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INSIDE: Roam the Gnome’s Insider’s Guide to the MOOMIN SHOP Finland Rovaniemi (Santa Village) 

Visiting Finland and looking for a unique Finnish gift for kids, or anyone who loves the quirky characters that are known as the Moomins (or Mummi)?

You need to visit a Moomin Shop.

It’s the place to buy Finland’s CUTEST souvenirs. 

There is a Moomin Cafe, with an attached Moomin shop in Helsinki, but the best one is the Moomin Shop in Rovaniemi, the one that is inside the Santa Claus Gift House and Arctic Circle Information Centre at the Santa Claus Holiday Village.

Take a peek inside the Moomin shop in Santa Claus Holiday Village below! 

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Image - moomin valley shop finland santa village exterior

Who are the Moomins of Finland?

From a sign in the shop:

(Edited for length

“The Moomins are the central characters in a series of books  and a comic strip by Swedish-Finn illustrator, visual artist and writer, Tove Jansson, originally published in Swedish in Finland.

They are a family of trolls who are white and roundish, with large snouts, who love adventures with their friends. The carefree and adventurous family live in their house in Moominvalley. 

Moominvalley is a peaceful place where the Moomins live in harmony with nature. Moominhouse is the largest building in the valley, and visitors from far and wide are welcome to visit. 

The Moomins made a path from the Moominhouse to the seashore, and built a small bathhouse there. Moomins love the sea and playing on the beach. 

The Moomins do love a good journey and their adventures take them far and wide, but they know their home is always there for them to return to. 

The Moomins are a direct reflection of author-illustrator Tove Jansson’s life philosophy and practices, and people from around the world continue to resonate with her messages” 

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Image - moomin cookie cutters

Guide to Moomin Shop Finland

The Moomin shop in Rovaniemi is FULL of Moomin toys, Moomin mugs, Moomin gifts and more. 

There’s something for everyone inside this Moomins shop, including Moomin cookie cutters!  

Image - moomin shop finland kuksa cups

A Sneak Peek inside the Finland Moomin Shop Rovaniemi

The most Finnish of all Moomin troll gifts is a traditional Finnish Kuksa mug. 

At 19,50 euro, it’s not the cheapest of Moomin souvenirs BUT it is one of the most authentic Finland gifts you can give.

PIN Moomin shop souvenirs 800


No.1: Moomin Plush Toys

The Moomin Plush range in store is quite something!

This is a Moomin toy my boys would go crazy for. 

That, or a Moomin costume. 

Image - moomin mug

No.2: Moomin Mugs 

We bought one of these EXCLUSIVE Moomin of Finland mugs.

This Moomin mug design is ONLY available at the Moomin shop in Lapland. 

Nowhere else. 

These mugs cost 17,90 euro, but an enamel Moomin mug is a gift that will be around for a long time.

Morning coffee will never be the same. 

Image - moomin mugs

More Moomin Mug designs in store

Check out all the other designs too. 

Image - moomin figures & stationery

No.3: Moomin Troll Figurines

Kids love Moomin characters they can play with. 

These Moomin figurines feature all the key family members and friends. 

The Moomin Family

  • Moomintroll
  • Moominmamma
  • Moominpappa

Best Friends

  • Snufkin.
  • Little My
  • Snorkmaiden.
  • Snork (with the glasses)
  • Sniff

Those of the Moominvalley and surrounds

  • Mymble.
  • The Groke
  • The Police Inspector
  • Hattifatteners
  • Too-Ticky ( in the red and white striped shirt)
  • and a whole lot more…. 

Want a list of every single Moomin character? 

Here it is.

No.4: Moomin Stationery

The Moomin shop in the Santa Village also sells a range of Moomin stationery, including:

  • coloured pencils, and
  • lead pencil sets. 

Image - moomin shop finland books

No.5: Moomin Books in English

Did you know that in total, there were nine books released in the series, together with five picture books and a comic strip that ran between 1945 and 1993.

The Moomin shop in Lapland sells Moomin books in English.

No.6: Moomin Games 

Plus, there’s a shelf full of activities and games including: 

  • Moomin Story Cubes
  • Moomin puzzles
  • Moomin money boxes
  • Moomin umbrellas

Look out for the range of Moomin poster boards, and original Moomin art. 

