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INSIDE: Find out why Ciccio Rotorua is the best Italian cafe in Rotorua for families.

DO NOT MISS Thick-as-Mud Italian Hot Chocolate at Ciccio Rotorua!

It’s rich, syrupy, melt-in-your-mouth, authentic Italian Hot Chocolate.

It’s one sentence that can stop traffic.

Find this delectable lip-smacking treat at the Ciccio Italian Restaurant in Rotorua.

Go for the Italian Hot Chocolate.

Stay for the rest of the yummy menu.

Read all the details below.

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ciccio garlic prawns pic via fb

Image credit: Ciccio Italian Cafe 

Guide to Ciccio Rotorua 

Ciccio Italian cafe in Rotorua is one of the best places to eat in Rotorua with kids.

  • The staff are super friendly.
  • There’s pasta, pizza bread AND garlic prawns. Plus, chicken nuggets for fussy eaters.
  • The Roman set styling in the place is kitsch but fun!

It’s Cosy. Casual. Charming.

And good for kids too

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custard square by ciccio

Image credit: Ciccio Italian Cafe

Ciccio cakes

During the day, head to Ciccios cafe to choose a sweet cake from their cake cabinet.

The pic of the day?  

Ciccio’s Famous Custard Square

This double decker delight is full of thick creamy custard with pastry layers in between, topped with passionfruit icing. 

Eat it all by yourself! 

ciccio freakshakes pic

Image credit: Ciccio Italian Cafe Facebook

Freakshakes at Ciccio’s Rotorua

Best of all? 


The signature Ciccio freakshakes are thick, rich milkshakes, drenched in chocolate or caramel sauce, whipped cream, crushed cookies, and topped with sweet lollies and treats.

Ciccio’s famous freakshakes are not healthy but hey, holiday time.

Ciccio Italian hot chocolate

Guaranteed, a freakshake of their own will keep their little hands away from your Italian Hot Chocolate drink/dessert.

Hands down, the BEST Italian Hot Chocolate I’ve ever had, anywhere in the world.

That’s a win win, don’t you think?

Photo - Ciccio Italian cafe

Ciccio Rotorua Menu

Check out the Ciccio Menu here.

We can vouch for the Risotto San Paulo, and the Fettuccine Carbonara.

The boys slurped the Spaghetti Napolitana from the kids menu straight down.

keto cheesy pesto pizza ciccio italian cafe

Ciccio Keto Menu Rotorua

Ciccio Keto dinner Menu

Strangely, there is a full KETO dinner menu at Ciccio

You can eat things like this Keto Cheesy Pesto Pizza, made from a KetoGuru NZ wrap wrap topped with mozzarella, parsley, cracked pepper, and smothered with basil pesto. 

Or their Keto Hangi pulled pork in gravy with Keto stuffing & butter sautéed cabbage.

Or try:

  • Keto Tacos
  • Keto eggs benedict on a keto bagel
  • Keto Garlic bread
  • their famous pork rinds

 Ciccio keto cafe has a keto Lunch menu too!

keto double choc peanut butter donut by ciccio

Ciccio Keto desserts

Plus there’s keto sweets including:

  • Keto CocoChocoNana bombs
  • Keto chocolate blancmange pudding with whipped cream, and
  • Keto Chocolate ruffs. 

Or their magnificent Keto Double Choc Peanut Butter Donuts! 

Where to eat in Rotorua with kids? 

If you’ve sampled all the Rotorua Eat Street restaurants, snacked the food trucks at the Rotorua Night Markets, and want something different, Ciccio should top your list.

But back to the decadent Italian Hot Chocolate.

Really, who needs dinner, when this is on the menu?

ciccio italian cafe header

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Ciccio Italian Cafe Rotorua 

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in NZ dollars

Address: Ciccio Rotorua is at 1262 Fenton street, Rotorua.
Telephone: 07 3481828
Website: Click here
Opening Hours:

  • Friday and Saturday:  11:30am-2:30pm, 5pm – 9:30pm
  • Tuesday to Thursday, & Sunday: 11:30am-2:30pm, 5pm – 9pm
  • Please note, closing times are subject to change.
  • Bookings recommended

Price Guide: Mid-range prices, from $25 NZ for main meals. This is not necessarily a budget meal.

Photo - Ciccio Italian cafe rotorua

How to get to Ciccio Italian Restaurant Rotorua

By Foot: 500 metres walk from the Rotorua i-SITE on Fenton Street

Ciccio Parking

Paid street parking available

Map of Ciccio Restaurant Rotorua

Facilities at Ciccio Italian Food Rotorua

Toilets: Yes
Disability access: Yes
Closest ATM: Ciccio Italian cafe accepts credit cards and EFTPOS cards

Toadstool Rating – Ciccio Cafe

ciccio rotorua review

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