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INSIDE: Insider’s Guide to a Rafflecopter Giveaway Competition. 

What is Rafflecopter?

A Rafflecopter giveaway is a free competition sweepstakes you can enter to win a prize. 

Rafflecopter contests and sweepstakes are very common on facebook.

But we don’t like them much, and there’s a few reasons for that.

Find out why below. 

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image - rafflecopter giveaway and sweepstakes

Rafflecopter Giveaway Overview 

The Rafflecopter app gives compers a whole bunch of different tasks to do in exchange for an entry to enter a competition. 

Tasks may include: 

  • visit an account on Facebook
  • give an email address
  • tell your friends
  • share a post on Facebook 
  • LIKE an account on Instagram, Pinterest, or twitter
  • FOLLOW an account on Instagram, Pinterest, or twitter
  • retweeting a blurb, so other people can enter and share the comp too
  • visit their youtube channel
  • subscribe to a newsletter
  • join a mailing list
  • leave a comment on an article
  • upload a piece of content (eg a photo or video) 
  • watching videos 

Lots of big companies use Rafflecopter to host their giveaways and sweepstakes, and promote or grow their company or social followings. 


ps4 playstation console

The Rafflecopter prizes can be good.


  • $500 tab to buy from a clothing label
  • a ski trip to Whistler, or
  • a romantic giveaway to a health spa with massages and meals thrown in. 
  • a kindle 
  • a Spring cleaning bundle of products for the home and bathroom
  • $50 Amazon gift card
  • a $250 book pack
  • Gaming headsets & Playstation consoles
  • Live comedy shows, concerts, Broadway musicals & festival tickets
  • $250 Disney Gift packs 


AND we’ve not had ANY luck winning anything through this avenue.

Nor do we know of anyone who has won anything through this type of competition. 


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gap logo pic

Who hosts Rafflecopter Competitions? 

These big well-known companies have all used Rafflecopter competitions to promote competitions and attract hundreds of entries (and potentially new followers). 

  • Gap
  • Yelp
  • Virgin
  • Pizza Hut
  • Readers Digest
  • Hallmark
  • the Salvation Army
  • Uber, and
  • the Boston Globe

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rafflecopter example pic

How does Rafflecopter work? 

A business that wants to host a rafflecopter giveaway needs to visit the website, and create an entry form template. 

The competition host adds a prize image, and the tasks that compers must to do to enter the competition.

This part takes about 5 minutes. 

how to share rafflecopter giveaways

How to share Rafflecopter giveaway competitions 

Then the competition host:

  • embeds it in a blog or website and shares it to their email list from their website
  • runs it on a Facebook fan page
  • link to it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc

How to use Rafflecopter Giveaway

Readers can enter the competition by completing the set tasks.

The host then draws the competition and informs the winner. 

rafflecopter entries example

How to do a Rafflecopter Giveaway

There is a free version of Rafflecopter, but that only lets you post to Facebook. 

In the free version, a host can ask a comper to: 

  • Follow on Twitter
  • Visit a Facebook page
  • Leave a blog post comment

In the paid version, a host can also ask a comper to:

  • subscribe to a list
  • tweet a message
  • pin an image
  • follow on Pinterest
  • follow on Facebook
  • answer a poll
  • answer an open ended question
  • answer a multiple choice question

Or, you can make up your own task such as write an answer to a question, or add a 25 word creative comment. 

gleam logo

Rafflecopter Vs Gleam Giveaway Widgets or Apps 

There are other Rafflecopter alternatives that act as giveaway hosting tools too. 

The main difference is the price it costs for the host to use these functions of the online giveaway tool.

The simple Gleam competitions option is less expensive than Rafflecopter, at $120 a year, vs $156 a year for the paid version of Rafflecopter. 

Rafflecopter is simpler and in some ways, that makes it more effective. It’s quick to set up online giveaways for the host on the Rafflecopter website, so the competition can go live quickly.

But there’s little in the way of support when you get stuck. 

Gleam has four options to share competitions once they are set up, the most popular being able to embed the competition directly on your own website, and being able to share to facebook. 

The best thing about using Gleam is you can ask for help via email at any time. 

Unfortunately, neither of them have a wordpress plug in yet.

You can also try Woobox, Spreadfast, and Punchtab. 

how to win rafflecopter giveaways by vlad

Image credit: Vlad Chetan via Pexels CC licence

How to Win Rafflecopter Giveaways? 

Although I love to enter competitions, I avoid entering competitions when they use the Rafflecopter sweepstakes entry form.

Rafflecopter is such a big annoying barrier to entering competitions that we choose not to.

When the Rafflecopter competition widget appears on Facebook or a website, I see a ‘STOP’ sign. 

It’s simply takes too much effort and time to click ALL THOSE BOXES to increase the chances of winning, for little reward.

But if you do want to try, here’s some tips:

Tip No.1: Email subscribes

Understand that every time you give over your email address, you’ll be thrown into an email funnel and will start to receive a bombardment of emails and sales pitches from the company promoting the comp.

Tip No.2: Check your entry status

Make sure you CAN win.

It’s no good entering a competition that states you must be a certain age, or live in a certain place, or they can’t deliver the prize to you because you live in the wrong state. 

Tip No.3: Do the mandatory stuff

Take note of the instructions and complete all mandatory or essential steps so your entry is legal and valid. 

Tip No.4: Complete as many tasks as you can in a set time limit

Complete as many of the optional entry tasks as you can too. The more the better.

But be mindful of your time investment. 

Tip No.5: Press the right buttons

Go through the right channels by clicking the right buttons on the widget, so your tasks register as complete under your name. 

low entry rafflecopter giveaways by pxhere- whistler

Image credit: Pxhere CC0 BY-1.0.

Low Entry Rafflecopter Giveaways

The only time I truly bother to enter competitions via those apps is:

  1. if it’s a big ticket prize I’d really, really like to win, such as an $11,000 trip to Whistler.
  2. it’s one of the low entry Rafflecopter giveaways, with only 1 or 2 tasks maximum

But because of the annoying barriers, in theory, there’s a HIGHER chance of reward.

But only if you CAN deal with the hassle of  jumping through the hoops, as most people can’t be bothered, so there’s less competition to beat.

rafflecopter giveaways by vladislav

Image credit: Vladislav Vasnetsov via Pexels CC licence

Rafflecopter Giveaways ending soon online!

Google this phrase “rafflecopter contests ending soon” and you’ll find a whole bunch of blogs and websites with giveaways that are ending soon.

You’ve got to be in it, to win it, so if you have 5 minutes spare, do the simple tasks and put a few entries in the draw, just in case. 

Best Last chance giveaways on social media

Be warned, this is when MOST people try their luck.

Up to a third of all entries are logged with the final 24 hours!  

Giveaway Frenzy is an aggregator site that’s worth a visit for last minute competitions. 

Giveaways Promote is another compilation site worth checking. 

Competitions Database is a competition database of free to enter UK competitions. 

rafflecopter contest pic by engin akyurt pexels - black-and-white-dartboard-1552617

Image credit: Engen Akyurt via Pexels CC licence

Looking for more Competition Tips?

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Monday 10th of May 2021

Thanks for the tips!

Amber Greene

Thursday 20th of May 2021

Good luck! There's so many comps to win. Don't give up too soon. xx

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