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INSIDE: Everything you need to know about  the Disney Princess Fancy Dress shop “La Chaumiere des Sept Nains” Disneyland Paris 

DON’T MISS this divine Disneyland Paris shop full of magic, intrigue and new Disney Princess Dress up costumes!

If your children are begging to dress up as a princess, you MUST visit this dress up costume shop in Disneyland Paris, and pick out an outfit.

We have NEVER seen such a divine enchanting collection of Disney dresses & dress up outfits.

In the most enchanting of shops. 

Take a look inside La Chaumiere des Sept Nains at Disneyland Paris below! 

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image - LA CHAUMIERE DES SEPT NAIN disneyland paris shop sign

Guide to La Chaumiere des Sept Nains Disney Princess dress up costume store

The interior of the shop is named after the home of the Seven Dwarfs. 

And there’s magic to be found inside.

This Paris Disneyland shop is one of the best places to buy Disneyland Paris souvenirs for family and friends, especially those who LOVE to dress up in magnificent outfits.

Hot tip: Click here for our complete guide to Disneyland Paris gifts & souvenirs

image - the cottage of seven dwarfs shop disneyland paris lantern walk

Seven Dwarfs cottage is dark and mysterious, with lanterns lighting the way.

Hot tip: Follow the pathway along until you reach the hidden reaches of the store to find ALL kinds of Disney Princess gifts, and MORE Disney costumes for kids too. 

image - La Chaumiere des Sept Nains interior

The Cottage of Seven Dwarfs shop at Paris Disneyland

Strangely, it seems like the designers were influenced by the interior of Beast’s Castle too. 

With stone building blocks, and archways, and stained glass…. 

(Look out for the Suit of Armour too!) 

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image - snow white dress up costume classic

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Where to buy Disney Costumes for Kids? 

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in euro, unless otherwise stated

This elegant styling is the perfect backdrop to the gorgeous displays of classic Disney Princess dresses, including this vintage style Snow White dress up dress. 

Hot tip: DO NOT FALL IN LOVE with the first Disney Princess dress you see. 

You will find numerous variations of a number of Disney Princess outfits to wear throughout the Paris Disney dress store, at a range of different price points.

Take them all in before making any purchasing decisions! 

Keep reading below to see some of them.

image - elsa and anna dress up costumes

No.1: Elsa Dress Up Dress 

Elsa and Anna dress up clothes are some of the most popular Disney Princess dress up costumes, and you won’t be disappointed by the selection here. 

These deluxe Frozen Princess dress up costumes for Elsa and Anna cost €79.99  ($USD 97.00 or £73 pounds)

Buy similar on Amazon: Disney Elsa Frozen 2 Prestige Girls Costume

image - disneyland paris LA CHAUMIERE DES SEPT NAIN frozen costumes

Frozen Princess dresses & clothing

There’s options to suit every budget, and an exclusive range of Frozen clothing for those who might not want a dress up but who want the Frozen magic in their life too. 

image - disney princess elsa dress up boots

Elsa Boots Disney Store

Don’t leave the Disney Paris store without Elsa boots or you don’t have the complete outfit!

There wasn’t any golden-haired wigs visible in the store, so you might have to buy that separately

Buy similar on Amazon: Disney Frozen Elsa Travel Boots

image - disney princess belle dress up costume and accessories

No.2: Disney Princess Belle dress up

Another spectacular dress is one of the Disneyland Paris Belle costumes. 

This golden number can be paired with:

  • a golden tiara
  • a glove and cameo brooch set, and
  • golden slipper shoes. 

Dress alone is priced at €79.99  ($USD 97.00 or £73 pounds)

Accessories extra.

Buy similar on Amazon: Disney Belle Costume for kids 

image - disney princess ariel dress up costume

No.3: Disney Princess Ariel dress up costume

My favourite Disney Princess Ariel costume features waves of tulle attached to a simple bodice, with an Ariel motif front and center. 

This pretty underwater dress costs €35.99  ($USD 44.00 or £33.00) 

Once again, you’ll need to purchase the curly red Ariel wig separately – find it online here.

