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INSIDE: Ultimate Guide to Travel Souvenirs, and how to display them with style. 

If you love to travel, perhaps you’ve thought of starting a travel collection of travel souvenirs?

Don’t know where to start, or what to collect? 

We can help. 


(Don’t ask what’s your favourite souvenir to buy when you travel? I can’t pick just one.)

Once you’ve chosen your signature travel souvenir, the next problem is how to display travel souvenirs in a way that appeals to your design eye!

Here’s a few ideas to solve that dilemma! 

Take a look. 

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how to display travel souvenirs by enrique hoyos

Image credit: Enrique Hoyos via Pexels CC0

How to Display Travel Souvenirs 

The biggest problem of shopping for souvenirs around the world comes with storing or making the most of them.

People often ask us: 

  • How to display travel souvenirs?
  • How to organize travel souvenirs?
  • How to store travel souvenirs after a holiday?
  • How to keep travel souvenirs?
  • How to decorate with travel souvenirs?
  • What should I do with my cruise or trips memorabilia?
  • What are some good collections to start, and what do you do with them?

These are our top 14 tips on how to display souvenirs from travel. 

vignette by mark mccammon flickr

Image credit: Mark McCammon via Pexels CC0

No.1: Interior Decorating with Travel Souvenirs

Be inspired by house designers 

Here’s the hot tip on how to decorate with travel souvenirs. 

Group travel purchases of the same nature together to make a harmonious vignette.

This is like a “pocket-size table arrangement that tells a story about you and your home”. 

You can do this:

  • on a shelf
  • on a side table
  • on an entry table
  • on a tray
  • on a dresser, or
  • on a runner on your dining table. 

The trick is to leave space between items, and not have too many items cluttering up the area. 

The answer to how to display plants or how to display seashells is much the same. 

embroidered cushions by nasim-keshmiri

Image credit: Nasim Keshmiri via Unsplash CC0

Group similar treasures together

You can also display a collection of similar objects together to make a travel souvenir display.

For example:

  • all your clocks on one wall
  • all your red and white toadstools on a timber shelf by the window
  • all your vintage glass bottles in a sunny spot to catch the light
  • all the bright embroidered cushions together on one couch 
  • all the special themed handmade items in one corner of the room

bottle display by natasha-connell

Image credit: Natasha Connell via Unsplash CC0

How to organize travel souvenirs? Group heights and sizes together

Build a DIY cabinet to size to store a complete collection to store all the things you collect, such as:

  • all the different sodas and soft drinks in glass bottles
  • cereal boxes (be sure to visit the Cereal Killer cafe in London!)
  • wine bottles
  • sauces & condiments
  • spices
  • beer bottles

This makes a colorful cheery display!

Hot tip: If you’ve drunk the contents before it goes out of date, fill the empty bottle with colored water to maintain the visual effect. 

color code by jason-leung-D4YrzSwyIEc-unsplash

Image credit: Jason Leung on Unsplash CC0

Color Code your travel gifts & souvenir ideas

Display your travel souvenirs by color.

Put all the green souvenirs together in one place.

Or color code them in a rainbow. 

There’s no rules! 

dried herb jars by laura-mitulla

Image credit:Laura Mitulla via Unsplash CC0

No.2 How to store your travel souvenirs collection

Buy the storage solution particular to your chosen collectible, travel keepsake or best travel souvenirs eg:

  • pressed pennies book
  • Disney autograph book
  • dried herbs in uniform, vacuum sealed glass jars
  • souvenir spoon holder

Here’s a modern spoon holder made from clear acrylic to make your display storage for spoons look like an modern art gallery! 

Here’s a souvenir spoon holder with a door to keep out the dust.

It’s lockable too.

vintage travel keepsake box with key

No.3 Travel Keepsake Box for special travel memorabilia 

A travel memory box is a way to store your valuable or nostalgic travel mementoes that don’t need to go on display. 

