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INSIDE: Check out the Entire Chatime Menu 2021! It’s delicious.

If your first question of the day is “What do I feel like drinking today?”, the second question of the day should be “Where is my nearest Chatime?”

Visit the Number One Bubble Tea shop in the world and choose your favourite bubble tea or sweet drink from the super-sized Chatime Popular Drinks menu.

Knowing what to order at Chatime is the hard part. 

Do be sure to order ‘bubbles’ of the Chatime Me – Chatime’s tapioca balls (or pearls as they are known) are super fresh and their chewiness factor cannot be beaten!

Take a look at the Chatime Drink Menu below. 

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image- chatime flavours

Guide to the Best Chatime Bubble Tea 

Whether you crave a milk based tea, a traditional tea, or a fruit based tea with a unique topping Chatime menu can help. 

There’s also refreshing smoothies, decadent chocolate blends, tangy yogurt mixtures, aromatic coffees, and if you are feeling adventurous, extra special creamy mousse fusions.

Chatime Locations

You can find Chatime in Asian countries including:

  • Taiwan
  • China
  • India
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Korea
  • Thailand, and
  • 100 stores in Indonesia alone (including Bali!) 

You can also find Chatime outlets in Australia, USA, Canada, UK, France, and parts of the Middle East.

See below for all the details of Chatime recommended drinks, including details of the Chatime most popular drink! 

Image - Chatime-Menu-Bali-1-mellow-milk-tea


Here are the the different types of Chatime drinks on offer, with all the different Chatime flavors you can order. 

No.1: Chatime Mellow Milk Tea 

Wondering what are the best Cha time drinks?  The Chatime Menu best seller is the milk tea range. 

Mellow milk teas are the reason I visit Chatime, and these are the best bubble tea drinks at Chatime hands down.

I always buy the Chatime Milk Tea best seller, but you can also order: 

  • Chatime Roasted Milk Tea
  • Brown Rice Green Milk Tea
  • Oolong Milk Tea
  • Jasmine Green Milk Tea
  • Vanilla Milk Tea
  • Hazelnut Milk Tea
  • Strawberry Milk Tea
  • Caramel Milk Tea
  • Taro Milk Tea
  • Hazelnut Chocolate Milk Tea
  • Pearl Milk Tea
  • Red Bean Pearl Milk Tea (this one!) – if you love red bean, check out this guide to the best candies in Japan!
  • Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea
  • Chatime Thai milk tea

No.2: Chatime Oriental Pop Tea

Choose one of these Chatime tea options: 

  • Japanese Sakura Sencha
  • Japanese Genmaicha
  • Anxi Tieguanyin Tea
  • Green Tea Latte
  • Tieguanyin Tea Latte
  • Matcha Tea Latte
  • Black Tea Latte

image - QQ-Lychee-Yogurt-Juice

No.3: QQ Jelly

Fun fact: Chinese people cannot pronounce “chewy chewy” and what they can say sounds like “QQ” so QQ is the shortcut when you order chewy pearls and coconut jelly in your drink!

  • QQ Lychee yoghurt juice (as pictured above)
  • Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea
  • Taiwan Mango Juice QQ
  • Passionfruit Juice QQ
  • Grapefruit Juice QQ
  • Lemon Juice QQ
  • QQ Milk Tea
  • Grass Jelly Milk Tea
  • Grass Jelly with fresh milk

image - chatime favourites

No.4: Chatime Smoothies Series

Choose from:

  • mango
  • passionfruit
  • strawberry
  • strawberry yoghurt
  • lemon yoghurt
  • matcha red bean,
  • or coffee

No.5: Energetic Healthy Juice

There’s a few healthier options: 

  • Hawaii fruit tea
  • lemon juice
  • yoghurt lemon juice
  • superior pure cocoa (the choice for chocolate addicts), and
  • honey lemon aloe.

image - chatime buy one get one free

No.6: Chatime Fresh Tea

For lovers of iced tea, these drinks come in these flavours:

  • Brown rice green tea
  • oolong tea
  • ichiban roasted tea
  • jasmine green tea, and
  • black tea

No.7: Chatime Special Mix

Taste explorers can try these concoctions:

  • Pearl green/black tea
  • mango green tea
  • grapefruit green tea
  • lemon green/black tea,
  • Taiwan plum ice tea
  • passionfruit green tea
  • sour plum green tea, and
  • yoghurt green/black tea.

image - chatime Frozen_Coffee

No.8: Chatime Coffee

Chatime has not forgotten about coffee lovers.

Try an iced coffee in one of these flavours:

  • Americano
  • house blended coffee
  • latte, cappuccino
  • mochaccino
  • vanilla latte
  • hazelnut latte, or
  • caramel latte

image-chatime mousse

No.9: Chatime Mousse Tea

The Chatime Mousse iced tea is the strangest drink ever invented!

Iced tea, with a frothy mousse on top.

Mousse teas come in:

  • black tea
  • green tea
  • matcha
  • roasted tea
  • Tieguanyin tea, and
  • chocolate flavours.

Image - Chatime-prices

Best Chatime Toppings Menu! 

You can pick your favourite Chatime menu toppings to add to your drinks.

