eat meals

  • Ready-to-eat salads, plus fish and seafood counters
  • Ready-to-eat noodle dishes from the Noodle bar
  • Fruit and vegetables

Plus, Ready-to-eat hot food from the Food Bar including:

  • take-home dinners
  • quesadillas
  • hot chickens
  • sandwiches
  • potato wedges, and
  • pizza slices

Desserts, Ice cream and Sweets

Hot tip:

Do not leave without trying a cake or pastry (Mille Feuille!) from Carrefour’s in-house bakery.

Carrefour Bali Supermarket grocery products for pantry pic

Carrefour Shopping Mall: More than just one store

The ground floor is home to banks and food outlets including two popular American fast food chains:

  • Wendys, and
  • A&W

Carrefour shops Bata shoes shop pic

Shop List at Carrefour Mall on Sunset Road 

The second floor of the Carrefour mall on Sunset Road has:

  • speciality stores
  • a cafe
  • a bubble tea shop
  • a hairdressing salon
  • a shoe shop
  • a Periplus bookshop

Carrefour food court in Bali copy

Indonesian Food Court at Carrefour Shopping Centre Bali


Try the Indonesian food court if you are looking for a cheap lunch or early dinner.

Carrefour shops in denpasar sunset road - Amazone Bali

Amazone Games Arcade in Denpasar

Stop by the Amazone games arcade on your way out of Bali Carrefour Supermarket

$10 AUD equivalent will let you play for yonks!

This is the cheapest games arcade we’ve ever come across, and tonnes of fun.

On our last trip, we found a dress-up costume shop selling Disney princess gowns, kids suitcases, and backpacks.

We bought quality Superman and Batman pyjamas made from durable cotton for $10 each pair!

Carrefour sunset road Bali Supermarket specials aisle pic

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Carrefour Shopping Centre Bali

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in AUD dollars, unless otherwise stated

Address: Carrefour Sunset Road Bali is located at Jl. Sunset Road, Sunset Road Building Lantai 3, Denpasar, Indonesia
Telephone: (62) 812-3811-100 (Carrefour Kuta)
Website: Click here 

Carrefour Bali Supermarket store with trolley pic

Carrefour Bali opening hours

Bali Carrefour supermarket opens from 10am to 10pm. 

Ask the staff at your Bali hotel or villa to confirm opening hours at Carrefour Bali, as the centre may open at 8am weekdays.

Entry Fees: Free entry.

Carrefour Bali Supermarket bags of rice pic

How to get to Carrefour Sunset Road Kuta Bali by private driver

Call on our favourite Bali drivers to get you there and back safely, or stop here on your way home from a day trip. 

There’s plenty of undercover parking, and fast food shops nearby so you can buy your driver lunch while he (or she) waits.

How to get to Carrefour Bali by taxi: 

By Taxi/Uber

  • Jump in a Bluebird taxi, and say “Carrefour”. Every driver knows it.
  • Blue Bird Group have a taxi rank in the car park on the ground floor for when you leave.

Parking at Carrefour 

Free car parking onsite in the giant undercover carpark.

Carrefour Bali Supermarket registers near front of store pic

Map of Transmart Carrefour Sunset Road 

Facilities at Carrefour Supermarket in Denpasar

Nearest takeaway coffee: Level 2 food court
Toilets: Yes, including baby change table
Disability access: Yes, wheelchair accessible.
Closest ATM: Yes, there are ATM’s at Carrefour Supermarket in Denpasar. Carrefour supermarket also accepts all types of cards in addition to cash (IDR)
Food options: Plenty of food options both in Carrefour Supermarket itself, and on Level 2 food hall.
Notes:  Carrefour Bali was last updated in January 2020.

Carrefour Bali Supermarket pets for sale - fish tanks

Toadstool Rating – Carrefour Bali Kuta

Carrefour Bali Kuta supermarket is a great place to stock up on all your last minute souvenirs at a good price.

PS: Take a look at the pic above. Proof they sell fish AND turtles in store! 

carrefour supermarket bali review

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Shaun Holmes

Thursday 7th of September 2023

I hear that Cattefour is closed are there any plans to re open it.

Amber Greene

Saturday 16th of September 2023

I'll check with my sources. :)

Fran Dovey

Tuesday 10th of May 2022

Please do you do printing of a photo onto canvas!

Amber Greene

Friday 3rd of June 2022

Unfortunately not.


Tuesday 17th of September 2019

Hi, will i find bed pillows here? Thanks.


Tuesday 17th of September 2019

Hi Kylie I would imagine so as there are LOTS of homewares. It's worth a look as you'll definitely enjoy shopping there. Good luck! Let me know how you go, and I'll add it to the list. :) Amber

Dennis Leach

Monday 19th of November 2018

Note that Carrefour is not owned by the large reputable French chain. I bought an oven roasting dish that exploded in the oven.I bought some placemats which were beautifully wrapped but were small and useless and I bought an electric blender which broke and they would not honor the guarantee....had to buy another one which they did at least discount 50% I would only ever buy food there.


Sunday 25th of November 2018

Bummer about the roasting dish. Thanks for the info. Amber

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