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INSIDE: A sneak peek into the Christmas House Rovaniemi gift shop in Lapland. 

Planning a trip to Lapland?

Heading to the Santa Claus Holiday village?

Wondering what kinds of souvenirs you can buy in this Christmas village?

Take a look below at what you can find in the popular Christmas House Gift Shop.

THIS is the spot to do your souvenir shopping in Lapland. 

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image - christmas-house-santa-claus-village-rovaniemi by VR

Image credit: Visit Rovaniemi

Guide to Christmas House Gift Shop in Rovaniemi 

Shop for the best Lapland Souvenirs at CHRISTMAS HOUSE Rovaniemi. 

The Christmas House Rovaniemi gift shop is chockablock FULL of Lapland souvenirs, most of which would make a wonderful gift for friends and family back home.

And it’s decorated with festive Christmas lights, fairy lights, stars, Christmas trees, and other Christmas House decor. 

The Christmas House shop is located at the front of the Santa Claus Holiday Village, to the right of the Three Elves Restaurant and Hotel reception building.

It’s in the same building as the Christmas House Santa & Exhibition, and the Christmas House restaurant & coffee bar. 

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Image - Christmas house building interior

Inside the Christmas House Store

Pull open the door to enter the Christmassy foyer space, filled with:

  • decorated trees
  • baubles hanging from the ceiling
  • pictures of elves, and
  • snow.

Image - Christmas house santa village trolls at door

You may even spot a few trolls!

Image - Christmas house santa village official coin


Here’s an epic list of the BEST souvenirs from Lapland in this epic Lapland gift shop. 

No.1: Official Santa Claus Coin

The first thing you’ll see when you enter the shop is this Official Santa Claus Coin machine.

The ideal gift for someone who has everything!

Image - Christmas house reindeer hides

No.2: Reindeer Hides

Next up, you’ll spy the piles of reindeer skins.

These are a much loved souvenir for those who like house design and want a souvenir from their Lapland trip. 

Image - Christmas house finnish dolls

No.3: Traditional Finnish Dolls

Behind that, a merry band of traditional Finnish dolls in full National costume. 

Image - Christmas house snow toys

No.4: Plastic Snow Sleds & Bum Sliders

Jack couldn’t believe his eyes when he spotted the plastic snow sleds and bum sliders for sale.

He thought this would make an excellent souvenir for him to take home to sunburnt Australia! 

I’m not sure we’d ever have somewhere to use this, except maybe on the sandhills on Fraser Island in Queensland, so I said a big no. 

But for those visiting on a Lapland day trip, and who want to give their kids a turn on a sled, the Christmas House gift shop in Santa Claus Village is where you will find them to purchase. 

Image - Christmas house rovaniemi gnomes

No.5: Santa Gnome toys (Tomten souvenirs)

Everywhere you turn you’ll see 101 variations on the famous Nordic gnome dolls.

There’s Tomte dolls that stand, sit, and ones that guard the front door.

Some Tomten dolls have only noses visible.

Others have crinkly faces, or dangly hands and feet.  

Image - Christmas house gnomes

No.6: More Finnish Gnomes 

They range in size from 5cm tall, up to half a metre tall, and come in all the colours, although mostly red, grey and white. 

This year, it’s time for sequinned gnome dolls to appear. 

You’ll need to buy at least one. 

Image - Christmas house painted gnomes

No.7: Wooden Painted gnomes 

The cutest gnomes of all are made from painted timber logs.

How can anyone resist? 

Image - Christmas house gift shop glitter santas

No.8: Lapland Soft Toys, Husky toys & Reindeer toys

Take a look at the rows of sequinned reindeers and plush reindeers.

That’s a unique Christmas souvenir from Santa Village.

Look out for baskets of the cutest soft toys you ever did see:

  • fluffy Husky dog toys with “Lapland” emblazoned harnesses
  • red fox toys, and
  • bears. 

Image - Christmas house rovaniemi angels

No.9: Finnish Christmas Dolls

There’s an adorable range of simple but sweet Christmas dolls for ornamental display.

Some of them are to be hung as a Christmas tree ornament.  

Image - Christmas house ornaments

No.10: Christmas Ornaments from Lapland

You can find whole shelves full of Lapland Christmas decorations.

The only challenge is to limit yourself on how many you buy. 

Christmas decorations from Lapland make great easy-pack and thoughtful gifts to take home for the family. 

Image - Christmas house door signs

No.11: Moomin Souvenirs

The Christmas House shop stocks only a few Moomin souvenirs, but their selection is different to what we’ve seen elsewhere.

Hot tip: We recommend a visit to the Moomin Shop in the Santa Claus Gift House nearby to buy more of the best Moomin souvenirs too.

Image - Christmas house gift shop trolls

No.12: Traditional Finland Trolls 

Looking for something unique to take home?

Trolls are mystical forest-dwelling creatures, derived from Scandinavian myths of old. 

Why not snaffle a Finland troll for yourself? 

Image - Christmas house shop tshirts

No.13: Lapland Souvenir t-shirts

On one wall, there’s a varied selection of souvenir t-shirts from Lapland including designs such as:

  • Northern Lights Aurora Borealis
  • Husky dogs
  • Brown bears
  • Reindeers
  • Arctic Circle crossing souvenir t shirts  

Image - Christmas house gift shop beanies

No.14: Traditional Lapland Clothing Souvenirs 

The middle of this treasure trove of a Lapland gift shop is home to all different types of clothing and accessories.

  • Traditional Lappish hats
  • Hand painted silk scarves

Image - Christmas house rovaniemi slippers

  • Traditional Finnish shoes, patterned with embroidery
  • Moomin slippers

Image - Christmas house rovaniemi store shoes

Finnish shoes

Felt shoes for warmth!

