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INSIDE: Roam the Gnome’s Guide to Unagi Travel Agency (the Stuffed Animal travel blog) for Teddy Bears 

Japan, the land of quirks and oddities.

I LOVE the place!

It’s my number 1 destination.

We love to visit cute crafty shops like Parco and Tokyu Hands, bustle on down to the Kamakura Buddha statue, and relish the peace in a steaming hot onsen bath too!

Roam the Gnome loves Japan, and your teddy bear will too.

Can’t make it in person? Send your stuffed animal on a trip in your place. 

Find out how below.

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THE INSIDE SCOOP: Stuffed Animal Travel Blog

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If Japan is beyond your family budget this year, perhaps you’d like to send your stuffed animal on a trip of a lifetime instead?

Unagi Travel can  help your teddy to see the best of Japan. 
Busy bustling cities, crowded trains, and adult smokers galore, contrasted with white-gloved passenger-traffic managers, the practice of leaving your modesty behind and going nude with new ‘friends’ (read: strangers!) in an outdoor hot spring, and quirky Harajuku hipsters and funksters in the best outfits in the world.

Did I mention the food? Octopus balls are top of the menu, pounded rice mochi balls filled with sweet red bean a favourite dessert, and a traditional home-style Japanese curry… one of life’s real treats.

Imagine the look on the kid’s faces when they see their beloved toy on tour with a bunch of other cuddly friends from around the globe?

Could be worth the investment just to see that.

Feel like jumping on a plane there now? Me too.

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image - unagi travel agency ewok

Unagi Travel Agency for Teddy Bears who travel 

Starting at an affordable $35, and ranging in price up to $55 for the Kamakura and Onsen trips, simply book and pay for a tour via paypal, then send your treasured friend (weighing less than 250 grams) via post to the Unagi Travel headquarters.

Be sure to have them arrive in time for the tour start date.

image - unagi travel agency girls

Stuffed animal travel blog! 

They might even meet the locals!

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Stuffed Animal Tour inclusions

Your stuffed animal friend will send you:

  • a handwritten postcard from their holiday destination in Japan, and
  • will return with a printed commemorative photograph and,
  • a USB filled to the brim with touristy snaps for you to see.

Unagi Travel video 

Here’s a 30 second sneak peek to avert potential homesickness!

Can you believe this is even possible?

Teddy Bear Picnics have gone global. (And doesn’t someone have the coolest job in the world?)

For more details, visit their website  Unagi Travel

Need more info on Unagi Travel?

• Secure payment through Paypal is available
• See more pictures of teddies gone global at Unagi Travel’s Facebook page.

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