Buy similar on Amazon: The Little Mermaid Ariel Fantasy Gown Pajamas

image - disneyland paris aurora dress up costume

No.4: Disney Princess Aurora dress up

This Disney Aurora costume dress is up there with the most divine outfit in the store.

Which little child could resist this pink hued number that flounces in all the right places? 

Buy Similar on Amazon: Fancy Queen Dress Up Costume

image - disneyland paris snow white costume

No.5: Snow White Dress Up

If there was ever a Disney Princess Snow White costume for adults that I’d snap up in a second, it would be Snow White.

The delicate golden embroidery with the tiny apples,  the starry blue material, and those puffy sleeves!

Oh my.

At €69.99, it’s a deluxe Disney Princess costume but worth every penny.  

(That’s $USD 85.00 or £64.00) 

Find similar on Amazon: Romy’s Collection Snow White Princess Costume Dress Up

image - snow white accessories

Snow White Accessories

In store, you can also buy Snow White accessories including:

  • Snow White tiara with jewel
  • Snow White gloves with a Snow White cameo brooch
  • Snow White shoes

But you’ll have more luck with the Snow White wig here.

image - disney princess rapunzel costume

More Unique Disney Prince and Princess Dress Up costumes

Tucked around the outskirts and in the corners of the store were MORE Disney Princess dress costumes and outfits.

No.6: Disney Princess Rapunzel Outfit

The ribbon crossover on the front of this dress, along with the tulle for the arms, makes this one a winner.

Shimmering pinks and purple hues sparkle like a star too. 


Buy similar on Amazon: Disney Princess Rapunzel Dress Costume

image - disneyland paris tinkerbelle costume

No.7: Tinkerbelle dress up costumes

Adorable, sweet Tinkerbelle costume with multicolored wings of purple and green.

It’s a sight to see!

Don’t forget to pick up a one-size-fits-all Tinkerbelle wig too. 

Find similar on Amazon: Disney Tinker Bell costume for kids

image - disney princess jasmine tiara

No.8: Princess Jasmine dress up

Disney Princess Jasmine has one of the best outfits of all – a two piece pants suit in the cool colors of teal and gold! 

To finish the look, pick up a deluxe Jasmine wig featuring a long shiny black-hued plait and add a Princess Jasmine Tiara on top. 

The Jasmines tiara’s cost €24.99 in-store ($USD 30 or £22.00) 

Of course, no Arabian princess dress up costume would be complete without all the bling:

  •  gold shoes
  • a golden wrist cuff
  • fabulous drop earrings in teal and gold, and
  • a headdress to boot. 

Or sparkly shoes.

Hot tip: The Ariel tiara to go with the Little Mermaid Dress pictured above costs €17.99

( That’s $USD 22.00 or £16.50) 

image - disneyland paris princess dress up costume anna

MORE Disney Princess Dress Up Dresses? 

You may, or may not, find these Disney dress ups too. 

  • Merida Dress Up
  • Sleeping Beauty Dress Up
  • Mulan Dress Up
  • Disney Princess Tiana Dress Up
  • Disney Princess Cinderella Dress Up Costume for kids

There must be a Cinderella costume for kids somewhere, but we missed it. 

Look out for Disney Princess costumes for babies and Disney princess costumes for teens.

While most dresses are for children aged 3-12, some costumes are suitable for younger teens too, including the brocade capes.  

image - disney princess dress up shoes

Best Disney Princess Dress Up Shoes 

Looking for Disney Princess shoes to match?

Head to the Shoe section and find a big Disney Princess shoe selection, many of which feature GLITTER!

We are won over. 

image - disney princess snow white shoes

Disney Princess Snow White shoes

Snow White dress up shoes in store cost €24.99 ($USD 30.00 or £23.00) 

Worth every penny to a Snow White fan! 

Find similar on Amazon: Snow White sparkle shoes 

image - kristoff dress up costume & olaf costume


Looking for Disney Costumes for boys? 

