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INSIDE: Everything you need to know about where to buy chocolates in Japan. 

Wondering where to buy Japanese chocolate, or more specifically, where to buy Japanese chocolates in Tokyo?

Here’s your answer.

Japanese supermarkets should be your first port of call because that’s the cheapest place to buy Japanese chocolate.

It’s where you’ll get Meiji chocolate bars, Ghana milk chocolate, and limited edition Royce baton cookies at the best prices.  

(Here’s a list of TOKYO supermarkets with addresses so you don’t have to travel far to find the closest supermarket to your hotel or accommodation) 

But there’s so many other places to buy all the best Japan chocolate money can buy.


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image - kit kat chocolatory by karl baron

Image credit: Karl Baron via Flickr CC BY 2.0


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No.1: Kit Kat Chocolatory and Café

No visit to Japan would be complete without first stopping at the Kit Kat cafe in Tokyo. 

Don’t miss the main flagship store, the Ginza Kit Kat Chocolatory and Café. 

Not only can you buy all the Japanese Kit Kats you can carry, you can order a personalised Kit Kat imprinted with your own message AND cute motifs. Plus, it’s packaged and wrapped up beautifully as only the Japanese can do. 

(This service is only available at the Ginza Kit Kat cafe) 

The first floor is the shop, the second floor is the cafe. 

Head upstairs and you can try the amazing I Love Fruits Parfait, the Petit Gateau cake or the Sublime Matcha Parfait.

(There’s savory snacks too, but who really cares?) 

The Ginza Main store location is 3-7-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Oak Ginza Building 1st and 2nd floor.

Just in case you are not in the Ginza area, there are other Kit Kat stores around Tokyo too.

Find all the Kit Kat stores in Tokyo here

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family mart japanese convenience store food pic by wikimedia

Image credit:  Rafiq Mirza  via Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0

No.2: Best Japanese Convenience Stores 

A Japanese konbini mart in Japan is a one-stop shop for popular Japanese chocolate at affordable prices. 

Don’t miss them.

No.1: Family Mart Japan

Family Mart Japanese convenience store is our favorite.

For Japanese chocolate products, but also for the best Japanese treats including mochi! 

Look out for all the best chocolate brands in Japan including: 

  • Apollo Strawberry Chocolate
  • Meiji Almond chocolate
  • Japanese chocolate candy
  • Green tea kit kat
  • Kinoko No Yama chocolate biscuits
  • Takenoko No Sato Chocolate Snacks
  • LOTTE crunky chocolate (our no. 1)  


Take a sneak peek into Family Mart here and see what’s on the menu each day!

image - lawson convenience store tokyo

No.2: Lawson Konbini store

Lawson is another konbini store in Tokyo. 

Similar to Family Mart, but with a slightly different range of Japanese chocolate snacks to buy so worth a look. 

There’s a Lawson convenience store at Narita Airport just before you head through customs, so spend the rest of your yen and stock up on delicious Japanese snacks and treats for family and friends. 

No.3: 7-Eleven convenience store

A familiar brand, but not like you know it.

7-11 in Japan is way cooler than anywhere else. Pop in to shop. 

image - don quijote shop tokyo


No.1: Don Quijote

Don Quijote tax free shop (or Donki as it’s also known) is a chain of discount variety stores in Tokyo with an excellent food section.

You’ll find Japanese chocolate brands & snacks at bargain prices here. 

image - japanese depachika chocolates 800

No.2: Depachika Tokyo

Depachika Department Store Food Halls can be found on the basement level of all good Japanese department stores.

One of the best sellers are their Depachika Japanese chocolate box souvenirs from Japan, an elegant gift for someone who is a little hard to buy for.


No.3: Tokyo Station Okashi Land

This is the famous Tokyo Station snacks shop where you can try all the Calbee treats, including this magnificent crisp, chocolate sauce and ice cream treat!

Plus pick up all the best character chocolates for gifts and souvenirs. 