Image - moomin baby gifts

No.7: Moomin Baby Gifts

The Moomins are very popular with new mamas so you can now find a range of:

  • Mumin cutlery
  • Mumin baby bowls
  • Moomin spoons
  • a Moomin cup
  • dummies
  • Moomin cups (sippers)
  • Moomin baby bottles
  • Moomin bibs, and
  • Moomin pram toys

The choice of what to buy is difficult, as it’s all so cute!

Image - moomin clothes

No.8: Moomin Clothes & Moomin Baby Clothes

The shop stocks Moomin baby clothes, children’s clothes, and Moomin pyjamas for young and old. 

Plus, a range of Moomin t shirts too. 

Image - moomin shopping bag collection

No.9: Moomin Shopping Bag and Moomin Tote Bags

Look out for:

  • Moomin tote bags
  • Moomin shoulder bag
  • Moomin shopping bags
  • Moomin carry bags
  • Moomin purses, and more. 

Image - moomin party goods

No.10: Moomin Party Goods

There’s Moomin paper plates, napkins and more. 

Everything you need for a Moomin themed party. 

Image - moomin keyrings

No.11: Cheap Moomin Gifts

While there’s really no such thing as a cheap Moomin gift or budget Moomin merchandise, the best bet if you are on a budget is to purchase either a:

  • Moomin keyring
  • Moomin phone case, or
  • Moomin socks.

Image - moomin shop finland teabags

No.12: Moomin Food Souvenirs

Or stick with edible Moomin gifts and drinks.   

The Fazer Moomin biscuits are delicious, with a hint of vanilla.

Find at the Fazer shop in Santa Village too

(The official name of this place is the Santa Claus Chocolate and Candy Shop, and there’s LOTS of Finnish food souvenirs to choose from)

Image - moomin shop finland food souvenirs

No.13: Moomin Biscuits and Candy

There’s lots to choose from including:

  • Moomin teabags
  • Moomin gum
  • Moomin candy
  • Moomin chocolate
  • Moomin cocoa in a tin
  • Moomin gummies
  • Moomin biscuits
  • Moomin fudge 

Image - moomin shop finland collectibles

No.14: Moomin Collectibles

If the budget is not a concern, a Moomin collectible is a one-of-a-kind gift for a Moomin fan. 

Image - moomin enamel mugs

No.15: Moomin Enamel Ware

As well as the mugs, there’s also Moomin enamel bowls and plates to match. 

Image - moomin stainless steel bottles

No.16: Moomin kitchenware & homewares

Look out for teatowels, table runners, placemats, and Moomin drink bottles.  

You may even spot a Moomin apron – the perfect gift for a foodie friend. 

Image - moomin shop finland santa village lightbox

No.17: Moomin Lamp (pictured at top)

Jack and Roam the Gnome decided on a Moomin lamp, a pocket sized version of this Moomin lamp that sits outside the shop, in the snow at Santa Village. 

Our little piece of Moomin Valley is now home, safe and sound on the nightstand. 

Image - moomin plush toys

THE INSIDE SCOOP: The Moomin Shop in Santa Claus Village Finland

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in EURO, unless otherwise stated

Address: Moomin Valley Shop in Santa Claus Village is at Joulupukin Pajakyla, Rovaniemi 96930 Finland.

  • Find the shop inside Santa Claus Gift House and Arctic Circle Information Centre.
  • Turn left as you enter from the front, and you will see the shop.
  • It’s the first store you come to on the right side of the aisle. 

Telephone: +358 40 5173135
Website: Click here

Image - moomin shop finland mugs

Moomin shop opening hours

  • 10am to 6pm during the Christmas season.
  • The shop is open every day of the year. Hours may vary during low season.
  • Please check their facebook page for updates. 

Image - Iittala outlet store finland moomin childrens set

Arabia Moomin Mugs & More

Hot tip: If you are visiting the Moominshop in Rovaniemi in the Santa Village, make your next stop Iittala Arabia store inside the Main Office of Santa Building. 

They have a range of Moomin Arabia dinnerwear, mugs, dishes, cutlery and more. 

When we visited during the month of December, there was a 30% off sale off all Moomin products. 

image - santa claus holiday village accommmodation cabins

How to get to Santa Claus Village from Rovaniemi

Click here for details of how to get from Rovaniemi to Santa Claus Village.

Also includes details of how to get from Helsinki to Rovaniemi on the Santa Claus Express train, and by plane. 