There’s a couple of options, including this one on the left above.

No.1: Kristoff dress up costume

Kristoff, from Frozen.

Complete with axe. 

Buy Similar on Amazon: Royal Ice Master costume

image - peter pan dress up costume

No.2: Peter Pan dress up costume

And our favourite of all the Disney Prince costumes for boys – PETER PAN.

We have a couple of different Disney Peter Pan dress ups at home, but couldn’t resist adding THIS version to Jack’s collection of fun Disney dress ups!

Find similar on Amazon here: Peter Pan costume

image -disneyland paris tiara for kids


No.1: Disney Princess Tiaras

A Disney Princess outfit is not complete without one of the Disney Princess tiaras.

This shop has the biggest range of bejewelled Disney tiaras this side of America!

Prices start from €17.99 ($USD 22.00 or £16.50) 

Find similar on Amazon: Disney Rapunzel Tiara for girls

image - disney princess wand with jack

No.2: Disney Princess wands

Need a light up wand to go with your outfit?

They’re all here. 

In silver, gold, and rose gold. 

Find similar on Amazon: Snow White Keys to the Kingdom wand

image - disney princess wands

No.3: Disney Princess jewelry

There’s also a range of:

  • matching Disney Princess jewellery, and
  • Disney Princess Bag options. 

image - captain hook dress up costume disneyland paris


It can be hard to find dress up Disney characters for boys, but there’s a couple of options here.

The Captain Hook dress up costume is a one-of-a-kind.

(Find similar on Amazon here)

A costume that any Disney loving child would love!

The other obvious option is the Olaf dress up costume.

Sadly, there’s no Winnie the Pooh dress up, or Mickey, or Minnie or any of the famous Disney characters here either. 

PIN best disney princess dress shop disneyland paris


One of the most common questions we are asked is if there are Disney Costumes for adults in this shop?

Sadly, the answer is no. 

Check out the best places to buy Disney dress up costumes for adults here.  (Update coming soon) 

image - animators collection dolls

MORE of the Best Disneyland Paris souvenirs

Stop by this Disneyland Paris souvenirs shop for a squizz, even if you AREN’T interested in buying Disney dress up clothing. 

This treasure trove is home to LOTS of other Disney Princesses gifts and souvenirs. 

No.1: Disney Animators Collection 

Add to your Disney Animators dolls collection with one of these beauties. 

image - disney princess statues

No.2: Disneyland Paris Disney Princesses ornaments

Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of Disney magic at home to make you smile.

These Disney Princesses statues will do just that. 

image - disneyland paris balloons

No.3: Disneyland Paris balloons

Buying a balloon at Disneyland Paris is a must-do.

Check out the range on offer outside of the store. 

The Anna and Elsa balloon is a delight! 

But Olaf and Kristoff are kind of cute too. 

image - disneyland paris princess dolls plush

No.4: Disney Princess Plush dolls 

Need something to cuddle at night? 

Kids love these adorable Disney Princess plushies.

How can you pick just one? 

image - la chaumiere des sept nains disneyland paris building

How to get to Disneyland Paris LA CHAUMIERE DES SEPT NAINS

The La Chaumière des Sept Nains store is next to the Snow White ride (Blanche Neige et les Sept Nains), on the Fantasyland side of the Castle at Disneyland Park. 

Look for the signs, or if it’s fine, the rows of dress ups out front. 

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image - suit of armour la chaumiere des sept nains disneyland paris

Disneyland Paris Map of the Disney Princess Dress Ups Shop

Toadstool Rating: Disneyland Paris Gift Shop 

disneyland paris gift shop review

Looking for MORE Disneyland Paris tips?

Click the blue links below for more things to do at Paris Disneyland 


Tuesday 23rd of March 2021

thank you for your beautiful pictures. I work in this shop and I followed the visual merchandising for the Frozen season. it's a real pleasure realise that you appreciated it. thanks

Amber Greene

Tuesday 23rd of March 2021

Simply divine!!! Thank you for your beautiful work there. xx

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