Read all about it here. 

muji grocery store shibuya pic

No.4: MUJI Chocolate & Grocery Store

Head to the MUJI Tokyo Shibuya grocery deli on the basement floor to find a selection of MUJI candy, chocolates and snacks. 

Look out for the:

  • MUJI Milk Chocolate squares
  • the MUJI corn snack chocolate
  • the MUJI peanuts chocolate
  • the MUJI chocolate rice cracker
  • MUJI chocolate coated orange peel, and
  • the MUJI chocolate coated wheat puff. 

Hot tip: Try the MUJI Strawberry Chocolate (it’s a MUJI chocolate coated strawberry) or the MUJI White Chocolate covered strawberries 50g pack! 

disney shop shibuya

No.5: Disney Store in Shibuya


You can even buy Disney Japanese snacks & famous Japanese chocolate in the Shibuya Disney Store. 

Head to Humax Pavilion Shibuya Koen Dori, 20-15 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0042 – you’ll spot it well before you reach it.

image - tokyo disneyland castle 800

No.6: Tokyo Disneyland Chocolate & Tokyo Disney Sea Chocolate snacks

And don’t forget to check out the Tokyo Disneyland Resort chocolate and snacks.


  • Duffy & Friends assorted chocolate sets
  • a Mickey Mouse & Friends assorted chocolate paper box set
  • Big Hero 6 chocolate
  • a box of Duffy & Friends baked chocolate crunch cookies (and other versions)
  • a Beauty and the Beast chocolate gift box in a book-shaped chocolate tin
  • chocolate cereal bars, and
  • a Sweet Disney Love Tokyo Disney Resort chocolate box too.

Look out for the Mickey Mouse waffle cookies, and the “I Played at Tokyo Disney Resort” chocolate collection! 

image - ameyokocho food market tokyo 800

No.7: Ameya-Yokochō market in Ueno

Look for bargain priced chocolate gifts here.

You can also try some typical Japanese street foods such as:

  • kakigori ice
  • dorayaki pancakes
  • okonomiyaki savory pancakes 
  • yakitori skewer sticks, and more. 

Hot tip: Coco Japanese chocolate shop, Kyoto

Coco chocolate shop in the Marui building 1F in Kyoto sells handmade vegan chocolate bars.

The Coco Japan chocolate store also stocks:

  • raw chocolates and healthy bliss balls
  • Japanese dark chocolate covered nuts and fruits, plus
  • delicious hot chocolate powder

image - sign at tokyo character street

No.8: Japanese train stations

All the major Japanese train stations such as Tokyo Station, Shibuya Station and Shinjuku station have shops that sell all the well known Japanese chocolates brand treats.

Tokyo Station Character Street is one spot you shouldn’t miss for:

  • “kawaii” cute sweet treats
  • Japanese biscuits with adorable character packaging
  • chocolates from Japan with cute Japanese chocolate packaging.

(This area is close to Okashi Land in Tokyo Station)

image - narita airport terminal building pic by keyaki flickr

Image credit: Keyaki via Flickr CC BY SA 2.0

No.9: Tokyo Airports

Narita Airport and Haneda Airport duty free shops are another good option for:

  • Japanese kit kats (the famous chocolate in Japan)
  • Japanese Matcha chocolate
  • Royce chocolate bars & Royce Nama chocolate, and
  • more of the popular or famous Japanese chocolate brands. 

japanese chocolate royce by t-mizo

Image credit: T-Mizo via Flickr CC BY-2.0

It’s where you’ll find the expensive chocolate in Japan at duty-free prices! 

(NB: It’s not easy to find Royce chocolate in Japan so the airport is a good bet) 

japanese chocolate daiso entrance harajuku


Try a 100 yen store in Japan.

Not all 100 yen stores sell food, but even if they don’t, enjoy the riches (and treasures!) you’ll find in these havens of Japanese goods.

No.10: 100 Yen Stores in Tokyo (see the links below).

image - tokyo character street cookies 800

More Japanese Food ideas for you!

Click the links in blue below for more Tokyo shopping ideas.

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