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INSIDE: The ONLY Lapland Planning Guide you need to book Lapland 2021/22 Christmas independently.

If you are looking to book a Lapland Christmas 2021, arriving there sometime in November or December, we have plenty of resources to help.

First up, the complete guide to Planning a Lapland Christmas experience for families 

Second, check out the section below titled: EVERYTHING you need to know about booking a Lapland 2021/22 vacation. 

The most important thing is to book your Lapland accommodation for your Lapland 2021/22 trip.

We strongly recommend booking the SANTA CLAUS HOLIDAY VILLAGE hotel cottages, cabins or suites.

This means you stay onsite, IN the actual Santa Claus Village itself.

A hotel stay IN Santa Claus Holiday Village has no equal. 

Take a look to see why.

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image - Rovaniemi Santa Claus Main Office photo HOME PAGE

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Lapland 2021/22 Holiday Planning

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in euro, unless otherwise stated

Do everything in your power to save up enough money to stay here, even if you have to beg, borrow, steal or sell your Grandma.

(Spare Grandma. We recommend becoming minimalists, and selling all your excess stuff online. You can thank me for the tip later.)  

I’ll say it again.

Do everything you can to book a stay at Santa Village Hotel Cottages. 


There is NOTHING like staying IN the village.

(The pain of the bill will soon be forgotten!)

Take a sneak peek at our stay here for ALL the reasons why this is our top choice of Rovaniemi accommodation.

Book now. 

image - Santa claus holiday village santas-glass-igloos-by-Rob-Phillips- (1)

Image credit: Rob Philips

THREE More Santa Claus Village Hotel Options for a Lapland Christmas Holiday

If you are visiting WITHOUT children (you’ll be surprised how many people are!), a stay at one of the other Santa Village hotels would be a suitable alternative, as you’ll still be ON LOCATION!

Location is THE most important thing here.

No-one – especially kids – wants to leave this magical snowy forest place at the end of a day to hop back on a bus or in a car to Rovaniemi town.

Don’t do it unless you have absolutely no alternative. 

CLICK HERE to take a look at our review of the other three hotels in Santa Claus Village.

image - santa claus holiday village sled

Cheap Holidays to Lapland Christmas Village

The cheapest way to Lapland is to book a day tour. 

Check out these companies to compare prices for short breaks to Father Christmas: 

  • Santas Lapland
  • Tui Lapland
  • Santa Claus Trips
  • Inghams Lapland
  • Santa Holidays
  • Magic of Lapland (.net) 

Do your research and read all the reviews to find out which is the recommended and best Lapland day trip company.

If a day trip to Lapland is all you can manage, at least try to wrangle a good few hours of FREE TIME in your tour to hang about at the Santa Claus Holiday Village, so the kids can play in the snow, weather permitting of course. 

I guarantee you, all they’ll want to do is ride the sledges like all the other kids.

You’ll find brightly coloured snow sleds all over the village.

They are for the use of paying guests staying onsite, but you’ll find sleds by every tree, snow mound, outside the Christmas House restaurant, and Three Elves restaurant.

Do feel free to borrow one if there’s no ‘owner’ about.

It’s the definition of a sharing economy! 

Playing on the mounds of snow, and down the slopes is a highlight for most kids, and they want to do it for HOURS. 

Image - meeting Lapland elves at santa claus secret forest of joulukka

EVERYTHING you need to know about booking a LAPLAND 2021/22 HOLIDAY 

Now you’ve booked your hotel, it’s time to whip out a word document, or excel sheet, or whiteboard, and start taking notes! 

(If you still haven’t booked your accommodation in Lapland, click here to book now before the Santa Village hotel is sold out for your chosen dates.) 

Here we go, in order of importance:
PIN lapland vacation

THE BEST LAPLAND TOURS in Rovaniemi (Don’t miss out)

These are once-in-a-lifetime Lapland adventure tours. 

Image - Santa Claus Main Office sign

Planning your Visit to Santa in Lapland

Heads up.

There’s more than one Santa in Lapland. 

image - official santa post office building

Guide to all the Santa Claus Village Activities in Rovaniemi 

Click the links below for a comprehensive guide to each activity with photos. 

Image - Santa Park Rovaniemi park craft

Attractions near Santa Claus Village for Kids

No.1: Santa Park Rovaniemi

The Complete Guide to Santa Park indoor theme park in Rovaniemi (2km from Santa Village)

No.2: Rovaniemi Reindeer Farm

Book this tour to visit a traditional Lappish reindeer farm, feed the reindeers and enjoy a sleigh ride 

image - is santa claus real

Lapland Christmas Tours in Rovaniemi Finland

Book one of the “Santa Claus Secret Forest of Joulukka” tours.


More fun activities for kids in Rovaniemi

Book a Santa Fun Day tour with Santa’s Adventures and join in fun Lappish games for kids, plus skidoo rides, ice fishing and more (review coming soon)

Or, book a Northern lights by snowmobile sledge. 

It’s a fun way to get deep into the forest to chase these magical appearances. 

Image - moomin shop finland books

Shopping in Santa Claus Village 

Our tips on where to shop in Santa Claus Village, including sneak peeks into some of our favourite shops in Lapland. 

Click here for a round up of what to buy in Rovaniemi at the Santa Village shops

Image - Christmas house restaurant & coffee bar breakfast porridge

Santa Claus Village restaurants

Wondering where to eat in Santa Claus Village?

Take a look below. 

Image - Helsinki to rovaniemi train cabin seating

How to get to Santa Claus Holiday Village 

Here’s a few info guides to help get to this Winter Wonderland. 

Book now: Reindeer Ride, Husky Ride, & Santa Claus Village (All in One Package from Rovaniemi Hotel Accommodation)

image - what to wear in lapland snow suit hire family - rovaniemi weather

Last Minute Tips for Lapland 2021/22 Vacation

Here’s a few more links to guides you might find useful. 

Image - Helsinki train to rovaniemi

The Best Lapland Itinerary for a Family (we think so!)

Want to download our Lapland itinerary in a word document?

Most visitors to Lapland Santa Village stay for three nights as it’s a minimum requirement at the Santa Village Hotel during the busy Christmas season although we did meet a couple of families staying for four nights. 

Click here to see how our four days in Lapland unfolded. (coming soon)

At the cost per day, this is not a time to sleep! 

Mix and match this Christmas in Lapland Finland itinerary to suit your family.

Also, learn from our mistakes. 

FYI: Our Finland Lapland trip was at the end of six weeks through Europe.

We stayed in Helsinki for three nights leading up to Santa Village, and caught the Santa Express overnight train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi as part of our grand adventure in Lapland. 

BOOKMARK THIS LINK: A Quick Reference to ALL our Lapland Stories

Image - Santa Claus main office lapland souvenirs

Last Minute Questions about planning Lapland holidays?

Send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll see if we can help. 

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