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INSIDE: Roam the Gnome’s Guide to the Inokashira Park Swan Boats Rides near Studio Ghibli. Updated 2019.

If you are heading to the Studio Ghibli Museum in Kichijoji (devoted to the work of Hayao Miyazaki’s much-loved anime films such as Spirited Away, and My Neighbour Totoro), then plan a few extra hours to take advantage of the super fun things to do in Tokyo at Inokashira Koen.

Number one on your list should be a BOAT RIDE on the very cute swan boats on Inokashira pond to see the views (and the Cherry Blossoms if they are in season).

We’ve never seen such cute pedal boats in our life!

Enjoying a Inokashira Swan Boats Ride is the best thing to do in Kichijoji Tokyo. 

This is a Tokyo must see! Details here.

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Ride the Inokashira Park Swan Boats!

Do not visit the park without jumping aboard the delightful and popular Inokashira Park Swan Boats.

It’s just a 500 metre walk from the Studio through the park and past the zoo, to reach the lake where you will find the Inokashira Park Swan Boats.

Look into the distance, and you’ll spot them.

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Types of Swanboats in Inokashira

There are actually three types of Inokashira Park swan boats you can hire here:

Correct at time of publication. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in yen.

Swan Paddle Boat

¥700 for 30 minutes; 2 persons max.

You can take kids in these configurations:

  • 2 adults + 1 child under 9;
  • 2 adults + 2 children under 6;
  • or 1 adult, 1 teen (10-12 years), 1 child under 9 and 1 child under 6.

Regular Paddle Boat  

¥600 for 30 minutes, 2 persons max.


¥600 for one hour; 3 persons max.

How to buy tickets for the swan boats at Inokashira park

Buy your ticket at the vending machine, then give your ticket to the boat operator and hop in.

The tickets are time-stamped so be snappy about this process with the kids and have them ready to go.

There’s a steering wheel, and pedals to work the rudder.

It takes a few minutes to get a hang of it, then off you go!

(See THE INSIDE SCOOP below for details of how to get to Inokashira park swan boats, opening hours and more)

Guinea Pig Petting Station

Fun Tokyo Must See Attractions at Inokashira Park Tokyo

Inokashira Park is about 5 minutes walk from Inokashira Koen Train Station.

Inokashira Park is one of the best parks in Tokyo for kids, and one of the best places to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo during the Tokyo cherry blossom season.

If you are looking for things to do in Kichijoji, make a stop at one of these fun Inokashira park attractions.

No.1: Inokashira Zoo & Aquatic Life House

Inokashira Zoo is in two parts – be sure to visit both.

There’s a gift shop, and snack kiosks.

But most importantly for the children, it has a GUINEA PIG PETTING AREA!

The main park of the zoo has:

  • cranes, wild board, and Japanese deer
  • leopard cats, foxes, raccoons, crested porcupines
  • capybaras, goats, flying foxes, penguins and monkeys
  • a wildlife encounter field
  • a wild bird forest
  • a Japanese bird house
  • a Japanese garden
  • flower gardens and two sculpture museums
  • a mini Amusement park
  • a Tokyo playground for kids

The Aquatic Life Park Lakeside park across the Gotenyama pedestrian bridge is home to:

  • the Inokashira Aquarium, Aquatic Life House
  • Ducks, goose, swans, mandarin ducks, herons
  • a pretty outlook toward the Shrine, and a pergola

The Inokashira Park is small, but cute and well priced.

Address: 1-17-6, Gotenyama, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-0005
Entry Fees: Adult entry costs ¥400 and kids 0-12 years enter free.
Opening hours: 9.30 to 5pm daily. Closed Monday, and from December 29 to January 1. Reopens Jan 2.
URL: Click here for visitor information and a zoo map in English

How to get to the Inokashira Zoo:

  • Inokashira Park Zoo is within 10 minutes’ walk from Kichijoji Station of JR Line, Keio Inokashira Line, or Subway Tozai Line
  • Kichijoji is 15 minutes’ train ride from JR Shinjuku station, or about 20 minutes’ from Keio Inokashira Shibuya station
  • From Kichijoji Station’s Minami-Guchi (South Exit), go along the railroad to the right hand, then turn left at the first intersection, and walk about 5 minutes along the road.

Studio_Ghibli museum tokyo sign

No.2: Studio Ghibli Museum Tokyo

The Ghibli museum Tokyo is one of the unique things to do in Tokyo with kids.

Hot tip: Be sure to book your tickets before your trip as no tickets are sold at the venue.