Choose from these Chatime toppings: 

  • Grass jelly
  • Pearl topping (pearls)
  • Popping pearls 
  • Custard Pudding
  • Aloe Vera Jelly
  • Red bean (my number one choice!)
  • Coconut Jelly
  • Rainbow Jelly
  • Coffee Jelly
  • Lychee Jelly
  • Herbal Jelly
  • Grape jelly
  • Rainbow jelly
  • Matcha mousse
  • Original mousse

image - chatime by moujib aghrout unsplash

Image credit: Moujib Aghrout via Unsplash

How to Order Chatime

Wondering how to order at Chatime? 

The trick is to pick your favorite drink from the extensive menu, then add your choice of mix-ins if you can. 

Chatime fans know to download the chatime app to join the Loyal-tea club to earn points they can use to get free drinks down the track!  There’s also other exclusive benefits  but the best thing is the app let’s you skip the queues & order ahead for a VIP pick-up. 

image - chatime logo

The Best Chatime Drinks?

Want to know what drinks are on the Chatime Top 10 Bestseller list?

The Best Seller Chatime Top 10 drinks in 2021 were:

  1. Pearl Milk Tea is the Chatime best seller 2021! 
  2. Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea
  3. Taro Pudding Milk Tea
  4. Brown Rice Green Milk Tea
  5. Taiwan Mango QQ
  6. Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea
  7. Mango Smoothie
  8. Red Bean Pearl Milk Tea
  9. Matcha Tea Latte
  10. Chocolate Mousse

What is the best Chatime drink Australia style?  Aussies love the Crème Brulee Milk Tea with Custard & Mousse! 

Right now, the best Chatime order is the limited edition Frost-Tea Premium Pearl made with fresh cream and milk and double pearls.

It’s designed to taste like vanilla ice cream in a cup. 

image - chatime walking-

Image credit: Kevin Wolf via Unsplash

Chatime Calories? 

It’s best not to think about that.

As far as I’m concerned, the Chatime chocolate mousse calories don’t count if it’s a weekend, if you are on vacation, if you’ve just finished a day at work or if you’ve just had a breakup. 

My motto is you only live once – choose the best drink at Chatime and drink it down, guilt free! 

(And go for a walk!)

image - chatime tea leaves

Image credit: Danurwendho Adyakusuma via Unsplash

FAQ about the Cha Time Menu

No.1: Why is it called Chatime? 

Chatime is a combination of the word “Cha,” which means tea in mandarin, and the word “Time,” so Chatime means “tea time” or “time for tea.”

No.2: Where does Chatime tea come from? 

Chatime sources the highest quality tea leaves from their own farms in Taiwan

No.3: What is Chatime’s motto?

Chatime’s mission is to create “time out moments” everyone, young and old, can enjoy with one of our delicious drinks.

No.4: Is Chatime good? 

Chatime was founded in 2005 in Taiwan and can now be found in over 1000 locations worldwide!  There’s the answer to the question. Obviously! 

image- map of chatime-bali


Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in AUD dollars, unless otherwise stated

Chatime Locations in Bali

  • Denpasar City Square
  • Gatot Subroto Denpasar
  • Lippo Mall Kuta
  • Carrefour Sunset Road Bali
  • Sunset Point Bali
  • Mal Bali Galeria
  • Lippo Sunset Siloam Bali
  • Central Park Kuta
  • Beach Walk Bali
  • Discovery Mall Bali

Chatime Opening Hours

Check with your local store.

Usually 9am to 6pm.

Later in tourist areas.

image - bubble tea by rosalind-chang

Image credit: Rosalind Chang via Unsplash

Guide to Chatime Prices

The best place to buy Chatime drinks is in Bali! 

Chatime prices in Bali are awesome.

Between RP 20,000 and RP 30,000 for 95% of the drinks.

That’s $2 to $3 Australian per drink.

At that price, you can enjoy the best drink in Chatime every day of your trip!

In Australia, prices start from around $7 – $9 AUD per drink, fairly standard for smoothies and drinks at places like Boost Juice too. 

Seasonal Promo Chatime 

Check the website for special Chatime discounts and the promotions on offer when you next visit.

Chatime Membership Bali – Join now

You can become a SpecialTea member too.

Ask instore for your Chatime Membership Card to enjoy discounts and special member offers.

image - chatime by kae yen wong flickr

Image credit: Kae Yen Wong via Flickr CC BY 2.0

Where to find Chatime Australia?

Click here for Chatime stores around Australia including these capital cities, and their suburbs.  

  • Chatime Melbourne
  • Chatime Sydney
  • Chatime Perth
  • Chatime Adelaide 
  • Chatime Canberra 
  • Chatime Brisbane 
  • Chatime Sunshine Coast
  • Chatime Gold Coast

Chatime delivery can be ordered from certain stores through Deliveroo, Foodora, and UberEats. 

Hot tip: Download the app and get your first drink half price! 

Chatime UK

Click here for Chatime stores in the UK , including

  • Chatime London (Soho, Picadilly, Canary Wharf and Chinatown) 

Chatime USA

Click here for Chatime locations in America

Chatime Paris

Click here for Chatime locations in Paris! 

Toadstool Rating for the Chai time Menu.

chatime bali review

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