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INSIDE: The Ultimate guide to visiting the IKEA Museum Shop Almhult. 

Do you adore IKEA products?

Are you the one in your group of friends who can’t stop raving about IKEA’s range of goods?

Do you visit IKEA multiple times a year, just because you can?

(Or to eat meatballs. Because that’s another reason to visit!)

If so, you must put the IKEA MUSEUM in Sweden on your bucket list.

They have a shop too, selling all kinds of exclusive gifts & IKEA souvenirs. 

Take a look below for a sneak peek! 

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image - ikea museum shop swedish gifts

Complete Guide to the IKEA Museum Shop Sweden

The IKEA Museum Sweden is an ode to the Swedish furniture giant, a place to reflect upon the astronomical growth of this much loved furniture store and see all the changes and developments since the 1950’s when the first store opened.

Fun Fact: Did you know the ORIGINAL Ikea Store was in this very building?

It’s true. 

Upstairs, you can check out the history of IKEA .

There’s a chance to look back through the IKEA Museum Catalogue and see displays of vintage IKEA furniture, learn the story of founder Ingvar Kamprad, and take a look at key introductions to the IKEA business, including the infamous Allen Key, famous IKEA furniture, and more. 

But for shoppers, the most important part of visiting the museum is to stop by the IKEA museum store downstairs.

image - ikea museum shop ornaments

Best Things to buy at IKEA Museum Store Almhult 

There are ALL kinds of things to buy at this IKEA gift shop. 

Take a look. 

image - ikea museum shop allen key tshirts

No.1: IKEA Allen Key t shirts 

THIS is the ultimate t-shirt for IKEA fans. 

The Allen Key tee. 

Hands up who wants one! 

image - ikea museum shop cards

No.2: Ikea birthday cards & gift cards

At the IKEA paper shop, here’s a whole wall of IKEA cards for birthdays, thank you cards, celebration cards, celebratory cards, postcards, and blank cards too.

AND Ikea Magnets! 

A whole bunch of different designs.  What fun souvenirs of Sweden.  

That’s a super cute souvenir for IKEA lovers. 

image - ikea museum shop clocks

No.3: Ikea Clocks

Pick up an Ikea clock – this design is distinctly IKEA.

Or stock up on the funky Ikea notepads with matching pens. 

image - ikea museum shop posters

No.4: Ikea Posters

All the best IKEA designs on posters you can frame on the wall.

Another top IKEA gift for a design aficionado. 

image - ikea museum shop sweden books

No.5: Ikea Books (Ikea Coffee Table books) 

Take a look at the range of IKEA design books you can purchase.

Find all the Swedish classics and famous IKEA furniture styles in here. 

image - ikea museum shop stationery

No. 6: Ikea Stationery

There’s IKEA colouring pencils, pens, notepads, and folders.

Plus, IKEA tote bags and gift bags too.

image - ikea museum shop gift packs

No.7: Ikea Gift sets

Around the store, you’ll find a number of ready made IKEA giftsets.

This one is a three piece miniature of Ikea children’s furniture – perfect for play and the doll house. 

image - ikea museum shop homewares

No.8: Iconic IKEA homewares

Stylish shoppers will adore the range of IKEA home furnishings including unique Swedish rugs, felt chair pads, shopping bags, and laundry bags. 

image - ikea museum shop vases

IKEA vases

This set of three glass vases are a must buy too. 

image - ikea museum shop swedish horses

No.9: IKEA Swedish Dala horses 

You’ll also spy different versions of the famous IKEA horse, the Swedish DALA horses.

(These painted wooden horse statues are originally from the Swedish province of Dalarna, circa 17th century, but have become synonymous with IKEA too. They were often made with leftover timber scraps.) 

The IKEA wooden horse STOLLE has been in production since 2000 – and is now sold only in the shop at IKEA Museum.

You can’t buy it anywhere else! 

A STOLLE ornamental horse costs SEK 249  ($29 USD or 22 pounds) 

image - ikea museum shop sweden interior

No.10: IKEA Children’s Books & Toys

Check out the range of IKEA books for kids.

These ones are available in Swedish, and translated to English too.  

image - ikea museum shop glass ornaments


No.1: IKEA ornaments

One of the surprise gifts in the IKEA shop was these IKEA art event ornaments, made from glass. 

