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INSIDE: Sneak Peek inside the Marimekko Outlet Rovaniemi Lapland. 

One of the most exciting Finnish Design Stores can be found in the Santa Claus Holiday Village

The best thing about this store?

It’s an Marimekko Outlet shop in Finland, which means there are Marimekko bargains to be had. 

A few at least! 

Take a sneak peek below. 

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Image - marimekko outlet store doorway

Marimekko Outlet Store Finland in Rovaniemi Lapland

The Marimekko Outlet Store in the Santa Claus Village has a range of discounted Marimekko gifts and souvenirs, and also a range of normal priced products.

Be sure to check! 

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Image - marimekko outlet store rovaniemi

History of Marimekko

According to the shop information, MARIMEKKO is a “Finnish Lifestyle Design House celebrated worldwide for it’s original prints and vibrant colours”. 

The Marimekko dress was introduced in the 1950’s, giving Finnish women a chance to dress boldly and bravely in a bland world, and truly embrace the joy of life and share it outwardly in fashion, lifestyle and homewares. 

The Marimekko meaning

Fun Fact: The Marimekko meaning in Finnish actually translates to “Mari’s dress”. 

The most famous Marimekko pattern is arguably the Marimekko flower print known as Unikko, created in 1964 by Maija Isola.

This Marimekko poppy fabric and pattern is but one of the Marimekko design house’ 3,500 designs which now adorn clothing, bags, accessories, kitchenware, bedding, fabric, and socks. 

Marimekko has its’ own printing factory in Helsinki, and this is the workhorse of the brand, where the large scale patterns and colours come to life. 

Take a look at some of what’s on offer these days! 

Image - marimekko outlet store finland ceramics


No.1: Marimekko Homewares

My favourite part of the Marimekko store in Rovaniemi is the home section. 

You’ll find Marimekko homewares here at the Finland Marimekko outlet store including: 

  • Marimekko mugs
  • Marimekko dishes
  • Marimekko platters and serving trays
  • Marimekko vases 
  • Marimekko trays
  • Marimekko coasters

Image - marimekko outlet store oven gloves

No.2: Marimekko Kitchenware

These pastel pink mugs and bowls caught my eye.

So did the Ketunmarja Red Fox design on the Oiva mug in white, brown and black.

Image - marimekko outlet store finland mugs cups plates

No.3: Marimekko plates, cups, spoons

Including the famous Marimekko Unikko mug and plates.

You can also Marimekko oven gloves, Marimekko cloth napkins, and Marimekko aprons, and Marimekko tea towels. 

Image - marimekko christmas gifts

No.4: Marimekko Outlet Finland Christmas Gifts

I ADORE these Marimekko white dishes with leather strap handles so much. 

These were my favourite thing in store. 

Image - marimekko outlet store finland gifts

No.5: Marimekko salad servers

The Marimekko salad servers (pictured with white bowls) and the Marimekko Oiva/Räsymatto black and white dot mugs are two more elegant gift choices. 

Image - marimekko outlet store finland interior

No.6: Marimekko Bags

The Rovaniemi Marimekko store has ever changing stock of:

  • Marimekko handbags
  • Tote bags
  • Marimekko backpacks, and
  • Cross body bags.
  • Marimekko Shoulder Bags
  • cosmetic bags

Image - marimekko outlet store finland boxed stationery

No.7: Marimekko Stationery

Find Marimekko notecards and envelopes in 20 different Unikko designs. 

These Marimekko cards retail for  14,90 euro. 

Plus Marimekko pencil sets and notepads and jotters to write down all your goals and dreams, and Marimekko wrapping paper too. 

image- marimekko thick socks


No.1: Thick Marimekko Wool Socks

These adorable and stylish Marimekko socks retail for 30,00 euro at the Marimekko outlet store in Finland.

 Made from 70% wool, 29% polyester and 1% elastane, these are an affordable and well made gift for a Marimekko fan.  

Image - marimekko socks

No.2: Marimekko Cotton Socks

Socks for everyday use

Image - marimekko outlet store clothing


No.1: Marimekko shirts

The Marimekko outlet store in Lapland stocked an amazing amount of clothing considering the size of the store, including

  • Pitkähiha cotton jersey shirts in the classic Tasaraita even stripe pattern (long sleeve)
  • Ilma shirts with the same stripe, but with cropped sleeves

I was impressed.

Image - marimekko outlet store finland santa village

No.2: Marimekko Dresses, Coats & Raincoats

This picture gives you an indication of the array of clothing available in store, including a number of different Marimekko dress designs, sunglasses, and Marimekko scarf options.  

Image - marimekko dressing gowns

No.3: Marimekko Pyjamas & Marimekko Towels 

I do adore the Marimekko dressing gowns too. 

