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INSIDE: Roam the Gnome’s Insiders Guide to Pixie Dust, the magical ingredient of Disney Guest Relations.

Have you heard rumours of a special MAGIC PIXIE DUST at Disney?


Are you wondering if the rumours are right? 


(Here’s a tip. It is!)

Learn all about this delightful & heartwarming Disney World customer service strategy, and what it means for Disney guests. 

Plus, the meaning of Pixie dust and details about the Disney Pixie Dust effect upon guests! 

Check below for all the details.  

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disney guest relations in action pic

Image: Supplied

What is Pixie Dust at Disney?

What does pixie dust do? 

“PIXIE DUST” is Disney Guest Relations SECRET FORMULA for happy visitors. 

All it takes is faith and trust… Oh!

And something I forgot: Dust.

Just a little bit of pixie dust.

Peter Pan

image - tinkerbell by jennie park

Image credit: Jennie Park via Flickr CC BY-2.0

Fun Fact: Tinker Bell Pixie Dust

Pixie dust was first mentioned in the film, Peter Pan.

“All you need is Faith Trust and Pixie Dust”. 

When Tinker Bell scattered her magical pixie dust in the air over the Darling siblings, it gave Wendy and her brothers the ability to fly.

image - disney magic kingdom park by guillermo-gr

Image credit: Guillermo GR via Unsplash

So, what does Pixie Dust mean at Disney?

Disney’s Pixie Dust experiences are the Random Acts of Kindness given to Disney Parks guests & Disney Cruise guests from time to time.

They are special yet clandestine (secretive) VIP treats that can unexpectedly make your day during a trip to Disney Parks including Walt Disney World:

  • Magic Kingdom
  • Hollywood Studios
  • Animal Kingdom or
  • Epcot

But also at:

  • Los Angeles Disneyland
  • California Adventure Park
  • Disneyland Paris, or
  • on a Disney Cruise Line.



How are Disney Guest Relations & A Little Bit of Pixie Dust Magic linked?

Disney Guest Relations staff and cast members are given the power to sprinkle ‘pixie dust’ goodness on their favourite visitors.

Word on the street is that Walt Disney World guest services and Disney springs guest services work in tandem to deliver Disney World pixie dust magic! 

Disneyland guest services, as well as Disneyland cast members, are in on the act of delivering Disneyland Pixie dust.

When you visit Disney next time, you might just be the lucky recipient of Disney Pixie Dust in room surprises! 

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image - minnie mouse blowing a kiss by adrian-valverde

Image credit: Adrian Valverde via Unsplash

Some of the Best Pixie Dust Disney surprises!

Disney Pixie Dust experiences include all kinds of things!

And often, it’s a case of being in the right place at the right time. 

Our forever favourite is the experience of having every cast member say “Happy Birthday to you” when you pass by wearing a birthday button.

Or Minnie Mouse blowing you a special kiss, just for you! 

We loved being Disney pixie dusted with a little extra attention like this! 

Best Disney Magical Moments

But it’s the big-hearted care that warms our heart most of all.

A cast member noticing you are cold, and bringing over a rug and a free hot chocolate.

A cast member taking extra good care of your property, when you’ve accidentally left it somewhere, until you return to claim it.

A Disney character going above and beyond to make your child’s day with a personal experience of sharing a story, or doing a dance, or using sign language to communicate a special message.

A Disney cast member replacing a dropped ice cream to make a child smile again.

THIS is why Disney rules the world.


snow white by harshlight

Image credit: Harshlight via Flickr CC BY-2.0

Be Grateful for the Best Disney Pixie Dust Upgrade Surprises!

Do moaners get all the pixie dust treats?


Neither do the complainers, or the grumpy, or the bad-tempered crabby people.

(They do have their complaints resolved but they don’t get ‘extra’ for their whines and moans)

In fact, it’s the OPPOSITE.

Pixie dust rains on happy people. 

Of course.

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

If you are on vacation at Disney Parks, you should have a good attitude and be grateful, especially these days. 

Not everyone can be so lucky, and many people would LOVE to be in your shoes! 

image - disney balloons by brian-mcgowan

Image credit: Brian McGowan via Unsplash

How do you get Disney Magical Moments?

