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INSIDE: Everything you need to know about making at wish at Trevi Fountain for kids. 

Rome is one of our favourite places to travel with kids.

It has everything.

Culture, history, beautiful architecture, green parks to run around in, and finger-licking good food for the kids.

Pizza by the slice, spaghetti galore, gelato, nutella crepes, Italian hot chocolate…

They will be spellbound by the beauty, the sculptures, and the history, especially if you know stories that bring Roman history to life.

There’s plenty of stories to tell about the Trevi Fountain, including why it’s the done thing to make a wish at the Trevi fountain.

Get all the fun facts and more below! 

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trevi fountain via michael giugliano

Image credit: Michael Giugliano via Pexels 

Ultimate Guide to Trevi Fountain for Kids

One family travel tip is to research and find out fun historical facts, philosophy, legends, or activities to engage the kids too.

Not only does it help the kids, it gives us all an insight into how this thing was made, or how it came to be.

Stories bring the place to life, and engage us with the statue or monument more meaningfully.

 “Digging deep” into any subject is the key to making something interesting. 

Make a Trevi Fountain Wish!

The number one attraction at the Trevi Fountain is to make a wish. 

The Trevi Fountain coin toss experience is on dozens of travel bucket lists around the world, so we jumped at the chance to take our turn too.

HOT TIP: Book this Trevi Fountain Underground Tour & go 9 metres below the surface into the underground passages! 

trevi fountain pic by sakena 4595942497

Image credit: Sakena via Flickr CC BY- 2.0

Three Coins in the Trevi Fountain

 Luckily, the first legend about throwing coins for a Trevi Fountain wish goes something like this:

“If you throw a coin from the right hand over the left shoulder into the Trevi Fountain,

you will one day return to Rome”. 

The key movement is to face away from the fountain, and toss a coin backwards over the shoulder. 

Originally, it was said that a sip of water from the fountain was the way to ensure a return to Rome but that was replaced by the coin toss wish back in Ancient Roman times. 

Trevi Fountain Three Wishes

There’s another legend inspired by the film “Three Coins in the Trevi Fountain”.

In this story, visitors must throw three coins.

  • The first guarantees your return to Rome
  • the second leads to new romance, and
  • the third will lead to marriage! 

How much money is collected from the Trevi fountain each day? 

The 3000-odd Euro coins are collected daily, with the help of the Italian Red Cross.

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PIN trevi fountain with kids

What happens to the coins thrown into the Trevi Fountain?

Wondering what happens to the coins thrown in Rome’s Trevi fountain? 

The collected coins are added to a fund that supplies a special supermarket that feeds the poor and homeless in Rome, although there are a few sneaky attempts to steal coins at least once a day.

Thankfully, the ever-popular practice of tossing coin “wishes” is protected by local law, as stealing coins from the fountain is illegal and results in arrest.

The History of Trevi Fountain Legend

 The Trevi Fountain sits at the junction of three roads and is the final termination point of the modern water channel, Aqua Vergine.

The legend is that back in 19BC, a young girl led thirsty Roman soldiers on a 13 km walk to a source of pure water.

This discovery was the impetus for Augustus to commission a twenty-two kilometre aqueduct system into the centre of the city.

In honour of this young girl, he named the aqueduct Aqua Virgo, or Virgin waters.

The sculptures reference this legend, “Taming of the Waters”

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central-sculpture-of-trevi-fountain-in-rome art house studio

Image credit: Art House Studio via Pexels 

The Meaning of the Trevi Fountain Sculptures

The figure in the centre of the Trevi Fountain is the Greek sea god, Oceanus. 

Oceanus stands on the back of chariot, being pulled by two seahorses.

This Trevi Fountain statue is not to be confused with Neptune, as he carries a three pronged fork, and is accompanied by a dolphin. 

The seahorses are each presided over by a Triton (half man, half merman), one of whom carries a conch shell, to be used as a shell trumpet to announce their arrival. 

The seahorse on the left is agitated, and is said to represent rough seas.

The seahorse on the right is tranquil and untroubled, and is said to represent peace and tranquility. 

(The two forces within each of us, that humans must work to keep in balance and check)

Goddess of Abundance and Goddess of Health

You’ll also see the Goddess Abundance (Agrippa) to the left. She stands next to a vase of water that has toppled over, spilling the source of all things into the well below.

The Goddess of Health and Nourishment (Virgo) stands to the right. 

trevi fountain greek-statues-2844464 by martin pechy pexels

Image credit: Michael Pechy via Pexels 

Interesting Facts about the Trevi Fountain Rome

How tall is the Trevi Fountain?

The Roman fountain stands 26.3 metres tall.

How wide is the Trevi Fountain?

It’s 49.15 metres wide, almost as long as a 50 metre Olympic swimming pool! 

What does Trevi mean?

Trevi in Italian means “three ways”, and was named for the fact it stills at the intersection of three roads. 

The literal translation of the Trevi Fountain is “Three Street Fountain” 

How old is the Trevi fountain?

The original fountain, designed by Leon Battista Alberti, has been in place since 1453, making it over 560 years old!

There were a few attempts to reconstruct and redesign the fountain over the years, and it finally came to fruition when Pope Clement XII awarded the design commission to Nicola Salvi.

