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INSIDE: Roam the Gnome’s Guide to Weston Park Adventure Playground at Yarralumla Canberra.

Bring a change of clothes for the kids when you visit the Weston Park Adventure Playground in Canberra.

It’s an unusual set up and layout for a playground, one we’ve not seen anywhere before.

I’m not sure who designed it or what they had in mind, but the kids love it.

Especially the rocky water course they can walk along, and through. 

This feature at Yarralumla Water Park guarantees they don’t stay dry for long.

Take a look at this, and more, below. 

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weston park adventure playground digger in the sandpit pic

A Sneak Peek at Weston Park Adventure Playground Canberra

The Adventure Playground in Weston Park is one of the best public playgrounds in Canberra with plenty to keep the kids happy.

The Weston Park playground features:

  • a separate zone with swings, and a giant spiderweb climbing frame
  • a sand digger in its’ own sand pit

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weston park adventure playground in canberra musical instruments

Water Play at Weston Park playground

The water play area at the playground is a little left of centre.

It’s shaped in a semi-circle, with one higher trough about 30cm in width filled with flowing water. 

Visit Roam the Gnome Family Travel Directory for MORE SUPER DOOPER FUN ideas for family travel. Search by City. Photo- Yarralumla Adventure Playground Canberra boat playground top watercourse

Musical Play

There’s a couple of  tactile elements here, including a set of musical ‘instruments’ hanging above this trough.

Whether or not they are supposed to, lots of kids climb up and walk along this narrow trough, even though the gap for their feet is so narrow between the concrete walls that they can only go foot by foot.

weston park adventure playground water course walk pic

Tactile water course

Down below, there’s a ramp that leads up to a second water course area. This area is segmented into sections, and is filled with smooth river stones for the children to navigate.

There’s a standing platform half way along.

Right at the end is a low concrete square filled with water – I can only assume this is a foot washing zone.

On ground level, there’s a nature-style wading pool filled with more river stones.

weston park adventure playground water pump pic 2

Water pump

The best thing about it is the hands-on water pump for kids.

The line up for a turn can get crazy busy.

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ship playground for kids at yarralumla playground pic

MORE playground equipment at Weston Park Yarralumla playground

Ship Playground

Younger kids love the toddler sized ‘boat’ themed play area, with hands-on games, and knobs to twist and turn.

pyramid slide at yarralumla park playground pic

Stone Pyramid Slide

This is a cool feature, a rocky mountain with a slide.

Kids can walk up the stairs to ride, or clamber over the smooth rocks to the top. 

swings at yarralumla weston park playground area pic


There’s two sets of two swings, four in total. 

weston park adventure playground spinner toy pic

Balance Toy

This balancing platform is a ingenious idea to help children develop their motor skills and vestibular systems, that help with balance and equilibrium. 


It’s harder than it looks. 

Check out the cool murals too. 

kid friendly cafe canberra - weston park cafe at yarralumla play station pic

Yarralumla Play Station – Weston Park Railway and Farm Friends

Hot tip: If you have time, visit the Yarralumla Play Station adventure park across the road to ride the Weston Park Miniature Train Railway or visit the petting zoo. 

There’s one of the best kid-friendly cafes in Canberra on site, open to all visitors from home and overseas.


Image credit: Yarralumla Play Station

Best Canberra Mini Golf courses 

Weston Park mini golf course is attached to Yarralumla play station too.

These two mini golf courses in Canberra are designed with fun for family time in mind.

One of them has iconic Canberra sights including Lake Burley Griffin, the view of Parliament House flags, 

The other has creative putting lanes, where you might:

  • putt your ball between a jigsaw puzzle of bike tyres, or
  • up a skateboard ramp!

Local Canberra kids adore this place. 

weston park adventure playground slide pic

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Weston Park Water Play Park

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in AUD dollars, unless otherwise stated

Address: Weston Park Adventure Playground Canberra is in Weston Park on Weston Park Rd, opposite Yarralumla Play Station in Yarralumla ACT 2600
Telephone: 132281 (Canberra Connect)

PIN weston park playground 800

Opening Hours at Yarralumla Park

Gates allow access:

  • between 7am and 10pm during daylight saving
  • from 7am until 8pm during other months

Entry Fees: Free


How to get to Yarralumla Park Playground

By Bus:

  • The Bus No. 315 and Bus No. 1 stop at Weston Park Canberra.
  • The Moovit App is a great resource to get you here

By Car or Taxi/Uber: take a look at the Weston Park map above.

  • 7km drive via Commonwealth Ave/A23 and Alexandrina Drive (10 minutes from the CBD), or
  • a 10km drive via Commonwealth Ave (14 minutes from the CBD)

Parking: Free parking on the streets or designated parking zones in the park

Map of Yarralumla Playground (Burley Griffin Playing Ground)

Facilities at Weston Park Canberra

Nearest takeaway coffee: 50 metres walk to Weston Park Railway Stop Cafe
Toilets: Yes
Disability access: Yes
Shade: Yes, tree cover provides some shade.
Enclosed: No. Be safe around water – keep a close eye on children under 5 especially.
Ground cover: Grass, concrete
Food options: BYO picnic (see closest takeaway cafe above)
Picnic tables: Yes. Undercover tables available.
Electric BBQs: Yes
Water Bubblers/fountains: Yes
Scooters and Bikes: Yes, there’s a bike path cycle track running throughout the park
Dogs: No
Swimming: If it’s a hot day in Canberra, stop by the Weston Park swimming enclosure. It’s not far to walk (or drive) from here. 
weston park adventure playground entrance pic

Toadstool Rating- Weston Adventure Playground Canberra

It’s lovely to be surrounded by natural Australian bush at this fun Canberra playground for kids. 

It’s not the best playground in Canberra, but combined with all the Yarralumla park attractions, it’s worth a visit. 
weston park playground yarralumla park review

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