You are also much more likely to be a lucky recipient of Pixie Dust if you smile, are kind and friendly, non-demanding, AND truly show you have a genuine, deeply held love of all the Disney magic. 

But the trick is not to expect Disney Pixie dust gifts, or even to ask how to get pixie dust at Disney World or scheme to get Pixie Dust Disneyland treats, but to welcome the Pixie Dust surprises with open arms IF and WHEN they arrive. 

Legitimate surprise, and gratitude for the little things, fuels the MAGIC OF DISNEY! 

image - disneyland paris character greeting toy story jessie with jack

The List of Disney Pixie Dust Ideas we love!

No.1: Special Disney Character greetings 

  • A special or personalised greeting by a Disney character
  • Extra attention from Disney characters, or a chance to RIDE a ride WITH them!
  • Simple acts of kindness from Disney characters, such as Winnie the Pooh playing with your kids, or a Disney Princess walking hand in hand with them for a distance 
  • An invitation to enjoy a private character meeting
  • Disney characters catching you unawares at unlikely spots throughout the park, and giving you uninterrupted time to chat with them
  • An unexpected offer to get up close and personal with a Disney Princess!

No.2: Enthusiastic Disney cast member interactions

  • Fun engagement with cast members cheering for you when you hit big milestones, such as finally being tall enough to ride!
  • Cast members blowing bubbles around you!
  • Being trailed by a Disney Photopass Photographer who captures some extra special pics of you and your family

image - disneyland paris Cars Quatre Roues Rallye walt disney studios

Awesome Pixie Dusting for kids

No.3: Disney Fast Passes & Disney Queue Jump

  • Invitations to ride again! 
  • Sneaky back-room queue jumping opportunities
  • Surprise bonus fast passes from a street sweeper
  • No strings attached Fast Passes
  • Front of line passes

image - disney parade disney world by pexels-craig-adderley

Image credit: Craig Adderly via Unsplash

No.4: Being Special Guests at Disney Parades and Shows

  • The chance to be Grand Marshalls in a parade, or join a parade as special guests, sometimes dressed up in costume! 
  • The chance to sit in special front row seating for a Disney Show
  • Complimentary extra magic hours
  • A chance to go on stage to be part of a show

This happened to Jack at Paris Disneyland, when he was asked to present a rose to the Disney Princesses on the Christmas show.

Ned and I were led to the best viewing seats for the show too!

disney buttons

MORE of the best Disney Pixie Dust moments

No.5: Free Disney Buttons, Disney Pins & Disney Balloons

  • FREE Disney buttons for every kind of celebration (eg Happy Birthday, or Wedding Anniversaries) 
  • A special balloon handed over unexpectedly
  • A free Disney pin from a special Disney event

No.6: Free Disney desserts

  • A Disney birthday cake treat, and being serenaded by a bunch of Disney characters who bring it out to you!
  • A free dessert for no reason at all

No.7: Surprise Disney Trip gifts

  • Having your lost possessions or toys returned with a smile, or replaced as new
  • An awesome parking spot, close to the entrance gates
  • An unexpected FREE TOUR booking! 
  • Being invited to take the wheel on the Jungle Cruise
  • Free coffee refills

In times past, a ride in the front cab of the monorail was a huge Disney pixie dust treat! 

image - blow dust by pexels-cottonbro

Image credit: Cottonbro via Pexels 

MORE Disney Pixie Dust in Room Surprises! 

Guest relations cast members may also sprinkle pixie dust in your room.

No.1: Disney Room Decor

  • Festive room decor when you arrive to your room on a Celebratory day, such as a Honeymoon or Big Number birthday, or Golden Wedding Anniversary
  • Signed photos of Mickey propped up on your bedside table
  • Returning lost property left in your room by post, back to your home at no charge

No.2: Free Disney Meals

  • Random complimentary meals gifted
  • Anniversary desserts or platters in your room
  • Mickey shaped chocolates in your room
  • Mickey ice cream on the house
  • Free cookies
  • Free Disney dining vouchers
  • Disney club upgrades – which means you can eat for free!

image - disneyland paris walt disney studios rides

No.3: Free Disney merchandise

  • Disney Plush toy gifts
  • Minnie and Mickey postcards
  • Mickey stickers
  • Gift cards to buy merchandise
  • Custom made Mickey ears with your name on them!

