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INSIDE: Roam the Gnome’s Guide to the Ultimate Freakshakes Canberra style to BLOW YOUR TASTEBUDS AWAY!

Take one chocolatey nutella-fueled milkshake, and put it in a giant mason jar.

Add MORE gooey lashings of NUTELLA so it overflows, and drips lusciously down the sides of the jar.

Top it with nutella-coated salty pretzels, a burst of vanilla mousse, and pretzel dust, and what have you got?

Freakshakes Canberra style are the world’s best crazy milkshake, that’s what.

Try this one, OR one of the other Freakshakes on the Patissez menu below. 

Take a look.

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image - patissez freakshakes in canberra menu options 1

The Ultimate Patissez Freakshake Canberra Style!

Patissez Canberra is the home of the original and trademarked FreakShake.

The one & only place in the whole wide world where you can get a 100% real deal FreakShake ™ experience.

freakshakes canberra milkshakes patissez manuka menu pic

The Patissez FreakShakes Canberra story

Back in June 2015, the girls behind Patissez took the humble Australian milkshake and flipped it on its’ head.

The addition of wild toppings so enormous that people drew a gasp when they saw them on Facebook and Instagram, sent social media into meltdown.

The humble milkshake was no longer enough.

People now wanted to EAT their dessert milkshakes, with an assortment of:

  • brownies
  • pretzels
  • puff pastry, and 
  • toasted marshmallows on top,

All these bonus ingredients then drowning in amongst ladles of Nutella, gooey peanut butter, and strawberry sauce coulis.

The FreakShake is now Patissez’s signature dish, one they are proud to have invented.

This is not a fad.

Freakshakes Canberra way are a specially crafted combination of fun flavours to satisfy even the sweetest tooth!

patissez freakshakes canberra milkshakes pic jack 800

We tried a FreakShake!

At $14 a pop, it’s a special once-in-a-lifetime hand-crafted dessert-in-a-jar loaded-milkshake treat, but we had to do it.

It’s the Canberra way.

(The Freakshake price can freak people out though!)

Jack ordered the delicious Pretzella, described above.

Ned chose the Mint Condition.

That’s a Mint and Chunky Chocolate shake, with a gooey choc fudge sauce, and

  • milk crumb
  • mint chocolate semifredo and chocolate cookie sandwich
  • mint choc mousse,
  • topped with even more choc fudge source.

You bet right.

They couldn’t finish them, SO I DID.

Hot tip: If you take the kids, don’t bother ordering one for yourself if you can handle waiting a few minutes to sink your teeth in. Guarantee they’ll start to feel a bit sick after just a few bites!

Was it fun? Yes

Was it worth the wait? Yes

Would we recommend a visit to Patissez Canberra for a Freakshake?


You only live once.

Love Chocolate? Make a DIY Chocolate Charcuterie board for your next picnic!

image - patissez milkshakes freakshakes chocolate nutella options 2

Patissez Freakshakes Menu 

It’s not even worth considering the Freakshake calories. 

If you are in, you need to be ALL IN.

Travel to pick one of these Freakshake flavours, and dig in deep. 

Uh huh Honey freakshake

Greek yoghurt and caramelised honey shake

Pretzella freakshake

Nutty nutella shake and pretzels

Mint Condition freakshake

Mint and chunky choc shake

The King freakshake

Crunchy peanut butter and white chocolate shake, with a maple bacon crumb and salted caramel

The Virgin Unicorn freakshake

Passionfruit and white chocolate ganache shake, with real strawberry sauce

freakshakes canberra milkshakes patissez menu pic

Patissez Menu Drinks (more than crazy milkshakes!)

Not in the mood for a freakshake milkshake?

Order a homemade “Hottie” hot chocolate instead.

They come in three flavours, including:

  • classic chocolate
  • salted caramel
  • peanut butter

Or grab a Belaroma Coffee, something from their tea menu, or a fresh juice. 

patissez menu pic

Patissez Manuka All Day Brunch Menu

Our advice: GO for a Canberra FreakShake.

STAY for the food.

Patissez has a range of savoury goodies including the popular herby roasted mushrooms & smashed avo dish.

The Patissez Canberra menu has an all day brunch breakfast, featuring:

  • fresh croissants
  • smashed avo
  • granola
  • french toast
  • banana loaf
  • fruit toast bread with ricotta, seasonal fruit and honey

From 10.30am, you can also order:

  • a bunch of burgers
  • skinny fries and sauce
  • salads 
  • toasties, and

patissez canberra owner pic

The Inside Scoop – Canberra Milkshakes for Kids

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in AUD dollars, unless otherwise stated

Address: Manuka Patissez, 21 Bougainville St Griffith Manuka, Australian Capital Territory ACT
Telephone: 02 6156 3413
Email: [email protected]
Website: Click here

Opening Hours at Patissez Canberra

  • All week, 7 days
  • 7.30AM to 4.30PM

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How to get to Patissez Manuka

By Bus:

  • Catch Bus 4/6 or Bus 2/3 from the CBD direct to Manuka.
  • Stop is Captain Cook Cresent, after Canberra Ave.
  • Short 5 minute walk to shops from here.

By car: 9 minutes drive from the CBD via Commonwealth Avenue

Parking near Patissez in Manuka: Paid street parking available in the local shopping street area.

Map of Patissez Cafe location

Facilities at Patissez Australia

Toilets: Yes
Disability access: Doable if you sit outside.

PIN freakshakes canberra 800

Toadstool Rating – Freakshake Canberra.

Sugar Nazis should SKIP these Canberra milkshakes. 

Crazy shakes are not for everyone! (Only fun people need apply.)

patissez freakshakes canberra review

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