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INSIDE: The Comprehensive all you need to know guide to TOKYO DISNEYSEA SNACKS.

As you walk around Tokyo Disneysea park between Disneysea rides, look out for cute Disney snacks.

Do not think you can visit Tokyo Disney Sea without trying at least one or two of the best Tokyo Disney Sea Snacks.

There’s no time for diets at Tokyo Disney resorts!

Tokyo Disneysea is a magical place where you must eat all the Japanese treats, Japanese snacks, Japanese chocolate, and Japanese candy. 


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mickey ice pop at tokyo disneysea pic 800


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One of the MUST DO activities for both kids and adults at Tokyo Disneysea is trying all the fun snacks we’ve listed below.

Put your favourites on your Tokyo Disneysea itinerary today so you don’t forget, and know where to find them on the day. 

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disney sea snack bar menu pic 800


No.1: Mickey Ice Pops

The Mickey ice pop at Disney sea comes in two flavors: 

  • tropical fruit, or
  • peach and raspberry.  

Mickey and Minnie Ice bars cost ¥310 each. 

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little green men with souvenir box by sstrieu

Image Credit: SStrieu via Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

No.2: Green Alien Mochi Disneysea

Alien mochi dumplings can be found at Mamma Biscottis Bakery in the Mediterranean Harbour for ¥360.

Buy Little Green Men mochi dumplings with the souvenir Little Green Men case for ¥980.

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alien mochi dumplings custard inside pic

What is the Little Green Man mochi filling at Disneysea? 

These Alien snacks are spongy rice balls, made from sticky rice that is pounded into a dough, are filled with sweet custard in three flavors:

  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Cream


SOOOOO goood! 

mickey churros


No.3: Disney Mickey Churros

Mickey shaped churros take a churros treat next level!

For 350 yen each, they are a bargain snack for those on a budget too. 

Orange flavored Nemo churros!  

Head to Nemo and Friends Sea Rider to find the churro stand (Bayside takeout) that sells ORANGE FLAVORED NEMO CHURROS! 

They are orange and white striped, just like NEMO!  

Look out for Potato churro snacks too. 

mickey castella cake at tokyo disneysea

No.4: Mickey Castella cake with chocolate cream

Find this at Hudson River Harvest in the American waterfront.

Look out for the Mickey shaped ice cream sandwich too.

It’s a similar soft biscuit filled with vanilla ice cream.

My mouth waters at the thought. 

sweet fried burrito at disney sea

No.5: Sweet fried burrito at Tropic Al’s

This sweet treat is filled with caramel and banana.

Careful, they are HOT!

But delicious. 

tropic als wagon disneysea park 800

Tropic Al’s Wagon at Tokyo Disneysea 

Buy these sweet fried burritos from Tropic Al’s wagon.

It’s in Lost River Delta in Disneysea park.

No.6: Mickey shaped muffins 

You can purchase Banana and walnut muffins, or double choc muffins from Mama Biscotti’s Bakery.

No.7: Mickey Danish pastries

The same place also sells Mickey shaped danishes in two flavors:

  • apple custard, and
  • dark cherry. 

duffy drink at tokyo disneysea pic by joel

Image Credit: Joel via Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

No.8: Duffy Sweets and Drinks at Disneysea Restaurants & Shops

The place to find Duffy snacks is at Cape Cod confections. 

Try caramel milk tea, or iced caramel milk tea in a Duffy cup. 

You can also buy a sweet “omlet” roll and Happy Duffy caramel cream biscuit set for ¥470.

No.9: Shaved Ice at Liberty Landing Diner

If it’s a hot day in Tokyo, head straight to the Liberty Landing diner for Japanese shaved ice concoctions.

Kakigori shaved ice dessert is flavored with syrup and topped with a huge drizzle of condensed milk. 

If you are lucky, you can add a serving of red sweet anko beans on the side.

(Alt: adzuki beans or azuki beans) 

No.10: Fresh Fruit cups at Tokyo Disneysea

Stop by Papadakis Fresh Fruit wagon to pick up giant cups of seasonal fresh fruit, all chopped up ready to eat.

Tokyo Disneysea fruit cups are sometimes just what you need after all the other sweet treats!

disneysea panna cotta 800

No.11: Seasonal Snacks at Tokyo Disney

You’ll find LOTS of seasonal snacks on offer at Disneysea.