No.4: Does Disney ever give free Disney room upgrades? 

Pixie Dust Magic Kingdom style may mean a room upgrade to a water view room, a hotel upgrade, or resort upgrades for free too.

Imagine being moved from one Disney World resort to another better one for the duration of your stay.

How to get a free room upgrade at Disney World

Hot tip: This is more likely to happen during the slow season, or when you are truly celebrating something such as a wedding anniversary or perhaps a successful recovery from a serious life-threatening illness. 

Do not make special requests. That will almost certainly discount you. 

Be authentically enthusiastic and joyful at check in, and you never know your luck. 

Keep your fingers and toes crossed! 

image - disney world orlando by amy-humphries

Image credit: Amy Humphries on Unsplash

And more Pixie Dust Disney World Magic! 

We’ve heard stories where people on their Disney Vacation have been gifted a new bucket of popcorn when theirs has crashed to the ground accidentally.

And of families being selected as Family of the Day at the Magic Kingdom. 

Disney Cast members have replaced newly purchased lost toys, with new ones from the store too.

Sometimes, the pixie dust delivery service has transported these replacement toys to the hotel room, or posted them gratis to the guest back home! 

My HEART SOARS when I hear these stories.

Wondering where to get pixie dusted at Disney World?

There’s no specific location for getting pixie dusted at Disney World.

Be authentic and be kind and friendly to cast members and you never know your luck! 

jungle cruise sign pic by emily burnett

Image credit: Emily Burnett via Flickr CC BY-2.0

About The Disney Golden Ticket 

If you believe the whispers, there may even be something called a Golden Ticket.

A Golden Ticket is said to be a FAST PASS for EVERY SINGLE RIDE!  

Can you even imagine??? 

But I’ve no proof it exists.


Image credit: Vintage Disneyland Tickets 

The Disney No Strings Attached Pass

This ‘tool in Guest Satisfaction’ is a pass used by cast members to pacify a guest’s concerns or complaint.

At the cast members discretion, this could be issued for:

  • priority entrance (eg a fast pass) for a ride, or
  • front row seating at a show for 1 or more guests, or
  • for a complimentary item.

You might find yourself with a complimentary

  • soda
  • Disney hat
  • Disney Mini bean bag
  • Disney Popcorn scoop
  • Mickey ice cream
  • Disney t-shirt
  • Disney balloon
  • Disney ears

Or something else entirely. 

FAQ: What is a Disney Gold Pass? 

There’s also something called the Disney Golden Pass.

That’s different.

According to Wikipedia, “The Golden Pass is a ticket which allows the holder access to all nine of the theme parks for his/her whole life owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company.” 

What Disney fan wouldn’t love that? 

disney guest relations 7-guest-service-guidelines


People ask why is Disneyland such a happy place?

The real answer is that Disney staff go above and beyond when it comes to Disney customer service.

That’s why a visit to the parks is all I need for refilling my pixie dust bag.

Everything else is a bonus. 

peter pan fly with you sign by loren javier

Image credit: Loren Javier via Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

How do you thank a Disneyland Cast Member?

How do you compliment a Disney cast member?

Firstly, make sure you get their name.

Then lodge a feedback form at one of the Disney Parks guest relations offices.

These things don’t go unnoticed by Disney management.

You can also add the hashtag hashtag #CastCompliment to an instagram or facebook post, so why not take a pic with your favorite cast member and tag the Disney park you are visiting too.  

disney guest relations by michael grey

Image credit: Michael Gray via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Find Disney Guest Relations Offices 

No.1: Guest Relations at Walt Disney World Florida

Disney World Guest Relations is available at all 4 Walt Disney World theme parks, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, Disney Springs and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

Each Guest Relations location is open during the normal operating hours for its park or complex.

Guest Relations at Walt Disney World can be found at:

  • Magic Kingdom City Hall lobby 
  • Epcot
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Take a look at the map of Guest Relations offices here. 

disneyland sign by cory doctorow

Image credit: Cory Doctorow via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

No.2: Guest Relations at Disneyland Anaheim 

Disneyland Guest relations can be found in these locations below. 

