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INSIDE: Everything you need to know about Boardwalk Candy Palace Disneyland Paris

You can’t visit Disneyland Paris without checking out all the best Disneyland Paris food and snacks.

One of the BEST spots to find unique Disney snacks and Mickey Mouse food is in Boardwalk Candy Palace at Disneyland Paris.

It’s a Bakery & Old Time Candy Shoppe in one.

If you don’t like your kids to eat sugar, AVOID IT like the plague.

But if you love sweet treats, this place is magical.

See below for all the details, including the best Disneyland Paris snacks to eat & gifts to take home too.

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image - cookie time disneyland paris shop

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Best Things to buy at Boardwalk Candy Palace Disneyland Paris

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Boardwalk Candy Palace shop at Disney Paris is THE home of Bonbons, Toffees and Chocolate in Disneyland Paris too!

And this Paris candy shop facade is simply gorgeous.

If you are wondering is there a food shop in Disneyland Paris, this is the closest thing to it, full of sweets. 

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image - boardwalk candy palace disneyland paris signage

Disneyland Paris snack prices

In this Disneyland Paris food guide below, you’ll find answers to questions such as:

  • How much are snacks at Disneyland Paris?
  • What is the best food to try in Disneyland Paris Boardwalk Candy Palace?
  • Where to buy a Mickey Mouse popcorn bucket
  • Best Disneyland Paris vegan snacks

Freshly baked Disneyland Paris snacks in Boardwalk Candy Palace start from around €1.50 and range up to €5.00 for cookies and biscuits.

There’s plenty of cheap Disney food gifts and candy to buy for neighbours, school friends, teachers and cousins too for under €5 each, and some for as little as €1 to €2.50. 

For those with a bigger budget, Disneyland Paris popcorn buckets and Disneyland Paris ceramic cookie jar filled with treats are in the €20.00 to €35.00 range. 

Find more details under each entry. 

image - disneyland paris minnie mouse cupcake

No.1: Minnie Mouse cupcakes

Want a Disney snack to eat on the go?

Try a Disney cupcake.

This Minnie Mouse cupcake costs €4.99 – the raspberry soft creme icing is worth every cent. 

image - disneyland paris mickey biscuit

No.2: Mickey Mouse biscuits with chocolate ears

Search for Biscuit Tête de Mickey Sable nappage chocolate in the cabinet display. 

At €2.99 a biscuit, this is a better Disney Snack for the budget. 

No.3: Giant Mickey Mouse Chocolate Chip Cookie

There’s also special Mickey Christmas biscuits for the season (pictured at top) with stars and chocolate drizzles on top. 

This one is filled with delicious hazelnut creme (Nutella) 

No.4: Mickey Meringues

Simple but sweet, shaped in the traditional Mickey’s head shape. 

image - disneyland paris cookies

No.5: Disneyland Paris Olaf cupcakes

For those who prefer vanilla, try a Disney Paris Olaf cupcake. 

€4.99 each.

Hot tip: Cookie Time Disneyland Paris

Find these cookies, fresh pastries, and MORE in Cookie Kitchen, next to Cable Car Bake Shop, further down Main Street. 

No.6: Disneyland Paris fudge

For €3 a piece, order the fudge.

Head to the fudge counter directly.


  • Lemon Meringue
  • Vanilla chocolate
  • Triple swirl
  • Citron Meringue
  • Chocolate banana
  • Strawberry chocolate
  • Caramel
  • Cookies and cream

Not sure what to buy? Request a sample and try before you buy. 

image - disneyland paris bonbon cables


For those who aren’t fans of baked goods, there’s also a number of Disney candy snacks to try. 

Hot tip: As always, it’s wise to ration the kids intake of sugar at Disneyland. There’s nothing worse than accompanying hyped up kids who have to stand in line for hours, waiting to get on a ride!  That’s a horror story in the making. 

No.1: BonBon Cables Candies

Kids love these retro-style Cable candy but they might have trouble choosing their favorite flavors. 

Luckily, it’s self serve so you can take your time.

Bonbon cables cost €1.50 each. 

Plus, buy 5 and you get another one FREE! 

Eat one, take the rest home. 

image - disneyland paris mickey mouse popcorn bucket

No.2: Disneyland Paris popcorn flavors

Buy a Disneyland Paris Mickey Mouse popcorn bucket to add to your Disney popcorn bucket collection, and eat this famous Disney snack on the go. 

You’ll find Disney popcorn stands at Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. 

Try both the sweet and savory popcorn. 

image - popcorn disneyland paris

Disneyland Paris popcorn souvenir bottle

There’s even a MONSTER SIZED popcorn bottle! 

And Disney marshmallows in a bottle too. 

image - boardwalk candy palace disneyland paris candy selection

No.3: Disneyland Paris Penny Candy

Look for the Atlantic City artwork and you’ll find a wall of Penny Candy.

Kids can pick and mix a bag of assorted penny candy you have trouble finding anywhere else. 

Have these lollies weighed and priced at the counter. 

