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INSIDE: The Ultimate Guide to the Shrek Shop London South Bank.

If you are a massive fan of SHREK, do not miss the Shrek Adventure Shop in London at the end of the Dreamworks Tours Shrek’s Adventure Tour. 

You’ll be in Shrek heaven. 

If you’ve been wondering where to buy Shrek merchandise in London, THIS is a must do. 

There Shrek dolls and toys galore. 

Fans should not miss it.

Take a sneak peek inside the SHREK SHOP in London below!

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Guide to Shrek Adventure Shop London

The Shrek Adventure store in London is the icing on the cake after the awesome fun of the Shrek London tour.

Read our review of Shrek Adventure London.

Includes a sneak peek of what to expect, and why you SHOULD visit!) 

Here’s a list of some of the best selling Shrek merchandise you’ll find in the Shrek’s Adventure shop in London. 

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What to buy at the Shrek Shop London

Take a look at all the Shrek toys for sale!

No.1: Shrek Ogre Baby Toys 

The cutest things in the shop are the Ogre Baby in Pink, and the Ogre Baby in Blue, and BABY Donkey! 

At £10 each, it’s a worthwhile investment for a true fan. 

No.2: Shrek Soft Toys 

Imagine your joy waking up and seeing Shrek himself every morning! 

A Shrek large soft toy is a fun London souvenir from Shrek’s Adventure London Experience. 

Find Princess Fiona toys too. 

No.3: Puss in Boots soft toy

This one’s adorable! 

Don’t you agree?

No.4: Gingy Soft Toy

These Scented Gingy soft toy dolls retail at £12 too.  

He makes a top Christmas gift too. 

No.5: Shrek Donkey soft toy

At £12, this Donkey toy from Shrek is not going to break the bank. This donkey from Shrek toy is too cute to leave behind. 

No.6: Shrek Cups

  • Donkey ears cup
  • Gingy beaker cup

No.7: Shrek character ears & fancy dress

There’s also accessories Fancy Dress style. 

  • Shrek ears (the ultimate dress up!)
  • Donkey character ears

No.8: Shrek Mugs

How can any Shrek fan not own one of these? 

  • 3D Shrek mug featuring Shrek’s face! 
  • Donkey Mug
  • Gingy tea mug 

No.9: MORE Shrek merchandise & Shrek themed gifts

Find everything from a Donkey notebook to a Shrek Spells Book, and a swampy stick pencil at this Shrek merchandise shop. 

No.10: Shrek T-shirts

Find a selection of cute Shrek tees on one wall of this Dreamworks store. 

Plus a tonne of adorable Shrek socks too. 

No.11: Unique Shrek souvenirs

The Gingy candy cane pin badge is the ultimate fashion statement.

You can also buy a Princess Fiona shield pin badge, and a Puss in Boots enamel pin badge. 

The Gingy pillow is cute too. 

How to Train your Dragon Souvenirs

There’s also a range of How to Train your Dragon gifts and souvenirs including:

  • a Toothless hat dress up
  • Nadder wings
  • Toothless soft toy
  • Toothless mug
  • Lightfury plush toys
  • Dragons pin badges

Shrek’s Adventure Shop Prices

Shrek souvenirs start from £2 pounds.

Soft toys start from £10. 

There’s everything from:

  • pocket money toys
  • expensive t-shirts for the dedicated Shrek fan, and
  • tonnes of Shrek food souvenirs and toys featuring characters Shrek Princess Fiona Donkey Gingy and more to take home. 

THE INSIDE SCOOP: How to get to Shrek Adventure in London 

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in British pounds, unless otherwise stated

Where to find the Shrek shop in London? 

Address: The Shrek London experience is located at County Hall Riverside building, Southbank on the River Thames, next to the Coca Cola London Eye.

It’s on Westminster Bridge road, on the London Eye side of Westminster Bridge. . 

Look out for the big Shreks Adventure sign on the building, plus two green advertising towers on the ground on either side of the entrance. 

This is the home of Shrek official merchandise and more Shrek stuff to buy including those epic Shrek lolly pops! 

PIN shrek shop london

How to get to the Shreks Adventure Shop London 

By tube:

  • The nearest tube station to Dreamworks Animation Shrek Adventure London is either Waterloo or Westminster.
  • It’s a 5 minute walk from both these stations.

Toadstool Rating: The Dreamworks Shrek Store 

The Dreamworks store of Shrek gifts, Princess Fiona toys, and Donkey themed gifts is worth a visit if you are a fan. 

shrek adventure shop london review

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Gurvinder Dhaliwal

Saturday 8th of January 2022

Have you got some Shrek keyrings I lost it thank you for your time and patience

Amber Greene

Thursday 27th of January 2022

Check the link to the shop inside the post for details. :)

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