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INSIDE: Everything you need to know about Villa Borghese Bike Rental in Rome

Looking for things to do in Rome with kids?

THIS was one of our favourite family travel adventures ever.

 The Rome Villa Borghese Gardens is home to a Hire Cart Stand, called Bici Pinico.

This Villa Borghese bicycle rental hire cart stand has a selection of electric-powered ‘riscios’ or rickshaws for hire, along with regular bicycles, and mountain bikes.

We hired one. 

Take a look at this adventure in Rome for kids below! 

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PIN villa borghese bike rental pic

Everything you need to know about Rome Villa Borghese Bike Rental 

The best way to explore Rome Villa Borghese gardens is with electric-powered Pedal Cars!

The pedal car Riscios come in two sizes:

  • the two-person standard for 12 Euro per hour, or
  • the Riscio Max which seats four, for 20 Euro per hour.

Elsewhere in the Rome Villa Borghese you can also hire stand-up ‘Segway’ scooters too.

We hired a two-person pedal car Riscio.

Jack and Roam the Gnome sat up front in the small carriage seat, while Ned and I peddled.

BOOK NOW: Take a personalised E-Bike Tour of Villa Borghese Gardens 

Rome Villa Borghese Pony rides pic

About Bike Rental Villa Borghese Gardens

Both seats on the two-person Riscio have a driver’s steering wheel, although only the left-hand side driver’s wheel works to steer.
The Riscio’s electric power kicks in as you begin to pedal, so you don’t have to do much at all.

Thankfully, as the wide paths and roads that meander throughout Rome Villa Borghese are long and you can travel long distances in no time at all.

But be warned!

Villa Borghese Bike Hire warning!  

These Riscio’s don’t stop once you’ve turned them on!

Stopping the Riscio involves one person keeping their foot on the brake at all times.

Forget, or let go, and you’ll have a runaway Riscio tearing down the streets into oncoming tourists!

I only risked this once, leaving Ned on brake duty, while I hopped off for a quick pic of the view over Piazza del Popolo, but it was an anxious moment!

Rome Villa Borghese- Our Pedal Car pic

How long do I need Villa Borghese Gardens Bike Rental? 

One hour’s hire was plenty of time for us.

This was enough time to:

  • scoot around the outskirts of the park
  • spot the playground
  • find the Bio Parco zoo entrance
  • spy the building housing the kid-friendly old-fashioned pinball games arcade and the amusement rides
  • race other Riscio-driving families! 
  • laugh and wave at our compadres whizzing about on Segways, AND
  • take in the views over this magnificent old Roman city.

 This adventure is definitely one of our top three things to do in Rome with kids, and definitely the best way to see Villa Borghese with kids!

Rome Villa Borghese bike rental hire - Pedal Cars pic

Rome Villa Borghese Rent a Bike Tips 

 Choose which end of the day you’d like to visit.

The early morning and the late afternoon are less crowded, so you’ll have less bodies to navigate around on your drive/ride.

We visited these Rome attractions in the afternoon around 2.30pm which gave us plenty of time to take a ride on a Riscio, AND

  • take a pony ride
  • play a small number of quaint arcade games and ride the miniature rally cars, and
  • run off steam on the timber playground nearby. 

There’s also the Borghese Gallery to explore (buy tickets here), the Bioparco Zoo, & the cinema.

Read the guide below for more of what to see in Villa Borghese. 


Rome Villa Borghese- Tariff pic

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Bike Rental Borghese Gardens

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in euro, unless otherwise stated

Address: Piazzale Napoleone I
Telephone: Servizio Giardini 06 6710 9312 – 06 6710 9315
Villa Borghese Gardens Opening Times: 10am to sunset

Villa Borghese Gardens bike rental fees 

  • Electric pedal cars (2 persons) – 12 Euro for one hour
  • Electric pedal cars (4 persons) – 20 Euro for one hour

No booking needed.

Please note, cash only. 

Villa Borghese Segway Rental 

1 hour Rome Segway PT rental costs €15 per person and includes: 

  • Segway PT model i2 rental
  • Helmet
  • Complimentary map
  • Taxes

Pick them up at Villa Borghese, Piazzale delle Canestre

Website: Click here

Rome Villa Borghese- Pricelist pic

How to get to Villa Borghese Gardens Bike Hire

On foot: 5 -10 minutes walk uphill from the Spanish Steps, and Piazza Del Popolo.

By Metro: Metro Line A (Flaminio and Spain) stops

By Train:  FS station (Rome-Viterbo) to Piazzale Flaminio

By Bus:

  • Bus stops in via Fiorello La Guardia and square S. Paulo: 490,495,89,160,61
  • Bus stops in via Pinciana height Galleria Borghese: 223, 910, 53, 63, 83, 92, 360.

By Taxi or Uber: Villa Borghese is easily accessible by taxi or uber.

Entry points to the Rome Villa Borghese Park:

  • Via Aldrovandi
  • Via Raimondi (2 inputs)
  • Via Pinciana (2 inputs)
  • Piazzale San Paulo
  • Piazzale Flaminio
  • Piazzale Cervantes

Villa Borghese Map

Toadstool Rating: Villa Borghese Park Bike Rental

The best fun you can have in Rome on a sunny day, high above the chaos of this vibrant city. 

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