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INSIDE: Roam the Gnome’s Guide to the Best Travel Products for Family Travel. 

At Roam the Gnome™ Family Travel Website, we’ve pared down what we take with us on trips but there are some essentials we will never travel without.

We’ve learned the hard way, wasting time and money in the process.

But after years of travel with kids, we now have our trusted favourites.

We’d love to share them with you too.

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, we may receive a small commission at NO extra cost to you.


Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in US dollars, unless otherwise stated

Take a look below for all the good stuff. 


A Pocket Wifi is our number one essential travel gadget.

We NEVER leave home without one. 

Here is a list of the different Pocket Wifi Devices we have personally used in different countries.

More stories coming soon! 


Portable Luggage Scale WITH tape measure!

We are working up to travelling with hand luggage only. Each boy-child in charge of his own wheeled suitcase, and me too, with Roam the Gnome stashed in my day pack.

We choose the airline we travel with based upon two things.

  1. Our affection for the Airline (Hello Singapore Airlines!), and,
  2. Budget (we can’t resist a sale!).

Weight limits for carry-on luggage varies considerably between 1 & 2.

7kg per suitcase is the max weight for carry on luggage on most budget airlines, but full service airlines allow up to 10kg (or even more).

We don’t want to risk it, so a portable luggage scale comes with us everywhere we go.

Love shopping? You need this!

A travel luggage scale set is all the more important for anyone who loves to SHOP till they DROP on overseas trips.

I’m guilty of filling my suitcase with treasures and souvenirs and going way over the 30kg limit, and having the humiliation of having to open up my luggage in full view of everyone in the line to discard stuff on the fly.

With a luggage scale in my suitcase, I can now avoid a repeat of this stressful situation.

I’ll also never have to rely upon the kindness of strangers to hold my screaming, desperate-for-a-drink-of-water toddler.

That happened when the officer in charge was convinced my daypack was too heavy, and ordered me on the spot to move some of my hand luggage into my suitcase that was about to be checked in.

Could have avoided that chaos with a portable luggage scale!

Buy now: Portable Luggage Scale

Padded Car Seat Backpack Bag

If you have babies, toddlers or kids under 8, they need to be in a car seat.

Save money on car seat hire by taking your own car seats with you.

A padded car seat travel bag protects your kids car seats from damage during the flight, and the straps on the back make it easy to carry from the oversize luggage pickup to your hire car, taxi or public transport. 

Many airlines carry a child’s car seat for FREE. If you use a car seat bag like this one, you’ll have some extra storage space for soft lightweight gifts and souvenirs on your return journey home. 

Check prices now on Amazon: Padded Car Seat Travel Bag


FAA Approved Toddler Airplane Travel Safety Harness

We’ve heard of people taking their car seat onto the plane so they can strap their children into the seat and keep them safe, AND contained during a plane trip. But we’ve never actually seen anyone doing this.

We have seen families using a portable toddler safety harness on the plane.

These take the place of a bulky car seat, but do much the same job with 10% of the hassle.

The red strap goes around the top third of the plane seat as a brace. The top of the adjustable harness is attached to it. The bottom half attaches to the regulation lap belt. There’s a chest strap to help keep the children upright and secure. 

The harness comes in its’ own soft stuff sack that you can squeeze into the side pocket of your carry on backpack. 

You can use it for children over 12 months, and right up to around 5.

Buy now: Child Airplane Travel Harness


BOSE Noise Cancelling Headphones

Let’s be honest here.

I don’t get to use these as much as I’d like.

Travelling with kids means I can only pop these BOSE headphones on my head once they are sorted for the flight, with the tray table down, their snacks in front of them, and a movie on the ipad.

But once the kids are settled, I LOVE these headphones.

Buy now:  Bose QuietComfort 35 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones II

Portable Foot Rest for Airplane Travel

My biggest worry on a long-haul flight (or short haul for that matter) is the dreaded restless legs syndrome.

I do everything in my power to prevent it, because there’s nothing worse that being cramped in economy with a need to jiggle your legs about to stop the odd sensation.

(Here’s a hot tip: I always thought it was related to low levels of magnesium, so I dosed up, but it’s ALSO related to low iron. Fix your iron stores and the restless legs may disappear!)

Resting my legs on this foot hammock is gold. Proven to prevent swelling and soreness, it definitely helps with sleeping too.

Unless of course, you have a toddler in tow.

Then it’s up to the Gods of Airplane Travel to help.

Buy now: Ohderii Airplane Footrest


Portable Baby Bassinet & Diaper/Nappy Bag

If your problem is “where will the baby sleep?”, the solution is a portable baby bassinet/bed combined with a diaper bag.

You can also use this as a portable change table so you don’t have to mess around in grotty bathrooms or put baby on a grimy, unhygienic fold-down change table in the restroom. 

You won’t need this for long, but it’s still worth every cent to know you keep your baby clean and germ free.

Buy now: Scuddles 3-1 Portable Bassinet for Baby

Secure-A-Toy Straps

If you travel with a little one who is attached to their favorite doll, teddy, dummy/pacifier, or teething toy, and can’t sleep without it, you’ll know the fear of losing it along the way. 

Who hasn’t realised too late that the toy has left the building, thrown overboard by an enthusiastic toddler? 

This is where these secure-a-toy straps come in handy when they are in the stroller or sitting in the highchair. 

Easy snap and machine washable. 

Buy now:  Secure-A-Toy straps, pack of two


Pop Up Tent & Sun Shelter for the Beach

Enjoy the beach and the sun without serious sun burn and heat stroke.

Take a pop up tent with you, so you have portable shade for the kids to take a break, eat snacks or lunch, and play after a big swim.

This one goes up in SECONDS. 

I like this one because it’s risk free. If you don’t like in the first 24 hours, they’ll refund your money AND you keep the tent. 

Buy now on Amazon: ZOMAKE Pop Up Tent & Sun Shelter

Mickey Mouse Beach Towel

You can’t visit the beach without a Mickey Mouse beach towel in tow. 

Can you?

Buy now on Amazon:  Mickey Mouse Beach Towel by Disney


Burt’s Bees Travel Kit

This Burt’s Bees travel kit  has 5 travel-sized products including deep cleansing cream, hand salve, body lotion, foot cream and lip balm.

All the stuff you need for winter travel.

Buy now: Burt’s Bees Essential Everyday Travel Kit 

First Aid Kit

We never leave home without a first aid kit or first aid bag, including the all-important homeopathic first aid kit which includes:

  • nux-vomica for travel sickness and nausea
  • apis for bites, and
  • arnica for bruises and swelling. 

The Swiss Safe First Aid kit is a two-in-one first aid kit that can fit in the day pack or suitcase.

We add another small bag for our emergency medical supplies. (This is what we take. )

Stingose for bite pain relief is a must. 

Check Prices now on Amazon:  Swiss Safe 2-in-1 Emergency First Aid Kit for Travel


Hat Fly Net Mesh Cover

Do not even think about heading into the outback of Australia without a fly net for your hat.

You WILL regret it before too long.

It’s a necessary requirement for coping with those pesky flies and annoying mossies.

Buy now on Amazon:  Coughlan’s Compact Mosquito Head Net

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