Disneyland Park:

  • City Hall on Main Street, U.S.A.
  • Central Plaza Information Board near Plaza Inn
  • Fantasyland kiosk next to Dumbo the Flying Elephant
  • Tomorrowland kiosk next to Star Trader
  • New Orleans Square kiosk next to the Haunted Mansion exit

image - magic please by pexels-olya-kobruseva

Image credit: Olya Kobruseva via Pexels

Disney California Adventure Park

  • Chamber of Commerce on Buena Vista Street
  • Information Station on Buena Vista Street
  • Cars Land kiosk at entrance of Cars Land
  • Pixar Pier kiosk near FASTPASS Distribution area for Incredicoaster and Toy Story Midway Mania!

disneyland map by anthony g reyes

Image credit: Anthony G Reyes via Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

Services at Disney Guest Relations 

If you are vacation planning your next Disney experience, take a look at how they can help. 

  • Disney Guide maps in Italian, French, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, German, Japanese, and Portuguese
  • Complimentary Attraction Translation Devices
  • Accessibility Information
  • Times Guides, detailing show and parade information
  • Up-to-the-minute theme park news
  • Foreign currency exchange
  • Lost Guest retrieval

They can also give you assistance with Reservations and Tickets for

  • Disney Dining
  • Guided Tours (eg Walk in Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps tour)
  • Ticket upgrades 

They can also help you if you want to find out more about complaining to Disney World or Disneyland, and where to lodge Disney complaints and comments. 

image - refilling my pixie dust disney buses peter pan by disney insiderz

Image credit: Disney_Insiderz via Instagram

FAQ: Pixie Dust meaning & more

No.1: What does Refilling my Pixie Dust mean on Disney buses? 

There’s a new Magical Express bus featuring Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, and it’s named in their honour. 

The Refilling my Pixie Dust Disney Bus has a huge mural of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell flying through the sky on their way to Neverland on the side. 

No.2: How to make real pixie dust that makes you fly

Wondering how to make real pixie dust to fly?

Me too. If you find out, do let us know! 

No.3: How do you make real magic fairy dust?

Try this craft activity

PIN pixie dust disney guest relations 800

Looking for more Disney Tips and Tricks?

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with Disney for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in US dollars, unless otherwise stated

Click the links in blue below for more Disney Tips. 

Jessica Guerra Luna

Thursday 21st of July 2022

How much is to purchase Pixie dust?

Amber Greene

Wednesday 11th of January 2023

You can't buy it. It's magic.

Random contributor

Monday 21st of March 2022

Pixie Dust is real.

I have been shadowed around a park for a half hour by Chip (of Chip and Dale) who yes, literally followed me around Main Street into shops, waiting by a food cart, into the Castle Forecourt, etc., just because I was engaging with him when I crossed paths with him and kept saying things to which he could react in funny ways. I amused him and made his day more interesting, he stuck around to amuse me, periodically posing for photo ops with other guests, but very much intent on following me around. ("Oh. You're still here? Hey (addressing people around me) does anyone have some nuts? I think Chip's hungry. Hey, Chip, will popcorn do? (he shakes his head) Oh... Well, we can keep looking... C'mon, let's go over there..." and on it went. ] CM's work hard, in heat, sometimes cold (that was a particularly cold day... 31 degrees if I recall correctly) ... make their days easier or more fun when you can.

I've returned to my room to find a chocolate Christmas tree dusted with powdered sugar "snow" and a couple Mickey chocolates on a plate with Merry Christmas written in gold icing.

And in the Pixie Dust to end all Pixie Dust, I was treated (under strict secrecy that I maintained for over a decade) to an unofficial behind the scenes look at the Epcot construction site several months before the public monorail-trip-around-Future World sneak peeks began, by someone who described himself as "an Imagineer", whose name I saw years later on a Main Street window. To this day when I wander around Epcot, I see two layers -- the gleaming structures arising from mud and puddles that I saw 40 years ago, and the current configuration of the park today. I'll never forget it.

Be nice to Cast Members. Leave compliments at Guest Relations in the parks to give credit to employees you see doing nice things for you or others. Spread some Pixie Dust of your own to build your Disney karma, and eventually you might find yourself on the receiving end.

Amber Greene

Saturday 2nd of April 2022

I LOVED reading your stories! Pixie Dust is real. Thank you for sharing!!!

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