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INSIDE: Everything you need to know about Merlin L’Enchanteur Disneyland Paris. 

Looking for the best Disneyland Paris shop for the whole family?

Take them to the MERLIN L’Enchanteur shop. 

Expect all kinds of enchanted treasures, including:

  • jewelled tiaras
  • blown glass ornaments, and
  • magical wands.


Take a sneak peek inside below. 

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image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris entrance

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Best Things to buy at Merlin L’Enchanteur Disneyland Paris

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in euro, unless otherwise stated

This Disneyland Paris shop is one of the best, and should not be missed by anyone bewitched by the charms of Disney Parks & Disney films.

Merlin l’Enchanteur in English means Merlin the Wizard.

Wizardry means you’re guaranteed to find all kind of enchantment including shiny crystals treasures and gems, as well as exclusive Disney ornaments and souvenirs.

Hot tip: Watch the 1963 Disney Merlin animated movie by Wolfgang Reitherman to learn about Merlin and Arthur for more insight.

Or Google Merlin L’Enchanteur Netflix to see if the Merlin Adventures Netflix series is currently available in your area.

You might even find out the answer to Was Merlin more powerful and more talented than Dumbledore

(Now we’d all like to know that!) 

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris walt disney statue

Walt and Mickey partners statue

This is the top end of town, and prices reflect.

But there are delightful buys to be found that suit everyone’s budget, big or small. 

Take a look at the best finds below. 

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image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris glass slipper

No.1: Disney Cinderella Glass Slipper Ornament 

Spy Cinderella’s slipper on the Royal Blue pillow.

This glass blown slipper is the ultimate collectors item for any Princess loving fan. 

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris glass ornaments

No.2: Cinderella ceramic figurines

If a replica Cinderella glass slipper is out of your price range, choose one of the Cinderella ceramic ornaments.

Or choose a miniature Cinderella glass slipper for just €24.99.

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris beauty and the beast merchandise

No.3: Disney Beauty and the Beast rose ornament

Fans of the Disney Beauty and the Beast film don’t go without.

Look for the breathtaking Beauty and the Beast glass rose ornament – snap it up at €39.00

But you may have to put down the cute Mrs Potts and Chip ornament, or the Beauty and the Beast Candlestick Lumiere chatting to Cogsworth the clock first! 

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris beauty and the beast tiara

No.4: beauty and the Beast Disney Tiara

THIS Disney Princess Belle tiara is better than anything you’ll find in a Disney store anywhere else.

It’s the real deal, and definitely NOT a toy.

Showcase this bejewelled piece on display in your home, out of reach of toddler hands! 

Hot tip: Princess for a Day Disneyland Paris! 

Make your child’s wish can come true with a total Princess makeover and hair-styling session.

This hugely popular add-on package costs between €55 up to €180, depending on the package you choose.

Bookings are essential.

Book any of the packages – with exception of the cheapest option – up to 90 days in advance through your travel agent or by calling Disneyland Paris customer services.

Expect to pay the full amount at time of booking.

If you want to stay flexible with your time, head to Boutique Galerie Mickey on the second floor of the Disneyland Hotel to book in person on the day you wish to attend, and hope for the best there’s availability. 

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris cinderella carriage statues

No.5: Disney Cinderella Coach ornament

Available in two sizes, these Cinderella pumpkin carriage ornaments are adorned with pastel colored gems.

Perfect for the mantlepiece in every Disney household. 

Prices start at €39.00 for the smaller version. 

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris golden ornaments

No.6: Dumbo the Flying Elephant Ride carousel ornament

Have you ever seen such a beautiful golden musical carousel ornament?

Bring a smile to everyone’s dial with this Dumbo the flying elephant ride ornament for the shelf.

Perhaps the Mickey Mouse ferris wheel statue catches your fancy?

Or your eyes light up when you spy Aladdin’s Magic Lamp ornament!

Perhaps it might let you make your own three wishes! 

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris mickey mouse statue

No.7: Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue

The Walt and Mickey partners statue (top left) is a take home version of the copper Partners statue created by Blaine Gibson in 1993, where Walt holds the hand of Mickey Mouse, the popular character he created, beloved by Americans and everyone else worldwide. 

The bronze statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse clocks in at €199.00

There’s also an individual copper Minnie Mouse statue and a copper Mickey Mouse statue, as well as a statue of the two of them sitting on a park bench. 

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland mickey glass statues

No.8: Mickey and Minnie Blown Glass Ornaments

If you prefer blown glass, check out this Minnie and Mickey ornament. 

A rainbow hued collectible you’ll love forever. 

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disney characters

No.9: Disney Blown Glass Ornaments

Standing approximately 7cm high, these blown glass Disney ornaments caught my eye. 

Take a look at the Blown Glass Mickey Mouse, or the Blown Glass Cheshire Cat.

  • Blown glass Winnie the Pooh
  • Blown glass Genie from Aladdin
  • Blown glass Toy Story aliens
  • Blown glass Goofy
  • Blown glass Pluto too! 

Housed in a miniature glass dome, these are a unique Disney gift for a Disney Collector. 

