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INSIDE: The Ultimate Guide to the Warung Nia Cooking Class

Do something different in Bali – join a cooking class with a difference.

At this popular cooking school in Bali, go treasure hunting on a market tour for fresh ingredients.

Then be put to work to make TWELVE Indonesian favourites!

Prepare your own spices and pastes in the open-air pavilion with a group of new friends.

Then eat it all up. 

Warung Nia Cooking Class Bali is the Ultimate Indulgence!

Find all the details below.

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Guide to Warung Nia Cooking School Bali

The ultimate reward of a cooking class at Warung Nia?

Eating it all up when you are done.

Be prepared to roll out of here like a swollen blueberry, Violet Beauregarde of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory movie style.

image - warung nia cooking school bali session

Head to Warung Nia Cooking School Bali

Chef Komang and his team will entertain you, make you laugh, and teach you Indonesian recipes you can recreate at home.

You won’t regret giving up these three to four hours of your life, that’s certain.

Starting at around 8.30am, the local market tour is led by a guide who dishes up all his secrets on the best local ingredients, herbs and spices to use in Balinese cooking.

Later, you work in pairs or small groups to chop, grind, and stir the ingredients for each dish.

One highlight is learning about the different tools you can use – the giant mortar and pestle is astounding!

Don’t think you can hide.

This is a fully interactive experience where your help is necessary and wanted!

You leave with written recipes, AND a certificate to prove you are now a verified “Masterchef”, ready to unleash your new found skills in the kitchen at home.

They call themselves ‘the best Balinese cooking school in Bali’.

Do yourself a favour and join in.

image - warung nia satay sticks bali

Warung Nia Menu (Balinese Food Menu)

Put this tour top of your Bali Itinerary if you want to try Balinese food in Seminyak.

Warung Nia Cooking School is reported to rank in the top 10 Balinese cooking classes.

You’ll cook this Balinese menu:

  • Spice paste for seafood – Base Be pasih (orange in appearance)
  • Spice paste for chicken – Base be siap ( yellow in appearance)
  • Roasted chicken in banana leaf – Ayam betutu Bali
  • Pork in sweet soy sauce – Be celeng base manis
  • Chicken satay – Sate Ayam
  • Peanut sauce – Base sate
  • Miced seafood satay – Sate lilit ikan
  • Miced chicken in banana leaf – Tum Ayam
  • Green papaya salad with chicken
  • Vegetable salad in peanut sauce – Pecelan
  • Sweet corn cooconut snack – Urab Jagung
  • Fried rice with chicken -Nasi goreng ayam

Add these to your ‘must try food in Bali’ list.

Hot tip: Do not eat breakfast before you go, or you will pop.

image - warung nia ribs bali

Eating at Warung Nia Seminyak Restaurant

Or skip the cooking and eat a meal at this Seminyak Warung instead.

Warung Nia’s Grill Pork Ribs are a must eat in Bali, and you can try Balinese Rijsttafel and other traditional Balinese food here without breaking the bank.

All the noodles and sate you want, with a few hamburgers thrown in.

Check out the Warung Nia restaurant menu before you go.

Warung Nia is one of the best warungs in Seminyak.

In fact, it’s one of the best restaurants in Seminyak to try authentic Balinese food.

Hot tip: Just metres away is a cute Seminyak Flea market where you can buy the most gorgeous embroidered leather wallets.

And popular roundie bags! 

image - warung bali restaurant menu

THE INSIDE SCOOP: Warung Nia Cooking Class Bali

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in AUD dollars, unless otherwise stated

Where is Warung Nia restaurant? 

Warung Nia Cooking School & Restaurant Address: Kayu Aya Square, Kayu Aya Village, inside Flea Market Seminyak – Bali (next to Oberoi Hotel )
Bookings: Register here to book a class
Telephone: 081 647 235 59, 087 761 556 688, 0361 – 9366133
WhatsApp: 087 761 556 688
Email: [email protected]
Website: Click here

PIN warung nia cooking school

Warung Nia cooking classes 

  • Classes run Monday to Saturday, from 8am to 12pm approximately.
  • Meet at the Warung Nia restaurant (address above) for the early morning market tour.

Warung Nia Cost

IDR 1.000.000 (+ 15% Government Tax ).

Hot tip: Check the website for 1/2 price promo offers and discounts before you book.

image - warung nia pork ribs logo

How to get to Warung Nia Seminyak Bali

By Bus: Read our guide to catching a Kura Kura bus in Bali

By Taxi: Read our guide to booking a Bluebird taxi

By Private Driver:  Hire a Bali driver for the day

By Foot: walk from local Bali villas and hotels (Our favourite is the Ibis Styles Seminyak – it’s the best budget hotel in Seminyak!)

Click here for directions to Warung Nia restaurant

Seminyak Flea market parking 

  • Taxis park out front.
  • There’s also limited designated parking for scooters and private tour drivers.

Facilities at this Bali cooking school

Toilets: Yes

Toadstool Rating – Warung Nia Seminyak

This is one of the safe places to eat in Seminyak with kids. They have the best ribs in Bali, the best satay in Bali, and the most authentic Balinese food in Seminyak. 

And, if a Balinese cooking class sounds like your cup of (lemon) tea, book in today.

Warung nia cooking school review

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