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INSIDE: Everything you need to know about what to take to Bali for babies & toddlers 

Bali is one of our top ten destinations for families, especially those with young kids.

It’s energised, full of life, filled with smiling people, and taking a dip is the key priority for the day.  

Plus, there’s cheap massages.

But as with any foreign country or city, there are things you need to be aware of to make sure your holiday is a joy-filled experience rather than the holiday from hell.

Start here:

What do I need to pack for Bali with kids in tow? 

Take these things below, and you’ll be on your way to a stress free Bali family holiday!

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Image credit: Sebastian Pena Lambarri via Unsplash

THE INSIDE SCOOP: What to Take to Bali Checklist

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There are three things most people are concerned about when travelling to Bali with the family:

  • Mosquito Bites
  • Traffic, and
  • Bali Belly.

Luckily, it’s fairly easy to counter most challenges, including these three, through some simple advance planning so we’ve compiled a list of things to pack for Bali vacations. 

It’s what most experienced family travellers take with them when they go.

Grab a printable PDF copy of the full Bali Packing List for kids here. (Update coming soon) 

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Bali Family Holidays with Babies and Toddlers 

The burning question “Should I take a stroller to Bali?”

If you have a child aged five or under, the answer to the question, “should I take a stroller or pram to Bali?” is YES.

A stroller should definitely be top of your list. 

Here’s why we think taking a stroller to Bali is one of the most sensible decisions you’ll ever make.

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britax b clever stroller for travel side view pic

What to pack for Bali with toddlers

Here it is – The Essential Bali Packing List for Babies and Toddlers

This is our tried-and-tested list of things to pack for baby, toddlers and kids under 6.

No.1: Getting around Bali 

  • Lightweight Stroller  (We like the Britax B Clever stroller. Read our review here.)
  • Ergo baby carrier (our fave)
  • Clip-on pram fan (from Big W or Kmart)
  • Lightweight muslin wrap

apply mosquito repellent after swimming pic

No.2: Sun protection

  • 30+ sunscreen
  • Zinc cream
  • Sun protective clothes – durable, quick dry, short and long sleeve ‘rashies’. Cancer Council rashies have UPF50+ rating
  • Wide brim hat
  • Waterproof wind jacket
  • water shoes

No.3: Accidental spills 

  • Pack of three cloth face washers
  • Two packets of wet wipes
  • Swim nappies
  • Ziplock bags x 10
  • Dry bag for smelly clothes, or used nappies until you can bin them

PIN what to take to bali

No.4: Comfort & security

  • A favourite teddy
  • Dummies / pacifier
  • “Blankie” 

No.5: Snacks 

  • Take ALL the snacks you can carry for little ones.
  • Take a few packets of favourite rice crackers, muesli bars, and the like. These snacks are to see you through till you can find a mini-mart.
  • 1 litre empty water bottle to fill up post immigration
  • A small 400ml container of bottled water (For the airport and immigration queues. Guaranteed the kids will be thirsty when there’s no shop around.)
  • A stash of food and snacks, especially for those on special diets eg coeliac eating plan, gluten free, allergy-prone

image - what to take to bali grandparents

No.6: Necessary Bali essentials

We’ve heard people say that they can’t travel to Bali without the Grandparents, so pack them too if you can!

Failing that, employ a nanny to tag along on your adventures in Southeast Asia.

An extra pair of hands is a godsend.

No.7:  Packing for Bali Itinerary – Clothing, Tech, Shoes & Miscellaneous

Click here for a Bali Packing List of what clothes to take to Bali 

It includes a normal checklist of what to pack for adults and kids clothing, shoes, flip flops, swimwear, shoes etc.

Plus, what to pack for Bali carry-on. 

Hot tip: don’t forget to organise your travel insurance. 

qantas plane pic by ed g

Image credit: Ed G via Flickr CC BY ND-2.0

What to pack for Bali with baby (extra)

  • Refillable food pouches and tinned baby food
  • Baby nappies (diapers)
  • If the baby is not fully breastfeed, bottles, teats, and sterilising tablets 
  • Baby bath wash
  • Nappy rash cream
  • Travel bed for the airplane.
  • Small bottle of laundry detergent

NB: Some carriers have recently banned many travel beds for kids on their planes. Due diligence is required before purchasing.

image - bali belly ginger tea

MORE Bali Travel Tips

No.1: What to take to Bali medicine

Here is our comprehensive First Aid Kit Checklist of remedies & first aid stuff we take for kids. Start here, and pare down to what YOU need.

No.2: Best Mozzie Repellent Comparison Guide

Here is the Best Mozzie Repellent Checklist for Bali– take all the stuff!  

No.3: How to avoid mosquitos in Bali 

Plus, our useful guide on avoiding mosquitos in Bali

No.4: How to avoid Bali Belly (& how to treat it when it strikes) 

Here is our Bali Belly Prevention Checklist

It includes what to bring on holiday, just in case you find yourself dealing with the horrid tummy bug.

image - what to take to bali kids pexels-pixabay-532519

Quick Bali Travel Tips

No.1: What to wear in Bali

  • Short or long sleeve ‘rashies’ can do double duty as t-shirts when you are out and about in the heat of the day.
  • Dampen a face cloth with bottled water and drape around the kids’ necks to keep them cool

No.2: Muslin wrap

  • Use a muslin wrap to ward off mozzies on the pram or stroller, and to keep the wind off on breezy days
  • The muslin wrap is also a fabulous sunshade on car windows when you hire a Bali driver for the day, and over the pram

No.3: Packing cubes

  • Pack each child’s clothes and accessories into their own large size travel cube. We do not go anywhere without these.
  • Pack each child’s essential toiletries in a small zip-up make up bag, and store this inside their travel cube.
  • Put each child’s accessories in a small packing cube eg hats, swimmers, goggles – pop this inside the large one too. 

Looking for the best Bali accommodation for families? 

Click the links in blue below for more travel tips.

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