Moomin Shop Map

Toadstool Rating: Moomin Valley Shop in Lapland

This is a shop specialising in Moomin products at Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi. 


The shop owner is a delight, and very keen to help.

She has a LOVE of Moomin that is palpable. 

moomin shop REVIEW


No.1: The Moomin Shop Helsinki

There’s actually three Moomin shops in Helsinki but the main one is the Moomin Shop Forum at Mannerheimintie 20, 00100, Helsinki, Finland

This is the spot to buy giant Moomin plush toys!

The Moomin store Helsinki style is opposite the Vans store in Helsinki.

Hot tip: Visit the Tove Jansson gallery at Helsinki Art Museum while you are there – Find it at HAM Södra Järnvägsgatan 8, 00100, Helsingfors, Finland

No.2: The Moomin Cafe Helsinki

We visited the Moomin Finland cafe in Helsinki

Read our review here.

Find it at Fabianinkatu 29 Helsinki, opposite Esplandi park. 

There’s a small shop at the back of the cafe selling cute Moomin toys, stationery and suitcases for kids, plus Moomin biscuits and hot chocolate. 

No.3: The Moomin Shop Hawaii

Head to the Ala Moana shopping centre and find the Moomin Shop at Shop # 3560, Honolulu.

This one is GIGANTIC!

A must for Moomin fans. 

image - Moomin shop london covent garden

Image credit: Moomin Shop Covent Garden

No.4: The Moomin Shop London

Head to Covent Garden in London to pick up all your Moomin souvenirs and gifts.

The Moomin book range here is outstanding, and so is the selection of Moomin toys.

But it’s the brightly coloured melamine plates, bowls, spoons and serving trays that catch my eye. 

Dare you to leave empty handed.

Look for the teal coloured doors, next to our other favourite design shop Pylones.

London Moomin Shop is at Shop 43Covent Garden London. 

No.5: The Moomin Shop Tokyo

The Moomin Shop is located in First Avenue Tokyo Station, on Tokyo Character street.

We’ve been there.

Take a look here for details, and how to get there.

No.6: Moomin Café In Tokyo Skytree Town

Yes, there is a new Moomin cafe in Tokyo. 

The food is super cute.

Find it a 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 131-0045 Tokyo Sky Tree Town Soramachi 1F Tower Yard 6

The cafe is open from 10am – 9.30pm daily

Check it out here

There’s also Moomin Bakery & Cafe Tokyo Dome City LaQua. 

Image - Moominvalley japan playground

Image credit: Moominvalley Park playground

No.7: Moominvalley Park Saitama 

Join in some cute Moomin craft workshops and candle making workshops, or a class to make your own Moomin stuffed animals. 

Check out the lighthouse, Moominhouse, the exhibition house, the particapatory theatre with Moomins, watch shows or take a ride on the Oshun Oxtra. 

Hemulen’s playground is the best thing ever for kids! 

Don’t miss eating at the Moominvalley dining room or the Moomin Japan pancake restaurant. 

Find it at Miyazawa, Hanno, Saitama 357-0001, Japan

Moomin Cafe Singapore?

As much as we’d love it, unfortunately, this is not yet a thing. 

Moomin Shop Australia?

Unfortunately, there’s no Moomin shop in Australia yet. 

image - moominworld via fb (1)

Image credit: Moominworld

Moomin World Theme Park

Moominworld in Naantali is the spot to walk INTO the world of the Moomins in real life!

Human size, in fact.

You can HUG a Moomin here.


  • visit Snork’s Park of Inventions
  • stop by Sniff’s Shop to check out exclusive Moominworld souvenirs
  • see Moomin shows
  • eat in Mamma’s kitchen restaurant
  • visit the Moomin post office
  • check out Snufkin’s camp
  • take a nap at Whileaway park, or
  • dine at Snork’s potato factory.

Check out the Moominworld Map here (summer openings).
image - moomin museum

Moomin Museum

Dedicated Moomin fans will love this museum with around 400 original illustrations by the well known artist and illustrator Tove Jansson

Plus 30 three-dimensional Moomin tableaux by her partner, the graphic artist Tuulikki Pietilä.

Plus, find a Moomin reading room, and a shop too. 

Find it at Tampere Hall, Yliopistonkatu 55, 33100 Tampere, Finland

Read all the details here

image - Rovaniemi Santa Claus Main Office photo HOME PAGE

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Click the links in blue for more Lapland tips below. 

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