There’s plenty more options in store too. 

image - boardwalk candy palace disneyland paris food gifts for adults


Wander around this delightful store for long enough and you’re bound to find the perfect gift for a foodie friend. 

image - boardwalk candy palace disneyland paris mickey mouse shortbread biscuits

No.1: Disney Mickey Mouse Shortbread cookies

Mickey Mouse and Friends Shortbread cookies top our list of the best Mickey Mouse food gifts for mom.

Buy it in a box, or a souvenir tin. 

image - disneyland paris mickey mouse biscuits

No.2: Mickey Mouse cookies

Look out for the Mickey Mouse biscuit varieties too – plain vanilla and spotty cookies too. 

image - boardwalk candy palace disneyland paris candy cane

No.3: Disneyland Paris candy canes

For the nostalgia factor alone, these Disneyland candy canes are a big win. 

€2.99 each. 

PIN what to buy at boardwalk candy palace disneyland paris


No.1: Mickey Mouse chocolate bars

THIS is the best budget gift for chocolate lovers.

Just €1.50 per choc, all wrapped up in a souvenir Mickey Mouse box, and small enough to stash in carry on luggage too.

image - boardwalk candy palace disneyland paris mickey mouse food gifts for toddlers

No.2: Mickey Mouse chocolate coins

The perfect stocking filler, or token gift for tiny family members or neighbourhood kids. 

image - disneyland paris marshmallow cones

No.3: Disneyland Paris Marshmallow Cones

Marshmallows in an EDIBLE cone holder. 

Now that’s a fun treat. 

€5.99 each.

image - disneyland princess pasta

No.4: Disney Princess Pasta

Disney princess shaped pasta is a unique souvenir for Disney Princess fans. 

Imagine their faces when they see this on their dinner plate. 

image - disneyland paris disney pez


No.1: Disney PEZ candy

Add to your Disneyland PEZ collection.


  • Mickey PEZ dispenser
  • Minnie Mouse PEZ dispenser
  • Donald Duck PEZ dispenser
  • Goofy PEZ dispenser
  • Elsa PEZ dispenser
  • Anna PEZ dispenser
  • Finding NEMO PEZ dispenser

There’s even a very cute Olaf PEZ dispenser too! 

image - disneyland paris candy selections

No.2: Vintage Style Lollipops and Mickey Mouse Sherbet Straws

Try apple, strawberry, cola or tutti-fruiti flavors of these twirl lollipops.

Or take home a set of sherbet straws. 

image - disneyland paris mickey lollipop

No.3: Mickey Mouse Lollipops

There’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Lollipops, at €3.99 a pop.

image - disneyland paris mickey lollipops pack

No.4: MORE Mickey Mouse pops

Or buy a pack of four Mickey Mouse ears lollipops to share. 

image - boardwalk candy palace disneyland paris disney food gifts for kids

Disneyland Paris candy shopping

Set a limit and give the kids time to browse.

That’s half the fun of a shop like this.

image- boardwalk candy palace disneyland paris mickey mouse souvenirs

Best Disneyland Paris gifts for foodies?

Check out the range of Mickey Mouse kitchenware.


  • Mickey Mouse aprons
  • Donald Duck aprons
  • Mickey Mouse ladles, whisks, spatulas and more
  • Mickey Mouse cake pans
  • Mickey Mouse oven gloves
  • Mickey Mouse plates and mugs 

image - boardwalk candy palace disneyland paris ratatouille souvenirs

Disney Ratatouille gifts

Another option if you want to avoid a sugar overload is to find the range of Disney Ratatouille souvenirs. 


  • Ratatouille aprons for kids and adults
  • Ratatouille tea towels (Ratatouille kitchen towels)
  • Ratatouille dishes
  • Glass candy jars

image - disneyland paris ratatouille chef jackets

MORE Disney Ratatouille merchandise

  • Ratatouille cookbooks
  • Ratatouille recipe books too! 

These are just some of the unique things to buy at Disneyland Paris. 

image - disneyland paris christmas parade waiting


No.1: Where do I find Disneyland Paris Beignets?

Sadly, NOT in Boardwalk Candy Palace Disneyland candy store.

But these famous Disney donuts aren’t far away.

Head to the Cable Car Bake House, on the same side of the road, just a little further down towards the castle.

That’s the spot to find these unique French doughnuts made from yeast, sweetened dough and evaporated milk, and then fried in oil.

Traditionally these light and airy pastries are dusted with powdered sugar but at Christmas, you’ll find them iced with snowy stars! 

No.2: Where to find Disneyland Paris churros 

Head to Fuente Del Oro Mexican restaurant near the Thunder Mountain ride

No.3: Can you get Dole Whip Disneyland Paris? 

Sadly, no. 

It’s only in the USA Disney parks. 

No.4: Where to find Mickey Waffles at Disneyland Paris?

Try Cafe Fantasia.

No.5: Where to find Mickey Mouse toffee apples at Disneyland Paris? 

Head to Cable Car bakehouse too. 

Boardwalk Candy Palace Disneyland Paris Map

image - disneyland paris christmas mickey statues in front of castle

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