How long did it take to build the Trevi Fountain?

It took 32 years to build the current Trevi Fountain.

Construction began in 1730 and ended in 1762.

How much water does the Trevi fountain hold? 

The Trevi Fountain tumbles around 2,823,800 cubic feet of water each day.

As one cubic foot of water is around 28 litres or 7.5 gallons, so that is a colossus amount.

Is the Trevi Fountain water recycled?

Thankfully, all that water is recycled these days! 

The water from the fountain is no longer used to supply the local community, and is just for show. 


Image credit: Art House Studio via Pexels 

Best Trevi Fountain Facts for Kids

Can you drink from the Trevi Fountain? 

No, the risk of contamination from human pollution makes the water from Fontana di Trevi undrinkable. 

But you CAN bring a water bottle and fill it up at the drinking fountain to the right of the Trevi fountain.

In Rome, these potable water fountains are called fontanelle, and you can find them all over the city. 

But there’s something a bit special about getting your daily drinking water from the Trevi Fountain in Rome, don’t you agree? 

Can you swim in the Trevi fountain?

No way, Jose!  

Although that doesn’t stop many a drunk tourist who wants to dive in and relive the well-known scene from the 1960 Federico Fellini film, La Dolce Vita.

These daredevils risk a 450 euro fine by doing so. 

Watch those sneaky, water loving, toddlers as the pull of the water may be irresistible on a hot day! 

skyline web cams

Trevi Fountain Live Cam

Did you know you can view the Trevi fountain webcam to see the Trevi Fountain in real time?

Check the Live Cam Trevi Fountain here.

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Fendi’s Restoration of the Trevi Fountain 2014-2015 

It pays to do your research before you go.

On one visit in 2015, we unknowingly dropped by during the Trevi Fountain restoration and much of the Trevi Fountain was hidden behind scaffolds.

Trevi Fountain Wish - renovation

Restoration work at Trevi Fountain

The water was turned off, and overall-covered workers were sat in place all over the dry fountain, carefully etching away years of calcium build up.

Trevi fountain wishing well 2015

Make a wish at Trevi Fountain 

Fortunately, a small ‘coin catching’ pit had been set up in front of a Trevi Fountain poster as a substitute during the Trevi fountain renovation for tourists and family travellers like us. 

We chanced our luck anyway, and Ned scored a direct hit on the grate.

Fingers crossed, Ned’s impressive throw means we’ll see it again in full glory before too long!

How much did the Trevi Fountain restoration cost?

The total restoration cost during the 2014-2015 works was in excess of 2.2 million euros ($2.4 million).

The entire project was funded by Italian clothing designer & fashion house, Fendi, as part of their “Fendi for Fountains” commitment to Rome.

The Trevi Fountain reopened on November 2rd 2015.

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Fontana di Trevi

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Where is the Trevi Fountain?

Address: The Trevi Fountain is located at Piazza di Trevi, 00187 Rome, Italy 

Trevi Fountain Hours:

The Trevi Fountain is open all hours and does not require a ticket or to pass through entry doors to view.

Viewing is available around the clock. 

But choose your time of arrival carefully.

We suggest very early morning, late afternoon, or early evening when everyone is eating dinner.

It is busy most of the time, but there are slight dips in numbers of visitors throughout the day

Trevi Fountain Admission Cost

There is no Trevi fountain entrance fee.

Trevi Fountain tickets

You do not need a ticket to see the Trevi Fountain.

Trevi Fountain at night

The Trevi Fountain restoration included the installation of more than 100 LED lights to improve the nighttime illumination of the fountain.

how crowded is trevi fountain by jeff-ackley-Pezl8-yY6OQ-unsplash

Image credit: Jeff Ackley via Unsplash

How crowded is Trevi Fountain? 

Take a look!

This is a fairly standard crowd.
trevi statue conch shell by francesco-bruno

Image credit: Francesco Bruno via Unsplash

How to get to Trevi Fountain in Rome

The Trevi Fountain wishing well is located right in the centre of Rome city, and within walking distance to:

  • the Colosseum
  • the Spanish Steps
  • the Pantheon,
  • as well as other Rome tourist spots.

From the Rome Termini, take a bus, taxi or Uber towards the city centre, and exit at the nearest Trevi Fountain stop on Via Del Tritone, or Via del Corso.

Trevi Fountain to Colosseum

The walk from the Trevi Fountain to the Colosseum is less than 2km.

If time is an issue, take a cab or uber. Otherwise, wander via the high-end shops on Via del Corso towards Piazza Venezia, and follow the signs.

There are plenty of walking pathways in the area.

Trevi Fountain to Spanish Steps

The walk from the Trevi Fountain to the Spanish Steps is about 600 metres.

Use your Google maps app as the Roman streets can be a maze!

We suggest walking up the Via del Corso and then turning right when you spot a Spanish Steps tourist marker sign.

Trevi Fountain to Pantheon

The walk from the Trevi fountain to the Pantheon is about 500 metres.

You’ll need to cross the main road, Via del Corso, then use your google map app to guide you through the Roman maze of streets.

Our favourite Piazza Navona is less than 200 metres from the Pantheon too. Don’t miss it.

Trevi Fountain Map

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