Choose from a rabbit, a fox, or an owl.

image - ikea museum shop sweden expedit mini bookshelf

No.2: IKEA miniatures

The cutest IKEA souvenirs are these cute IKEA miniature replicas.

How adorable is this Expedit shelf! 

image - ikea museum shop sweden mini chairs

IKEA Vago chairs

Then there’s the iconic IKEA PS Vågö seats. 

Who knows what you can do with it, other than pop it on a shelf as a cute ornament, but I couldn’t resist! 

image - ikea museum shop sweden food gifts


The IKEA Museum shop has a pantry of sweets and treats that make the perfect souvenir for foodie friends and family. 

image - ikea museum shop sweden sweets and chocolate

No.1: IKEA Christmas chocolates 

Ikea chocolates are the ideal lightweight gift for chocoholics.

The box of 24 chocolates sells for 199 SEK and is beautifully packaged. 

There’s also a 240 gram bag of IKEA chocolate for 35 sek. 

image - ikea museum shop swedish candies

No.2: IKEA candies 

IKEA Licorice candies are a Swedish favourite, so you can’t go wrong.

But they also come in these flavours:

  • Wild Strawberry candies
  • Raspberry and licorice candies
  • Sour fruit candies
  • Polka candy (red and white striped)
  • Chocolate filled Polka candy
  • Fruit snacks (apple and blueberry)
  • Polka mint lollipops on a stick 

image - ikea museum shop swedish chocolate

No.3: IKEA fudge 

There’s toffee fudge, and licorice with mallow fudge. 

And IKEA chocolate bars too. 

image - ikea museum shop swedish condiments

No.4: IKEA food market 

Pick up Elderflower cordial, Blueberry cordial, and Lingonberry cordial.

Lingonberry jam is a staple and much loved. You can’t go wrong. 

There’s IKEA cakes and IKEA crispbread too. 

image - ikea ginger biscuits

No.5: IKEA gingerbread cookies

Do not leave without a stash of these in your carry bag.

IKEA ginger biscuits are delicious, and worthy of your attention. 

image - ikea museum shop lingonberry jam

No.6: IKEA Jams

IKEA Strawberry jam is perfect for breakfast toast.

Pick up an IKEA chopping board, and a jam spoon to go with it, for the perfect gift. 

image - ikea museum shop swedish tea

No.7: IKEA Tea

The ideal present for anyone who loves tea and biscuits, along with a book. 

image - ikea museum shop carl larsson quote

IKEA Quotes by Carl Larsson

If you need any encouragement to shop at IKEA, this quote is it. 

Decorating on a budget with IKEA goods is the answer. (That’s the goal of IKEA democratic design too)

Hot tip: Visit the IKEA Almhult Showroom in Almhult too – there’s more IKEA shopping fun to be had at the first IKEA store! 

image - ikea museum shop sweden miniature furniture

THE INSIDE SCOOP: IKEA Museum Shop Älmhult

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in AUD dollars, unless otherwise stated

Ikea Museum address: Ikeagatan 5, 343 36 Älmhult, Sweden
Ikea museum website: Click here

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How to get to the Ikea Museum in Almhult 

How to get from Copenhagen to Almhult

Älmhult in Sweden is easily reached by train or car from Copenhagen and Copenhagen Airport. 

The journey is approximately two hours.

By Train: 

Catch the Øresundtåg train. All trains stop at Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup), Malmö and Lund. (The train continues to Växjö and/or Kalmar.)

Tickets can be purchased at Copenhagen train station from the ticket counter, vending machines or online here or via Swedish railways. Tickets cost approximately SEK250 /€50 one-way. Our trip was included in our Eurail tickets. 

Once you arrive at the Almhult train station, walk up the stairs, then cross the airbridge in the direction AWAY from the town.

Follow the pathway at the bottom of the stairs towards the carpark. (You’ll see a sign pointing you in the right direction).

The IKEA museum is on your right at the end of the path. 

(The IKEA hotel is across the carpark. Read our review here. Check out the IKEA hotel restaurant menus here.) 

IKEA Museum Map

Toadstool Rating: Ikea Museum Shop Review

ikea museum shop review

Looking for MORE Things to do in Småland with kids?

Smaland is the name of the region of Sweden where the original IKEA is located.

It’s in the south of Sweden, an area that lies between Stockholm in the North, and Malmo in the South. 

Here’s a list of the best things to do in Smaland for kids!


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