At Studio Ghibli Museum, You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • see the famous Studio Ghibli Museum building filled with stained glass windows and lamps
  • gaze up the giant Totoro at the entrance
  • step into The Space of Wonder ticket reception area
  • discover The Central Hall, a place of delight and hidden treasures
  • look through Five Exhibition rooms that take you through the process of how an animated film by Hayao Miyazaki is made, from inspiration to completion
  • watch a short animated feature original from the Ghibli studio in the Saturn theater
  • Wander the Reading Room to touch and see the books
  • Take a look at the Giant Robot Soldier everyone knows
  • Enjoy barley tea, hot and cold meals, snacks and desserts at the Straw Hat cafe

The best thing for kids is to RIDE THE CAT Bus! (Or climb and play on this fluffy sculpture to be exact!)

Do stop in at the museum shop “MAMMA AIUTO!”, (Mama, help me! in Italian) named after the sky pirates in “Porco Rosso”.

Find your favorite Studio Ghibli character products along with original museum gift items including cell art, art print cells, hand painted cells and woodblock prints of scenes taken from Studio Ghibli films


Address: 1-1-83 Simorenjaku, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181-0013
Admission Tickets:


  • Within Mitaka Inokashira Park.  Take the JR Chuo Line to Mitaka station. The train takes approximately 20 min. from Shinjuku station.  Download the map. 
  • From the Mitaka South Exit, approx. 15 min. walk along the Tamagawa Josui “Waterworks” to the museum.
  • A Community Bus is in operation from Mitaka Station to the Museum. It costs 210 yen per adult one way (320 yen return) and 110 yen one way for children 12 and under. (160 round trip)

Opening hours: Wed-Mon 10am-6pm
URL:Check the website for details.

Bento Picnic

No.3: Enjoy a Japanese Bento Box picnic

Duck into a Family Mart convenience store to purchase snacks and food before you arrive, so you can eat a delicious bento box picnic in the Inokashira park too.

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Inokashira park

No.4: Inokashira Art Market in the Park

At weekends and during holidays, there’s an art market in the park.

You’ll meet lots of Japanese people visiting the park on these days to take advantage of the free street entertainment, food stalls and more.

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Visit ROAM THE GNOME Family Travel Directory for MORE SUPER DOOPER FUN ideas for family-friendly travel around the world. Search by City. Photo - Inokashira Park Swan boats view

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Inokashira Park Boat Rental

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in yen, unless otherwise stated

Wondering where to go in Tokyo off the beaten track? Since 1917, this 95-acre city park has been providing a restful green space to Tokyo locals. It has a pond with boating facilities, a zoo & trails.

Address: 1 Chome-18-31 Gotenyama, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-0005, Japan
Telephone: 0422-47-6900
Entry Fees: Free entry into the park itself.  Admission fees apply for the boats, museum and zoo.
Opening Hours: 

  • Inokashira Park Tokyo is open from dusk till dawn.
  • The Inokashira park boat rental hours are from 10am to 4pm, daily.
  • Restrictions on opening hours may apply during the cooler months, so please check with the venue.
  • They may also close one day a week. For most businesses, this holiday is usually a Monday, so plan your trip to Inokashira Park around this if you can.

How to get to Inokashira Park Kichijoji

  • By Train from Shinjuku: JR Chuo Line Kichijoji Station South exit, then 5 minutes by foot
  • By Train from Shibuya: Take the Keio Inokashira Line to Kichijoji Station or Inokashira koen Station, then travel 5 minutes by foot from Kichijoji station or 1 minute by foot from Inokashira-koen station
  • By bus: Take the Odakyu Bus and get off at the Koen-iriguchi/Bunkaen-mae bus stop
  • By car: Approx. 20 min. from Chofu IC

Inokashira Park Map

Facilities at Tokyo Inokashira-koen Park

Find these facilities and amenities at Inokashira koen park Kichijoji.

Toilets: Yes, Japanese-style and Western toilets in the park. Baby change facility. Toddler seat.
Disability access: Wheelchair access is available right up to boats docking zone. Accessing the boats may be possible depending on level of disability.
Closest playground: Inokashira Park has a small playground with a yellow ‘roller’ slide. Inokashira Park zoo also has a children’s mini amusement park area with rides.
Shade: Yes, lots of trees
Food options: Pick up a Bento Box for lunch on your way from the food hall at Kichijoji Station. There are also plenty of vending machines around the park for drinks and snacks.
Picnic tables: Yes
Scooters and Bikes: Yes
Dogs: Unknown

Toadstool Rating (by the kids) – Kichijoji Inokashira Park


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