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INSIDE: All you need to know about Tokyo Disneysea popcorn AND all the best Tokyo DisneySea popcorn buckets this year! 

A highlight of visiting Japanese Disney Parks is discovering their obsession for flavored popcorn, AND adorable Disney popcorn buckets! 

Forget about the cost.

Buy the cute Tokyo Disney Popcorn buckets.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime souvenir.

Then buy different Disney popcorn flavor refills up as you go round the park.

Take a look! 

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best disney souvenirs - disney popcorn buckets

Image Credit: Jonathon Lin via Flickr CC By SA 2.0


Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in Yen, unless otherwise stated

Different shaped Disney characters popcorn buckets can be found in different popcorn wagons.

Buy one Tokyo Disney Popcorn bucket, or buy them all!

Disney Tokyo popcorn buckets are a great Disney souvenir to collect and display in your home after your vacation!  

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soda popcorn at tokyo disneysea flickr

Image Credit: Martin Lewison via Flickr CC By SA 2.0

Buy a Disneysea Popcorn Bucket at Tokyo Disneysea Popcorn Wagons! 

Here’s some of the Disney character popcorn buckets you may find in Disneysea. 

No.1: Mickey Mouse Pants popcorn bucket

The Mickey Pants popcorn bucket, pictured above, was our favorite when we visited in 2015. It’s not currently available, but may return soon so keep an eye out.  

tokyo disneysea woody popcorn bucket

Image credit: Tokyo Disney resort

No.2: Woody’s Farm Toy Story 4 popcorn bucket

Find this Woody popcorn bucket next to Aquatopia at the popcorn wagon. 

No.3: Duffy popcorn bucket

The Duffy bucket is for sale at the popcorn wagon situated in front of Sea Turtle souvenir shop.

It retails for ¥3000

Buy the Limited Edition Duffy Popcorn bucket now on Amazon

tokyo disneysea alien mochi popcorn bucket

Image credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

No.4: Alien Mochi Popcorn Bucket

This little green man popcorn bucket is rocket shaped and has a Little Green Man in the driver’s seat!

Purchase it from the popcorn stand in front of the Dockside stage for ¥2400

steamboat willie popcorn bucket by tokyo disney resort

Image credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

No.5: Steamboat Willie Popcorn Bucket

This black, white, and grey container is a throwback to the original Mickey Mouse.

Find it at the popcorn wagon in front of Arabian Coast for ¥2600. 

No.6: Rapunzel popcorn bucket

Buy it from the popcorn wagon next to the Hanger stage in Lost River Delta for ¥2800.

No.7: Chip and Dale popcorn bucket

Find this super cute popcorn bucket in front of Flander’s Flying Fish Coaster at the popcorn wagon in Mermaid Lagoon in DisneySea

Priced at ¥2400, it’s one of the cheap popcorn buckets at Tokyo Disney resorts. 

minnie mouse bow popcorn bucket by cory doctorow

Image Credit: Cory Doctorow via Flickr CC By SA 2.0

MORE Disney Popcorn Buckets to Collect

These are some of the other character popcorn buckets that have been on sale at Tokyo Disneysea over the years.

These Popcorn holders reappear without warning from time to time, so keep a look out.  Or you can find earlier releases of popcorn buckets for sale on ebay. 

  • Soaring popcorn bucket
  • Winnie the Pooh popcorn bucket
  • Buzz Lightyear popcorn bucket
  • Finding Nemo popcorn bucket
  • Minnie Mouse bow popcorn bucket

Star Wars popcorn buckets can be found at Tokyo Disneyland. 

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tokyo disneysea popcorn wagon by joel

Image Credit: Joel via Flickr CC By ND 2.0


The first thing you need to know is that these popcorn flavours (and locations) are subject to change! 

DisneySea has a habit of moving things around every season. 

Here’s where they are right now.

curry popcorn at tokyo disneysea

Image Credit: Martin Lewison via Flickr CC By SA 2.0

Best Disney Japan Popcorn Flavors

Find different flavors of Disney popcorn tastes at these Popcorn Wagons too.

No.1: Curry popcorn 

Find it at the popcorn cart in front of Arabian coast.

You may just fall in love with this food. 

No.2: Garlic Shrimp popcorn

Find it in front of dockside stage in American waterfront

No.3: Caramel popcorn

Find it at:

  • the popcorn wagon next to the Hangar stage in Lost Delta River
  • the popcorn wagon near Soarin: Before Fantastic Flight &
  • in front of Red Isle. 

milk tea popcorn by sstrieu

Image Credit: SStrieu via Flickr CC By SA 2.0

No.4: Honey popcorn

Find it at the popcorn wagon next to Aquatopia in Port Discovery

No.5: Milk chocolate popcorn (our fave!)

Near the Cape Cod cookoff in American waterfront

No.6: Matcha white chocolate popcorn

Next to Aquatopia popcorn wagon

No.7: Strawberry popcorn flavor

Look for the popcorn wagon in front of Liberty Landing diner

No.8: Soy sauce popcorn flavor

Currently unavailable. 

PIN tokyo disneysea popcorn 800

No.9: Salt Popcorn

Head towards the Flander’s Flying Fish Coaster in Mermaid Lagoon and find the wagon in front. 

No.10: Black Pepper popcorn flavor 

You’ll find success at the popcorn wagon near Soarin: Before Fantastic Flight. 

No.11: Milk Tea popcorn

Currently unavailable. 

Now that’s so very sad! 

tokyo disneysea popcorn round up by amber pic

FAQ: Tokyo Disney Popcorn Prices? 

How much is Popcorn at Tokyo Disney resort? 

  • A cup of flavored popcorn in a recyclable paper box carton costs ¥400 yen.
  • A popcorn refill for your Popcorn bucket will set you back ¥500. 

Hard plastic Popcorn bucket keepsakes at Disneysea range from ¥2400 to ¥3000. 

The bonus of a popcorn bucket is you eat the popcorn, and then get to KEEP the souvenir popcorn container to take home! 

disneysea milk tea popcorn cart by sstrieu

Image Credit: SStrieu via Flickr CC By SA 2.0

Toadstool Rating: Tokyo Disney Sea Popcorn

Don’t walk by without trying at least one of the different flavors! 


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