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INSIDE: Everything you need to know about Mt Cougal National Park on the GC.

Did you know there’s MORE rock pool fun (and less crowds) just 6km past Currumbin rock pools in Currumbin Valley on the Gold Coast.

Take the kid-friendly walking track at Mt Cougal National Park to the Cougal Cascade waterfall, and find lots of places to dip your toes in along the rocky water courses.

Bring swimmers, towels, and a shaker of salt, just in case you become tasty to a leech or two. 

Find all the details of this natural wonder, and how to get to Mt Cougal below. 

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photo - mt cougal national park entrance

Guide to Mt Cougal National Park Gold Coast

While we probably wouldn’t make a specific journey here to Mt Cougal National Park Rock Pools, it’s good as an add-on “make a day of it” stop just 6km past the Currumbin Rock Pools.

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photo - mt cougal national park bushwalks

Mt Cougall National Park entrance

There’s a small car park at the end of the road.

Hot tip: Take all your valuables with you (cameras, phones, wallets etc) as the isolated area of the car park has been known to attract thieves as it’s out of the way, and presents an opportunity. 

photo - mt cougal national park bridge walkway

Mt Cougal National Park bridge

There’s a really easy, flat paved pathway that meanders through rainforest, over a bridge, and all the way to a semi-restored Old Timber Mill.

Carry a bottle of water.

The walking track is 1.6 km long

photo - mt cougal national park disused sawmill

Mt Cougal Old Timber Mill

The Mt Cougal sawmill is a great place to let the kids run off a bit of steam in the bush, with the added bonus of a bit of Gold Coast history.  

Read the information panels as you pass.

photo - mt cougal national park sign

Mt Cougal Banana Plantation

This area was once a Banana plantation!

Not that you’d ever believe it today.

photo - mt cougal national park sawmill equipment

Mt Cougal Sawmill hut

There’s some old sawmill equipment in the old hut.

As well as LOTS of moss covered logs that the kids love to clamber over.

photo - mt cougal national park logging hut


Watch out for biting ants.

Hot tip: BYO Stingose, just in case. 

photo - mt cougal national park waterfall - cougal cascade

Mt Cougal Cascades Track 

On the right side as you walk up, you’ll see quite a few access points to get down to the running water.

The first access path takes you down to the impressive sheer cliffs of the Mt Cougal waterfalls, alt. called the Cougal Cascades (if you dare).

Climb down the trail carefully. 

photo - mt cougal national park pools

Mt Cougal swimming holes

Or wander up the path a little to find about 3 or 4 other access points that get you down to more sedate areas where children and families can take a little dip, or play on the rocky banks.

Do watch out and take extra care on the slippery rocks with the kids.

The nearest public phone is back at the Currumbin Rock Pools, and mobile reception may not be super strong here. 

photo - mt cougal national park light

Mt Cougal Cascades afternoon light

If you are there in the mid afternoon, the LIGHT is spectacular.

Golden rays penetrate the trees above and create all kinds of magical illusions! 

photo - mt cougal national park view of water

Nature Play at Mount Cougal National Park

This is one of the best spots on the Gold Coast for a bit of nature exploration for kids.

Toddlers, preschoolers and older kids love to leap from rock to rock, build rocky dam walls and direct the water where they want it to go, and build rock cairns and cubby houses.

Bring LOTS of snacks and water.  

You aren’t going anywhere fast with views like this. 

photo - mt cougal national park rock towers

Where to eat at Mount Cougal Falls

BYO picnic food, and plenty of water.  

There’s no shops anywhere near here!

The closest cafe is the one opposite Currumbin Rock Pools.

Hot tip: Check out our guide to the best healthy snacks and food for picnics and road trips. There are fantastic ideas in here that you’ll love. 

photo - mt cougal national park botanicals

THE INSIDE SCOOP:  Mt Cougal Springbrook national Park

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Where is Mount Cougal?

Address: Very end of Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin Valley
Telephone: 137 468
Website: Click here
Opening Hours:  Daylight hours
Entry Fees: FREE!

PIN mt cougal national park

How to get to Mt Cougal National Park (Springbrook National Park)

By Car:

  • Exit the Gold Coast Highway at either Duringan Street or Thrower Drive and follow the signs inland to Currumbin Creek Road (State route 95).
  • Alternatively, exit the Pacific Motorway to head west on Stewart Road and turn left onto Currumbin Creek Road at the T-intersection.

photo - mt cougal national park park bench

Mount Cougal Parking

The Cougal Cascades car park and picnic area is at the end of Currumbin Creek Road.

Approximately 18km from the Stewart Road intersection.

Parking is free. 

Map of Mt Cougal Currumbin Valley 

Facilities at Cougal Cascade Currumbin Valley

Toilets: Yes
Shade: Yes
Enclosed: No (watch the toddlers and young children near open water, and slippery rocks) 
Ground cover:  Rocks, bitumen pathways
Picnic tables: Yes
Electric BBQs:  TBA 
Water Bubblers: No
Scooters and Bikes: No
Lockers: No
Dogs: No

Toadstool Rating: Mt Cougal Walk

mt cougal national park REVIEW

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