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INSIDE: The Ultimate Guide to Best Japanese Chocolate Candy in 2021. 

The hardest thing to do in Japan is to limit yourself to your normal dessert portions.

Because when there are so many delicious, and CUTE, chocolate snacks to try, that rule is going straight out the window.

Bye bye regular eating patterns.

In Japan, eat all the snacks, especially these 11 Japanese chocolate snacks.

Your tastebuds will thank you! 

Take a look below for details. 

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image - kinoko no yama


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No.1:  Meiji Kinoko no Yama Japanese Mushroom Chocolate 

This Japanese chocolate biscuit

Kinoko no Yama are a brand of biscuits shaped like mushrooms topped with chocolate.

Kinoko no Yama means “mushroom mountain”. 

Japanese chocolate mushrooms come in several flavors including: 

  • Milk chocolate
  • Strawberry and chocolate

Fun Fact:  These are called Chocorooms in America! 

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image - takenoko no sato japanese biscuits

No.2: Meiji Takenoko No Sato Chocolate Snacks

The Japanese chocolate snack in position two is the sister snack to the Kinoko no Yama biscuits.

These Japanese treats are shaped like bamboo shoots instead, but have the same crunchy texture and taste. 

Did you know Takenoko no Sato means “the village of bamboo shoots”? 

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image - apollo chocolate by meiji

No.3: Apollo Japanese Strawberry Chocolate candy

Did you know these adorable strawberry tipped chocolates were named after the Apollo space mission?

Actually, the company already owned the trademark but when these came off the production line looking like a space craft, what else could they call them? 

It was the perfect match!

Try one – there’s a strawberry flavored creme inside.


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image - pocky chocolate sticks

No.4:  Pocky Japanese Chocolate Sticks

Glico Pocky chocolate biscuit sticks are the most popular Japanese snack export ever!

We can’t ever go past the original milk chocolate Pocky  – these pocky sticks need no introduction. 

But you can also buy these Pocky flavors (and more seasonal Pocky flavors too): 

You can also buy fruit flavored Pocky in Orange, Strawberry, Kintoki Sweet Potato, Sato Nishiki Cherry, King Melon, Grape and Matcha flavors

image - Meiji Almond

No.5:   Meiji Almond – Japanese Chocolate Almonds

These Japanese chocolate covered almonds combine crunchy nuts covered with delicious Meiji milk chocolate.

If you are heading back home, take box loads as they are the ultimate Japanese snack souvenir:

  • cheap
  • lightweight
  • easy to carry AND
  • delicious!

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image - japanese chocolate koala biscuits 800

No.6: Koala March Japanese Koala Cookies

These Japanese chocolate cookies have a thin crunchy crust and are filled with a sweet creme in either:

  • chocolate
  • vanilla, or
  • strawberry flavor.

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image - calbee chocolate potato chip


No.7: Calbee Chocolate Potato Chips

Japanese chocolate covered potato chips are a winner!

Why didn’t anyone else think of this flavor combo?

Imagine thick-cut potato chips smothered with sweet milk chocolate. 

The sweet crunch is out of this world. So good!

image - hello panda japanese biscuits

No.8: Hello Panda Japanese biscuits

Hello Panda Japan biscuits are filled with a yummy chocolate creme.

But it’s the light biscuit crunch that is the best bit. 

Kids love them, but adults love them more!

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image - japanese choco pie

No.9: Japanese Choco Pie

Who doesn’t love a crunchy chocolate covered biscuit duo, with a creme layer in between?

These are the Japanese version of a wagon wheel biscuit. 

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image - lotte pai no mi biscuits

No.10: LOTTE Pai no Mi biscuits

Do not miss these crunchy miniature croissant bread snack filled with choco cream. 

These miniature, bite size flaky pastries are so good, the pack will be gone in a flash.

Buy up when you spot them to stop feeling sad when they are all gone!

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image - botan ame japanese rice candy

No.11: (Bonus) Vegan Japanese candy

No.1: Bontan Ame

Bontan ame rice candy is a traditional Japanese candy snack made from corn syrup, water, glutinous rice flour, and wafer paper. 

Much loved in Japan by people of all ages, they are great vegan sweets in Japan.

Buy now on Amazon: Bontaname candy 20 pack

No.2: Kanro Ame Candy

Kanro ame candy is a long standing favorite candy in Japan made with the flavor of soy sauce. 

In 2020, a vegan mark was obtained to prove this candy is suitable for vegans. 

Read all about the vegan certification here.

mochi dango balls on stick

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