Image - Christmas house rovaniemi sheepskin shoes

Emergency clothing supplies 

There’s a small selection of warm jumpers, sheepskin slippers, fleece pants, and long sleeved shirts that could be used as spare clothes in an emergency when the kids are cold and wet, and you’ve run out of spares. 

Image - Christmas house gift shop socks

No.15: Novelty Socks, Wool Socks, & Snow Gloves

We purchased a new set of snow gloves for 15 euro when Ned left his pair on the tour bus. 

They have quite a decent range of quality snow gloves and merino gloves for both kids and adults, from 13 -20 euro in price.

It’s not as cheap as buying them at home, but we were so grateful to find a pair of new snow gloves in the Santa Claus Village so Ned could continue to play in the snow that cost was not a factor. 

If you’ve arrived unprepared, or just need a top up of dry socks, the Christmas House store in the Santa Village can definitely help with:

  • merino wool socks
  • gloves
  • beanies
  • scarfs
  • mittens, and
  • neck warmers. 

Image - Christmas house shop clothing

No.16: Winter Jackets for Lapland

There’s also a few aisles with:

  • thick pullover jumpers/sweaters
  • snow jackets
  • thermal jackets made from gore tex
  • polar fleece jackets, and
  • thermal puffer jackets. 

Image - Christmas house candles

No.17: Snowman Candles & Homewares 

There’s also plenty of Christmas inspired candles and homewares to choose from, including these sweet Snowman candles. 

And adorable round Santa candles too!

(See picture at top) 

This is a more stout version of the traditional Finnish Santa candle, made from a long white taper candle dipped in red and green wax. 

What a wonderful Christmas Day table decoration these make. 

Image - Christmas house santa village mugs

No.18: Finland Souvenir Mugs

Pick up a new coffee mug with a Finland design. 

Image - Christmas house finnish souvenirs

No.19: Finnish Kuksa coffee cup 

Or look for a traditional wooden Kuksa mug in store. 

Kuksa mugs are beloved by Finnish people – everyone has their own one for their morning cuppa, and for camping or hiking trips. 

You can also purchase kitchen utensils and tools made from local timbers and reindeer horn, as well as gingerbread cookie cutters in Christmas shapes. 

Image - Christmas house rovaniemi shop ceramics

No.20: Ceramic Candle holders and Santa Snow Globes

Look along the outer walls to find all kinds of ceramics, and breakables, including these Gnome rings, and Snowman circles (pictured below).  

Image - Christmas house rovaniemi shop artwork

No.21: Lapland Art 

These Finnish paper cut art displays have a light inside, so you can create shadow boxes. (picture above)

This is the most elegant souvenir in the shop. 

Image - Christmas house rovaniemi shop magnets

No.22: Cheap Lapland Souvenirs

There’s not really such a thing as a ‘cheap Lapland souvenir‘ but if you are looking for small, token gifts, you can’t go wrong with a Finland magnet. 

There’s also a range of cheaper Finnish gifts close to the payment counter.

Take a look there to see if anything catches your fancy. 

Image - Christmas house rovaniemi shop toys

The Useful Toy Shop

Surprisingly, you’ll find a range of random commercial toys in the shop too including:

  • My Little Pony
  • Tonka Trucks
  • Nerf guns
  • Matchbox cars
  • Frozen 2 dolls
  • Defa Lucy (similar to Barbie) 

Image - Christmas house rovaniemi toys

Purchase Toys for a Private Santa visit

There is a selection of toys available in store for those parents staying on site who have arranged a visit from Santa to their cabin, and need to purchase a gift to wrap so it can be delivered during the surprise greeting. 

Image - Christmas house lapland supplies

Basic Essentials for Sale

Happily, there’s also a range of basic essentials including:

  • tissues
  • sanitary pads and tampons
  • toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • deodorant
  • hair brushes
  • wrapping paper
  • disposable slippers
  • wipes
  • make up remover
  • perfume 
  • shampoo, conditioner and body wash

As I’ve discovered, you never know when you’ll need something like this. 

Image - Christmas house finnish porridge

Nordic & Finnish Food souvenirs

At the back of the Christmas House gift shop, near the entrance to the restaurant, there is a section full of traditional Finnish food, including:

  • vacuum packed salami
  • tinned reindeer meat
  • Finnish porridge and granola
  • Finnish jams,  jellies and marmalade
  • Lingonberry cordial
  • Finnish gingerbread biscuits
  • Finnish tea bags
  • Finnish chocolate

Read our guide to the best Finland food to buy in a Finnish supermarket here.

Food from Finland makes a great, easy carry, lightweight gift too. 

Image - Christmas house santa claus village entrance

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Christmas House Rovaniemi Shopping

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in euro, unless otherwise stated

Christmas House Gift Shop telephone: (via reception) + 358 400 306 273 
Christmas House Shop opening hours:  8am to 10pm. 
Christmas House Souvenir Shop website: Click here

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How to get to Santa Claus Village from Rovaniemi

Christmas House is the building that is to the RIGHT of the Three Elves Restaurant. 

Click here for details of how to get from Rovaniemi to Santa Claus Village.

Guide above also includes details of how to get from Helsinki to Rovaniemi on the Santa Claus Express train, and by plane. 

Christmas House Gift Store Map

Toadstool Rating: Santa Claus Holiday Village Christmas House Gift Shop

Christmas House in Rovaniemi IS the best gift shop in Lapland.

Something for everyone. 

christmas house rovaniemi REVIEW

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