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INSIDE: Roam the Gnome’s Insider’s Guide to the Ultimate Hobbiton Gift Shop.

Hobbiton in New Zealand brews it own range of ales, cider and ginger beer!

Taste test one of the Hobbiton beer flavours on your Hobbiton Movie Set Tour for FREE!

The best news is that you can now take these ales, ciders and ginger beers from The Hobbit™ Southfarthing™ beverage range home as you can buy them in the Hobbiton Gift shop at the end of the tour. 

Making this one of the Best NEW ZEALAND SOUVENIRS ever! 

Stock your fridge with the full range for your next Lord of the Rings or Hobbit Trilogy all-nighter with fellow dedicated friends. 

The answer to “Does Hobbit have a gift shop” is YES!

Take a sneak peek inside below. 

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, we may receive a small commission at NO extra cost to you.

PIN 1 - hobbiton shop beer

Inside the Hobbiton Gift Shop

Hobbiton and Lord of the Rings Fans be warned.

If you are on a budget, be prepared to blow it in the Hobbiton New Zealand gift shop. 

There are hundreds of Hobbiton souvenirs to choose from at Hobbiton New Zealand.

We dare you to leave the Hobbiton walking tour experience empty handed.

(It’s impossible!)

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hobbiton gift shop elf ears pic


Choose your favourite Hobbiton Souvenirs to take home.

The range includes Lord of the Rings merchandise as well as themed merchandise from the Hobbiton Movie Set tour itself. 

No.1: Hobbiton Beer

As we mentioned above, you can now take the specially brewed Hobbiton beers, ciders and ginger beers home.

Hot tip: Be sure to try the Hobbit Girdly Fine Grain beer, of the Hobbit Frogmorton Ginger beer. 

No.2: Hobbiton Elf Ears & Lord of the Rings Dress Up Costumes

The Hobbiton Elf Ears are perfect for Halloween or your next Hobbiton Dress Up event!

Who can resist? 

The Lord of the Rings Dress Up Costumes

You can also buy:

  • The Lord of the Rings Queen Arwen costume
  • The Lord of the Rings Gandalf costume
  • The Lord of the Rings Legolas costume
  • Frodo Baggins costumes for kids
  • Gandalf hats
  • Gandalf wig and beards
  • Legolas Bow and Arrow set
  • Gandalf staff
  • Aragon sword
  • Arwen wig 

For those who want everyday wear to highlight their love of TLOTR and Hobbiton, there’s also:

  • jackets and The Lord of the Ring hoodies 
  • sweatshirts
  • t shirts 

BOOK NOW: Hobbiton Movie Set Tour, through Get your Guide. (Bestseller.) 

hobbiton shop pop funko dolls

No.3: Hobbit POP Characters at the Hobbiton Souvenir Shop

You can buy POP! bobble head dolls, in all the Hobbit characters including:

BUY NOW ON AMAZON: Click any of the links above for current pricing. 

hobbiton gift shop hobbit mugs pic

No.4: The Official Green Dragon Mug Hobbiton & More

There’s Hobbit mugs and cups too.

The most impressive is the Green Dragon Mug made from pottery. (Pictured at top)

Who wouldn’t want a set of four of these in the cupboard to use for your coffee every morning?  

The Official Lord of the Rings Store also stocks: 

  • Hobbiton Movie Set Location guidebooks
  • Lord of the Rings official merchandise
  • Exclusive branded clothing including a Green Dragon Inn t shirt and a LOTR sweatshirt 
  • Hobbit satchels, bags and backpacks
  • Official Hobbit merchandise bedding and blankets 
  • A Shire Hat

Prices start from just a few dollars so there’s something for everyone.

Hot tip: You can buy a Mug personalized with your photo on one side! 

hobbiton gift shop plates & magnets

No.5: Hobbiton Souvenirs at the Lord of the Rings Shop

There’s more Hobbit memorabilia including: 

  • Hobbit postcards
  • Hobbiton souvenir plates, magnets, and picture frames
  • Hobbiton calendars
  • Hobbiton Christmas ornaments & holiday decor
  • Personalized gifts including a Bilb Baggins burglar contract, or a The Lord of the Rings One Ring ornament
  • Hobbiton wall art items

One of the best things to buy is a Lord of the Rings Chess Set! 

hobbiton gift shop souvenir spoons pic

No.6: The Hobbiton Collectibles & Jewelry 

If you don’t already have a collection, start one now with these Hobbit souvenir spoons.