This wooden keepsake box can be used to store:

  • special ticket stubs
  • boarding passes
  • expensive jewelry that you don’t wear every day
  • printed photos you never want to lose
  • watches
  • excess currency 
  • handwritten letters
  • postcard collections from your adventures

pigeon hole cabinet by eric-prouzet

Image credit:Eric Prouzet via Unsplash CC0

No.4: Travel Display Shelving

Pigeon Hole cabinet for a mug collection display

Purchase a special pigeon hole cabinet with lots of separate shelf areas and store one collectible in each section.

For example, one handcrafted ceramic teacup or mug in each space to form a big visible collection of cups and drinking utensils such as Finnish kuksa cups. 

nail polish collection on floating shelves by yannes-kiefer

Image credit:Yannes Kiefer via Unsplash CC0

Floating Shelves Souvenir Display Case 

Add two or three rows of floating shelves to your wall and line your collectibles, such as your entire nail polish collection from abroad, or shot glasses, along it.

Floating shelves should be placed at a height that is preferably out of reach of kids to keep your travel knick knacks safe. 

For fun, you can add a good quality, cinema style lightbox to the shelf, and write an artistic description about the collection. 

Can’t think of the perfect narrative?

Try finding a meaningful or relevant line from a poem or reading a favorite book to spark your inspiration.

This would also be one way how to display kids art. 

vintage cabinet by jens-behrmann

Image credit: Jens Behrmann via Unsplash CC0

Vintage shelves display cabinet

Or, find a fabulous vintage cabinet and do the same. 

The best thing about a vintage cabinet is the unusual shelving layout, where not all shelves are the same size, width or height.

This adds visual interest, but also allows to you group your travel souvenirs together, despite them being different heights or widths. 

You can also place super tall items on TOP of the cabinet.

This makes them a focus point, as this draws your eye to them in the room.

glass cake stand storage

No.5: Storage Solutions for Travel Knick Knacks

Glass dome displays for your vacation souvenirs

Buy a few glass domes, or a clear glass cake stand, and store your favourite dolls, toys, and items under the lid.

Place a few domes or cake stands IN A ROW for extra points. 

This is the ultimate travel knick knack display. 

thimbles by chris hertel flickr

Image credit: Chris Hertel via Flickr CC BY-2.0

Clear Glass Vase storage

Buy a giant clear glass vase, and place all your small collectibles inside.

This method is particularly good for storing items of the same nature, eg:

  • matchboxes
  • die cast cars
  • marbles
  • sewing thimbles
  • badges
  • pins
  • colored pencils
  • lipgloss tubes
  • wine corks
  • dice, etc

maggift memento storage boxes

Travel Shadow Box displays

Wondering what to put in a shadow box?

Buy a memento shadow box to store your excess coins, odd currency notes you no longer need, small trinkets, ticket stubs etc

Travel Shadow Box Bank

You can also buy a travel shadow box piggy bank.

Fill the front of the vacation shadow box bank with travel inspiration, travel motivation quotes, or your favorite travel mementos.

Add all your spare coins and notes to this unique money box for your next trip!

photo display by cottonbro pexels

Image credit: Cottonbro via Pexels CC0

No.6: How to Display Travel Photos

Order Photo Books 

Take photos of all your travel souvenirs and make up a photo book online.

Print travel photos for the fridge

Display travel photos of your favorite experiences, days out, and snaps of your beloved purchases on the fridge.

Don’t forget to highlight all your fun food adventures, like hunting for cute snacks at Tokyo Disney Sea!

Instamatic collages look particularly stylish. 

Make a travel souvenirs collage

Make a travel display collage of all your:

  • paper tickets
  • airline tickets
  • boarding passes 

Frame it.

Make a wire display for your travel mementos

Hang some wire along one wall, a la art gallery style, and peg photos and light souvenirs or trinkets to it.

You can also string ribbon to do the same thing. 

And this is another solution to how to display kids art, or how to display Disney photos too. 

Set up a slide show on your computer as a screensaver

If there’s no other spare space, a screensaver slide show will save the day!

how to display travel magnets 800

No.7: How to display travel magnets

Our fridge is filled with most of our travel magnets these days.

The best way to make it look like an art gallery is to position each magnet on it’s own, with space around it. 

