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INSIDE: Everything you need to know about Finnish products including Marttiini Finland & more.

What is Finland famous for?

The Moomin trolls come to mind.

Finnish chocolate by Karl Fazer is popular too. 

But Finnish design is probably the most well known ‘thing’.

After all, Finland is home to Marimekko design house.  

But these are the most treasured of all the traditional or famous Finnish products:

  • Marttiini hand carved knives, such as the Finnish puukko
  • Kuksa, carved wooden cups/drinking vessels beloved by all Finnish people for their morning coffee and camping trips to the forests

The best place to find these two treasured Finnish products is at the Marttiini shop in Santa Claus Village. 

Santa Village is the perfect place to pick up a gift from Finland.

Take a look inside the shop here.

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History of Marttiini Finnish Products 

MARTTIINI is the best shop for Finnish Products in Santa Claus Village

The story of Marttiini knives begins in the early 1900’s when Finnish Blacksmith, Janne Marttiini and horn carver Johannes Lauri launched a knife manufacturing business in the Arctic Circle town of Rovaniemi. 

In the early days, Janne Marttini sold his knives at the markets, and to locals by bike! 

Their famous knives from Finland are still manufactured in Rovaniemi today, and today, there’s three Marttiini shops in the area:

  • Two in Rovaniemi city, and
  • one in Santa Claus Village. 

Marttiini’s factory outlet is located next to Santa’s Main Post Office there.

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Image - marttiini shop entrance

What you’ll find at the Marttiini store in Santa Village 

The most popular of all Marttiini knives are the “puukko”, the Nordic knife prized for it’s handmade craftsmanship, with a little help these days from modern technology. 

A puukko knife is a beautiful thing, both to look at, and to hold and use. 

They are tough and sturdy, as the nature of northern Finland demands, and sharp to the touch. 

Image - marttiini finnish products for sale

Traditional Marttiini Knives

The mainstay of Marttiini knives are the Lapp knives, the Lynx knives, and the specially designed Kierinki knife made of carbon steel with a handle of birch and curly birch timber. 

The Kierinki knife bears the name of Janne Marttiini’s home village.

If you are looking for a traditional Finnish gift or souvenir, these knives will be appreciated by:

  • hikers
  • hunters
  • whittlers
  • nature lovers
  • fishermen, and
  • outdoors types.

Most of these knives feature a stainless chrome steel blade with an etched engraving of a traditional Lappish theme.

The knife sheaths also feature Lappish patterns.  

Image - marttiini finnish products made by hand

Gift Knives at Marttiini Finland

There’s also a special range of gift knives that have their own stories, celebrating Finnish cultural events, and anniversaries. 

Many of these knives feature a cast bronze animal head on the handle of the knife, or stylish decoration. 

Everyone has their favourite:

  • Eagle
  • Salmon
  • Wild boar
  • Wood Grouse
  • Moose
  • Deer Antler
  • Bear
  • Witches Tooth

There’s hunting knives, folding knives, fishing knives, Army course knives and outdoorsy gear for hikers and hunters too. 

Image - marttiini store finland

Marttiini Kitchen Knives in store 

Plus all the kitchen knives including:

  • chef’s knife
  • vegetable knife
  • fillet knife
  • tomato knife
  • bread knife
  • carving knife and fork
  • paring knives, and
  • peeling knives

Image - marttiini finnish products spoons

Marttiini Accessories

If a knife is not on your shopping list, there’s plenty else to choose from. 

  • Diamond sharpening steels
  • Sharpening stones
  • Fire stick
  • Tweezers for fish bones
  • Leather sheaths
  • Camping axes
  • Kuksa cups

image - marttiini finnish reindeer hides

Reindeer Hides

Just like a sheepskin, but a nordic version of a floor rug. 

image - moomin-characters-at-marttiini

Moomin Souvenirs 

Plus a range of Moomin souvenirs including a:

  • Moomin matchbox
  • Moomin needlecase boxes
  • these handpainted Moomin figurines.  

Image - marttiini finnish products moomin needlecases

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Marttiini Factory Outlet in Santa Claus Village

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in EURO, unless otherwise stated

Address: Marttiini Factory Store, Santa Claus Holiday Village, Tähtikuja 96930, Rovaniemi, Finland 
Telephone: +358 403 110 603
Website: Click here

Opening hours of Marttiini Factory Store in Santa Village

  • Every day from 10:00 – 18:00
  • During Christmas season, from 9am to 7pm 

image - marttiini moomin finnish products

How to get to Santa Claus Village from Rovaniemi

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Also includes details of how to get from Helsinki to Rovaniemi on the Santa Claus Express train, and by plane. 

Location Map of Marttiini Oy

Toadstool Rating: Marttiini Rovaniemi Store, Finnish Lapland  

If you are looking for Finnish gifts and souvenirs, it’s worth a look. 

image - maarttini store review

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