Hobbiton souvenir spoons are a fabulous Hobbiton keepsake of your visit to this magical world of wonder in New Zealand.

You’ll never forget it! 

Hobbiton One Ring Jewelry

You can also buy Hobbiton jewelry including a gold plated ONE RING , inscribed with Elvish runes.

At $100 USD, it’s a steal. 

Don’t want to wear a ring? You can buy the One Ring on a stainless steel chain for $50 USD instead! 

For the dedicated fans, there’s a SOLID GOLD One Ring on offer for $1,250 USD 

hobbiton lord of the rings books and dvds pic

No.7: Lord of the Rings DVDS 

The Hobbiton shop NZ stocks the entire range of Lord of the Rings and Hobbit DVDs.

hobbit books & LOTR books pic

No.8: Lord of the Rings novels

Plus all the Lord of the Rings novels, Hobbit books, and Tolkien books. 

hobbiton gift shop gandalf pipe & bilbo baggins pipe pic

No.9: Authentic Hobbiton Merchandise 

If you are a die-hard fan, do not leave without one of these iconic Lord of the Rings pipe replica props for your mantlepiece!

Imagine having a real life replica of the Pipe of Gandalf the Grey on the mantlepiece.

What a conversation starter this Hobbiton memorabilia would be! 

Buy now on Amazon: Lord of the Rings Pipe of Gandalf the Grey 1:1 Scale Replica Prop

hobbiton gift shop ornaments - WETA collectibles pic

No.10: WETA Collectibles 

For those with full wallets, there’s also detailed sculptures from the range of Weta Collectibles to take home.

These are the best Hobbiton souvenirs for die-hard Lord of the Rings fans. 

Priced in the hundreds, these go straight to the pool room! 

(As Daryl Kerrigan, the lead character in “The Castle” film would say!) 

All of these make great Lord of the Rings gifts for him.

hobbiton gift shop bags and satchels pic

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Hobbiton Shop & LOTR Set Tour

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in US dollars (or NZ dollars as stated)

Where is the Hobbiton Movie Set Shop? 

Hobbiton Address: The official Hobbiton movie set shop is located by the Green Dragon Inn on the Hobbiton Movie Set Tour.

NB: There are also two alternatives to the Hobbiton shop INSIDE the tour grounds featured above. Both sell a similar range of Hobbiton products. 

Hobbiton Shop Shire’s Rest

You can also buy a similar range of Hobbiton New Zealand souvenirs at the Hobbiton souvenir shop at Shire’s Rest.

Hobbiton Shop Rotorua

There is also a range of Hobbiton souvenirs at the Hobbiton Souvenir Shop Rotorua.

  • The Hobbiton Shop Rotorua is at the Hobbiton Movie Set Store, 1235 Fenton St Rotorua.
  • This is the departure point for Hobbiton movie set tours from Rotorua.

Hobbiton Shop opening hours

  • The Hobbiton shop is open from the same time as the first tour commences on the day. 
  • You’ll be given time (approximately 15 minutes) at the end of your Hobbiton tour to visit the Hobbiton shop before the tour departs.

Hobbiton Gift Shop online? 

You can buy Hobbiton gifts via their shop, but we highly recommend SAVING to travel and visit in person instead. True fans should not miss this once in a lifetime experience of the Hobbiton Movie Set Tour in New Zealand.  

hobbiton movie set tours in new zealand - hobbiton house you can enter pic

Where to buy Hobbiton Movie Set Tickets

Hot tip: Buy your Hobbiton tickets well in advance.

During the popular months, they SELL OUT QUICKLY. 

Don’t miss your chance to take this fabulous tour. 

It’s spellbinding, even for non-fans of the films, as most visitors are. 

A classic, unforgettable tour for both the young, and the young at heart. 

Book your Hobbiton Movie Set Tour tickets here.  

hobbiton movie set tours in new zealand - feast and party props

Hobbiton Movie Set Guided Tour & Festive Buffet Lunch

Hot tip: You can also book a Hobbiton Tour of the Lord of the Rings movie set, that includes a Festive Buffet Lunch in the Hobbiton Marquee for parties. 

