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INSIDE: Everything you need to know about the best collectible Disneyland Paris Merchandise! 

Head into Harrington’s Fine China & Porcelains on Main Street in Disneyland Paris to find limited edition Disneyland Paris souvenirs and gifts for Disney fans.

Fall in love with all the exclusive Disney gifts you can buy here. 

Dare say, the purse will be lightened after a visit. 

Take a look below for all the best collectible Disney gifts to buy inside.

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image - disney beauty and the beast lumiere candlestick

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Collectible Disneyland Paris Merchandise

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No.1: Disney Beauty and the Beast Lumiere Figurine (Light up candelabra) 

Search for unique Disney Paris merchandise here. 

Beauty and the Beast fans will have trouble walking past this light up Lumiere candlestick figurine.

But at €59, you won’t have to!

It’s a collectible Disney souvenir that will make visitors to your home smile. 

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Disney Beauty and the Beast Cogsworth Clock 

No.2: Disney Beauty and the Beast Cogsworth Clock 

Fans of Belle and Beauty and the Beast may also adore this Cogsworth working clock figurine.

Standing around 20cm tall, he’s a Disneyland souvenir purchase you’ll never regret. 

€69 each. 

image - disneyland paris disney art cells

No.3: Disneyland Paris Disney Art Cells

For those who love to collect limited edition Disney art, there’s not much that beats a framed Disney animation cell.

One of these classic Mickey Mouse Fantasia pictures, where Mickey wears his magicians cape and hat, is the ideal Disney Art cell for the living room in your home. 

At €749, it’s an investment piece you’ll pass down your family line. 

For those with a smaller budget, the framed Aladdin magic carpet art cell is a more affordable €299. 

Hot tip: Disneyana Collectibles 

Disneyana Collectibles, inside Harrington’s Fine China & Porcelains, also stocks a range of Disney art cells wall art in a matt frame board that can be framed when you return home. 

Prices start from €25. 

image - disney parks train

No.4: Disney Parks Train

If you love Disney puzzles, take your passion one step further by building one of these 316 piece Disney Parks trains by UGears, a 3D wooden model of the  Walter E. Disney steam train.

This Disney train is a working mechanical model. 

Wind it up to move it forward and backwards. 

The best bit?  No glueing or cutting necessary. 

There’s a number of different puzzle options including:

Priced from €89.99 

image - mickey mouse champagne glass

No.5: Mickey Mouse Champagne Glasses

Looking for a special Disney gift for a celebration – a big birthday, an anniversary or a significant event?

Why not look at these Mickey Mouse engraved glasses?

Starting from €14.99 each, this Disneyland Paris exclusive merchandise is a popular choice for marking important family events. 

image - disneyland paris minnie mouse figurines

No.6: Disneyland Paris Minnie Mouse figurines

This classic Minnie Mouse ornaments capture that iconic Minnie stance – hands behind her back, charm oozing. 

€14.99 is a small price to pay for one of the most popular Disneyland Paris mementoes. 

image - disneyland paris chip and dale figurine

No.7:  Disneyland Paris Chip and Dale figurines 

Be sure to buy the pair – don’t even think about separating these adorable chipmunks! 

The mischievous Chip and Dale need no introduction. 

Everyone loves them.

Hot tip: Next time you visit Disney World Florida, be sure to visit the FREE Chip and Dale Campfire Singalong and Marshmallow roasting fun. Operates daily. 

Find all the details here. 

image - disneyland paris disney princess figurines

No.8: Disney Princess figurines

Check out the range of Disney characters, Star Wars and Marvel figurines, and Disney Princess collectibles in the Disneyland Paris Disneyana store.  

Find these figurines available:

Porcelain Disney dolls like this make a delightful keepsake for children, godchildren, and favourite friends. 

You could start your own Disney Princess figurines set. 

Find similar on Amazon: Frozen Sisters special bond figurine

image - disneyland paris pinocchio snowglobe800


No.1: Disney Pinocchio snowglobe

Check out the range of Disney Snowglobes at Harrington’s Fine China & Porcelains. 

This Disney Paris snow globe featuring the featherbrained Pinocchio puppet makes my heart flutter with delight.

The story of Pinocchio and his friend Jiminy Cricket is a treasured memory from childhood and anyone with a fond memory of the story would adore this too. 

Find similar on Amazon: Pinocchio Cleo in Bowl Snowglobe

image - it's a small world snowglobe


No.2: it’s a small world snowglobe

The small world snow globe is one of the rare Disney snowglobes, and much coveted by collectors. 

Featuring the distinctive art of artist Mary Blair, it’s one way to bring the charm of this popular family ride into your home for good. 

Buy the same on Amazon: Click here

image - disney characters snow globe

No.3: Disney Characters Snowglobes

Take one of these large Disney snowglobes home to a Disney fan in your family and you’ll never have to buy a gift again!

Buy Disney snowglobes similar to this one here on Amazon: Click here

image - disney mickey mouse snowglobes

No.4: Mickey Mouse snowglobe

Love to add to your Mickey Mouse collection of treasures?

Then a Mickey Mouse snow globe fits the bill.

Find similar on Amazon: Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse Holiday Snowglobe

FAQ: Where can i buy Disneyland paris merchandise online?

Amazon is our go-to shop when we can’t visit Disneyland Paris in person.  

But if at all possible, book a trip! 

Disneyland Paris with kids is a memorable vacation you won’t forget! 

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris DIY crystal bead magic wands


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