These Disney snacks tend to be in place for a 3-4 month long limited edition time, and are often accompanied by souvenir cups or plates to mark the occasion such as:

  • Disney Easter
  • Disney Christmas, or
  • Disney Golden Week. 

yucatan sausage dog disneysea

Image credit: Tokyo Disney Resort 


No.12: Spiced Smoked Chicken Leg

Find it at Lost River cookhouse for 500 yen each. 

No.13: Gyoza Dog Disneysea

Find the Gyoza Bun at the Nautilus Galley Refreshment Station at Mysterious Island for ¥500.

No.14: Yucatan Sausage Dog

Grab this hot dog before you stand in a ride queue.

Find it at Expedition Eat at Lost River Delta for  ¥ 500 

No.15: Seafood Cream Calzone

This pizza-type treat is enfolded in pizza dough, and filled with seafood cream.

Try one at Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen for 670 yen. 

No.16: Pizza  in Tokyo Disneysea Mermaid Lagoon 

Head to Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen to pick up pizza on the go. 

There’s both scallop pizza and sausage pizza. 

Hot tip: Try the deep-fried scallop cutlet sandwich, served on a clamshell shaped bun! 

When you are done eating, head to the Sleepy Whale Shoppe to pick up exclusive Tokyo Disneysea Merchandise, including LOTS of Ariel and the Little Mermaid souvenirs. 

PIN tokyo disneysea snacks 800 NEW


No.1: Chandu Tail Disneysea

The popular Chandu Tails were sold at Sultan’s Oasis in Arabian Coast.  Sadly, Tokyo Disney resort phased these Disneysea snacks out in August 2018.

Luckily you can still buy cute Chandu souvenirs & toys. This tiger from Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage is adorable. 

No.2: Donald Duck Life Preserver Steamed Bun

Sadly, the Donald Duck ukiwaman shrimp-filled steamed buns shaped like a Life Preserver are no longer available at Disneysea. 

They were sold at Seaside Snack, Port Discovery.

**It looks like these might be back on the menu from June 2020. Do check!** 

It was a sad day when these both disappeared. 

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tokyo disneysea popcorn machine by joel

Image Credit: Joel via Flickr CC By ND 2.0


Go on, buy the cute Popcorn bucket.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime souvenir from this magical Disney theme park.

Then buy all the different Tokyo Disneysea popcorn flavor refills (such as caramel, curry, or soy sauce) as you go round the park.

There are so many, we wrote a bucket list food travel guide. 

Read our Ultimate Guide to Tokyo Disney Sea popcorn here. 

tokyo disneysea children's set meal at sakura by cory doctorow

Sakura restaurant at Disneysea. Image credit: Cory Doctorow via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


You can find children’s set meals at Disneysea table service restaurants starting from ¥ 940.

Tokyo Disney’s children’s meals appeal to kids. They are often served on Mickey plates, with small portions of a variety of kid friendly food including star shaped nuggets!

The most expensive is the Little Explorer’s set at Magellans. This three course set will set you back ¥2100. 

Take a look at the range of children’s sets in different Tokyo Disneysea restaurants here. 

tokyo disneysea food prices by laika ac flickr

Image credit: Laika Ac via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Tokyo Disney Resort meals and snacks at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disneysea are truly the best priced Disney food dishes in the world! 

They are the only Disney parks in the world where I don’t even think about taking snacks from home to keep to our budget. 

We indulge in all the snacks, and at least one sit down meal too without having to rob the nearest bank. 

It’s yet another reason why these two Japanese Disney parks continue to be at the top of our favorites list. 


Cinnamon Churros at Disneysea cost ¥350 

Demiglace Churros (potato) cost ¥450. 

Tokyo Disneysea Popcorn

A regular box of popcorn costs ¥400. 

A popcorn bucket refill cost at Disneysea is ¥500.

Tokyo Disneysea Snacks cost

Savory snacks cost ¥4.50 to ¥5.00. An absolute bargain. 

Our tip is to skip lunch, and try all the savory snacks instead! 

disneysea food by .Martin

Toadstool Rating: Tokyo Disneysea Food & Snacks

TOKYO DISNEYSEA snacks review

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