You will:

  • sample one of the Hobbiton drinks (as above), and
  • eat hearty Hobbit dishes, family favorites, and classic Kiwi dishes too. 

Book this Hobbiton Movie Set & Buffet Lunch tickets here. 

hobbiton sign pic

How to get to Hobbiton Movie Set Gift Shop

CLICK HERE for the Ultimate Guide to Hobbiton Movie Set Matamata

Find the answers to the questions: 

  • Where is Hobbiton located? and a Hobbiton map
  • How far is Hobbiton from Auckland?
  • What are the Hobbiton tour times?
  • How much are the Hobbiton tour prices?
  • How much is the Hobbiton entrance fee?

Plus information on: 

  • Getting to Hobbiton The Shire
  • What to eat and drink when you visit Hobbiton
  • Hobbiton tour length
  • What Hobbiton weather to expect during your visit
  • Hobbiton discounts 
  • How to book Hobbiton tickets?
  • Parking at Hobbiton village? (heads up- there’s free Hobbiton parking onsite) 

Hobbiton Gift Store Map

hobbiton movie set tours in new zealand hobbiton blue door pic

Toadstool Rating: Hobbiton Souvenir Shop

The Hobbit Souvenir Shop is a 5-toadstool adventure for Hobbit lovers!  

Hot tip for the Hobbiton Store!

Allow yourself enough time for a serious browse at the Hobbiton store.

Don’t diddle daddle after your drink at the Green Dragon Inn.

Make your way to the shop quick smart if you want to see everything. 

hobbiton gift shop review

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Thursday 10th of February 2022

I went to New Zealand and visited the Hobbiton in 2016. I loved it so much and I brought a Hobbiton hoodie at the shop. I wore it everyday. But a year later, my mom accidentally bleached it. I want to get the same hoodie and I can't travel for a bit since I'm immunocompromised after chemo/stem cell transplant. I also can't seem to find the same sweater anywhere. Is there a link to the online shop? I want to see if they still have it and hopefully I can buy it. Fingers crossed.


Amber Greene

Saturday 2nd of April 2022

Hi Rachel Unfortunately, no. These souvenirs are exclusive to the shops at the attraction. You might have some luck in a FB group to find someone who could pick one up for you? Best of luck. Amber :)


Sunday 25th of July 2021

Hi 😊 me and my husband are planning to come and buy some it possible to just come to the gift shop or do we have to buy the movie set ticket in order to buy some souvenirs after the tour?

Amber Greene

Sunday 25th of July 2021

Hi Mele, it is possible to visit the main souvenir shop where the buses depart from, but not this one. There are some of the same souvenirs but others that are exclusive to the shop on site as part of the tour. There's no way to get to that shop unless on a tour unfortunately. Have a great trip. And do book the tour! It's awesome fun, and if you go that far, then you must do it.

Annette Heselgrave

Monday 14th of June 2021

We had a brilliant time at Hobbiton a few years ago and would love to replace the Green Dragon mugs we were given there. How can I get them shipped to the UK?

Amber Greene

Friday 18th of June 2021

HI Annette, unfortunately the only way to buy the pottery mugs is in the Hobbiton shop onsite. They don't ship these as they are exclusive to Hobbiton. Sounds like you might need another trip to NZ! (when the world opens up again) xx Amber


Friday 9th of October 2020

How do I find the Hobbiton Gift Shop online? Travel is limited now (COVID) and Christmas is coming. Would like to be able to shop on line for those great hobbit products. Thank you!

Amber Greene

Friday 9th of October 2020

Hi Cindy. Try the WETA shop online - you'll find a bunch there. However, unfortunately, some of the these products are exclusive to Hobbiton movie tour shop and won't be available online. But hopefully you can get there for next year once travel kicks off again! It's so much fun to visit in person.

Rebecca Tucker

Sunday 12th of January 2020

Hello. On a recent visit to your shop my daughter bought some looking cream she loved. However when we flew back to the states it was taken by security. Could you tell me the brand it was or do you sell it and ship to the states? Thank you! Rebecca


Sunday 12th of January 2020

Hi Rebecca. I'm sorry I can't help you as I don't own the shop. I've written a guide to it to help visitors plan their souvenir shopping. Please try emailing the Shire Store via this link. Good luck!

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