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris glass characters

MORE Disney Characters Glass Blown Ornaments

You might also find:

  • Blown glass Piglet ornament
  • Blown glass Donald Duck ornament
  • Blown glass Cinderella slipper
  • Blown glass Olaf ornament
  • Blown glass Tigger ornament

In my eyes, the blown glass Tinkerbell is the most beautiful of all!

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris tiara 4

No.10: Princess Tiaras

If you’ve ever felt drawn to wearing a Disney Princess tiara, now is your chance.

The range of Disney tiaras here cannot be beaten.

Find something delicate like this one, for €89.00 

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris tiara princess

Or this… 

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris tiaras

Or one of these… 

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland princess glass statues

No.11: Authentic Disney Princess tiara collection

But our recommendation is to choose one to match your favourite Disney Princess.

There’s Disney Princess Elsa tiaras with sky blue gems, and Disney Princess Ariel tiaras with emerald coloured gems. 

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris tiaras 2

Cinderella tiara

Or pale pink ones for Cinderella. 

At €99.00, it’s the cheapest & quickest way to become a real Princess for the day! 

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland crystal gems necklace

No.12: Mickey Mouse necklaces 

And that’s not all.

Check out these Mickey Mouse necklaces filled with sparkly gems. 

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris mickey mouse earrings

No.13: Mickey Mouse Earrings

Here’s a budget Disney souvenir that’s easy to carry home.

I cannot visit a Disney Park without adding to my collection of Mickey Mouse ears earrings with some kind of crystal inside! 

At €29.99, these are a bargain, and perfect for nieces, daughters, and Disney loving colleagues.  

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris wizard play 2

No.14: Merlin L’Enchanter Magical Wands

In one corner of the store, spy a range of magical blown glass wands!

Of all the Disney souvenirs and gifts in this shop, these holds magical appeal for kids. 

Especially when Merlin himself is in charge of serving you. 

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris DIY crystal bead magic wands

DIY Disney Princess Wands

Pick a wand, and fill it with your choice of magical gems, each one imbued with a special power:

  • Beauty and happiness
  • Faithful friendship
  • Wealth joy and power
  • Intuition, charm and equilibrium
  • Confidence, imagination and courage

Take care with the spell of invisibility, bewitchment and curse.

This could be both good, and not-so-good, depending on who’s hands the power lands in!

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris magic wands

Disney Magic wands

These Mickey Mouse wands cost €39.00

Choose your favourite topper!

  • Christmas gift box
  • Planet sphere
  • Santa hat
  • Mickey Ears

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris collection wand

Disney Collection wands

Take a look at the cute Magician Hat toppers on these wands! 

Collection wands cost €49.00

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris sticker

Hot tip: Disneyland Paris sticker

If you are lucky enough to create concoctions with Merlin himself, you may be in line for a magical wish coming true.

Plus, he may hand you your very own Disneyland Paris sticker to take home!

My boys were thrilled.  

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris crystal sleeping beauty castle

Check out the Swarovski Disney Castle!

Do not leave this shop without taking a close look at this most beautiful art sculpture.

Sadly, it’s not for sale, but that means more of us get to see it. 

image - MERLIN L'ENCHANTEUR disneyland paris tiara twins

Best Value Disneyland Paris Park Tickets? 

Check out Get your Guide for the best value Disneyland Paris tickets.

Compare prices here:

Disneyland Paris multi day tickets are a winner, saving big bucks for the family budget. 

Best Disneyland Paris tickets offers? 

Wondering where can you buy cheap tickets to Disneyland Paris? 

The best bet is to check the official website for hotel and ticket packages.

This is where you’ll find the best discount Disneyland Paris tickets across the year.

Specials tend to include:

  • free dining packages such as half board for free
  • seasonal specials eg for winter, or low season when demand is smaller

If you are somewhat local, or can get to Disneyland in Paris with relative ease, eg from London, it’s worth considering if you should buy an Disneyland Paris annual pass. 

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image - cookie time disneyland paris mickey mouse popcorn bucket

How to get to Disneyland Paris 

Disneyland Paris By Eurostar: Click here for details

Disneyland Paris By Train from Paris: 

  • The fastest way to get to Disneyland Paris from Paris city centre is via the Regional Express Network RER.
  • RER Line A train terminates at Marne-la-Vallee/Chessy station.
  • Walk to Disney Village, Disneyland Paris gates, and Walt Disney Studios Parc from the Train Station in about 2 minutes. 

Hot tip: If you are staying at a Disney Hotel, book the Magical Express option.

This allows you to leave your luggage at the Magical Express counter at the station and not waste a minute of your precious time stuffing around. Your bags will be delivered to your hotel room directly. 

Disneyland Paris by shuttle:

  • Click here for a airport transfer shuttle service from Paris airport to Disneyland Paris
  • Click here for details and price of the Offical Disneyland Paris Express shuttle bus transfer to Euro Disney with entrance tickets included 

Disneyland Paris by Coach: Click here for details of Disneyland day tours, and mini breaks

Disneyland Paris By Car: Click here for directions to Disneyland Paris from Google maps

Disneyland Paris Car Park price: Click here for all the details of parking at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris brochure PDF

Click here to download a copy of the Disneyland Paris e-brochure.

Toadstool Rating: Merlin L Enchanteur shop in Disneyland Paris

merlin l'enchanter disneyland paris review

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