You can also:

  • attach them to a silver baking tray and prop this on a shelf in the lounge
  • buy a magnetic office noticeboard and arrange them on this giant art canvas
  • arrange the magnets on a souvenir magnet display board by color,  by destination, or by size 

BUY NOW ON AMAZON: Wall Mounted Framed Magnetic Chalkboard 

christmas ornament display by bogdan-glisik

Image credit: Bogdan Glisik on Unsplash CC0

No.8: How to display ornaments 

Wondering how to display Christmas ornaments?

Look no further than a house shape wooden display case. 

Blown glass Christmas ornaments can be hung on a bare tree branch and strung from the ceiling. 

Check out these cool Airplane Christmas ornaments! 

Everyone who loves airplane travel NEEDS at least one airplane ornament for the tree

how to display postcards by lina kivaka pexels

Image credit: Lina Kivaka via Pexels CC0

No.9: How to display postcards

  • Buy a giant white or black frame, sized to fit, and lay them out.  Add a matt board to style it up professionally. 
  • Line them up on a wall, clipped with tiny wooden pegs to a long piece of string.
  • Display them lined up along on floating shelves, by destination or color. 
  • Blu tack them to the back of the bathroom door. 

marc tetro keyring from macys

No.10: Cool Keychain Collection Display

Wondering how to display keychains?

These travel knick knacks are one of the most tricky to exhibit, as they are all different shapes, sizes and themes.

Why not try:

Or hang a few favorites on your keys, and rotate out at the beginning of each season! 

PIN display travel souvenirs patches 800

No.11: Ways to display patches

Take a look at these travel patches ideas to store your cloth patches.

  • inside a glass fronted photo frame 
  • sewn onto a queen size woollen blanket
  • sewn onto a cloth tote for shopping excursions
  • sewn or ironed onto a cloth apron
  • sewn or ironed onto a cotton vest
  • sewn onto a zip up jacket or beloved denim jacket 
  • sewn onto a cotton canvas army style haversack, in khaki or butter color
  • sewn onto classic military messenger bag in olive green
  • sewn them onto a giant wall hanging quilt of colored squares, one per square

travel stickers by markus-spiske

Image credit: Markus Spiske via Pexels CC0

No.12: Travel Sticker Display ideas

One of life’s lovely, if temporary, things!

Display your stickers: 

  • on your car’s rear window
  • on a giant freestanding mirror
  • on an old door that no longer serves a purpose. Lean it up against a display wall.
  • on your stowed luggage
  • create a bullet journal full of stickers
  • on your laptop cover
  • in a purpose bought sticker collecting album 

Image credit: Jess Bailey via Pexels CC0

No.13: How to display magazines

Pick a few favorites and pile them up on a side table, next to a fresh vase of flowers. 

You can also make a BIG stack of these unique souvenirs in one corner of the room, and use the pile as a shelf for a soft souvenir, like a beloved plush toy. 

dish towel in use by elly fairytale

Image credit: Elly Fairytale via Pexels CC0

No.14: My favorite thing to do with travel mementos! 

Use them!

USE your dish towels (aka, tea towels or dish cloth) when you cook your lunch or dinner, or bake goodies for friends. 

Wash your face with your plant-dyed shibori face cloths from Kyoto.

Pop your bottle openers in the dish drawer.

Eat from your ceramic dishes, enjoy your shaving brushes, and drink from your travel coffee mugs so you can feel the joy they bring every single day!

I LOVE drinking from my Snoopy mug from the Charlie Brown cafe in Hong Kong.

It’s the one I carried around the world for 6 weeks in my suitcase.

(Forever grateful it made it home in one piece.)

patchwork quilt by jen-theodore

Image credit: Jen Theodore via Pexels CC0

Make a memento patchwork quilt 

Sew up all your favorite dish towels, prayer flags, random fabric pieces from Japan or Morocco, and t-shirts into a big cosy quilt. 

If you aren’t crafty, find someone who is. 

car licence plates by elijah-macleod unsplash

Image credit: Elijah Macleod via Unsplash CC0


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