Image - marimekko children's clothes

No.4: Marimekko Children’s Clothing 

There’s a small selection of Marimekko kid’s clothing in store, along with baby jumpsuits and socks. 

Look for Marimekko baby blankets, and baby bedding too. 

Image - marimekko umbrellas


No.1: Marimekko umbrellas

A Marimekko umbrella comes in four sizes:

  • Regular classic umbrella with a stick and hooked handle, ala Mary Poppins
  • Aoc style – Has an automatic telescopic shaft. Comes with water resistant zipper case.
  • 3 section manual – This light umbrella is small enough to fit in your purse
  • Mini manual – Super compact, ultra light umbrella with 5-part aluminium telescoping tube 

As you can see, umbrellas come in all kinds of famous Marimekko patterns such as Pieni Unikko in a variety of colours, Kivet, Marilogo, Piccolo, Kivit black and white dots, and Unikko. 

They sell rain ponchos also. 

Image - marimekko cushions

No.2: Marimekko Purses

Purses in five different shapes/sizes and fabrics. 

  • Mini 12,00 euro
  • Pieni 16,00 euro
  • Kortti 16,00 euro
  • Silmalasi 18,00 euro
  • Puolikas 20,00 euro 

Image - marimekko outlet store towels

No.3: Marimekko Cushion Covers & Marimekko Throws

These Marimekko textiles liven up any home. 

Image - marimekko outlet store finland pillows

No.4: Marimekko Cushions & Pillow Covers

Plus, blankets, and Marimekko bedding and sheets. 

Image - marimekko outlet store fabric 2


There’s walls of Marimekko fabric designs.  

Take a peek at the range of Marimekko fabric by the yard.

You won’t leave empty handed. 

Image - marimekko outlet store finland fabric selection

No1: Marimekko Fabric Outlet

Prices start from 27,00 euro a metre at the Marimekko fabric store.

There’s all kinds of Finnish textiles including Marimekko curtain fabric. 

Clever people use these fabrics to make Marimekko stretched fabric wall art, Marimekko curtains, aprons, tea towels, and clothing. 

Why not use this bold fabric each year as recyclable Christmas wrapping paper too? 

Image - marimekko oilcloth

No.2: Marimekko Oil Cloth on the Roll

There’s a number of different designs in store of the Marimekko oil cloth.

Handicraft enthusiasts use this pliable waxed fabric to make make up bags, lunch bags, toiletry bags, baby pouches to store wet wipes, beauty bags for travel, and as small tote bags. 

There’s no limit except what is in your imagination for it’s uses. 

Image - marimekko outlet store napkins


No.1: Marimekko Serviettes

Last but not least, if your budget doesn’t stretch to most Marimekko design goods, at least you can always buy paper napkins for your next party. 

Some of the other Marimekko products you may find in store from time to time include:

  • a Marimekko shower curtain
  • a Marimekko iphone case

Image - marimekko outlet store finland exterior signage

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Marimekko Shop in Santa Claus Village

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in euro, unless otherwise stated

Address: Joulumaantie 1, 96930 Rovaniemi, Suomi
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +358 50 407 1440

Image - marimekko homewares

How to get to Marimekko Outlet Rovaniemi

The Marimekko Rovaniemi shop is located in the Santa Claus Office building in the heart of Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Finland. 

You can drive, or catch a taxi or Santa Express bus from both the Rovaniemi airport, Rovaniemi train station, or Rovaniemi city hotels. Santa Village is 8km from town.

The cost of a taxi to the village is approximately 25 – 30 euro.

The Santa Express bus is 3,50 euro one way per adult.

Click here for details of how to get from Rovaniemi to Santa Claus Village.

Also includes details of how to get from Helsinki to Rovaniemi on the Santa Claus Express train, and by plane. 

Marimekko Rovaniemi Map

Hot tip: There’s also a regular Marimekko store in Rovaniemi at Sampokeskus, 96200 Rovaniemi, Finland

Where to find Marimekko Helsinki Store? 

The revamped Marimekko Flagship store Helsinki is located on Mikonkatu in the Galleria Esplanad since 2016. 

Marimekko now has a total of 15 stores in the Helsinki metropolitan area, and in all there are some 150 Marimekko stores worldwide.

Where to find the Marimekko Outlet Helsinki store?

The Marimekko Herttoniemi Outlet store is located at Kirvesmiehenkatu 7, 00880 Helsinki, Finland.

Click here for details of how to get to Marimekko Outlet Helsinki. 

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Where to find Marimekko Europe stores? 

Looking for more Marimekko stores in Finland , Europe and the world?

Click here for the Marimekko store locator. 

Image - marimekko coin purses

Toadstool Rating: Marimekko Finland

A beautiful Marimekko Europe store for those who love Marimekko Finnish design. 
Image - marimekko outlet store REVIEW

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